Sephiroth the One Winged Ashikabi ch1,

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Age 31,

Height 6 foot 1,

Weight 120 pounds,

Weapon Masamune,


Ice Mastered with All Mastered,

Lighting Mastered with All Mastered,

Fire Mastered with All Mastered,

Comet Mastered,

Barrier Mastered,

Heal Mastered,

Restore Mastered,

Revive Mastered,

Time Mastered,

Ultima Mastered,

Added Cut Mastered,

Counter Mastered,

Final Attack Mastered,

Enemy Skill complete,


Bahamut Sin Mastered,

Sekirei 13 in all,

No1 Miya Asama,

No2 Matsu,

No3 Kazehana,

No4 Karasuba,

No7 Akitsu,/

No9 Tsukiumi,

No22 Kochou,/

No42 Yomi,

No57 Yahan,

No65 Taki,

No84 Yashima,/

No87 Kaho,

No108 Kusano,

Chapter 1,

Saving two little birds, and fighting a strong warrior,

The next day at the Hotel, in the room of the former Soldier General, and the former scrapped Sekirei. Sephiroth wakes up his aura no longer fight the other one as they stopped sometime in the night. As he starts to get up from his bed he feels someone holding him, looking down he sees a naked Akitsu holding him her large breasts pushing into his right side, somehow during the night she got into his bed.

"Akitsu wake up." Said Sephiroth as he lightly shakes her.

"Sephiroth-sama good morning." She reply's as she gets up too.

"Good morning to you too, but Akitsu what are you doing in my bed, naked as well?" he asks her not looking at her naked chest.

"I forgot what bed was mine after I got up to use the bathroom last night, and I took of my cloths because I did not want to get them dirty in the bathroom, and I guess I forgot to put them back on."

After eating breakfast the duo leave the Hotel, to see more of the city in Sephiroth's case so he can get a better lay of the land. As they walk along Sephiroth once more feels a pull on his power.

"Looks like another little bird is calling out to me." He thought as he starts to head the way of the pull with Akitsu fallowing him silently.

He soon hears yelling from where he is feeling the pull coming from.

"You will be mine." Said a male voice.

"No I am not yours, you are not my Ashikabi." Replied a female voice.

"I don't care, I know what you are, and about this little game, and I want in." The male voice said.

Soon the two arrive at were the talking is, a street near the park. They see a two people one male the other female. As they look at them Sephiroth knows that the pull he felt is coming from the girl. She must be another Sekirei, but he will just cheek with Akitsu.

"Akitsu is that girl over there one of you?" he asks her.

"Yes Sephiroth-sama that is Sekirei No 84 Yashima." She said.

"I see, so I take that the man with her is trying to wing her?" as he sees Yashima struggle with the man.

"Yes." She says back.

"But if he is not her Ashikabi like she is saying he cannot do that right? "He asks as he does not know you can force a winging.

"Afraid not, any Sekirei can be winged by anyone, even if they are not that one's Ashikabi, No 84 is going to be forced winged, in fact from what I heard before my escape several of my kind have been forced, with Ashikabi that are not there real destined one." Replied Akitsu.

At hearing that Sephiroth was levied, as he knew that those that forced winged Sekirei were using them for their own sick pleasure. As Sekirei cannot say no to their Ashikabi that they love to please them that they would do anything. That is why finding their destined is so important to them, as they will treat them right. But now some sick humans, are winging them to just use them.

"Damn humans, they never change no mater were I go, they are still just rats in need of exterminating." As he walks over to the still struggling pair with Akitsu going with him.

"Let me go." Yells Yashima in the man's arms.

"No way, your mine now bitch." Said the man as he gets ready to kiss her.

But before he can a hand lands on his right shoulder, and a male voice calls out to him.

"I think that she said to let go." The voice said.

"Hey man get lost this bitch is mine." Said the males as he looks behind him to see Sephiroth.

"No she is not, not let her go, if you want to still draw breath." Said Sephiroth.

"Look at this pretty boy thinks he is a hero." As he lets Yashima go, and faces Sephiroth who let him go too.

"Well hero I Tanigawa Junichi, am going to show you what happens to hero wanna be like you." as he pulls a knife out, he then sees Akitsu.

"And also once I'm done with you I will take that bitch you have as mine." As he gets ready to attack.

"Akitsu please stat back." Said Sephiroth just holding back his anger at what he heard.

"Yes Sephiroth-sama." As she steps away from him.

As this is going on Yashima is looking on, as soon as her eyes land on Sephiroth she feels her heart bet get faster.

"It's him my Ashikabi, I found him." She thinks to herself, but she is soon called out to by her Ashikabi.

"You please stay back I would hate to get blood of this bug on you." said Sephiroth looking at her with a look that gave no room to argue.

Yashima just nodded her head as she steps back.

"My blood get real pretty boy, and for calling me bug I'm going to make you suffer." Said Tanigawa as he charged at Sephiroth his knife raised.

But before he can hit Sephiroth he grabs his wrist holding the arm in place, he then lowers it to his left side with ease. As he did this you can hear bones start to brake in Tanigawa wrist.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Tanigawa screams in pain as he then looks at Sephiroth's face his eyes meeting his.

Tanigawa then feels terror as he sees Sephiroth's eyes glowing green, as he has an evil smirk on his face.

"Little bug, how sad that you think you are better then you are." Said Sephiroth as he looks at this trash before.

"That is always been the problem with you humans, always trying to be more then you are." He continues as he rises his free hand drawing magic from his fire Materia.

"Time to cleanse this world of you." as Sephiroth uses Fire 3 on Tanigawa.

Tanigawa is covered in fire he screams in pain, but soon he stops as his body is turned to ash, and is blown away by the wind.

Sephiroth then walks over to Yashima who is in shock, but she is brought out of it by Sephiroth.

"Are you okay that fool did not hurt you?" he asks her.

"The hammer of my pledge! Shatter the enemy of my Ashikabi!" said Yashima.

She said as what she did next shocked Sephiroth as she jumps at him kissing him on the lips. Her wings come from her back in a bright light, at the same time Sephiroth's one black wing comes out too, and like before it continues to turn white, but none say it because if the light.

Soon the wings of both go away as they stop kissing.

"I found you my Ashikabi." As she hugs him.

As she did this Akitsu came over, and grabbed Sephiroth's left arm trying to get some of his attention.

"Will I'm glad to have you, but come now I wish to see more of the city." Said Sephiroth as he looks down at her.

"Okay master." Yashima said back looking up at him.

"Please call me Sephiroth, also this is Akitsu my first Sekirei, so I want you both to get along." Said Sephiroth.

"Yes Sephiroth." As Yashima let's go, she then says hi to Akitsu.

From there the three leave the area. Soon the three are near a market area, and once again Sephiroth feels a pull, but this one felt blocked, but it still called out to him.

Like before he went to where the feeling is coming from, he soon came upon a women with grey hair dressed in a kimono. She is sitting on a bench, she is holding her right cheek, and has tears in her eyes.

Sephiroth seeing her, and knowing that the pull means she is Sekirei, and he guesses that the blocked feeling is because she has an Ashikabi, but it was a forced Winging if what he feels is right. He asks his two if they know her.

"Yashima, Akitsu do you two know who that Sekirei is?" he asks both pointing at her.

"That is Kochou Sekirei No22." Said Akitsu.

"She is the Sekirei to Kakizaki secretary to Higa Izumi the Ashikabi of the East." Said Yashima with hate in her voice.

"Sounds like you are not a fan of this guy?" he says back.

"No I am not." Yashima reply's as she remembered being hunted down by his forces.

"Well I am going to say hi to her you both stay here."

The two stayed put, as Sephiroth walks over to Kochou who has yet to see him, and because she is crying she does not feel the pull from Sephiroth overpowering the one she has with Kakizaki.

"Hello." He says to her looking down at her.

"Hello what can I do for you?" said Kochou looking at him.

"I thought you looked like you needed a friend." Said Sephiroth sitting next to her, and started to use his power to shatter, the fake bond on her.

"Will I guess I could?" replied Kochou as she starts to feel strange, and not knowing why.

"Good my name is Sephiroth." Said Sephiroth.

"I am Kochou." Said Kochou.

"So Kochou now then tell me why dose such a lovely women like you have tears in your eyes?" asked Sephiroth feeling her starting to get free.

Kochou now normally would not tell anyone the real reason, but now that she is being set free from her forced bond by her real destined one talked.

"My master hit me for, not being able to get the info he wished." Said Kochou as she removes her hand from her cheek show Sephiroth her bruise.

"Then that is no master, but a fool." Replied Sephiroth as he touches her cheek, and heals it.

Kochou blushes at his touch, as he heart starts to flutter, as she starts to feel all warm inside.

"What is this weird feeling, I have never felt this way before, not even when my master touches me?" Thought Kochou as she leans into his touch.

"No my former master, this is my true one." Thought Kochou as she looks at Sephiroth.

She then kisses him on the lips, as she does this wings come from her back, as once more Sephiroth's one black wing comes out too, and like before it continues to turn white, but none see it because if the light show.

"I am now yours, I have no clue how, but I do not care, my knowledge is yours to use my Ashikabi." Kochou said after it was over.

"Well I am glad to have you, but you must know I have to other Sekirei." Said Sephiroth as he gets up.

"I care not if you do, as I will never leave you." replied Kochou also getting up.

The two then head over to the other two Sekirei. The four of them then leave, but as they go only Sephiroth knows that they are being followed, they are being followed by a women with a black battle kimono with light grey hair, and this is Sekirei No4 Karasuba called the Black Sekirei. Sephiroth not only knows she is there, but also feels yet another pull on his power.

"So that is the Ashikabi that made me feel that way, he is something alright, I have never heard of a Sekirei being taken, and rewinged, time to play with him." Said Karasuba as she follows them.

Sometime later Sephiroth grows tired of his shadow, and he feels that that the time to deal with it has come. As they are now in a large construction yard that is now closed for the night as it is now 6pm.

Sephiroth planed this, as he was looking for the best spot to confront this women. The four enter the sight, and are standing in the middle of the site next to a building that is still just a steel frame.

"Sephiroth why are we here?" asked Yashima having no clue why they were here.

"We have a shadow, and if I am not mistaken she is also a Sekirei." Said Sephiroth as he looked behind him, and up at the steel frame.

"So you know I was following you all along. Just what I would aspect from you Mr. Ashikabi that can shatter a bond, and reform it." Said Karasuba coming out from behind a steel beam on what would be the 15th floor.

The Sekirei with Sephiroth freeze with fear as they see her, as Karasuba is the second most dangerous Sekirei next to No1. They also known that they cannot fight her, even though they are now winged as she would still be stronger.

Sephiroth does not see that they are frozen with fear. He is too busy looking at Karasuba. He can feel the bloodlust coming from her. Her power he can tell is also nothing to sneeze at ether, but he knowns he can bet her.

"Well you did not do a good job of counseling yourself." Said Sephiroth.

"I'm so broken up about that." Replied Karasuba in a voice that said otherwise.

"I can tell, now then why are you here?" asked Sephiroth.

"I came to fight you, I know you were the one that sent out that lovely power last night, I came to see if you can make me cum again." Said Karasuba drawing her sword.

"If you have a death wish so be it." Said Sephiroth summoning his sword.

As he did this his Sekirei snap out of their fear, and run up to him to try, and stop him.

"Master please don't fighter her." Said Kochou as she looks at him with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah listen to the brain here Karasuba will kill you." said Yashima also looking at him with tear filled eyes.

"Yes please Sephiroth-sama let's run away, I know you fought Mutsu, but Karasuba is in a whole other league." Said Akitsu as tears also came from her eyes.

Sephiroth looks down at them, he is touched deeply by how much they care about him, but their worry is not needed.

"I have this, just trust me." Said Sephiroth as he walks in front of them.

"Will I will say this you have guts." Said Karasuba as she jumps down from the steel beam with her swords raised over head.

She soon reaches him, as strikes at him with her sword with an overhead swing. Sephiroth blocks this attack with his sword, this causes a crater to form under him. Nether wait as they then become a blear of flashes. As they trade sword slashes faster than the eye can see.

Neither has an advantaged yet as they are still feeling the other out. A bright flash happens as the two jump away from the other. Karasuba lands on some steel beams stacked on the ground, as Sephiroth lands on a crane arm that is raised up.

"Not bad you have skill." Said Karasuba.

"Same to you my dear." Replied Sephiroth.

"But let's take it up a notch." Said Karasuba as she jumps at him.

"Yes let's." said Sephiroth as he jumps at her.

The two meet in the middle, their swords meet causing a large sonic boom, this makes the windows in the buildings around them shatter at the blast.

As they fight this time Sephiroth is starting to win, he is doing this by rising his power high then Karasuba's, who's already at her limit. Soon they land but this time Karasuba is breathing hard, but not Sephiroth.

"Looks like you are abought out of gas. I think you should leave now." Said Sephiroth looking at her.

"I still can go." Replied Karasuba getting ready to attack again, but before she can her cellphone rings.

"WHAT?" she yells into it as she answers it when she sees who it is?

Sephiroth cannot hear what is being said, but he can see her face getting red with anger.

"FINE BUT YOU OWE ME BITCH." As she crushes the phone.

"Sorry but I have to go now work calls, we well play later." She says as she jumps away.

After he was sure she was gone, Sephiroth dismisses his sword.

"She will be trouble." He says as he is hugged by his Sekirei who said they are glad he is okay, and to never worry them like that again.

"Sorry now let's get back to the hotel." He said as they head back to the hotel.

As they did that in another part of the city at Izumo Inn in the dining room, the residents are all scared out of their minds, not only did they all feel the fight, but places landlady Miya Asama is started using her hannya mask after it was over, as she is covered in a dark aura.

She is mumbling to herself.

"I will show who ever that strange power belongs to, why I am to not be messed with." As she like the others felt the fight between who she knew is Karasuba, and that weird power from yesterday.

The same one that tried to make her bow down to it, that tried to make her submit.

She gets up, and goes outside, then looks to were the fight took place, she then releases a good part of her power as she says this.

"Soon we will meet, and it is I that will be in top, and you will submit to me."

Back with Sephiroth, he is in his room, his Sekirei are taking a bath together in the large tub. He feels the power from Miya, and smirks as he knows this is a challenge to him.

"So someone out their thinks, they are top dog, but I will show them that I rule." As he then laughs.

End Chapter 2,

Next time Sephiroth Sekirei go shopping, as Sephiroth meets, a priestess, and a madam of the wind, and a Sekirei who believes in the power of love, and her Ashikabi.

Next Chapter,

The Wind, the priestess, and the young ones,