Harry Potter was sitting on his bedroom. He saw his parents happy with his twin brother and boy who lived Aidan Potter. Harry clenched his fist, as he hated his brother but afterwards he watched his parents and friends who was boasting. Aidan got everything,while him..nothing but second hand. When Aidan made a mistakes,the Potters accused Harry for what he did that he didn't do it on the first place. He did remember that he punched Aidan on the mouth but somehow,he felt sad. His godfathers are seemingly forgetting him for the rest. He hated hated everything but somehow..he had one thing. Leave. Harry eventually grab his things and made a map on his own.

He tiptoed on the staircase and exit on the back door. He eventually ran as fast as he can. Away from the Potters. Harry needed a break. He is near on the forest, but he stopped when he heard a voice coming from the forest. He went there and followed the voices until he entered the cave. He stopped when he saw a black ball containing some black aura along with red until it called to him.

''Who are you?''

''''I'm Harry. Harry Potter...and you are?''

''I have no name but apparently i am an ord that transforms someone into their wished.''

''What would i call you?''said Harry

''It depends if you wanted but why are you running away?''

''How do you know?'' Harry asked

''I know a lot of things from you...i watched you from afar... if you wanted to know the real me...i am a devil.''

''A devil?.'' Harry asked

''Yes...a some of the knightly squad. We devils used to save the innocents that was protected by God. We make of who we are. We fight for what's rights and save me any creatures who destroyed the living creatures that surround us. We hunt and fought like what God intended to us..but your not just the one..there are four of them waiting to come to them.''

''Your a devil but i heard that Devils are always bad?'' Harry asked

''Some are not. We rebelled of who we are from the start but we cared of who surround us...if you wanted to become a devil...then you return not as a Harry Potter but a powerful one of who you are to begin with. I'll teach you of what is become. I will make you stronger if you accepted me.''

Harry felt his head until he reach his hand where he holds the orb until he agree yes. The orb lightened up causing Harry to felt the pain within him but sooner the Aura entered him. His screams were both heard until his eyes turned red and black wings appeared into his back until he turned into a orb began to shatters until Harry's room exploded causing the adults to heard of what happened. They went to Harry's room,but once they reach there it thrown them with a powerful wards. They used different spells to get there but it was unused as well. The Potters and the others heard the missing kids disappeared. One Harry Potter. Two Draco Malfoy. Three Hermione Granger and the last one Pansy Parkinson. Their entire families looks for them but nothing was heard from them...Nothing even the years have passed they came back with a strong vengeance upon them.