This kind of leader of Harry suggested is that he was not going to abandoned his friends and family,so he suggestef to stop the whole reason.

Weeks turned months but days spend time with minutes. Hell Knights have begin to scavenger through Death Eaters and Harry still refused to join the order despite the other's please. Lily fainted again but Harry didn't cared as immediately left the whole scene and came to his friends than them. It didn't go as well yet Harry stepped down and told them,that he had no plans for them.

"So what now?.said Draco as the map stretch

"How many passages does this manor have?."Harry asked while checking into Voldemort's house

"3. Voldemort base was on the secret base and most of all They are a,little go ever timing."said Hermione

"They got another new guards and most of all Pius was there."Pansy said showing the picture

"Commander the whole Order was barging though us to let Imperius to us."said Draco as he heard the whole scenario

"We don't need them."said Harry as he crossed the name of the Orders.

''If they are on the move right now...what do we do now ?'

''If Pansy plan worked like the last time but for now i got an idea. This is the plan. If Harry and the others made some debate move which is why this is chaos planned.'' Hermione retorted

'' I got an idea.''

Storm was coming as lightning emerged through houses. Each of the children was going to hide under the covers of the bed nor crawled on the blanketts. The Potters are disappointed..they never knew what Harry was from the beginning. Lily would plead to leave his post and be with them,but Harry said to leave her alone for he had something that he worked to do. Sirius would be sad for his godson refused to be with him and The Potters looked sad but they faced troubles...all because of their downfall of their son. Dumbledore realized that he made a mistakes,all he wanted was to let Harry to go to his family,but now he realized one hated him from the start. Remus immediately ran to the the Order and alerted that Riddle Manor was going to be ambushed for no reason. Immediately they are ready but a strong force field blocked their paths. They saw Draco and Hermione who made their nasty grinned and their fingers.

''Let us out!'' Lily yelled

''Sorry..Commander's Orders.''said Draco as he released his black wings and Hermione until they flew away leaving their jaws dropped

Voldemort was pissed. Harry Potter has returned. He knew he could come and get him but most of all,he was a disappointment. Voldemort would search where he was but nothing including Lucius bastard but ignorant son who was with Harry along with the two. Bellatrix scowled on her face. Lucius was dead along with her sister and most of all her nephew called her a bitch hag. Harry,Draco,Hermione and Pansy suited up and grabbed their weapons along with their guns,they both drove towards the house where they entered the hidden underground passages. Pansy decapitate Pius and dragged the body to the abandoned ccorridor,then Hermione cocked their guns and throw it at Draco who used his sniper and fired it towards the abandoned guard. They reach to the underground where they listened Voldemort making speech of finding him.

''Now.''said Harry

They both fired their guns hearing the scream of the Death Eaters but they got separated. Harry slashed the other Death Eaters and slashed their throats and made their one through. Draco got the same thing as well,he used his legs and swung them making them,he punch the others causing the other Death Eaters to destroyed their jaws,then he fired his gun and shoot the others yet he burned another Death Eaters. Pansy smirked as she punch the others Death Eaters until she completely grinned. Hermione smirked eviily as she battled Bellatrix who taunted her mudblood causing Hermione to make an earthquake sending her to each other sides and sides and sides. Bellatrix was dizzy but Hermione's eyes turned red yet she used her fingers causing Bellatrix to hit on the wall. Hermione saw the other Death Eaters racing towards her,but she slashed them quickly and quietly thyen she tortured Bellatrix.

''Please have mercy.'' Bellatrix couldn't handle it anymore causing them to throw each pillars but Hermione smirked as she grabbed Bellatrix hair and impaled her with her spear causing Bellatrix to choked some blood yet she was no more.

Voldemort scowled as his Death Eaters had been killed. He was going to kill Draco but suddenly lightning came and distracted him causing him to face Harry

''Miss me?'' Harry taunted

''Why you little piece of shit.'' Voldemort snarled but Harry kicked him to the gut causing him to felt the pain

''Aw is it hurt?!'' Harry taunted

Voldemort fired more speels but Harry missed them and reappear behind Voldemort's back and proceed to kill him. He beaten Voldemort yet he was the Commander. Voldemort snarled as he grabbed his wand but Harry snapped his wand. Voldemort looked at his beloved wand But Harry throws his dagger towards his shoulder.

Here is the painful time for you.''said Harry as his eyes turned red causing Voldemort to screamed but Harry snapped his neck and killed him

Both of them arrived the scene yet they heard the Order coming in. They both looked on the body of the Death Eaters even Voldemort but Draco smiled as he poured gasoline with it yet Harry gave the lighter to Hermione who threw it causing the body and the manor to destroyed and suddenly boomed. They disappeared but before that...they marked something on the ground where Voldemort and the others are. Once the Order of the Phoenix saw this Lily and James gasped as Voldemort and the others are dead and badly burned even the house. Lightning,Fire,Air and Earth made their own space yet Dumbledore was frustated as well.

Weeks have passed since Voldemort's death. The Order tried to search the 4 Knights but sooner they further and further investigations have completely ended. The 4 Hell Knights are gone and they vanished to the trace. Harry and the others have been not found but Remus could swear that he saw Harry on the store with Pansy yet they both vanished as well. Dumbledore complained that finding on them would be nice to be returned but suddenly,he grew pissed when the Order was disbanded by none other than Kingsley who reported that Dumbledore was a crooked and a murderer. Albus kicked his chair yet he noticed that his phoenix was gone. He wondered where Fawkes could be but sooner he noticed a note on the desk. He sat on his chair where he read the letter


If your read this,then you'll be dead.

Dumbledore wondered what the letter said until a bomb was planted on the books while the other portraits are gone. The bombs are all swifty yet Harry and the 3 clicked the button causing the Headmaster's office to be explode along with Dumbledore on it. The $ Hell Knights are staring on the tower where it burned. They both got down and looked

''Hey Harry...before we could proceed a bigger planned..what to do next?'' Draco asked

''Hmm...i say we should take a vacation as well...maybe we returned we can discuss the plans for the next thing.''said Harry

''And what is that?'' Pansy smirked

''That my that we Hell Knights have work to do.''said Harry

''So that means we need to get another vigilante worked to do? Because i made a lot of plans to do.''said Hermione

''Of course Hermione.''said Draco but he looked at Harry '' Commander where to?''

''Lets just say,we need to get a better week off to Hawaii.''Harry announce causing them to cheered yet Harry tossed the keys to Pansy about the jet

''Your letting me drive on this?''Pansy asked

''Aw come,she would always go crazy.''said Draco

''Then whoever drives the jet will be crazy enough.''said Harry as he activated the jet letting them in and looked with a wicked smile yet their eyes turned red and left the scenario