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Tag Your Friends by Emachinescat

A Psych Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: A collection of tags from every episode, each focusing on a different relationship or moment between two characters. Drabbles; rating, genres, characters vary by chapter.

Tag Your Friends

S1E1 "Domestic Pilot"

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Admittedly, he hadn't meant to slam Spencer's head into the car that hard.

"Here." He handed over the ice pack; Spencer smirked.

"Gee, thanks, Detective," the smartass simpered. "Since you obviously care somuch, I guess I won't press charges."

Lassiter rolled his eyes and ground out, "I… apologize … for my behavior and … commend you for solving the case."

Spencer beamed. "Chief on your case, huh?"

Lassiter snorted. "Why the hell else would I be wasting my time on you?"

"Lassie—" Lassiter bristled as Spencer tested the nickname, "—this is the start of a beautiful friendship!"

A/N: I am beyond excited about this project. "Tag Your Friends" is going to be a massive drabble collection with multiple episode tags to each and every episode of Psych. Each tag will focus on a different relationship or moment between two characters, and the number of tags per episode will vary. For the Pilot episode, there are 5. I plan to update every day, as long as I'm able. There will be angst, romance, humor, hurt/comfort, whump, friendship, father/son bonding, bromance... this is going to be fun! If you come across one that you would really like me to expand on, please let me know - I will do my best.

Also, be on the lookout for another tag series, coming soon, that will be for episode AUs - most of them taking a whumpier or angstier route than the episodes themselves though. It will be called, "AU That Glitters Is Gold," and among other things, will be an excuse for gratuitous Shawn whump. :)Anyway, I hope you enjoy - please review!

The next drabble will involve the conversation Karen and Henry have about Shawn, and some Henry introspection. :)

~Emachinescat ..