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Tag Your Friends

S1E2 "Spellingg Bee"


Gus refused to feel guilty, even as Shawn dragged himself pathetically across the manicured lawn, panting melodramatically, "I'm wounded – have mercy!"

Gus advanced. "Maybe you should've thought of that before you ruined my future!"

Shawn's knee buckled; he hissed in pain.

Gus sighed, anger giving way to sympathy. "This isn't over, Shawn. Not by a long shot."

"I know, buddy. When I'm better, we'll duke it out, Princess Bride style. I'll even let you be Mandy Patinkin."

Gus grinned despite himself. "'You killed my future. Prepare to die.'"

"I really am sorry, Gus."

"I know, Shawn."

It was a start.

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