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Jadeite bowed before Queen Beryl. "What if we recruit people?" Nephrite stepped forward "Queen! That is preposterous!" Queen Beryl held out her hand "Silence... Jadeite, explain." Jadeite nodded "The Sailor Senshi has interfered with youma possessing people. What if Kunzite and I bring a small group of people here, turn them against the senshi, and then release them in different areas?"

Nephrite said "Why go through all that trouble when the humans can be possessed where they are? Our plan can work." Jadeite said "If we suddenly teleport a group of people, the senshi will have to work to find them. While they're busy doing that, we'll have youma possess the humans and we'll release them before the senshi can make a move." Nephrite said "The chances of failure…." Kunzite stepped forward "Are slim. Yes, the senshi might save a few people, but there is only one Sailor Moon. She can't save them all at once." The Queen nodded "Go." Nephrite asked "What can I do?" Jadeite walked up to him "Stay out of the way." He left and Nephrite clenched his fist.

Kunzite faced Nephrite "It might be best if you keep Zoicite away from his piano. We don't need him interfering. I suggest you run along now." Nephrite glared at Kunzites retreating form.

Minako impatiently sat in the auditorium waiting for the magic show to begin. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she wished the magician would hurry up. Admission was free, pets weren't allowed, and you had to have an open mind. She thought it was suspicious and Artemis agreed. It was only a hunch so she would call Artemis if it was Beryls doing. Neither one of them wanted to put Usagi in any unnecessary danger.

Jadeite appeared on stage. "Welcome." The audience applauded. Minako retrieved her phone. She pressed the call button for Artemis and stuck the device back in her pocket. He would contact the others while she transformed and fought. She needed to hide first. Jadeite said "For my first trick, a man made of straw!" A straw youma similar to one Usagi fought appeared. The audience cheered.

She left her seat and almost walked into Kunzite. He smirked "Going somewhere?" She curtly nodded and casually waved her hand "Yes, now get out of my way." He drew his sword and held it at her throat "You dare give me orders?" Minako stood unfazed. The crowd cheered. They had no idea how real this was and how much danger they were in. He said "You're interesting." She scoffed "You're not." He glared "Jadeite! I think it's time for stage two." She was teleported to the Dark Kingdom along with the audience.

Minako looked at her new surroundings. A few people tried to make a run for it. Taking advantage of the distraction, she hid in the nearest room. Kunzite helped Jadeite corral the people and told the group "The next person who tries that will not be so lucky." Jadeite said "Come and meet Queen Beryl. You will serve her." She waited until their voices were gone before she left. If Beryl is that way then the exit is the other way.

She walked quickly through the tunnels checking rooms as she went. Minako stopped walking. What if the only way out is by teleporting? She knew she couldn't hide forever. She tried to plan an escape. If teleporting is the only way out then she'd have to transform and get out before anyone noticed. Beryl, Kunzite, and Jadeite will be too busy with civilians to bother with her. Kunzite was the biggest threat. He'd eventually notice she isn't with the group. Nephrite and Zoicite don't know she's here.

Minako smiled. Zoicite has a piano. There is a piece he played to destroy the Princess. He failed because Usagi hadn't realized she is the Princess. If he were to play it again, he would succeed. She quickly searched for his room. After several minutes, she located the room and hesitated to go in. Inching in, she sighed with relief when he wasn't there. She quickly gave herself a mental pep talk. You can do this. Just destroy all of the sheet music, and then get out of here. She took a deep breath and walked to the piano. She got halfway when she heard a cape swoosh behind her.

"What are you doing?" Zoicite asked. Minako stopped and nervously chuckled "N-nothing." He walked up behind her "You're doing something. You were walking to my piano. What were you planning to do?" She shrugged "I don't know what you're talking about." He walked to her left and she turned to look at him. He quickly stepped to her right. Minako turned around quickly and he teleported to the piano that was now behind her. She whirled around and he teleported to his previous spot. She clenched her fists. He was starting to get on her nerves. Zoicite laughed "You cannot see my face right now." She said "Well, you are standing behind me." He mumbled something and she said "What was that?" He chuckled "Nothing."

Then he spoke in her ear "And I ask again. What are you doing?" She brought her fist up, but he backed away laughing. "You are no martial artist. You are too slow." Minako stepped to her right and prepared to bolt to the left. He stepped to her left "Going to make a run for it?" She internally swore and took a small step to the right "I don't know what you're talking about." She turned her head and he stepped back, staying just out of her sight. He said "Okay. Go ahead, try to run past me. How far do you think you will get? This is Beryls lair, you will be found." She sighed knowing he was right. Still, she seriously considered running, but didn't like the thought of possibly being tackled.

Nephrite stepped into the room, laughing. "You two…" He was interrupted when Beryls voice echoed through the room "ZOICITE! What is the meaning of this?" Minako looked at him now that he was too distracted to play games. He sneered "Of what?" Beryl said "You brought a human here." Zoicite glared at Minako "I did not bring her here." Beryl said "You have crossed me for the last time." Minako sighed. As annoying as Zoicite was, he didn't bring her here and she couldn't let him get punished for something he didn't do. "He didn't bring me here. It was Jadeite." Beryl said "Oh? Why should I believe you? I should destroy both of you." Minako said "He did. He brought a whole group of people here." She assumed Beryl already knew. Jadeite only did things she approved of, but she couldn't let Beryl know that she knew. At least not yet.

Nephrite was doing his best to not laugh. Beryl said "Nephrite, check on Jadeite. In the meantime, I will send you both to hell." Minako mumbled "Already there" Beryl asked "What did you say?" She shrugged "Nothing." Nephrite had a huge grin on his face. "Queen Beryl-sama, forgive me, but instead of killing them… what if you lock them up in this room. See how long they last." Beryl asked "What would that accomplish?" Nephrite said "Watch. She treats him, the way he treats you. Don't you think it's time for him to get a taste of his own… behavior?" He smirked at her as he emphasized the last word.

Minako mumbled "Medicine." Nephrite said "See what I mean?" Beryl said "Nephrite, I will go with your plan for now." Nephrite smirked and left. Zoicite sat at his piano. Minako looked around, shrugged and walked away. BAM! She glared at the invisible barrier. Zoicite said "You can't leave until the barrier is lifted." She crossed her arms and looked over her shoulder "Neither can you." He smirked "Yes, I can." He played a few keys, but no sound came out. He glared at her "It isn't working. This is your fault."

She faced him "I didn't touch it. How is it my fault?" He said "If you hadn't come here, this wouldn't have happened." Minako huffed "I didn't choose to come here." Zoicite ignored her. She wondered if she could transform, then she could blast her way out. Watching Zoicite trying to get his piano working, she smiled. He had no idea he was trapped with Sailor V. The very person he was after. She wondered if she could get close enough to grab the sheet music and destroy it. She'd be giving away her identity, but the piece to destroy the Princess would be gone.

Taking a few steps she smiled "So, you like to play the piano?" Zoicite paused. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best conversation starter. Smirking, he said "What made you think that?" She shrugged and took a few more steps toward him. "Just wondering" He asked "Do you play?" Minako smiled "Yes." No, she did not, but if it got her close enough to grab the sheet music then yes, she does play. Zoicite said "Oh?" There was amusement in his voice. Did he not believe her?

Kunzite had watched the exchange from the entrance. "What is the meaning of this?" Minako turned to look at Kunzite, but stopped when she got dizzy. Zoicite said "Beryl trapped us in here. I have no power." She hoped the dizziness passed before they noticed. It didn't. The dizziness only got worse. No, not here. Not in Beryls lair.

Minako swayed a little and Zoicite asked "Are you okay?" Damn. He noticed. She gasped as pain seared through her chest. She let out her breath as her knees buckled. Time seemed to slow down as she collapsed. Her vision became blurry and everything was fading.

Sounds were muffled. Minako thought she heard a chair scraping across the floor. Possibly the piano bench? She thought she saw a wisp of white as something wrapped around her. She felt the air move along her neck. Was that the sound of someone breathing? Minako couldn't tell and wondered if this was the end as the darkness claimed her.

Authors Note:

I'm not sure if I should continue this or keep it a one-shot.