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Zoicite was relieved when Nephrite returned. Jadeite said "Aren't you supposed to be getting information for Queen Beryl?" Nephrite crossed his arms "I did." Jadeite scoffed "Then what is it?" Nephrite said "You'll find out when I tell our Queen." Jadeite sneered "Wanting to take all the credit?" Zoicite looked at him "Let him. If it's incorrect information, then that's on him." Jadeite smirked "Fine. Tell Queen Beryl yourself." Zoicite said "Jadeite, why don't you be there when she returns from the soul flight. She won't be happy it will be cut short." He glared "I only take orders from Queen Beryl."

They heard the click of boots and looked at the entrance. Kunzite smirked as he walked by. What shocked them was the blue haired senshi with him. Nephrite glared "What the hell is he up to?" Jadeite declared "Queen Beryl will not be pleased." Zoicite seeing an opportunity to get rid of the nuisance, said "Then why don't you tell her you're against it. Surely, she'll be pleased to know you agree with her." Jadeite smirked and left.

Nephrite said "Sometimes I wish I could wipe that smirk off his face." Zoicite asked "What did you find?" Nephrite lowered his voice "She's famous and people love her." Zoicite looked at him, clearly not believing his words "I'm serious. What did you find?" Nephrite nodded "I am serious. She has a manager and is an idol. She has a cd out that is very popular." Zoicite chuckled "That is very interesting." Nephrite said "I disguised as a doctor to get information."

Zoicite abruptly stopped playing. Nephrite said "You couldn't have eased her out of the soul flight?" Zoicite shrugged "Why should I?" Nephrite sighed "The girl, she has amnesia. However, I'm going back tonight. There's something about her but I can't place it." Zoicite nodded "There is something about her." Nephrite asked "Is that why you caught her? He shrugged, wiping at invisible dust on the piano "I can't explain it." Nephrite nodded in understanding "Ah, well, I've got to get to the throne room before Beryl recovers from her headache." As he walked away, Zoicite said "Keep an eye on her." Nephrite turned, gave a nod and left.

It was dark when Minako woke from her nap. The digital clock let her know it was just after 9:30pm. The day had been full of questions and tests. The doctors and nurses were perplexed as to why she couldn't remember. Looking around, she noticed the cat was no longer on the table. At first, she thought it had fallen off or was moved, but then she saw movement outside the window.

Easing out of bed, she peeked out the window. Minako stared wide eyed at the plush cat on the window ledge illuminated by the moonlight. She stifled a gasp when it spoke into a small phone "Luna, we have a problem. Minako doesn't remember anything." A shriek was heard "What do you mean she doesn't remember anything?"

Minako closed the curtain and mentally shook herself. She had to be dreaming. Talking plush cat? She peeked out the window again.

The white plush said "She has amnesia and doesn't remember her name. She doesn't remember me. I'll meet you at the temple and explain everything to you and Rei." The other voice said "I wonder what the Queen would think of this." Minako continued to listen as the white plush said "I don't know. However, I'm going to ask Rei to visit in the morning. She'll be able to sense if anything is off." She wondered about this Queen. Did they mean Queen Beryl? They were sending someone to sense if anything is off. Off how? She didn't want to know.

She waited until the cat was gone before getting to work (and turning the lamp on) Minako knew what she had to do. As she gathered her things, she saw a figure move in the corner. Her heart was pounding. Was it Jadeite coming to finish her off? As the figure slowly approached, she considered screaming, but all the person had to do was disappear. Then she'd look crazy and there would be no way they'd let her leave. She stood frozen until his face was illuminated by the soft glow of the lamp. Relaxing, she breathed a sigh of relief "Nephrite you scared me."

It was his turn to freeze "You… remember my name?" She nodded "It's weird. I don't remember anything before I collapsed. I was in a place, but I could only see fog. However, I could hear people talking." He hesitantly asked "So you heard the conversation with Beryl?" Minako said "Yes. I guess you've told Beryl everything about me?" Nephrite shook his head "No. She only knows basics. Things like you have a ton of friends and your absence will be noticed. Nothing identifiable. Zoicite and I have been trying to discourage her from harming you."

She smiled "Thank you." He sat on the bed "There's something you need to know. Beryl has recruited someone; a girl with blue hair." Minako blinked "Blue hair?" He nodded "Do not trust her." She nodded "I won't. Oh, have you seen a white plush cat?" He furrowed his brow "With a crescent moon on its' forehead?" Minako sat next to him "Yes! Is that Beryl's cat?" He tilted his head a little "Beryl's cat?" She nodded "It was talking and telling someone on a phone that I couldn't remember and they were going to get someone to come over and sense things. I know it sounds crazy but I swear it was talking. Someone is coming tomorrow morning. I'm going to ask the nurse to not allow visitors."

Nephrite sighed "That won't stop Beryl and her minions. They'll get here the same way I have." With a slight nod she said "Then I'll leave." He questioned "I thought you have to have your doctor's permission to leave." She shook her head "I can leave AMA. Against Medical Advice. That's what I was about to do before you came." He nodded "Where will you go?" He needed to keep an eye on her, but he didn't want her to fall into the hands of Beryl. She shrugged "I don't know, but anywhere is better than here." He chuckled "No. Being with Beryl is worse. Listen, I have an idea so give me a few hours. I'll be back at 2am. Can you hold off leaving until then?" She nodded and he teleported away.

**The next morning around 9am

Makoto, Usagi, Luna, and Artemis sat in the karaoke room. Makoto said "What are we going to do? Minako doesn't remember anything and Ami is missing." Usagi stood "Then we'll help her remember." Makoto leaned back "We can't. We're not supposed to know about her amnesia. Artemis said she told her manager to not let anyone know. Not even us." Luna said "She's right. If any of us mention it to her, she'll get suspicious."

Rei swiftly entered the room and Usagi jumped up "Is she awake?" Rei shook her head, breathing heavy from running "She's gone." Everyone exclaimed simultaneously "WHAT?" Luna asked "Where did she go?" Rei said "I don't know. She checked herself out during the night against medical advice." Usagi sat down "Why would she do that?" Artemis said "The Dark Kingdom had her and she mysteriously appeared at the Crown Karaoke…" Makoto said "Motoki doesn't' recall Minako entering the place nor the man whom found her." Luna said "Then he must be with the Dark Kingdom!"

Usagi was confused "Why would the Dark Kingdom return her and then take her back?" Rei shook her head "I don't think the Dark Kingdom took her this time. I think she left of her own accord." Makoto said "Still, why would the Dark Kingdom return her?" Artemis sighed "We have got to assume they've turned her." Luna said "I can't believe they turned Ami against us." They remember the battle a couple of hours ago in which Dark Mercury was introduced. Usagi stood "We'll get Ami and Minako back."

Minako sighed as she went through her things. She hadn't opened the suitcase yet. They told her no one looked in it as she had requested. However, she couldn't remember what was in it. Deciding to wait until Nephrite returned, she pushed the suitcase under the bed. Minako thought back to the dream she had the night before. The same person in orange visited her. The person told her Nephrite and Zoicite couldn't be trusted. If they couldn't be trusted then why would they protect her from Beryl?

She wondered what her connection was to all of this. Was there another Queen out there besides Beryl? Was the person in orange for or against Beryl? How many people has Beryl recruited? She wished she could remember, but all she knew was that Nephrite and Zoicite were the only people she could trust. Leaving the bedroom, she went to the living room and sat on the couch. All the curtains were closed and she had been instructed to not open them or any doors nor was she to go outside. Nephrite acknowledged it sounded terrible, but it was best to not take any chances.

Speaking of Nephrite, he appeared in the living room. She stood "Nephrite!" He said "I cannot stay long. Beryl has both Jadeite and the blue haired person looking for you. It isn't their priority now, but eventually it will be. However, I think the blue haired person is making it her priority." She nodded "There is something I need to ask of you."

Nephrite nodded and she said "This way" He followed her to the bedroom and watched her retrieve the suitcase. He was curious "What is it?" She placed a hand on top of it "They told me no one looked in this suitcase. When I asked why, they said it was because I had requested it. But I don't remember what's in it." Nephrite asked "Why do you want me here?" Minako sighed "I wonder if it has anything to do with all of this. With Beryl. I'm not sure why I think that, but that makes the most sense. I wanted you here in case I discover that I'm Beryl's right hand woman."

He chuckled "That, I can assure you will not be the case. Jadeite has that position filled." Minako breathed deeply "Well, that's a relief. Ok, let's get this over with." She nervously opened the suitcase and stared at the contents. Nephrite, standing on the backside of the suitcase, unable to see in it, asked "Is it empty?" She shook her head "No… it's a costume of some sort." She held up the mask to her face and Nephrite's eyes widened. He ran a hand through his hair trying to decide what to do. His thoughts were going a million miles a minute. This explains why Beryl didn't like her. It explains why she went off on her own instead of staying with the group and how she successfully did so. He wondered how Zoicite would react when he found out. Though he knew exactly how Beryl would react. He, Nephrite, general of the Dark Kingdom, would be a dead man for helping Sailor V.

Now he had to decide, continue to help her or take her back to Beryl? One look into her eyes and he knew what he had to do. Face hardening, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her off the floor.