"On your left!", shouted a deep, familiar voice to the Slayer. Pyravia immediately turned and brutally slashed a charging fel lord as a warglaive of Azzinoth came hurtling into its skull. "Thank you, my lord.", she grunted, ripping the glaive out of the demon and tossing it back to none other than Illidan Stormrage. "Stick closer to me... you're worrying me unnecessarily.", the Betrayer whispered to her as leaped to her position, the fires of his eyes burning intensely behind his blindfold. He turned and flared his wings protectively, shielding the Sin'dorei demon hunter as he ripped apart a cackling succubus, wincing when her barbed whip blasted his right wing.

Pyravia sighed when she felt him hiss in pain, shaking her head and deftly blocking a fel bat's talons from overhead. "We're going to be overrun if the others don't arrive soon!", she growled, reeling back and burying her blades into another fel lord's side. Illidan did not respond to the Slayer, busying himself with carving a felguard to pieces. The demons kept coming from all sides, pouring out of every stronghold they had on the Broken Shore. The Slayer and the Betrayer had been tasked with retaking a portion of the island, where Khadgar planned to station the armies of Azeroth. However, he had overlooked the sheer amount of demons present any place on the isle. Illidan, seeing what Khadgar did not, had instructed the rest of the Illidari to join midway through their offensive.

"Focus, Pyravia.", Illidan snarled as he buried both glaives into the heads of a pair of succubi, their whips tearing new cuts into his torso. The Slayer jumped up and crashed to the ground, sending a wave of felfire into the oncoming Legion soldiers and causing a verdant rune to appear at her feet. The rune flickered for a few moments, before exploding and knocking back a group of imps. She screeched angrily as one was thrown back on to her, turning into a tiny tornado of teeth and claws, biting and scratching her for all it was worth. Pyravia grabbed the petulant imp by its neck and sent it sailing towards a shivarra, hitting the demoness square in the face. She heard Illidan snicker cruelly as the shivarra screamed in rage, bright white fangs glowing against her deep, sapphire skin.

Guttural shouts erupted from the crowds of demons as the rest of the Illidari finally made their appearance, charging up from the shore and slaughtering anything that stood between them and their leaders. Kayn Sunfury and Kor'vas Bloodthorn burst from behind a group of clustered felguards, shredding them and spattering felblood all over the dark rocks of the Broken Shore. Allari the Souleater followed closely behind, a battalion of naga bringing up the rear with Asha Ravensong and Belath Dawnblade. The Illidari swept around the battlefield, naga sirens firing off numerous ice spells and hissing commands to their male counterparts in Nazja tongue. Asha and Belath cornered a small group of Man'ari Eredar sorcerers, their glaives rending their flesh and sending their souls screaming back to the Nether.

Felblood painted the ground around the demon hunters, pools of it forming wherever they went. Pyravia and Illidan stuck close to each other, driving their blades into any felbats that dove towards them, ripping their leathery hides open and causing rains of felblood to shower down. The waves of Legion pawns never seemed to end. Where one was killed, two more seemed to take its place. Kor'vas bellowed a furious taunt in Darnassian as a fel lord knocked her on to her back with the flat side of its axe, Kayn quickly throwing himself on to its back and piercing its neck with both his glaives. The massive demon fell the ground with a loud thud, felblood leaking from its thick neck as Kayn helped the Kal'dorei to her feet.

At last, after what seemed like hours of fighting, the onslaught of demons finally seemed to end. The few that were left raised their eyes to the skies, before nodding and quickly retreating. Belath Dawnblade heaved one of his glaives at a retreating felguard, the blade jamming itself in the center of the demon's back and knocking it on to its chest. He smirked, before striding over to the collapsed demon and twisting his weapon, relishing in its tortured groans. With a final snort of smugness, he drove the blade completely in, the light quickly leaving the felguard's eyes.

The armies of Azeroth began flooding into the bit of territory the Illidari had claimed, building tall structures and forming class enclaves. Those who would stay at Legionfall began arranging their quarters, either putting up tents or building small huts where there was space to.

Illidan and Pyravia ventured back down the shore, finding a meager but extremely hidden and private space that they claimed as their quarters. The Betrayer had voiced his distaste for the Fel Hammer, not enjoying its lack of privacy nor the general calmness.

"Why do you insist on doing this to yourself?", Pyravia sighed as she re-entered their tent with a bowl full of faintly cobalt liquid. Illidan sat crosslegged in the middle of the space, eyes closed as he reveled in the sound of his lover's voice. "I lost you once, I will not lose you again.", he said calmly but possessively, wincing slightly as he felt her begin to clean the wounds that peppered his body. "Your faith in my abilities is absolutely astounding.", she mocked in a deadpan voice, soaking a cloth in the enchanted water and dragging it across Illidan's bicep. He smirked, eyes still closed, snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her close against him. Pyravia laughed gently, kissing his shoulder and resuming her task.

"Truly though.. look what you're doing to yourself.", the Slayer lectured, reaching over and placing her hand on Illidan's cheek, rubbing his cheekbone and willing him to open his eyes. Felfire slowly appeared beneath blindfold as he leaned into her touch, directed to where she held the rag. It was stained a bright crimson, and she hadn't even moved on to the rest of his body yet. He gazed at the cloth for a few moments, before turning and snorting haughtily. "I've experienced much worse.", Illidan huffed, moving Pyravia into his lap and cradling her. "And I would not be a proper partner if I didn't defend you, no matter the cost, now would I?", he continued, kissing the crown of her head and caressing the soft skin of her almost-constantly hidden face.

"Illidan, I-", she began, before he placed a thumb to her lips. "Do not speak. I would do anything to ensure your safety..", he mumbled, worming his index finger beneath her blindfold and taking it off over her head. She held the cloth over his gently vibrating heart, blinded eyes looking up at his sharp face adoringly.

"I will defend you by any means necessary.. I cannot, I will not, lose you again.", Illidan finally sighed, before placing a warm kiss to her lips.