"Slayer!", Kayn Sunfury hollered over the clamor of battle, speeding to the front lines and jumping off of his felsaber, whipping one of his glaives into the neck of a felguard ready to swing at Pyravia. A cloud of plague scarabs erupted from the wound as the felguard collapsed into the dust.

"Sunfury, cover my rear!", the Slayer shouted back, blocking the crack of a succubus' whip and hissing angrily. Cyan sparks flew from the enchanted flames creeping up the Aldrachi Warblades as the jagged whip struck metal. Kayn Sunfury rushed into the crowd of demons, tossing them out of the way as deep, forest green and lime sparks formed around him. His image flickered as he picked up speed, assuming the combat stance and placing himself a the Slayer's back. A cruel laugh escaped the man as he watched his felsaber tackle a wrathguard, pouncing on its shoulders and ripping out its throat. Beetles and luminous emerald blood sprayed across the ground and coated the demonic cat's fangs.

As the battle picked up pace, another Illidari felbat soared down the ground, hovering for a moment as Allari the Souleater vaulted down and buried her scythe into an unsuspecting shivarra's neck. Her feet hit the demoness' shoulders, and she leaned carefully over the towering headress the priestess wore. Jerking her scythe backwards, she aimed the demoness' face upwards and glared into her hateful eyes, breathing out a saturated violet mist from her mouth. The mist was followed by a geyser of scarabs, and Allari flipped off the shivarra's shoulders gracefully as the demoness fell forwards limply. There was an audible, sickening smack as the massive demon hit the ground, the fire in her headdress burning out with a fizzle.

Belath Dawnblade scanned the battlefield from above, controlling Sezon to the best of his ability and avoiding mortar fire from the Cathedral towers. The Sin'dorei grunted angrily as yet another flash of fel went sailing past the grand felbat, gripping the reigns as the beast barrel rolled out of the way. "There must be something we can do about those damn ballistas..", the elf growled under his breath, before catching a glimpse of Sezon's massive, powerful arms. He'd noted them only briefly before mounting the creature. His eyes widened behind the enforcer's mask as the idea came to him, the wind howling through his pointed blond hair.

"Hya!", he shouted as the smacked the reigns, grinning as Sezon's wings beat harder. Jerking the reigns to the left, they rocketed towards the nearest tower and locked on to the nearest cannon.




"Grab it!"

Sezon screeched furiously as they hurtled into the tower, digging his thick claws into the alloy of the cannon. The band of wyrmtongue engineers screamed in fear and ran as the ballista shook back and forth, teetering on the minaret ledge. "Tear it out!", Belath roared, ducking behind the bat's helmet as his limbs lashed out harder and harder, drawing the cannon out of the minaret. With a final , animalistic squall , Sezon tore the ballista out of the minaret, whipping it as hard as possible into the nearest wall.

The Legion technology broke into thick, irregular hunks of fel-iron. Metal flew in all directions, nuts and bolts trickling down the ornate carvings of the Cathedral. The demon hunter bellowed a wordless victory cry, searching eagerly for the next ballista. "Felbats are much smarter than I had originally given them credit for..", the Sin'dorei thought to himself, goading Sezon towards the next ballista as his eyes were drawn to the ground. His long, elven brows knit together in curiosity as he watched a handful of warlocks form a circle around Netherlord Um'Te Deadmaw. The orc warlock dropped down from the back of an Ebon gryphon, nodding quickly at the knight controlling the creature before they took off.

"Slayer, pull everyone away from the gates!", Um'Te boomed over the clamor of battle, unsheathing Ulthalesh and scraping elaborate runes into the ground around her. Each one glowed with a pulsating fuchsia hue, illuminating the dusky ground.

"Deathlord, fall back!", Pyravia shrieked to Advent Sagar, quickly dodging a felguard's gargantuan axe. The Deathlord re-emerged from the horde of insect-bitten demons pouring from the Cathedral, the enchanted blizzard still billowing around him. His armor and blades were veiled with frost and spattered with felblood. The human's striking, brilliant cobalt eyes were crazed with adrenaline and stood out against his ashy, chestnut skin. "Knights of the Ebon Blade, attend to the Netherlord!", Advent bellowed, the metallic ring of his voice sending needles up every fighter's spine.