Hi Guys. So I recently read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate and became obsessed with it. One thing I did wonder is what would have happened if Luce did remember everything after Daniel first kissed her in Fallen. Thus this story. This story is AU obviously but I thought it was a good avenue to explore.


As Daniel kissed her flashes started going through Luce's head. She saw herself and Daniel in different timelines. Egypt, China, Russia, Huston England. Faster and faster until they blurred in her head, right back to the very beginning. Her time in heaven. Lucinda remembered everything

Daniel pulled away and stared at her with the saddest expression on his face Luce smiled up at him. She wanted to tell him everything. How much she had missed him, that she loved him but she could barely get the words out.

"Daniel… "She whispered.

"Your still here" He whispered back staring at her. Luce brushed her lips against his again subtly before pulling away.

"Yeah I am" she whispered.

Daniel backed away from her and started to pace "you won't be for long" "soon they will drag you away" he muttered raking his hands through his blonde hair. "I can't believe your still here" "Maybe they are running late" Daniel glanced at the sky searching for the Announcers.

"Daniel" Luce cried grabbing his arm and pulling him back to her. She cupped his face in her hands making him look at her. She didn't know how long she had, being with him while she remembered but she wasn't going to waste a second.

"Look at me it's me I remember" she whispered. Hazel eyes locked on violet-grey ones as they stared at each other. Luce hoped he could see it in her eyes. Slowly Daniel's hand reached up to cup her face.

"Lucinda?" he whispered in disbelief Luce nodded frantically lunching herself forward and wrapping her arms around him burying her face in his shoulder.

"It's me I remember everything" her voice was muffled by his shirt but he heard her. Daniel wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to him burying his face in her hair.

"I missed you so much Daniel whispered

Luce nodded "Me too you have no idea"

Daniel chuckled "I think I do"

Luce laughed to because yes actually Daniel would have an idea. Luce pulled away and kissed him again Daniel kissed her back but pulled away quickly looking worried again. Luce smiled reassuringly

"I'm still here" she told him.

Daniel stared at her "how is that possible we've never gotten this far. "You have never remembered for this long and still been alive." As he was speaking he sank down the boardwalk rail pulling her with him so that Luce was sitting in his lap. Luce thought about it going through every word of the curse in her head before she gasped

"It's because I'm not baptized" she gasped

"What?" Daniel asked

"Remember the line in the curse? If there is ever a time where she is not ushered into religious belief she will be free to make her own choice I'm not baptized it's my own choice!" Luce gasped. Daniel stared at her and Luce could see the wheels turning in his head

"That's why I can kiss you" he realized. As if to prove it Daniel leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers Luce wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer.

"I love you Lucinda" Daniel breathed when their lips parted.
Luce smiled "I love you to Daniel". Luce rested her head on his shoulder her eyes closing. They sat there for a while until Daniel carried Luce back to the car brushing her hair back gently as he placed her in the passenger seat.

Luce didn't wake up until Daniel was carrying her back to her room at Sword and Cross. She watched as a camera turned on them. "We are so busted" she whispered

"Don't worry about the reds" Daniel said calmly as he pushed open the door to her room with his shoulder. He placed her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. "don't disappear on me" he whispered his eyes vulnerable.

"I won't" Luce whispered back

"Promise?" Daniel asked

"I promise" Luce whispered knowing she couldn't exactly guarantee that but she'd say anything to make Daniel feel better.

"Get some rest now but find me before class tomorrow? We still have a lot talk about" he asked her

"You know I will I don't want to go a day without seeing you now" Luce whispered. Daniel smiled and began to back away, before he was completely out of her reach Luce grabbed his wrist and pulled him down to kiss him again.

"I love you" she told him again needing him to know that.

"I love you to" Daniel whispered back

Luce watched him as he walked to the door keeping him in sight as long as she could. Daniel gave her one last smile before he closed the door.

Luce laid her head down on her pillow closing her eyes as she drifted into a deep sleep.

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