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Luce and Daniel crossed the campus hand in hand, walking toward the cemetery. Luce wasn't quite over everything that happened. Getting her wings back, Penn dying. Luce had insisted that Penn be buried next to her father. Knowing that's what they both would have wanted. There was also the fact that this was Luce's last day at Sword and Cross. Luce loathed the idea of leaving Daniel when she'd only just truly gotten him back. But she understood. There were a lot of angels that would be interested in her new mortality status. And not all of them good.

At the cemetery front gates the police where racing around. Randy was barking into her walkie-talkie. "I don't know what happened." You better get down here"

Luce knew they wouldn't find anything. Only dust that they wouldn't understand. She glanced around worried. Daniel squeezed her hand.

"Just act baffled and no one will look at us twice" he whispered. Luce wasn't sure it would be that easy but he was right. No one gave them a second glance as they headed toward the oak trees.

"What now?" Luce asked when they were out of sight. Daniel smiled

"Now we do something we've both wanted to do for a while" He said as he unfurled his wings. Luce shivered with excitement as her own wings unfolded. They shot up through the trees together, high into the clouds. Luce laughed she had missed this so much.

Daniel let her fly for a bit, before he took her hand and started leading her towards the lake. They settled by the tree. Luce curled into Daniel trying to savour every moment with him, before she had to leave.

Daniel tightened his arm around her and kissed her hair. "I love you" he told her softly

"I love you to" she answered smiling at him from where her head rested on his shoulder. Daniel suddenly pulled away from her slightly and Luce felt his hands brush her hair away from her neck.

"Here" He told her as she felt him put something around it. Luce glanced down and saw a small sliver locket with a rose on the front. She had seen Daniel wearing it before getting her memories back, but had never had time to ask him about it.

"My locket" she gasped her hand flying to it She popped the tiny catch and gasped at the tiny photo inside. "Lucia" she whispered looking at the photo of her and Daniel from the World War 1 lifetime.

So many different lifetimes, so many different girls but one thing never changed. She loved Daniel every time.

Luce smiled up at Daniel and kissed him softly. Daniel pulled her closer When they finally pulled away they both heard the faint roar of a plane engine.

"Come on….. It's time to go" told her softly helping her to her feet. They both unfolded their wings and took off. Mr Cole was waiting by the plane with Luce's bag.

"A little angel told me you might need this" he said holding it up.

"Who you calling little?" Arriane's voice called as she and Gabbe flew into the clearing.

"We came to say goodbye" Gabbe said smiling sadly at Luce. Luce returned the sad smile. She had barely had any time with her friends and now not knowing when she would see them again was hard.

Arrianne pulled her into a hug. "Don't do anything stupid, like getting turned into a pile of ash" she told her "we need you" Tears filled Luce's eyes they may have needed her but she wondered if they knew how much she needed them.

Gabbe was next to hug her "Be safe honey" she whispered. Luce nodded

"Look after him for me? She whispered pleadingly in Gabbe's ear her eyes flickering to Daniel. Gabbe and Daniel had always been close, just as she and Gabbe had.

Gabbe nodded "you know I will" she whispered back.

Luce's tears started to fall as she turned to Daniel.

"We'll give you two a moment alone" Mr Cole said going to the plane "when the engine starts its three minutes to take off Lucinda"

Daniel kissed her tears away. "This isn't forever Lucinda." He told her softly

"I know Luce sniffed it's just…I just got you back" she whispered tightening her arms around him as Daniel tightened his around her.

Luce pulled back slightly so she could look into the violet eyes she loved.

"I love you" she whispered as she kissed him. Daniel pulled her closer almost pulling her off her feet. Luce tried to burn the memory of Daniel kissing her into her brain as she didn't know when she would have the feeling again.

The plane engine revved. They pulled away slowly

"I love you never forget that" Daniel whispered to her.

"You know I won't" Luce whispered back as she slowly backed away. She gave him one last look before running inside the plane.

"Two minutes to take-off" Mr Cole told her as she took her seat wiping away her tears. The plane started to move picking up speed. Luce worried they would crash into the lake.

"I've done this before don't worry" Mr Cole told her.

Luce gazed out the window as the plane took off over the lake. She could see the boardwalk. Where she and Daniel had kissed for the first time. That moment had changed everything. Luce looked out at the sky searching for Daniel; faintly through the clouds she could see a small violet light. Luce gave a small smile. Then reached to touch her locket and brought it to her lips.

Lucinda knew it wasn't over yet, there were many things out there that wanted to hurt her and those she loved. Beings that wanted to try and force her and Daniel to make the choice.

Heaven or Hell

But what they couldn't understand was that they had already made their choice. Lucinda chose Daniel and Daniel chose Lucinda. They would always choose each other. No matter what.

Love was their choice.

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