A/N: Okay! Persona/Devil May Cry crossover. Sort of an AU. Deal with it. Oh...Hermelin characters are all back. One year after the NWO/Joker incidents. Enjoy.

Ellen's thoughts. Dante's thoughts.Flashback.


Episode 1. Dream

Ellen? You're leaving again, aren't you? You're going to leave me again. Where are you going this time? Tracking your beloved Hero, Ituki? Or is it Nate you're after? I was just never good enough for you Ellen. And I suppose I never will be.

Ellen Kirishima woke with a small shock, and looked at her clock. It was the middle of the night, again. She jumped again as the harsh thunder cracked outside after the lightning's sinister flash. The rain pounded on her windows and the wind shook the house...and the dream...

The dream was always the worst part. She had the same reoccurring dream night after night since her return to Sumaru. She laid back down, but her eyes remained open, deep in thought. It seemed as though that every time her and her friends were together, something bad happened. Now that Ituki1 and Mark were back too, there was no telling what would happen.

Her dream...misty thoughts of a childhood friend. The thoughts were not so friendly, however. When she had left for England and the States when she was a little girl, she left a young boy alone. When she had left again for the States...she had left that same boy alone again. Only this time, it had hurt them both. They had been eighteen.

Thunder rolled again, and Ellen jumped. She hated storms. She did the only thing she could think of. Picked up the phone and called Guido Kandori.2

"'Ello?" Came Guido's groggy voice. He knew almost immediately who it was...Ellen had been calling for the past week.

"Hi again." Ellen sighed. "Sorry to bother you. Hope I didn't...er...interrupt anything?"

Guido snorted and laid back down. "No, Ellie, don't worry. Brad and I were only sleeping. Well...he's still out like a light." 3

"Oh, heheh..."

"Was it the dream again, Ellie?" Guido asked stroking Brad's hair as the young man snoozed contently. "You still haven't told me what it was about."

"Just a dream about a friend from when I was little. Jesus, this city is so queer..." Ellen complained, pulling the blanket around her.

"The city isn't *that* bad..." Guido said, gazing at his lover.

"...You two are really in love, aren't you?" Ellen couldn't help but smile.

"I love Brad, and I can't help but imagine that he loves me."

Ellen smiled again. "Well, I'm okay now. I'll see you tomorrow, Guido."

"And you, Ellie."

They both hung up, and Ellen sighed, curling up. Must be nice, having someone to love you no matter what. Guido and Brad...they're so perfect together.

She had loved Ituki...and she still did, when she was honest with herself. But he loved Nate.4 She had seen it firsthand. Ituki didn't love her...

She sighed, and wondered what had happened to her friend. If he still thought of her. She'd like to see him again, they had been so close!

It was now that her telephone rang, and she jumped about a foot in the air. She picked it up, timidly. "Moshi moshi?"



"Sorry to bother you so late, but we got a call from Dante Sparda. You remember him, don't you?"

Ellen's heart slowed and almost stopped. "...I do."

"He wants to know if you'd like to come with him to someplace called Mallet Island. It's supposedly one of the most violently haunted locations on earth. He heard about your new job working with the supernatural. What do you say?"

"Ah...tell him that sounds great. And to give me a call."

"No problem."

"Ja." Ellen hung up the phone and laid back down. Her dream had meant something. Dante *was* thinking of her.

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1. Ituki. The name me and my friend gave Main Hero from Persona 1.

2. This being half based of a role-playing plot, Guido Kandori was revived again, and a friend to the Hermelin kids after learning his lesson.

3. Brad and Guido were a pair in our RP plot, and I can't stand to leave them out of it, they're so cute.

4. Nate/Ituki. Another RP pairing. Get used to these.