Chapter Three: the Council

Buffy stared up at the house that could only be called a mansion. It was fifteen till seven and she stood along side her wife with her children next to her. "This home is outrageously huge." Lydia said as looked a upon it.

"How many rooms do you think it has." Stiles asked in amazement. His mothers weren't poor by any means and they stayed in upcoming homes before but nothing like this.

"Bro it's gotta be over twenty with extra bathroom," Allison could only guess that's how huge this Lockwood/Hale mansion was.

Faith looked at her wife then her children. "It some rich pricks home. Close your mouth and let's get in, I think where the last one to arrive." Walking up the pavement slowly Stiles hung back a little as he reach the door. He could feel the mansion as if it was pulsating; as if it where alive.

"I can't go in there." Stiles said as he stood a foot from the glass doors.

Buffy looked back at her son with worry as Lydia and Allison surrounded him as if they where feeling his uneasiness too. "What is, what do you feel?" Buffy question as she placed her hand on his cheek.

Stiles frown as he tried to put it in words. It wasn't so much a bad feeling, it was like there was an energy coursing though the air above him. To many people with to many sources of power. "There is over twenty people in there and only five that don't have a energy plus trying to suck me in." Stiles looked towards the door as it open. Once more he he was greeted to the sight of Stefan along with Peter Hale.

"Welcome," Stefan said as he throw a smile towards Stiles moving aside to let them pass.

Faith stared at the teen at the door and just knew he was a vampire. She got the vibe that she was going to have a Buffy/Angel romance on her hands when it came to the vampire and her son.

"I will dust you and not think twice about it!" Faith explain as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh she feisty, I like it." Peter smirked as he caught her eyes. Stefan moved to the side as well to let everyone in.

Stiles stood in front of the threshold holding his breath as he closed his eyes then opened them to see the barrier. Taking a deep breath then letting it out he waived his hand above his head as the seal broke.

"Alpha Stilinski, Slayers. Welcome to Lockwood-Hale manor. Please take a set Sheriff Forbes was just informing us about the resent animal attack," all eyes moved to Peter Hale as he took in Slayers. Giving him a nodded Allison took a seat while Lydia took her right and Stile took her left with Buffy and Faith standing behind them.

"Back to pressing matter. Three dead body so far none of them local this month, but the body count has got significantly higher. Where up to about 45 for the last three months. That's 15 each month and not all of the killing have been vampire attacks some have been from werewolf wounds, and random unexplainable deaths. At first I thought I had a serial killer on my hands with the random deaths the why the bodies where line out and setup but I'm not so sure now. I fond Charlie Wilson with a moon crystal that had a wicked spell attached too it. I know we've been trying to protect the lands but the lands or the higher power or whatever it is dragging us down. We don't have enough man power and with this new arrival of people being drawn to Beacon Falls things couldn't be worst for our town." Elizabeth Forbes states as she looked around the room. All eyes where on her as she spoke.

"Be that as it may we still don't know who feeding on the locals," an elderly African-American woman stated.

"Ms. Bennett, they have to eat some way." Another man who was African American sat next two African American women.

"You've got some nerve shaman. Just because you can't pick a side doesn't mean this new arrival will is right."

"And just cause your a light witch doesn't mean your capable of good will."

"So you say Dr. Deaton," Sheila said as she whispered something to the women next to her. "We will let the matter go for now."

Alpha Hale nodded as he looked over to Sheriff Forbes. "On the other matters we like to welcome the Slayers and their three children to the our lands. I'm assuming you came to have council from each group is that to be correct?" Alpha Hale spoke as he looked at the two older women. They where stunning, from the different eyes color to the their features.

"As you already know my oldest daughter is an Alpha and though her control is great now, she still has things to work on. I was wonder if you could take her under your wings," Buffy said as she looked at Alpha Hale.

She couldn't let the thought that he was hot go, as she stared into his deep blue eyes but he was also dangerous she could feel it deep in her bones. "You are correct though her control is great she will work with my nieces Laura and Cora and my nephews Derek and Darren. The other two are more then welcome to come along with Alpha Stilinski when she training if they like." Hale said as he waived a hand to his right, where a women maybe in her late twenty sat, next her was an older man in his early twenties. Laura had dark eyes that were almond spaced, with dark chestnut hair and full lips. Allison eyes lingered on her as she took her in. She could feel power coming off of her, like she did Alpha Hale, it was strong as they continue to look at each other. "If you like to come with me I'll go over our training?" Laura voice was smooth and low as it reached Allison ears.

Looking at her siblings Lydia gave Allison the nodded to go. "We'll be fine." Stiles said as Allison got up and followed Laura out the back sliding doors.

"On to the next, Dr. Deaton stated that he would help your banshee with her control twice a week and that she was more then welcome to bring her spark brother along in her outings." Alpha Hale spoke as Deaton nodded to the two teens. Nodding back they continue to listen to Alpha Hale as he pointed out Shelia Bennett who would be helping Stiles with spark.

This went on for a while, Peter introducing everyone and going over the basic rules of the small town. This was the first time they had Slayers in Beacon falls and it would be a sock to the Slayers that they couldn't just kill the locals that were supernatural. There were rules that they had to keep as well. Their hadn't been hunter in the small town since Talia Hale's passing, and they wanted to keep it that way. Peter did state that with more creatures that was heading into the town they might need to start a registry.

"Don't you think that's a little inhuman. If we start placing people or creatures on a list what's to say they won't be hunted once people get wind that this town isn't really normal. I'm all for protecting the locals and killing the next big bad, but you started isolating the ones that are different and you'll have a war between the two." Stiles said looking at Peter before his eyes went to Elizabeth.

"Stiles is right, we monitor the new arrivals and go from there. We can't just start rounding people or non people up." Elizabeth said as she smiled at the young man.

"Elizabeth is there anything else you'd like to go over?" Alpha Hale asked as he looked over at the Sheriff. "No that's it Peter." Elizabeth said as the meeting was over.

Stile watched at Allison came back into the room looking a little rough around the edges, well mostly her hair. Standing up Lydia and him walked towards her. Pulling a leaf out of her hair, Stile smile. "You have fun out side puppy?" he asked her as she growled at him, flashing her eyes. "Okay oaky no puppy jokes, but really are you okay?" Stiles asked her.

"Yeah we just went running, it was nice. She let me smell where their territory started and ended. I'm feeling kind of great now." Allison said as she smiled.

"I can tell, your energy is pulsing." Stiles stated as he grabbed her hand. "Come on high on life Alpha our moms waiting." Lydia said pulling her along as Stiles followed.

"We where hoping you'd stay a little longer?" Alpha Hale said as he looked at the five of them.

"Maybe next time Alpha Hale." Faith said as she stared at the wolf. He was taller then her 5'6 height, but she knew she could take him. "But thank you for the introductions well be seeing you." She said as he pulled her family towards the exit.