AUTHOR'S NOTES: Going to take what i like from the marvel movies, comics and tv shows. What is canon is this list: Iron Man 1 & 2; Thor 1 & 2; Captain America 1 & 2; Avengers 1; GotG 1 & 2; Ant-man; Doctor Strange and lastly Agents of Shield tv show SEASON 1.

HOWEVER the main characters are from GotG and Agents of Shield.

The backdoor plot from this fic is that Earth, after Shield disbanded (more like governments not just the States fell apart), World War 3 happened which ended with Thanos' army again showing up thinking that "yay humans are killing themselves lets go defeat them when they are weak" and well everyone helped each other to defeat the threat which again Thanos lost but with a higher cost to that of Earth. Terrains become a diaspora species within the Galaxy. It was only a matter of time before humans was welcomed into the folds of the Ravengers and worse folk such as Scavengers just to name a few. After all Terra was never part of the Nova Empire or any Galactic Empire such as the Kree Empire or Asgardians even though Earth is part of the Nine Realms so therefor all of Terra are Stateless. Who would welcome such people but those who are already outcasts? No one knew however how well Terrains would adapted so well in the galaxy being so primitive within just a short decade of their planet year date. However not to those that knew Peter Quill.

The Parting i hope are mainly: Kraglin Obfonteri/Yondu Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri/Phil Coulson, Gamora/Peter Quill, Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, Nebula/Mantis.

Ravenger's Inferno

Summary: When Peter Quill first met Stakar Ogord he never thought his life would change again. What does he mean the 101th Ravenger Clan? What happened at Terra? Ravagers AU Space Pirates AU


Phil Coulson stood silently as First Mate behind Nick Fury who sat on the captain's chair in their Mothership. The platform was similar design of Fury had years before back in SHIELD headquarters. It was illuminated with computers, keyboards and if necessary controls for gun shooting. The only difference is that it now has a captain's chair. The Terran ship that they are on is first of her kind. With stolen technology from Chitauri, Kree, Asgardians and other such species that think Earth is just a vacation hot spot to do whatever they feel like along with how they treat humans, they were able to make never before technology that even at times surpass even Stark Inc technology such as space travel. With added information from the stolen technology it was clear of how vast the universes is, so much knowledge for thousands of years of other aliens species, how to get one place to another much like flying a plane back on Earth. Technology as well that brought medical to extreme that people are now believing that humans would be able to live at least 200 years old but so far no one have yet got that far so to guess.

Nick Fury decided the best way to rebuild the organization of SHIELD was join the Ravengers after meeting up with an Arcturan by the name of Stakar Ogord. The man was one of the first captains of creating the Ravengers. Phil while meeting them and working with them he decided they were much like mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and that of Robin Hood. It sealed the deal of him joining them when he swore on the oaths of the Revenger Code. One of which is "No deals that involves children." If such people have those rules, they are good enough people.

After just a year of working with them Phil felt at ease with being a Ravenger as he now can mark off being a Space Pirate from his bucket list from childhood. He enjoys the freedom of such life gave him; there was no deadlines. No hoops to jump over of getting a mission done like before. Of course their clan, which by Ravenger tradition is called by the captains name which in their cause the Fury Clan, was small and young compare to all the other 100 clans. They were given the colours of black and red with the seven pointed flame logo as all Ravengers have but with added emblem of the seven pointed flame with a shield in the middle that shows which clan a Ravenger is from. Their clan is made up mainly by humans of course but they ended up picking up strays through out the years. Coulson himself have a habit of adopting anyone that wishes to join; give people second chances and if they are of any value to the clan, whatever their past is or what they are doesn't matter. Fury of course was a lot more distrust of people but even he doesn't see much matter of alien species.

It wasn't until another year did Phil get reminded that being a Ravenger was technically being a criminal to the major parts of the Empires. Of course being a Terran as well which means have no nationally to be claimed so he and everyone else of their kind are stateless. So being captured and jailed meant was being stuck there forever. Of course with just a few weeks he and his team was able to escape prison and later deliver what they stole to Fury to complete their mission.

That was his own start of having a bounty on his head. All the other Ravengers in the other clans congrats him of his escape seeing that having bounties on your head are more like trophies. Phil found that he enjoys annoying the Nova Corps the best as pissing off the Kree bring more bloodshed then its worth. It wasn't like the Fury Clan out right kills people like some Clans are known to do. They do what must be done for the benefit of Earth to get knowledge, supplies, food or whatever they can get. They know Thanos will attack again and they will prepare for it. Along with whatever mission Fury tells them to do much like how it used to be back when S.H.I.E.L.D was still formed, no Hydra, and no space exploration.

Does Phil wish for his old life back? There are nights when he should be asleep that he thinks about his old life. But no, the life he has now is good. Better then he had hope when all things that he knew fell down and destroyed. Lots of people at the time believed it was the end of the world. But no, their old world is gone but life always continues.

Phil wasn't surprise that he was picked as First Mate by Nick Fury when their clan was officially recognized as the 101 Ravenger Clan. If Nick decided not to come back from being dead and retired then he himself would have been the Director to rebuild S.H.E.I.L.D. Being First Mate was just like his old job back at Earth when he had his team shortly after first Chitauri invasion and Project T.A.H.I.T.I. It has its perks and its down falls but it just another day of being Coulson as Maria Hill puts it.

As of right now they were flying through space as there was nothing to do but wait. They got news about some golden aliens after a group of people everywhere in the universe and that one of the exile Ravenger Clans got mutiny that pretty much killed 3/4 of everyone on board. They later got the confirm it was the Yondu Clan. Nothing that they can do about it but watch. Nick Fury looked at his First Mate, shaking his head at the fool. They got a job to do, not smiling like an idiot.

Fury's com started blinking at him. Someone was hailing him on his private link. He looked at the URL of the link (it was interesting to know that lots of stuff that Earth had before they started space exploration that there are lots of similar stuff out in space. Movies was interesting shock to him). It was from Stakar Ogord. It isn't unheard of of him calling him for a chat but his private one up to his captain chair? This isn't a personal one.

Fury accepted the call, and Stakar Ogord's face was on the full screen of the controlling room.

Starkar nodded respectfully towards the Fury Captain. He himself was doubtful of the usefulness of the Terrains when they first gave the olive branch to him to join into the Ravengers. One of the red flags to him at the time was that fact that people don't became Ravengers as a career path. And Starkar isn't surprised that the Terrians did. Nick Fury and his Clan has shown him time and time again of how and what Ravengers should be. He found kinship and loyalty towards them and learned that Terrains have more skills other then be used as Weapons from the Kree. And what he got from reports of his Ravengers and a creature that calls himself Rocket have told him that Peter Quill the adopted son of his friend Yondu Udonta was no different. Yondu Udonta is the reason of the call.

"Starkar." Fury said. He cocked his head to the side, his good eye looking at him. "What brings you here on this fine day?"

"Yondu Udonta has been welcomed back from exile. He is dead."

Fury nodded. Everyone have heard of the guy and everyone was waiting of the updated news for the past week. Another story of a respected agent turn bad because of greed. Nothing new as he himself had many agents under him that done that same. He actually killed a few himself. "Thanks for the update. Anything else?" Fury asked, he knew if that was the only thing to say for this public chat as the man could have just text him on the com link about it. There was more.

Starkar rolled his eyes. Straight to the point this one. "Here are the coordinates to the funeral. Its what is worth of giving Yondu a proper Ravenger Funeral."

Fury nodded, allowing one of his crew-members add the coordinates into the computer to turn around to head there. A proper Ravenger Funeral, so far there has been a few already that he went to. Fury amused, a great honor. Sad that the guy had to die first before being welcoming back from exile. "We will be there. And after you are welcomed to visit on the ship." Fury knew that Starkar wanted to talk him in private so he allow the door of invite to make it happen. Of his old age Fury now can read people fairly well and he came to learn that many alien species are just the same.

Starkar nodded and disconnected the com.

"How long until we get there, Hill?" Fury said after the screen went back on clear to the space beyond.

Maria Hill looked up from her area in the control room. She along with everyone else wore the Ravenger uniform of their colours black and red. Her hair was up like usual, her blaster on her hip and her coat slung the back of her chair. Her job got a lot more interesting compare to her old one back at Earth before all shit happened.. It was different time guess in space compare to Earth as flying the old ships that they had at Earth is so different in a space one so she had to estimate again. "Less then 30 minutes?" she guessed.

Fury nodded. "Make it so." Coulson grinned at the Star Trek quote wondering if Fury did that on purpose or not. The look that Fury gave him told him it was planned and to shut up. Looking around there was many of their crew agents smiled at the joke as well. "Get back to work." Fury demand them and everyone went back on their job. It was a moment later that their space ship turned to the left and started zooming through space in record time. It won't take long to get there, Fury wagered.

"Sir?" Coulson stepped forward to stand on the side of his captain. Fury looked at him curiosity "What do you think Starkar wanted to talk to you about?"

Fury shrugged thoughtfully. "Not sure yet. But we will find out."

Coulson nodded. He wondered if it had to do with the so called Guardians of the Galaxy. He was very curious of how the leader of the group that is human got to be up in space before any of them. He would love to heard this story and meet the guy, he will have to check in their database. Now that Youdu is welcomed back from exile, all of his surviving crew would too be welcomed back. And Peter Quill is part of the crew. After the furneral as custom, Starkra would meet the group and declare them as legitimate Ravengers publicly. Coulson may get his wish to meet the guy if all goes to plan.


The Ravenger's Funeral is very colourful event. With firework projections which is called Colors of Ogord which leads the departed into the afterlife. It was said that all Ravagers will expect to see their love ones again among the stars and hear the Hordes of Freedom upon death. The Exiled from the Ravager community are exclusion from the Ravager afterlife as well, unless redemption was achieved. And that is what happened to Yondu as everyone watched as ashes of the Centaurian was released from the nearby ship as every Ravenger spaceship fired out their projections out into space. It the afterlife varies mix with religion to clan to clan, ship to ship along with whatever religion of each species have but that's the core basic that everyone agree with.

Coulson never met the Centaurian as he knew Lady Sif, one of Asgardian warriors of Asgard told him about them at one time when he asked her years ago if she ever met any other blue skinned aliens after meeting his first Kree. She told them yes she has but Centaurians never came to Earth before but after becoming a Ravenger he learned that Yondu DID when he picked up (kidnapped) Peter Quill back in 1988. After learning of it, out of habit Coulson went back into the old S.H.I.E.L.D database to see if they have any records of such event happened. And they did.

It was cut and dry type of report basically said aliens adulation; pretend it didn't happen and tell everyone including the family that its a runaway case hinting that the boy will never be found. Back then in the 80s it was more of a laughable joke type of report that got reported, file and forgotten. The higher ups back then didn't truly believe in aliens (or have decided to ignore they do exist) even though the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident happened. It was mostly covered up, file and put away. The case wasn't fully examine until years later however. Everyone knew aliens existed but no one knew what to do about it. Plus alien invasion movies didn't help. Plus with mutants with powers, half breed humans being known in their world. People became scared. Scared people lash. People who lash hurt other people, with or without meaning to. And that was basically how World War 3 happened. But luckily after another alien invasion of the Chitauri happened everything changed the course of history again. Enemies came together as allies to defeat a common enemy. Humans had something to work together for. The survivor the human race; doesn't matter if you were half breed, inhuman, mutant or other wise like Muslim, gay, non-christian . Such things like that became meaningless now and still is. And to Coulson's option, it was for the better. Such as his father joked in his youth, the only way for world peace for everyone including the communists was an alien invasion. And he was right.

Back to the case of the adulation of Peter Quill; with the added info about the boy's grandfather being Gregg Henry Quill (1) being part one of many of the Super-Soldier Programs the case was extra exam-ed through the the years because the boy's grandfather won't let the case go cold. The Grandfather knew the signs of alien additions as he have seen it before while he was in the Forces. But back then their was no way do anything after the alien spaceship left orbit. Besides, the boy was long gone. Sold into slavery to the Kree or eaten. Of course luckily the US Air Force at the time put a tracker on the ship as part of the UFO sighting missions protocol when a spaceship drove pass an Air Force Base after picking up the boy but the the spaceship went too far into space for it to work anymore because their satellites back then didn't go that far.

Coulson knew that the so called Star-Lord, the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy is the same Lost Child case of Peter Quill in the database. The only thing left it to get some DNA to comfirm. Maybe the boy doesn't want to be found anymore? The boy is now a man, surely he would've went back to Earth anytime he wanted. Even if it was "illgeal" to Nova Empire (and others) to go to Earth as in their books Terra as they call their world was back world, primitive planet that shouldn't be messed with. Didn't stop any other alien races though as well with the Asgasian King, Odin that banished his kid.

Coulson sighed in frustration. This was one of many stressful parts of his job. Some people just doesn't want to be found. He looked at his Ipad that is hooked into the old database as he saw a footnote at the bottom of the living relatives of the Missing Child case of Alien Abduction. By clicking on it he saw that the grandfather he read about of the case was part of their clan. Gregg Quill was on a mission at this time; not schedule to be back close to a month. Close but yet so far, Coulson amuse thinking of how the grandfather just barely missed meeting his lost grandson by going into a mission and not on the mothership at a funeral. Coulson wouldn't be surprised that the old man jumped into any chance he got to go into space as he was tired of being stuck on Earth.

"You're thinking too hard." Melinda May said walking up beside him looking out the window of the Mothership. The fireworks was oddly beautiful in space. it was fairly different then back on Earth. Coulson looked at her. May still wore normal black tier just like she wore back when they were a team before S.H.I.E.L.D fell with a red Ravenger's coat over it. Her space blaster as he likes to call it was hung at her hip, and Coulson knew there was many knives hidden within her coat and boots as always. He handed her his Ipad for her to look as of why his mind was unsettled.

"Star-Lord?" she asked, knowing about the file they had about the Battle of Xandar, the whole team of Guardians of the Galaxy (she scuffed at the name of the group), their so far completed missions that they did together since they met in prison which included the attacks from the Sovereigns. Coulson shook his head; the Sovereigns was an odd alien race. Too golden, so immature, prone to frustrated screaming and fits when embarrassed or defeated because they believe themselves to be as much more superior than any other race in the galaxy because they genetically-engineer their young. To the extreme that they created their children in pods and birth through cocoons. Coulson is no means anywhere a biologist but even he sees this as wrong. What happened to the old fashion way of things? Sure some embryos may need some genetic engineering to fix some human diseases but even they, the humans drew the line of "made to order perfect babies" the so called designer babies because of ethical concerns along with it being against Mother Nature. The Sovereigns went as far as not impregnated themselves to have these babies but birthing pods. Are they still capable to have sex?

Coulson shook his head again knowing a headache was forming. He should stop letting his mind go off into lala land. "The name fits. The dates. The only thing left is DNA." Coulson told her. May nodded, then she spotted the footnote about Gregg Quill being part of their Ravenger Clan. Ah, this is why he's worried, May thought. She knew Coulson can be very motherly in a fashion that he wants everyone to get along and be happy. But what if Star-Lord doesn't want to meet his family? After all it been 30 years now. For all they know the boy been brainwashed not remembering anything before he was 8 years old when he was abducted. As well telling the old man that they found his grandson who may or may not want to meet him can crush the man's soul after all the years of searching and not allowing his grandson's case go cold and forgotten.

"We will do what is protocol." she said. After all, they can not force a family reunion. The only question is, is it ethical to not tell Gregg Quill of finding his grandson IF Peter Quill choose not to meet him? Or should they offhandedly tell him and also say something like, "yeah we found your grandson. But he doesn't want nothing to do with you."

Coulson have heard the rumors. Youndu was the closest daddy that Peter ever had and Ego, an Astral was his bio-father which if the rumors are true, Peter killed his own father and watched the man who pretty much raised him die in his hands. Coulson wouldn't be surprised if Peter doesn't want to get involved with his grandfather just the fact of getting too close for the guy to leave him again in Death. First his mother, then killed his own father and lastly watching his only father figure to die. Anyone would be creak after that.

Coulson's personal com link started beeping at him. He looked at the URL. It was Fury. He is being reported back to the Controlling Room. The meeting with Starkar is about to happen within the hour.

Both May and Coulson demised each other. Back to work they go. May have decided to check on Fritz that is busying over another weapon prototype.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 5,647

(1) Gregg Henry: is the actor's name who played Peter Quill's grandfather. Because i wasn't able to find any name for this character in wiki, I have decided on using the actor's name for the grandfather character.

Author's Note: hope this chapter went well. Been a while since i wrote anything. Poorly written i think cause the only thing im able to type on my computer DOESN'T have spellcheck or grammar check but i hope you all enjoyed my plot-bunny. PM if you wish to be my Beta Reader. :) The next chapter will be Guardians of the Galaxy group!