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"Yaaaaaang, hurry up!" Ruby whined as she flopped on the bed while her sister fiddled with the remote in her hand.

"We have plenty of time, Ruby." Yang groaned, turning the TV on and changing to the news station. A very rare occurrence in Team RWBY's room. The TV was mostly used for gaming purposes. "They shouldn't have even landed in Vale yet."

The moment Ozpin and Glynda took their friends to Vale, Ruby and the rest of her team, along with Last Order, Accelerator, Nora and Ren headed back to their dorm room. Some more grudgingly than others. Since this event was monumentous, of course every news station was covering it. Not every station got an invite though, so they chose the largest and most popular news station, The Vale News Network. A woman with gold-brownish eyes and pale white hair with purple hues at the tips was outside the large building, decorated with banners of Vale. A huge crowd was being held back behind barricades with limos arriving in front of the red carpet.

"This is Lisa Lavender of The Vales News Network, in front of the Vale Emperor Hotel where a historical event is occurring. For our viewers out there, Sienna Khan, the leader of the White Fang, has agreed to make a public appearance and meet with the Vale Council, Beacon, and even Atlas! For this event, the members of the White Fang have diplomatic immunity, so even Atlas military will not be interfering. What event could have transpired to cause the High Leader to agree to peace talks? We will find out. For now, the guests are arriving."

"Look!" Nora pointed with one hand as she shook Ren with the other. "It's that one guy who starred in that new action movie!"

"Seems like a lot of celebrities are showing up." Ren commented mildly. "Though I doubt they will be allowed in the actual meeting."

"Yeah, these kinds of conferences tend to be divided into public shows and then closed door meetings," Blake explained. "You see this a lot. Many people are showing up for appearances sake, regardless if they truly support the cause. I'm just glad Lisa Lavender is on the scene."

"Why?" Yang asked, turning her head.

"Out of all reporters, she's probably the least biased," Blake answered. The absence of a book in hand showed how important watching the news now was to her too. "She is pretty impartial and will accept information from anyone, provided they have sufficient evidence, even wanted criminals. There's been stories of her talking to Roman Torchwick on the phone, getting scoops from him as the Police track his location. They have an interesting relationship."

"A journalist with integrity?" Accelerator raised an eyebrow. "Guess there's a first time for everything."

"Some might say it's rarer than people arriving from another world." Ren joked to lighten the mood.

"Think they are having some late night rendezvous?" Yang couldn't resist, playing on the boy's attempt, a huge smirk plastered on her face.

"If she's dealing with a criminal like Torchwick, doesn't that mean she's a criminal too? MISAKA asks."

"It's something else," Yang assured her. "Something adult related. And just knowing a criminal doesn't make you a criminal. Look at Touma."

"Are you making a gross joke again, Yang?" Ruby whined, with a disgusted look. "Stop that."

"Hehe, sorry Ruby."

"Guys!" Nora's cry made them all focus back on the TV. "They arrived!"

"It looks like the delegates from Beacon Academy have arrived," Lisa reported. "It's been reported Sienna Khan personally invited them. Let's see who the attendees are. Ah, naturally, the headmaster Ozpin is stepping out along with the Deputy Headmistress Glynda Goodwitch." Ozpin gave a short wave as he stepped out of the large black vehicle.

"You know, I can never get over how hot Goodwitch can be when she lets loose a bit." Yang commented., eyeing the female teacher as she exited the limousine. The purple and black stylish dress wasn't revealing at all, but when she did her hair, she looked to be in her early 20s.

"I know, right?" Nora confirmed. "She just dropped the hair bun and loosened up."

"She has to maintain a professional appearance." Ren reminded them. "Otherwise many male students would be trying to get her attention."

"Do you?" Yang asked playfully.

"Yeah, do you?" There was a lot less playfulness in Nora's voice as Ren began to sweat. Last Order giggled at the sight, seeing the stoic boy so nervous.

"Here's where it's going to be complicated." Blake muttered, as their friends began to step out.

"Is that…?" Lisa Lavender actually looked surprised and she wasn't the only one. The crowd behind the barrier started cheering and yelling. "It's… Pyrrha Nikos! And… Oh my. She's with a boy! We're going to try to get a scoop!"

"Wow, Pyrrha is really popular!" Ruby gasped. "Look at the guards having to hold her fans back." The black suited security were struggling to hold back a bunch of people waving paper and pens, screaming Pyrrha's name.

"It's about to get a hell of a lot more rowdy." Yang snickered.

"Miss Nikos!" Lisa called out, as she and her cameraman moved close to her. "What's your opinion on today's conference?"

"I am eager to see a peaceful resolution that will end up helping both sides of this conflict," Pyrrha's answer was diplomatic. "Faunus have suffered years of discrimination and some have lashed out in ways that is counterproductive to their message of equal rights and peace. I see this conference as a first step to both sides admitting their mistakes and working to an optimal solution."

Several nearby people cheered and waved signs, while others kept trying to get closer to get autographs. Pyrrha was popular among all age groups, so her words carried a lot of weight. Lisa nodded noncomittingly, as if she expected to hear just this. It was a pretty rehearsed political answer. Her reporter senses however, zoned in on the boy beside her and there was a predatory gleam in her eyes.

"Thank you, Miss Nikos." The woman didn't betray her thoughts, but her gaze locked in on the target. "And who is this young man accompanying you? Another Beacon student? Or something more?"

"Oh boy." Blake facepalmed as she shook her head.

"What's happening? MISAKA asks, confused."

"She's about to break the hearts of countless boys and some girls." Yang replied evenly, her grin evident.

"She's going to do it!" Nora cheered, hugging Ren tightly in a bone breaking hug."It's happening!"

Pyrrha did pause, but all her friends watching through the TV saw the determination behind those bright green eyes. Jaune next to her looked nervous too, but managed to compose himself as best he could while standing up straight.

"This is Jaune Arc," The red headed celebrity introduced. "He's my team leader at Beacon… and my boyfriend. He's someone who's ready to offer his support to this cause as well."

"She said it!" Yang, Ruby, Nora, and Last Order celebrated.

Ren and Blake had an expression of a combination of amused and exasperated at the confession, as they didn't say a thing, but their eyes twinkled. It was always nice to see a positive surprise and not one that involved someone getting hurt. Even Accelerator had been watching to see what the girl would say, before looking back down at his book.

The nearby news reporters did not react so calmly. Instantly, Pyrrha and Jaune were swarmed by reporters. Onlookers behind the barrier were yelling and screaming. Some of them were shocked, others angry, while others cheered. There were a lot of fans in the crowd. Then as Yang said, many of them were heartbroken.

"Miss Nikos, can you repeat that?!"

"You're dating someone?"

"How long has this been going on?!"

Reporters were trying to get information on Jaune, a brand new face who just popped up. No doubt by tomorrow, they would find out so much information on him. People would be wondering who he was and how he entangled THE Pyrrha Nikos. But right now, the boy was like a deer in headlights, not sure how to react to all this. Questions were being directed toward him as Pyrrha wasn't answering their questions fast enough.

"I'm sorry!" Pyrrha told them all, sounding apologetic but stern. "We have a prior engagement and can't answer your questions right now. We don't want to be holding up the line and delay anything." Wrapping her arm around Jaune's, she led him into the building, where most of the reporters weren't allowed in.

"Nice one," Nora complimented. "Get rid of those nosy people."

"The downside is that too many people will be talking about this celebrity 'scandal' of Pyrrha having a boyfriend over the major issues Faunus are dealing with." Blake huffed and crossed her arms. "People care more for private relationships than equal rights."

"Couldn't you argue that Pyrrha getting involved is already putting even more of a spotlight on this meeting?" Ruby asked.

"In some ways, it helps." Blake gave a short nod. "People are actually tuning in, so more are hearing the issues. I just wish they were focused on them."

"They are about to go back toward the White Fang's actions," Ren interjected. "Lisa Lavender just saw Weiss."

"Is that…." Lisa Lavender gasped as other reports were talking to cameras about Pyrrha's new boyfriend. "Weiss Schnee? The Weiss Schnee is attending a conference with the White Fang? Now we have to know more about this." The woman approached Weiss and Touma, who were the last to leave the limo. Unlike Pyrrha and Jaune, they weren't maintaining physical contact.

Accelerator noticed that immediately as his eyes left his book the moment Ren mentioned his partner.

"Miss Schnee!" Lisa called out. "Miss Schnee! A quick word?"

Ruby and Accelerator were sure Weiss wouldn't stop to talk, but she surprised them by doing just that. Touma looked somewhat unsure next to her but followed the girl's lead. Yang and Blake were not interested in what she would say, while Last Order was just excited to see Weiss on television. Unlike Ren and Nora, the others had more personal stakes in this. From hearing Weiss and Blake argue about the White Fang, to having a close relationship with the heiress.

"Yes?" Weiss smiled, one that reminded her friends of the fake smile Pyrrha would give sometimes. Ren and Nora were used to that look when they went out of Beacon and Pyrrha got mobbed. "Oh, Miss Lavender. What a surprise."

"What do you think of this conference, Miss Schnee?" Lisa asked eagerly. "With the history between your family and the White Fang, I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision coming here. Care to share a few words?"

The cameraman decided at that moment to move the camera to show a group of Faunus who were booing Weiss and holding up signs that had a big red X over SDC and other similar messages. It was obvious they did not like Weiss' family. To the girl's credit, and even Yang was impressed with the heiress' restraint, Weiss only glanced at them out of the corner of her eyes before speaking.

"The relationship between the SDC and the White Fang has been, to put it lightly, rocky," Weiss answered. "However, I am here as a representative of Beacon and showing that regardless of my family name, I am here to support the cause. If Sienna Khan is truly interested in finding a peaceful solution, I will support her one hundred percent."

A couple Faunus in the background looked confused, but many still seemed angry. There were plenty of reasons none of them trusted her. Words were cheap. Actions were what mattered. Lisa was a professional reporter and wouldn't let Weiss get away with such a cheap answer.

"Are you willing to overlook the violence done to the SDC and its employees," Lisa pushed. "And do you think the Faunus will just forgive the years of abuse allegations caused by the SDC."

"Allegations?" Yang asked, turning away from the screen to look at Blake. "Isn't it true?"

"Saying allegations is a way to avoid being libel, like saying rumors or sources say." Blake explained. "That way, they can't be sued for defamation. Many things are hard to prove in court, much less a biased one."

"I'm not sure why you're asking her that." Touma suddenly interrupted, causing everyone to glue their eyes back onto the TV screen. "Do you think a seventeen year-old who was a child during all these events would have any control or first hand knowledge of it? I would suggest you ask individuals directly responsible and not cast blame on everyone with the last name Schnee. Miss Schnee is here because she supports the equal rights Faunus are sorely lacking right now."

"And who are you, if I may ask?" Lisa asked quickly.

"A friend of mine from Beacon," Weiss answered. "And, no. We are not dating."

"That was going to be my next question," Lisa admitted. "But Miss Schnee. Does the SDC condone this meeting?"

"I'm the future inheritor of the SDC," Weiss answered. "I'm here to ensure that we start solving the problems between Faunus and my family's company, and work toward a better future for the both of us. Now, I'm sorry to cut the interview short, but we must be going in."

"Oh, snap!" Nora laughed. "Weiss told her off."

"Lisa was just trying to get information from Weiss due to her last name," Ren commented. "The fighting between the SDC and the White Fang is pretty serious news."

"More like serious ratings." Blake muttered. "They ignore the messages and focus on the fighting."

"It's the same in my world," Accelerator muttered. "People focus on stupid stuff over stuff that matters."

"Will we get to see the party with everyone, MISAKA asks as MISAKA notices her friends are inside." Last Order turned around. "How do these meetings work?'

"There will be tables set up, people moving around and talking, the reporters allowed in will interview some people, maybe dancing, until the main event," Blake explained. "Sienna Khan and a few other people will be giving speeches about unity and addressing some issues."

"Will Weiss give a speech? MISAKA asks eagerly."

"No idea." The cat-eared girl replied

"Well, we're going to keep the TV on all night until we see everything!" Ruby declared and then turned to everyone. "You'll all be welcomed to stay here as long as you want." Last Order and Nora cheered while Ren nodded in thanks. Accelerator didn't really reply, but just browsed his book as he sat on Weiss' bed.

"Did anyone notice some of the Faunus in the background who weren't glaring at Weiss, staring at Touma?" Nora commented to no one in particular.

"Excellent work." Weiss complimented, as she and Touma entered the hotel. "If it was just me, I would have a hard time getting away without looking bad."

"You're the one who made me rehearse this. Stressing the utter importance of not addressing you simply by name, Miss Schnee." Touma reminded her, albeit somewhat sarcastically. "How did you know this would happen?"

"I would be more surprised if it didn't happen." Weiss answered. "Reporters want every bit of juicy gossip they can get. The war between my father and the White Fang is just ratings for them. Though… when I was younger, I assumed they were just disgruntled people upset at my family for being wealthy. Blake really helped open my eyes."

"You're not a bad person if you're wrong, only if you refuse to admit it when you know you are." Touma joked.

"You'll be surprised how hard it can be to apply that little saying." Weiss cracked a small smile. "Admitting your wrong can get you eaten alive in business."

"Managed to escape too?" Jaune turned towards the two the moment they convened with the rest of their group.

"Weiss was about to freeze everyone if I didn't step in… ow!" Touma felt a sharp pain rising up his leg as Weiss drilled her heel into his foot.

"You were saying?" The heiress asked coldly.

"That I will behave." The poor boy replied as he crouched down to soothe his sore foot.

"Good boy."

Jaune was going to make a whipping motion as Pyrrha was struggling to contain her amusement, even having to hold a hand up to her mouth. They all quickly sobered up as Glynda walked up to them, her eyes sharp. She had seen them goofing off for far too long already.

"You all are representatives of Beacon." Her voice was curt as she struggled to keep her volume low so as not to be overheard. "Do not mess around or embarrass the school. The media would love to get us in trouble."

"Now, now." Ozpin stepped up. "You went over this multiple times, Glynda. Miss Nikos and Miss Schnee have everything well under control. Let them enjoy themselves a bit. Sienna Khan isn't going to try anything so publicly.'

"Yes, she might not." Glynda remarked stiffly. "But do not dismiss the idea that she might be looking for a chance to discredit us."

"Ironwood and Atlas, certainly. Me, as part of the Vale Council, possibly. For Beacon students who risk their lives to protect humans and Faunus? I doubt it." Ozpin turned to Touma. "Do be careful and stay near Miss Schnee, Mr. Kamijou. The rumors around you could encourage others to act if you aren't careful."

"I've been telling them they aren't true!"

"People believe what they want to believe," Pyrrha told him, her voice gentle. "No matter how unlikely."

"We'll be on alert." Weiss assured Ozpin. "My sister is in charge of security and General Ironwood was personally involved in planning."

"Speaking of James…" Ozpin peered into the main hall. "It seems he's here. Glynda, let's go and say hi."

"If we must." The woman did not seem pleased as she followed the headmaster. Sparing the kids one last stony gaze letting them know if they mess up, it would be detention for life, she composed herself professionally and joined the crowd.

"Shall we get going?" Pyrrha asked, holding out her arm.

"Will we be swarmed?" Jaune asked as he took it.

"Depends how you define 'swarm.'" The champion giggled. "No, it won't be that bad. Just be polite and we'll be fine." Jaune took a deep breath and led her into the hall. A lot of heads turned when they saw her and instantly, a couple guests sauntered over to them to strike up a conversation.

"Should we get going?" Touma asked nervously. "This is your expertise."

"Yes, and don't worry." Weiss patted his cheek. "If you behave, I'll let you try some of the food the waitstaff are passing around."

"Am I a dog now?"

"Today you are." Weiss replied amused. "Now come on."

"Sigh…woof." Came the unamused response from the boy.

Weiss wrapped her arm around his and pulled him after her as they stepped into the hall. There was a live band playing in the corner, something slow and classical. The dance floor was empty right now, as everyone was either sitting at tables or chatting with others. There were a few Faunus wearing robes with the White Fang symbol on them. People were eyeing them wearily, but they did little more than greet the newcomers and answer questions. When Weiss and Touma walked in, most of them instantly turned to eye them. Touma immediately felt like he was on display. Weiss didn't even flinch and simply strutted forward with her head held high.

The girl had nerves of steel. While the boy couldn't help but feel like his expedition through the billions of phases of hell paled in comparison to the amount of eyes boring holes in his skull.

"Er, what are we doing first?" Touma whispered under his breath.

"Just wait, someone should be coming… there." Touma followed Weiss' gaze to see an older man with gray hair and a large matching beard walk up. "Mr. Graves. It's been too long. I didn't realize you would be here."

"Oh, something this big?" The man replied joverly. "Wouldn't miss it."

"Touma, this is William Graves," Weiss introduced. "His company works with Vale's Transportation Department to help ship Dust from Atlas to Vale. Mr. Graves, this is Touma Kamijou, a fellow student from Beacon and my chaperone for the night."

"A pleasure." Touma shook his hand.

"Good to see Weiss making friends." William chuckled. "She was so small last I saw her learning the ways of business from her old man."

"Yes, it has been a few years." Weiss admitted, feigning a flustered face.

"How is the trading industry going?" Touma asked. "We've been… studying at Beacon, so if there's been any major changes to Grimm activity affecting trade, we could try to pass it on to the Headmaster."

"There hasn't been any major news lately," The man shrugged. "Just your normal random Grimm. Atlas keeps most major tradeways clear coming to and from their kingdom. Any large Grimm are dealt with swiftly." He began to prattle on about a couple trade routes that were a little more dangerous, giving Weiss the chance to raise an eyebrow at the boy.

'What?' Touma mouthed. 'Seemed like a good topic.'

Weiss couldn't really argue with that.

While Touma was getting a crash course into Weiss' life, Jaune was getting a closer look into his girlfriend's. It was a little awkward standing by Pyrrha as she talked to random people. They literally just walked up to her and struck up a conversation with nothing more but a simple greeting and their name. Many of them tried to act like they knew Pyrrha, even if this was obviously their first meeting. It was kind of weird, but he figured this was a celebrity thing. People always ran up to talk to famous people.

"...and we would love to have you advertise our products." A man continued to tell Pyrrha. "Of course, we only sell the top quality merchandise so as to not tarnish your reputation."

"I'm sure it's very nice," Pyrrha replied, her business smile plastered to her face. "But all requests need to go through my manager. I can't just randomly accept endorsement deals, sorry. Also, I would like to focus on the current topics involved with this meeting. I don't feel now is the best time to discuss marketing deals."

"Hmm, you may be right, but I'm sure to be in touch." The man agreed halfheartedly. "Speaking of, how do you feel about this conference, Miss Nikos?"

"I think it's a wonderful first step to achieving true peace and equality between Faunus and humans." Pyrrha answered instantly. "I have many friends and fans who are Faunus and have witnessed discrimation based on how they were born, not who they are. It's wrong and I firmly stand against any and all discrimination."

"Hopefully, all your endorsement deals understand that." Jaune couldn't resist speaking up. "Pyrrha would never support a company who does."

The man mumbled an agreement and quickly left.

"Finally." Pyrrha muttered. "I know his company. They actually have a lot of complaints about their treatment of workers. I'll have to decline doing any deals with them until they change."

"How do you know?" Jaune asked, surprised. "With how busy we are at Beacon, where do you get the time to research companies?" Pyrrha gave a soft giggle and patted Jaune's hand before leaning forward and whispering into his ear.

"I got a list of the companies attending and asked Blake. She told me which ones have reported problems."

"Miss Nikos." Jaune clicked his tongue as he shook his head. "Using insider information? For shame."

It took everything the champion had not to snort loudly.

"Seriously though, you're doing a great thing." Jaune told her truthfully. "I'm proud of you."

"A few companies won't be happy, but they can't come out and say it." Pyrrha admitted, wrapping her hand inside his. "I'm glad I can use my fame to help people. It used to be a curse, but now? I'm glad I have it."

"Don't worry, you could be Queen of all kingdoms and I'll still remember you as the girl who snores louder than Nora."

"Jaune!" Pyrrha gasped, lightly slapping his arm and laughing. "Not so loud."

"Who? Me or you? Haha, sorry sorry." The boy apologized quickly. "But it's stuff like that which shows you're a normal person like the rest of us. Yes, you're an amazing fighter, but you're still human."

Pyrrha smiled at him but didn't say anything. What he said was exactly what she always wanted to hear. Minus the snoring part. She wasn't put on a pedestal to him. Yes, she had her strengths, but she had flaws too. Jaune saw the good and bad sides and still cared for her. Coming forward and admitting that to herself and him was the best decision she ever made. Her only fear was after this conference, would he regret accepting? Things were not going to be easy for him.

As if her premonition was true, Lisa Lavender was standing in the corner of the room, talking to her cameraman.

"Never heard of Jaune Arc, so he must just be a normal student at Beacon," Lisa muttered, eyeing Pyrrha. "Doesn't seem like he's a fake boyfriend. Those looks she gives him are too real. I know the bosses will want to know more about him, but there's so much more interesting things going on."

"Celebrity ratings pay the bills." Her cameraman reminded her.

"Ugh, I wish we had more private funding." Lisa muttered. "As for Weiss Schnee, keep an eye on her. The boy next to her too. We need to find out his name."

"Wouldn't he just be someone from her school?"

"You would think, but no." Lisa couldn't resist a smirk forming on her face and took out her Scroll. "This was a story I never got to release, but those two boys were involved with the White Fang." She flipped through a few pictures of a fight around Junior's Club. One picture showed a couple members of the White Fang carrying Jaune and Touma away down an alleyway while people were distracted. "Those two look exactly like the two in this picture."

The man examined the Scroll closely and eventually was forced to nod in agreement.

"They had to be here for a purpose." Lisa continued quietly, so as not to be overheard. "We're going to find out why. My sources say Beacon was going to be the original venue, but was eventually moved here. The only question left is why the White Fang and those two students are involved. Watch them closely. When I get a chance, I'll question them some more."

The experienced reporter bid her time as the party continued.

"I'm impressed how you can talk so easily to random people." Touma muttered, as Weiss finally led him away from the others.

"Light conversation is a simple skill and easy to master. Familiarize yourself with a few ongoing topics and blabber on about the bare minimum concerning them." Weiss assured him. "They do the rest. Now, you've been good, so I think you deserve some food."

"Thank you, mistress."

"I will hurt you."


The food was delicious, but it was hardly a full course. It was closer to finger food where people could pick up bite size pieces with toothpicks. As Touma got himself a small plate, he briefly imagined what Index would do in this situation. There would have been quite a commotion as she would probably grab an entire platter at once. The laughter was quickly replaced by a pang of homesickness in his stomach. The boy really missed his home, even if his friends on Remnant were amazing.

"Ah, Weiss, Mr. Kamijou." The familiar voice of General Ironwood interrupted them as they were taking a seat at a table. "Mind if I join you for a few minutes?" The different way of addressing them wasn't lost on Touma, not that he expected anything different. He and the general were more of a professional relationship, rather than a father figure like he was for Weiss.

"Of course!" Weiss smiled and gestured across from her. "Have a seat."

"Good to see you again, general." Touma nodded, before taking a bite of his food. He was aware of people looking at them, but he knew the SDC worked closely with Atlas military to supply Dust, so Ironwood talking with Weiss wasn't unusual.

"While I knew you were coming, Mr. Kamijou," The General commented, giving him a knowing look. "Weiss… when I heard you were going to attend, I was quite surprised."

"My father and the White Fang have butted heads in the past, so I thought now would be a good chance for me to show I'm not like him." Weiss put a hand on her chest. "While I don't fully approve of their violent tactics, this conference gives us a chance to avoid further conflict in the future."

"Yes, but I'm worried some of them might not be so… willing to settle their past differences." Ironwood admitted. "While we have plenty of security in place…"

"I'm a Huntress," Weiss cut him off. "I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. Besides, we have complete faith in my sister overseeing security detail."

"Off the record…" The man leaned forward. "Weiss, did you push Mr. Kamijou here to invite you? Or did he invite you on his own." Ironwood's face was passive, but Touma could feel cold sweat forming on his brow as he looked into the man's eyes. Weiss had not been kidding when she told them Ironwood cared about her and Winter.

Weiss and Touma did share a brief glance. How could they tell him that Weiss was invited mainly to get back at Sienna for what she put Touma through? That and not allowing Blake or Neo anywhere near this event for separate reasons. Both of which would cause problems in their own ways. Ironwood probably wouldn't be happy to hear about Blake's involvement with the White Fang.

"I invited her." Touma answered, deciding the minor reasons they came up with would have to do. "I couldn't invite Neo due to… obvious reasons we discussed, and the rest of my friends haven't had experiences with these kinds of events. Weiss and Pyrrha were the only two people who could help prepare me. Pyrrha went with Jaune, so that left Weiss to help me. She wasn't forced, I swear... I know her family and the White Fang don't get along."

"That's putting it mildly." The man replied.

"He needed assistance, and I do wish to help with this." Weiss continued for him. "Yes, the White Fang has caused problems over the years, but since I've been at Beacon and actually went out to discover the truth, I began to understand why they formed. There's plenty of discrimination going on right under people's noses." Her eyes met Ironwoods. "In Atlas too. I'm sure you're aware."

"We can't force people to change overnight." Ironwood pointed out. "Violence doesn't do that either. All it does is make them hide their true feelings until they believe the time is right."

"Like what happened to the White Fang?" Touma asked instantly.

"We did not use violence-..." Ironwood started to say.

"Maybe not you, but people under you, citizens of Atlas?" Touma interjected. "If you don't enforce the laws, why even have them?"

"That's easy to say in theory, kid." Ironwood was sounding impatient as he looked at Weiss to see if she would silence him. "The real world isn't black and white."

Weiss didn't seem to want to.

Honestly, before meeting Blake, she probably would be backing up Ironwood one hundred percent. He was saying the exact same stuff she used to say. They had laws to prevent discrimination, and if individual people did it, all they could do was arrest or fine them per the law. At the same time, there needed to be proof, not random accusations. Being sheltered at home, private schools, and not being allowed to be directly involved in the SDC kept her ignorant.

There was plenty of evidence, it was just being suppressed, or wealthy individuals simply used loopholes in the laws. Some organizations even encourage discrimination because it distracts people by having a target for their anger and resentment. So many governments blame everything on the White Fang, when they themselves aren't fixing problems that caused the White Fang to form in the first place.

"There's no magic button." Ironwood continued. "We made sure that all citizens of Atlas get paid the same, regardless of race… and speak of the devil."

He stopped talking when the lights flickered for a moment as a warning. Everyone turned to see the main doors to the hall open and the guest of honor stepped forward.

Sienna Khan had arrived.

The crowd had gone silent as she walked forward in a red, black, and gold dress, similar in design to what Touma and Jaune had met her in. This one was a little more elegant to match the occasion. Gold and silver bracelets along with several necklaces adorned her, making her look much wealthier. She was dressed to impress here, just like Weiss and Pyrrha had explained. While young, the Faunus woman casted an aura of strength as her amber eyes gazed around the room.

For a brief moment, they locked eyes with Touma.

Memories flashed through his mind about their previous discussions, where she came out and told him and Jaune that she would hurt innocents to achieve her goal. The boy's hand made a fist under the table as he gazed resolutely back. Then, with a small sliver of revenge, he tilted his head slightly toward Weiss. A flash of anger flashed through those amber eyes as Sienna realized who he was sitting next to.

Totally worth it.

Once the initial shock wore off, the reporters who were let in, including Lisa Lavender, rushed forward to get the first question. Instantly, two dark skinned men wearing red hoods that functioned partially as a cloak, black tunic, and white pants, stepped forward and blocked them all from getting too close. They must have been brothers, though one had a pair of fox ears, and the other had a fox tail. With all the reporters shouting out questions, their words blended together until Sienna raised a hand.

They went silent.

"I understand you all wish to have your questions answered," Sienna spoke calmly, but her voice radiated confidence. "I'm afraid they need to wait for the official meeting. For now, I want to welcome all the guests for coming all this way in support of our cause."

"That's my cue," Ironwood muttered. "Sometimes, I wish I was out in the field more. It's a lot easier there." He stood up and walked over to Sienna, causing the reporters to move back, but not taking their camera's off him.

"Sienna Khan, a pleasure."

"General Ironwood, I'm so glad you could make it," Sienna gave him a fake smile. "How nice we can meet without being shot at."

"Well, when terrorists are trying to steal Dust supplies, my troops have to protect it."

"Well, this went downhill fast." Jaune whispered, as he and Pyrrha sat down at the table with Touma and Weiss.

"Ironwood is a very accomplished general and headmaster, but he's not really a diplomat." Weiss admitted. "He tends to be blunt when things get heated. Which… I honestly kind of like. People tend to beat around the bush too much and make things take much longer than it should in business."

"I can attest to that." Pyrrha gave her a small smile. "People are rarely in a position to say what they feel."

"Oh, what would you say about people if you could tell them the truth?" Jaune asked.

"Nothing too bad…" Pyrrha's face began to match her hair. "There are some people who give me a queasy feeling I would like to tell them off for sometimes."

"I'm more worried about the look she gave Weiss." Touma muttered.

"It's to be expected." Weiss shrugged. "Years of hatred won't disappear that quickly. But hey. She didn't try to shoot me on sight. That's progress." Everyone stared at her. "What? Can't I make a joke?"

"I think she has a fever." Jaune muttered. "Maybe this was too much for her."

"Are you feeling warm?" Pyrrha asked with concern.

"Did she get replaced by an android duplicate… ow!" Touma winced as Weiss drilled her heel into his foot.

"I was just trying to reduce the tension, sheesh." Weiss rolled her eyes. "That's what Yang does anyways." The other three only stared at her some more silently. "Tsk, fine. Whatever."

That sounded more like her. Enough to make the others relax at least. Weiss hadn't been replaced by a clone or robot.

"So what's going to happen now?" Touma asked, watching Sienna talk to Ironwood and Ozpin, the latter just having joined in.

"She'll go around, greet everyone, then they will go up to the stage there along with the VIP guests," Weiss explained. "Sienna will most likely talk about the White Fang struggles, the lack of help from the kingdoms, share some bickering with Ironwood, Ozpin and the council members, then answer questions. At that point, our job will be done. They will have a private meeting behind closed doors to discuss the issues in detail."

"I'm glad we don't have to sit through that," Pyrrha admitted quietly. "If you think there is tension now…"

"I have a bad feeling something is going to happen." Jaune sighed, looking around. Most people were talking to others by now, but they kept glancing over at Sienna and her escorts. His eyes met the woman's for an instant and a shiver ran down his spine.

She looked amused.

"Keep calm." Pyrrha put a hand on his arm. "Do not show your nervousness. Smile, act calm, and remain steadfast. There's nothing she can do to us right now."

"I don't know about that…" Weiss crossed her fingers together as she observed Sienna. "Sometimes, a hit to your public appearance can do a lot of harm."

"Eh, wouldn't be the first time I was disliked by the entire world." Touma gave a dry chuckle as Weiss raised an eyebrow at him. Jaune and Pyrrha had a feeling that the 'joke' of his wasn't what it appeared to be. He had made similar references before. Neither said anything as they didn't know the story behind it, but it sounded like there was one.

Things went rather well for the next half an hour. Tension was thick in the air as Sienna made her rounds, but it did lessen slightly as the woman seemed to put people at ease. Touma and Jaune were the only ones of their group that met her before. This Sienna was completely different. The one they knew had been cold and ruthless. The woman before them was a lot more light hearted, yet still presented an aura of strength and resolution. Two sides to the same coin. Both boys hoped she wouldn't stop by their table.

Those hopes were soon dashed.

"Good evening, I'm glad so many students of Beacon are here to support the cause." Sienna's voice held a fake warmth that did not relax them at all. "Pyrrha Nikos, a pleasure to meet you face to face. Many members of my organization are aware of your feats."

"Thank you," Pyrrha smiled back, her business smile already up and running with the same sincerity as Sienna's tone. It's not that the champion didn't want to help Faunus-Human relations, but she knew what transpired between the woman and Jaune. "It's an honor to be here to help find a peaceful solution between the White Fang and the kingdoms. We should be united and stand against the Grimm, not each other."

"I feel the same way," Sienna shook her hand. "Hopefully, tonight will be the moment history books talk about the time serious lasting change against discrimination started." Turning, she seemed to deliberately ignore Touma and Jaune. "And if it isn't… Weiss Schnee. I'm surprised to see you here. If I had known you were in town, I would have sent an invitation personally."

No one believed that for a moment, yet Weiss took it in stride.

"Well, when I heard, I knew I just had to be here, Miss Khan." The heiress shook Sienna's hand, yet the muscles in both hands were tightening as they each squeezed with all their strength. "I made sure to make room in my busy schedule of all my legal activities."

"Yes, when you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you are expected to represent your family often." The woman replied. "I take it that the parties built on the back of mistreated workers were fun?"

"Quite fun," Weiss' smile did not reach her eyes, which could have been shooting sparks and her friends wouldn't have found that surprising. "Delicious food, live bands. All paid for with hard earned money made by the company my family built from the ground up. We never blew up a competitor to grow because they did something we thought was unfair."

"One doesn't need explosives to do anything illegal."

"You seem to know that all too well."

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You're just like your father."

A vein twitched in Weiss' head.

"And you're exactly like the media portrays you." The silver haired girl managed to say, holding back her desired words.

"Charming." Sienna's smile was fixed as well. "I hope you two and your friends enjoy the conference. Maybe we'll all learn something." Her eyes flickered to the two boys and the dark smirk on her face was anything but cheerful. She headed off toward the next group as the four students were left speechless.

"She's going to kill us, isn't she?' Jaune whispered to Touma.

"Yep, think we can sneak out?" Touma asked quietly.

"Don't even think about it." Weiss warned, ready to step on his foot again.

"We have to stay until the closed room meeting." Pyrrha reminded them.

The two boys might have settled down if a certain reporter didn't stop by their table.

"Miss Schnee, Miss Nikos." Lisa was already there with her notepad. "Now that you met Sienna Khan face to face, do you have any words? Do you trust her sincerity?"

"She's everything I heard and more," Pyrrha answered. "As for her sincerity, I feel she truely does want to find a peaceful solution."

"Hmm, what about you, Miss Schnee?" Lisa's hawk-like eyes were observing the heiress closely. "As someone who has been on the receiving end of the White Fang's wrath, do you trust her?"

"I trust she wants a resolution," Weiss answered carefully. "We'll hear her plan shortly and I'll make my decision then."

"She seems to know you, especially your dates." Lisa pushed. Everyone stiffened slightly and her keen eyes did not miss it. "Oh ho. So it's true."

"Of course we know her," Weiss spoke up quickly. "Everyone knows her."

"Is there a reason she greeted everyone, but these two?" Lisa pointed to Jaune then Touma in turn. "Can you two boys explain that?"

"We're here as their guests?" Jaune shrugged, gesturing with his head at Pyrrha and Weiss.

"Hmm, but you two were kidnapped by the White Fang earlier this month."

"That was-..." Touma slammed his mouth shut, but the damage was done. Weiss face palmed and Pyrrha's face went white.

"I suuuuure hope you'll talk to me another time," Lisa's voice just oozed amusement. "We wouldn't want these pictures to get out. I would do it now, but it looks like they are about to start." She left the two boys to ponder why life hated them so much.

"Such misfortune." Touma muttered.

"I second that." Jaune agreed, sitting down and slamming his head on the table.

"How did she know?" Pyrrha whispered anxiously.

"We'll have to deal with that later." Weiss looked up as the lights dimmed. "Lisa Lavender was right. They are starting."

Sienna Khan had taken her seat up on a large podium, with General Ironwood and Ozpin on one side sitting behind their own, and on the other side an elderly woman and man sat. They were two members of the Vale Council. Reporters were setting up tripods with cameras and everyone was taking their seats. They called this a conference, but it's really just a series of speeches. The real event, as mentioned, would be behind closed doors, where Ozpin, the rest of the council, Ironwood and Sienna Khan would be speaking.

Touma was gazing at the woman intently, trying to figure out what she was up to. Not once did she look back in his direction. Her focus was those around her, setting everything up, and sharing a few words with Ozpin. At this point, he couldn't see what they could do. A short waitress stopped by and refilled their water. Touma was about to thank her as he looked up and noticed her eyes. His words caught in his throat, as for a brief moment he thought they reflected pink and brown. But when he examined them closely her eyes were both brown.

'I'm losing it.' The boy thought to himself, shaking his head.

Once everyone was in position, the lights dimmed a little more except for those around the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Sienna announced into her microphone. "Humans and Faunus. Today marks a monumental occasion. For too long, violence has been permeating our kingdoms, citizens have suffered, and lives have been lost. The relationship between Faunus and Humans… is not at a level we wish it to be."

"Because of you!" A voice called out in the darkened room, but the person who said it was quickly shushed.

"It would be childish of me to say we had no part in it," Sienna raised her hand. "And I am not here to deny blame." She cleared her throat and continued her pre memorized speech. "During the Great War, Faunus fought side by side with humans to protect their homes. The kingdoms they lived in. The price of blood was paid during that time. In exchange, the kingdoms gave us land that came to be known as Menagerie. However, that too came at a price. We were expected to all pack our bags and march across the world to foreign lands, consisting mostly of desert. What was supposed to be a reward for our hard efforts ended up turning out to be a prison!"

Her hand slammed on the podium.

"So we fought back for equal rights!" Sienna declared. "The Faunus Rights Revolution was our answer to be oppressed… and we came out victorious. Faunus were granted equal rights in all four kingdoms." She paused and looked around. "Or we were supposed to." The woman sighed. "Over the years, it became obvious we were not being treated equally. Stores refused to serve us, humans would harass us for the way we looked, and police would continue to abuse their power against us. All for the way we were born."

It looked like Sienna wanted to pound the podium again when her hand made a fist, but she stopped herself.

"The White Fang was not made out of the desire for revenge. No, it was made as a way to group up and protect ourselves from the insults and attacks we received on a daily basis. We protested our treatment, demanding the law be followed. Our demands weren't asking that much. Equal pay, equal treatment, not being excluded from businesses, and not being harassed by people like the police who were supposed to protect us. What about that was so hard?"

Her eyes scanned the room, hands full, grasping the sides of the podium as she continued to speak.

"Why were we not allowed these things promised to us? Our protests were met with force, ridicule, and hatred. People accused us of becoming villains. With our backs cornered, we lashed out. Even a herbivore will defend itself when it has no other choice. We used violence against those that oppressed us. No longer would we sit by and let people attack us and do nothing. That's when we discovered that standing up for ourselves yielded results. So we continued it. If a business refused to serve us or discriminated against us, we showed them the consequences of their actions. When police attacked innocent Faunus on the street, we showed them what it was like."

Sienna smiled, but it wasn't one radiating happiness. No, it only betrayed sadness.

"Why was it that when we treated humans like they treated us, that they took notice? That when they were on the receiving end, they felt they could complain without issue. Yet those same people were the ones who got upset at us for doing the exact same thing. Why was it okay for humans to break the law with no repercussions, yet suddenly criminal when a Faunus did?"

"Nonsense!" The older male councilman spoke up into his microphone. "Vale has very strict laws that govern discrimination. Businesses that do so would receive hefty fines and if they continue, would lose their license and be shut down."

"Yes, on paper, the law is very clear." Sienna agreed with a nod. "But, what happens in theory is usually very different from what happens in reality. I was going to wait until later to show this, but I think this clip would do some good in showing just how bad things in Vale are."

Sienna raised her hand and gestured for the tech to begin. Behind her, a screen turned on and clips began to play.

"Get out!" A cashier at a grocery store was yelling at a female dog Faunus with her young child. "We don't serve your kind here. This is above your means."

"What are you talking about?" The woman demanded. "I have every right to shop here."

"You probably stole that money, so get out and don't ever come back. You animals need to know your place."

There were more clips strung together, some taken by actual cameras, while others were shakily taken by Scrolls from amateurs. They had police coming out and harassing Faunus walking on the sidewalk. Random humans cursing and insulting Faunus for no reason. Some even assaulted them with trash and rocks. There was even a clip where Faunus reported complaints to police stations and the police just told them they were over reacting. No investigation or even taking a report.

"Wait, is it really that bad?" Jaune whispered to Touma. "You were with them for a short time."

"These are actually pretty tame compared to a lot of stories I was told." Touma admitted. Weiss and Pyrrha glanced at him, but kept silent.

"T-This…" The councilman spluttered as he tried to compose himself when the clips ended. "Obviously this was taken out of context. Or even staged!"

"Naturally you would think so." Sienna smiled at him. "What we did was after I reached out to set up this conference, my men reached out to others. The Faunus living in Vale. All we asked was if they had any information on discrimination in Vale and if they could send us it. These clips are just some of the ones we verified in a limited amount of time. We plan to release them all to the news stations who were willing to come here, along with putting them on the internet for people to see. It's much harder to cover up abuse when it's placed there."

"You make it sound like I'm a racist!" The man shot back.

"Hmm, why so defensive?" Sienna mused lightly. "I'm not calling you one based on this short exchange. I feel people's actions are what shows their true colors. So, I want everyone to take a look at this. We even printed out copies for all our guests."

Several members of the White Fang were passing out a packet of papers to all the people in attendance, especially the reporters. At the same time, a copy of one page appeared on screen. It seemed to be an email of some kind.

"This email here was sent by your secretary to you only last month, councilman." Sienna explained. "This one was particularly troublesome. Let me read it out loud for everyone and the viewers at home." She coughed for dramatic effect, and not to clear her throat. "It seems we have been receiving more complaints from Faunus about discrimination in housing. Should I just toss them? We sent that inspector and he said everything was fine. I bet the Faunus are just complaining to drive house prices down so they can afford them."

The screen flipped to the next page.

"Here is your response." As Sienna continued, Touma could see the councilman's face grow paler in the stage light. "Go ahead. They have no idea what they are talking about. The inspector said there was no discrimination involved in housing. Tell those leeches we looked into it. If they won't leave, call the dog catcher, haha."

There was some booing in the crowd.

"It was… just a private joke." The man muttered, sinking into his seat. "And we DID look into it after numerous complaints."

"Oh, the inspector you sent?" Sienna had the screen behind her move to the next slide. "Was arrested for bribery, including with the company he was supposed to inspect for discrimination. When he was arrested, he continued to blame Faunus for his arrest, calling us animals. Did you not think of sending new investigators since he proved he was untrustworthy?"

The man didn't answer.

"This is one of the key points we plan to discuss in detail after this," Sienna addressed the audience again. "While the law exists, it's not being enforced. Discrimination still exists and people let it go. They don't want to see it. I know, I know. It's easiest to bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist. Overlooking obvious signs or saying it's an isolated incident. They choose to ignore Faunus being discriminated against. Reasons aren't hard to come up with. 'I didn't want to get involved.' 'It's not my problem.' But guess what? It is!"

Sienna pointed out the audience.

"When you allow such a thing to take place, when you ignore the repeated discrimination in front of you, by doing nothing, you're actively encouraging racism. The inaction on your part shows just how racist you really are. You can say you aren't racist, but actions speak louder than words. You can't hide behind just saying that you personally don't discriminate, so you're not racist. That's not enough anymore."

"Bull shit!" A man bust out in the back. "It's your kind that caused the breach in Vale!" There were actually some murmurs in agreement. The Breach was still fresh in everyone's mind. Touma slumped down in his chair. He wasn't entirely innocent there.

"Yes," Sienna nodded her head solemnly. She was not stepping back in embarrassment, but simply admitting what happened wasn't ideal. "The Breach was caused by an extremist faction of the White Fang. I did not authorize or condone such action."

"Now who's talking about inaction!" The man shouted back. Security was moving closer to him in case he broke out in violence.

"Not me," Sienna replied calmly. "This is simply a result of Vale's. If things don't change, more and more groups will feel they have no choice but to lash out like that. More Breaches will occur.'

Silence fell over the room as people looked at each other.

"I thought you said you didn't condone that," A woman spoked up. "Now you are saying it will occur again?"

"If we don't change the direction the relationship between humans and Faunus is heading in, then more groups will feel they have no choice." Sienna explained simply. "I won't be able to keep them in check. One Breach was a disaster, what would multiple ones be? What if groups believed there is no chance to change things and try to wipe the slate clean. Look at the White Fang's relationship with Atlas. The discrimination caused the White Fang cells there to constantly attack even military outposts, even when I advise against it."

"The White Fang has been attacking organizations with no evidence of discrimination linked with them." Ironwood spoke up. "You realize we have laws for a reason so vigilante justice isn't taken by people who believe they have been wronged. You demanded Atlas has laws on equal wages, well, we do. All companies have strict reporting standards to show that. Even the SDC obeys the equal pay laws."

"Ah, General." Sienna turned and smiled. "I was wondering when you would chime in. Again, thank you for joining. I know it was… difficult for you." Ironwood didn't rise to this light taunt and simply nodded."Yes, you could say all workers are being paid the same rate per hour. But are they being promoted the same? Are Faunus with skills and experience rising in the ranks, starting business, or just forced to remain at the bottom, working for minimum wages with a few humans."

"The government can't just order private companies to promote individuals based on race." Ironwood stated. "We can investigate discriminatory promotional practices… if there is proof."

"Here's something interesting." Sienna motioned to the screen behind her. "This is a Casualty Report from the SDC for the last 5 years. Faunus make up 57% of the lowest paid miners compared to 43% humans. But look at the casualties. Deaths for Faunus workers are ten times higher than Humans and serious injuries are thirty times higher. Dust mining is dangerous work, but why are Faunus being put in dangerous areas more often, with faulty equipment?"

"That's… not something I can answer, as I am not in command of the SDC." Ironwood answered stiffly.

"What about the lumber camps controlled by Atlas corporations that advertised high pay for Faunus workers, but once they were shipped to areas far away from civilization, they were made to sign contracts forcing them to pay for room and board at the camps, along with paying to use tools to do their job. If they refused, the companies just left them out in the forests rather than taking them back home. Many of them were actually losing money, ending up becoming indentured servants."

Ironwood looked like he was about to stand up, when Ozpin coughed next to him.

"I understand this is a heated issue," Ozpin stated. "But these issues seem like something that should be discussed in another environment."

"No, go on, this is gold." Lisa whispered under her breath.

"Quite right," Sienna nodded. "I do get carried away sometimes when I'm fighting for something I'm passionate about. Thank you for attending, Professor Ozpin."

"It's my honor to be in attendance," The headmaster gave a small bow. "As you know, I have always been outspoken for the equal treatment of Faunus."

"Yes, I do recall you helping pass some important legislation to help the cause," Sienna smiled at him. "On behalf of the White Fang, I thank you." She gave him a short bow. "I'm sure you take your words and apply them to Beacon. Stomping out discrimination between students and focus on them becoming the best Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect us all from the Grimm."

"Oh… crap!" Jaune hissed.

"What is it, Jaune?" Pyrrha turned to face him. Weiss and Touma did too.

"Back when we met her, we mentioned briefly about Cardin's team bullying Velvet," Jaune whispered. "And no one was standing up for her." He did eventually, but that poor girl suffered for a while.

"So that's it!" Weiss gasped, finally understanding.

The others wanted an explanation, but Weiss turned her attention back to Sienna to listen. She would tell them later. Even if they knew what Sienna was doing, they couldn't do anything about it now. If the woman knew about discrimination in Beacon, she was planning to draw attention to that fact to use against Ozpin publicly. It would force Ozpin to either increase his activities in promoting equality, or admit his inaction at Beacon was leading to discrimination, which would increase the validity of Sienna's position.

It was a low blow and it became apparent that it was exactly what Sienna was doing.

"Our students come from all walks of life, so it's important they learn to get along with everyone." Ozpin agreed. "We should be focusing our anger and hostilities at the forces of Grimm, rather than each other."

"Then I have to ask, as someone who is fully committed to stopping discrimination of Faunus… why do you allow discrimination within the walls of your school?"

Yep, Weiss was right and the impact hit the audience hard. There were gasps of shock and some angry outbursts of disbelief. But most people were focused 100% on her. A quick glance at Lisa showed the reporter was eyeing the stage hungrily. Weiss could just imagine her team's faces back at Beacon watching this.

"What do you mean?" Ozpin had delayed his response from surprise. Rather than giving anything away, he would let her explain herself.

"I was always under the impression you were fighting for us," Sienna told him. "Yet, it seems that you allow the very thing you say you are against in your school. I have had multiple students of your school tell me that discrimination does occur on Faunus students. Are they mistaken?"

"I can't believe her… she's preparing contingencies in case this conference fails." Weiss growled.

"She's not exactly… wrong…" Pyrrha muttered. "We've seen it first hand."

The boys weren't sure what Weiss was saying, but it didn't sound good. They were also feeling guilt as they were the ones responsible for telling Sienna about the discrimination.

"I can assure you, if any discrimination is witness, we come down on the perpetrators harshly, Miss Khan." Ozpin answered.

"A very diplomatic, but evasive answer." Sienna countered. "Much like Atlas says and does. If discrimination happens under your watch, and your staff doesn't see it, does that indicate incompetence on their part? Perhaps the teachers at Beacon need to be evaluated?"

"All of our teachers are elite Huntsman and Huntresses, who also possess teaching degrees." Ozpin cut in swiftly.

"Good, I am glad to hear that." Sienna smiled. "And I for one, believe you about fighting for us based on your actions over the years. So the only other option left is that you allow bullying to occur, for the purpose of training your students? Teaching them to stand up for themselves and others? If that's true, an admirable lesson."

Ozpin didn't answer and kept a passive expression while Ironwood didn't look happy at the deduction. However, Jaune's mouth fell open as he thought about it. Was that really the plan? Did Ozpin and the other professors really allow quiet girls like Velvet to get bullied so she stands up for herself? Or expecting others to do so?

When no answer was forthcoming, Sienna continued.

"That's what the White Fang does, Headmaster, just on a global scale. We fight back against those that bully and harass us. Yet we were deemed villains. Violence is wrong, regardless how it's used it seems. Unless it's used against the minority." The woman shook her head. "I digress. We're here to discuss ways to prevent this from happening. I guess after all these years, I still hold some resentment for our treatment. I'm trying to change for the better, but there's still some dirty laundry we have to air out. We must all accept our part in this. Even those that do nothing."

Sienna eyed the reporters.

"I've talked quite a bit and I'm sure many of you have questions. I'll be happy to answer a few before relinquishing the podium."

The reporters exploded and started shouting out dozens of questions at a time. Their words echoed and blended in with each other, that it made it impossible to determine any specific question. Eventually, Sienna was forced to raise her hand and ask them to be silent.

"It seems there are quite a few questions, so we need to be respectful of each other." The ironic grin on Sienna's face was obvious. "To be fair, if you wish to ask something, raise your hand and I'll call on you." instantly, all the reporters raised their hands. Sienna of course, chose Lisa. It seems the rumors of those two working together in the past was true. Lisa was one of the few reporters to cover the White Fang unbiasedly.

"Lisa Lavender, Vale News Network. I'm sure many of us agree with the points you made, but we have to ask. After years of conflict, why did you suddenly decide to reach out for this conference? There had to be something that happened to push you to do so. Was it really just being tired of the violence or was there more?"

"I suppose it's only right to give credit where credit is due." Sienna's smile was anything but warm. Touma suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "You see, I recently had the pleasure of meeting an individual who has an interesting reputation among the White Fang…"

Sweat formed on Touma's brow as his position further lowered in his chair.

"...He was kind enough to help protect several cells, along with standing up to some of the more extreme factions…"

The boy's throat grew dry.

"... and we had a long discussion about what the goal of the White Fang was. There were some arguments, but I learned from him, if you're willing to sit down and talk, more can be accomplished than fighting."

"Who was it?" Lisa's hunger was leaking out from her eyes. "Can you tell us?"

"I could." The corners of Sienna's mouth twitched. "But I can do you one better. I invited him tonight as my guest. Someone this important should be introduced up here."

A single spotlight on the ceiling turned on and moved through the crowd until it landed on the target.

It was none other than Touma's seat.

"Would you please come up here?" Sienna asked, her amber eyes betraying the amused revenge she had set up.

Weiss had both hands in fists and eyes were shooting out lighting bolts. She knew exactly what the bitch was doing and this was not going to end well for Touma. Yet, there was nothing she could do about it. Objecting now would make it look like she was against the peace talks due to Touma and Sienna starting it. Touma meanwhile was looking at his friends for help. Jaune could only give him a small shrug of helplessness, while Pyrrha nodded for him to go up on the stage.

Slowly, Touma stood up and walked over, aware of all the eyes scrutinizing his every move.

"This young man is Touma Kamijou," Sienna told the crowd, as cameramen zoomed in on him. "He was kind enough to help some Dust deliveries with the White Fang, protecting us from Grimm as a proud Huntsman. Thanks to his actions, many of my men were saved. This is why I was willing to meet with him. To personally inspect the kind of person he was. We had a heated debate, as I said, but it ended positively."

Touma gulped as everyone was focused on him, though a part of him was worried what would happen if he was associated with the terrorist group. Ironwood was staring at him intently, all kindness and sympathy from their earlier meeting gone. Ozpin looked sympathetic, and his lips were tightly pursed.

"Would you like to share a few words?" Sienna nudged, pushing the microphone toward him.

Touma's brain didn't really click for a few moments. He didn't expect this. When they arrived, the boy thought she might have tried something more violent. Not set him up in front of everyone. Not only that, she made it seem like he was part of the White Fang. That was sure to irk some Faunus haters for sure and might lead to trouble down the road. Being on national TV was also not something he wanted. Touma didn't really want to stand out like this.

Sienna nudged him in the side with her elbow again, finally causing him to speak.

"I meant everything I said privately before," Touma's voice was dry and cracked. "The violence wasn't going to work out in the long run. As you said, there are issues that slipped through the cracks. Changes are being made, not as fast as we would like, but they are being done. Thanks for agreeing to this conference. I wasn't sure you would when I… left. You were rather upset."

"It was a rather heated debate," Sienna acknowledged. "We both said some things. But it was the kick I needed. The information you provided was quite useful."

Touma felt like she was implying a lot of things.

Before he could respond, a waiter in the back suddenly stepped forward.

"We knew you animals had sympathizers!" The aggravated man pulled out a remote from his pocket. Brandishing it with a determined look in his eyes. "It's time to put an end to this!"

"Stop him!" Ironwood shouted, while people screamed when they realized the significance of what the man was holding.

It was too late to do anything as the man clicked a single button.


A deafening explosion from above rocked the building. Cracks in the ceiling formed as the roof began raining down among the guests. However, the main force of the explosion was right above Sienna and Touma. The bomber had everything planned. His goal was to take out Sienna Khan and anyone who supported her. The guests up on stage would be the main targets, but they were all secondary. The Leader of the White Fang was priority one. The roof twisted and collapsed as people began to move. All of this happened in mere seconds.

Ozpin and Ironwood were already standing, while Sienna was momentarily stunned at the bomber. She hadn't expected this so soon. Her arms lifted into the air to protect her head as guards began to try to cover the councilmen. It was obvious security would prioritize the humans first. Part of her had hoped with Ozpin and the media there, Ironwood would have done at least a half decent job in preventing extremist situations like this. But this was something she would have done too.

'Being a martyr won't be so bad.'

That was the last thought passing through her mind before an arm wrapped around her back and she was pushed down. Turning her head, she saw Touma already trying to cover her while moving her out of the way of rubble. It was really a pointless endeavor, as the ceiling collapse wasn't isolated just above them. It spread out and covered the entire area.

Dust and debris blocked them from view as the ceiling rained down upon them.

"Touma!" Pyrrha yelled, raising a hand. She managed to grab a large metal support beam with her polarity Semblance. With this, she was able to hold the ceiling up for a few moments longer, preventing even more casualties as the civilians escaped.

People were coughing and fleeing the hall, but security and Hunters were trying to help. Weiss and Jaune rushed forward as Ironwood and Ozpin moved. It was too late though. A large pile of debris covered Touma and Sienna. A few reporters, including Lisa, were pointing their cameras at the carnage. Security was trying to get them to leave to no avail. People were screaming and as the doors were opened, they heard more yelling from outside. Seems the explosion wasn't so isolated. Luckily, the hotel was cleared, or unexpecting people in the rooms would not have seen the following day.

"Get back!" Ironwood ordered. "The structural integrity of the building is at risk. All civilians need to be removed, NOW!" His military training kicked in and was already taking charge.

"We have to get him out of there!" Jaune yelled at Pyrrha and Weiss.

"I'm… occupied…" Pyrrha muttered through cleanse teeth, keeping the metal beams in position.

"I'll try to move some of the rubble, if you can see them…" Weiss trailed off as the pile of debris began to move on its own.

As everyone turned toward the sight of the large pile of rubble being forcefully pushed out from below, a sudden rumbling was heard when the mountain of rubble was forced aside whilst a silhouette emerged from under it. Chunks of ceiling were swept aside as Touma Kamijou stood up.

But as he stood, everyone could only gape at what they saw. Momentarily forgetting the situation of utter panic and chaos around them.

Growing from his back a pair of large turquoise wings laced with yellow like veins pushed against the hundreds of pounds of wood, metal and brick. Yet that wasn't all. The strange yellow and blue form extended down his back and into a thick tail of similar color that flicked back and forth as it removed rubble around him. Under a single wing, wrapped in his arm stood a stunned and confused Sienna. She held onto the boy while her shocked expression betrayed her current thoughts on the matter. The only person who didn't seem completely shocked was a single reporter.

Lisa Lavender might have been drooling as her camera man zoomed in on Touma.

"It seems the rumors may not have been fully exaggerated." Sienna commented, looking up into Touma's eyes as he securely held her up. One eye was normal, yet the other was a parietal eye, one commonly found in reptiles.

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