To honor Ladybug, the Mayor thought, hey, let's attract more ladybugs! Now yarrows line the park, and curl around the statue of Paris' Heroes.

To the artist in Marinette, the whole park just looks busy. Unnecessarily flashy. Or so she tells herself. Be it from a leisurely stroll, to shortcutting through, she cannot enter to even look at them.

She grumbles at each passing. The yarrows. Stupid yarrows! The first time's a blur, and Alya's still flustered by her presence... If Tikki's accounts are anything to go by, Marinette would be wise to allow her some space. At least until they're sixty-four...

Apparently the scent of them... attracts her.

And the damn sun child has to live by his title, Marinette thought begrudgingly.

Adrien visits the Ladybug sanctuary religiously. Smiling, admiring the gift for all of Paris to enjoy. And it hurts to watch. Because now, not only could she not speak around him, it's a known possibility she could no longer function. A repellant to last all spring.

Come the next Akuma attack, she had to get creative. It staked claim to the park. Rampaging about how Paris takes beauty for granted, and turning her Partisans into yarrow's.

So she flooded it. Using a spark plug and tweezers.

The Lucky Charm works in mysterious ways.

But, cutting it close on the way home, she swung toward trees for cover. Aiming to their side, but tumbling into a roll as her transformation cut mid swing. Lifting her head she found that no, she didn't clear the garden of yarrows. And she laid back, fully intent on staying for the next hour. It's a warming comfort. Ladybugs drifting lazily overhead, and the scent of flowers on the wind. She inhaled deeply.

"Marinette?" Chat's voice dug her from the deep.

Dazed, she surfaced. "Hey, Chaton," she softly voiced, smiling and curling around a flower. Toying with the ladybugs along its spine.

"You're not... hurt?" He leaned over. No doubt more concerned for her than the others waking, shaking their heads, wondering how they got here after the miraculous cure mended them. She's one who's saved him once before. Injured in the rain, found on her balcony, and she took him in. There's favors to be returned here.

The glint in her eye warned him a moment before she yanked him into the flowers.

"Hey!" Chat sputtered indignantly, now lying on his back. She's giggling! "What's gotten into you?"

Propped up with her hands on either side of his face, she cooed, "you are so cute."

Ears folding, he felt the need to say, "you know, this isn't usually how people tell me that."

She giggled again, the lightest tinkling of bells. He'd be lying in saying it didn't add doubletime to his heart. She's always been so reserved in school civilian life. Something about her in this moment told him to treasure it, enjoy her unabashed happiness.

"Cute applies to you as well," Chat informed, tracing a thumb along the apple of her cheek. And as long as guts are spilling, "has anyone ever told you that your eyes are the perfect shade of blue?" Similar to a spotted partner he's admired more than once.

The emerging blush greeting her cheeks treated her smile nicely, like a cherry on top of adorable. Maybe how she met Adrien dashed any hopes for normalcy, but as Chat... he likes this.

Then she kissed him.

Chat muffled a squeak into her lips. Her body pressed into his, and his mind wiped blank. It's a kiss, but a fuse blew, he's sure. Because there's something wrong here. But... he's always wondered what kissing would be like. Her lips are so soft. Gliding over his, nipping and gently sucking. Attention he enjoyed. Simply sat there and blissfully accepted.

Until an urge grew to double it.

Chat pushed up on his forearms, meeting her force, mimicking what her lips taught him. A rougher kiss, he knew, but could only acknowledge. A palpable urgency wouldn't allow any less.

Marinette's brows jumped, eyes remaining closed as she focused every other sense on the feel of him. Her fingertips inched to his shoulders, kneading her thumbs into his suit, elbows resting at his chest.

When they broke, hooded gazes met.

Their pants intermingled till Marinette pecked his chin, trailing kisses down, and grumbling when she met the collar of his suit. Persistence won however, and she lavished what little she had of his neck with her tongue and teeth.

Curious to her intentions, but also squirming due to sensitivity, his raspy question arose, "w-what are you doing?"

"Is that Chat Noir?" came a question from the distance.

He nearly leapt from his skin. Acting faster than he could think, Chat pressed her face into his shoulder.

"Ow," she grumbled.

Grabbing her waist, Chat vaulted them into the air, landing at her balcony seconds later.

She wobbled on her feet. Flushed red dusting her skin, heavy lidded eyes, and swelling lips that had everything to do with him. Her mouth parted slightly, and a spark drove through him when their eyes met. Emotions he had no hopes of naming crowded to the forefront of his brain because look at her.

Maybe he could think if she would stop looking at him like that, stepping closer, and—

"W-wait!" he tapped her shoulder. "Why are you doing this?"

Marinette pouted. "Chat."

"Stop that," he meekly protested. "That was my first kiss," suddenly flustered, he hopped up to pace along her railing. Quickly reasoning to himself, he blurted, "I mean- I mean I guess an explanation isn't necessary, there usually isn't one in movies. Because they explain themselves, as a viewer you expect it, and know, and I don't-" He inhaled a deep breath. "I don't know." He dropped to step around her, mumbling to himself, "kisses don't just happen... right?"

She giggled.


"You're so silly," she wrapped her arms around his neck, his head yanked back as far as it could. "You pun so much. And you're so..."

Her eyes fell to a close...

...and he sharply withdrew.

"O-oh! Would you listen to that." He shook his hand. "Miraculous beeped, well I hate to go but-"

"-you're lying."