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Elsa stood and watched as the sun rose, she hadn't thought of much else since the incident….one she preferred not to talk about, it had been nearly a full year since the great thaw and she was glad that time of her life is over, but there was still a piece of her mind that felt she had opened Pandora's box with the reveal of her powers, she had gotten news of people just like her showing up all over the world, just the other day she was told that a kingdom had burnt to the ground because the princess revealed her magical abilities in hopes of acceptance.

Her people were not as accepting as she had thought and was hung in her castle despite the king's protest, he and the queen was later hung for giving birth to a witch. Elsa shuddered at the thought and was grateful her kingdom accepted her otherwise she would have caused the death of her sister, someone she hoped would live a happy life.

"Elsa!" Speak of the devil as Anna rounded the corner with a smile on her delicate face. "What are you doing? The show is about to start" Said Anna as she approached her older sister. "Show? What show?" Asked Elsa as Anna smiled. "Always forgetting things, remember that girl that showed up? She is performing a show for the people of Arrendelle" Reminded Anna, Elsa nodded as she remembered. "Oh yes, how could I forget?" As she walked behind Anna to the event.

That's right, a week or so ago a homeless peasant came to the throne to voice a complaint but instead told Anna and I the most beautiful story ever, including the fact that she was born with magical power to, she can control fire a beautiful force of nature, but she hid herself in fear of death at the hands of the kingdom but when she found out the queen was magical she decided that she would not keep it a secret and stick her neck out and be accepted or die trying.

When Anna and I arrived we took our seats at the top and I gave the go ahead and the magnificent fire show started, the event was being held in the royal ball area. Once the show was done I looked to Anna to say something but saw her laughing with Kristoff, when he came I have no idea but seeing Anna so happy brought a smile to my face I couldn't help but feel happy for my sister, I stood up and spoke as the performer went done on one knee. "Rise lady Fera, Arrendelle is truly grateful to you, I now know that I am not alone with magical abilities you have quite literally brought a new light and fire into this kingdom" As Elsa looked to the rest of the people down below.

"I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful show" As cheering sounded throughout the area before going quiet to allow the queen to speak. "Thank you for your patience and love, no Queen could have asked for a better kingdom" As she smiled and waved before turning and leaving, once she was out of sight she leaned against the wall with a happy smile gracing her face and slowly slid down the wall and sat as tears started to fall, Anna turned the bend and immediately rushed to her side. "Elsa! What's wrong?" Asked Anna frantically.

Elsa grabbed her sister and pulled her into a bear hug. "I'm just so happy….This year was really….nice and I'm scared something will come and break that apart" Said Elsa as Anna hugged her tightly before also crying. "Don't you worry, I will always be here….so will everyone else" Said Anna as she sniffed before looking Elsa straight in the eyes. Elsa stared into her sister's eyes as she slowly smiled. "I love you Anna" Said Elsa as Anna smiled lightly before responding. "I love you too Elsa before tightening their hug.

Kristoff stood behind the door with a smile on his face and resolve written all over his face, no matter what he would protect the royals of Arrendelle with his life even if it means death facing death itself. Olaf was brimming with silent tears as he walked in. "Bring it in you guys" As he smiled and hugged them both earning a chuckle from Elsa before being tightened in a hug.

Later that night someone stood on the north mountain staring down at Arrendelle with a devious grin on his face. 'Time to let the fun begin' as a dark aura covered his body before the trees slowly started to wither.

The next morning Elsa sat on the throne with a light smile on her face and looked to Anna's chair to see it vacant. 'Still a late sleeper' Thought Elsa as someone walked in and bowed, guess it was time for the weekly complaints, before watching the woman stand upright and speak. "Your majesty, the soldiers are dropping all of their garbage next to my restaurant" Complained the woman, Elsa nodded. "Tell me who these soldiers are?" Asked Elsa before the lady looked down. "I don't exactly know who these people are but there is a very bad stench near my restaurant and it is driving away all my customers" Said the woman.

Elsa nodded. "Are you sure it is the soldiers? Perhaps something died nearby and is rotting?" Said Elsa. "That could be the problem but the soldiers pass there every night when they are on patrol" Continued the lady. "I will look into it" Said Elsa as the woman nodded. "Thank you, your majesty" Bowed the woman and left.

Elsa sighed as Anna walked in. "Already hard at work" Said Anna. "You work too much" Said Anna as Elsa smiled. "Who else will?" Questioned Elsa. "I will" Said Anna. "Or at least I'd like to" Elsa smiled at the offer but shook her head. "You know I can't let you do that" Smiled Elsa as Anna frowned. "But you work all the time" Said Anna as she sat down on her throne.

"Maybe so but I am Queen and the title comes with a lot of responsibilities" Said Elsa as she looked ahead, Anna said nothing but instead just relaxed in her throne. "Don't forget the ball is in two nights" Said Anna, Elsa smiled before answering. "I won't" Anna smiled. "You better, by the way do you remember this?" Asked Anna as she pulled her hair up and a necklace that Elsa only saw when their parents were alive was revealed. "Y-yes….where'd you find that?" Asked Elsa as Anna shrugged. "I was running around the castle like I usually do but tripped and ran straight into the wall" Said Anna as Elsa cringed. "Yep it hurt all right but when I opened my eyes I was in a room, mom and dad's room…" Said Anna as she looked down sadly at the necklace.

"I ran through the wall and into their room and couldn't stop myself from looking around the room, I found mom's necklace" Said Anna as she gestured to the necklace that was simple in design that looked like a dragon with a black diamond in the middle, Elsa nodded before looking down at the necklace around Anna's necklace. "Remember what she always said?" Asked Anna. "How could I forget" Smiled Anna as they spoke at the same time. "When darkness is near and all but fear is clear a light as bright as sunlight will appear" As they smiled sadly at the thought of their mother and father, the black diamond's colour shifted and became a red that seemed to glow faintly, Elsa was the first to notice. "Anna….the necklace changed colour" Said Elsa as Anna looked down in shock. "What?" But saw that the colour really had changed before they could continue talking another came in to voice a complaint.

The day went by quite fast, Anna and Elsa decided that the necklace should stay in the room of their deceased parents before they left and went to their rooms.

Far away over the Pacific Ocean a massive figure flew above the clouds heading towards Arrendelle. 'This better be worth it' as it roared. The next day Elsa was back in place on her throne as the first person of the day came in to voice a complaint. 'The complaints sure have increased, a complaint this early in the morning?' Wondered Elsa as the day went by with strange reports soon night came and she was still busy another walked in the man bowed before talking. "Your majesty, the fields are dying and-" But was cut off by a noble as he walked in with what seemed like a furious expression.

"Your majesty, someone poisoned the life-stock and the animals are becoming sick" Said the noble, before another walked in. "Your majesty we have a problem" Before she could talk another walked in before she could talk another walked in. "Your majesty, the water has dried up" Elsa frowned at the people that just walked in. "Everyone please calm down" Said Elsa but another spoke before she could. "The fruit and vegetables are all rotten and-" Said the noble before he was made silent by a loud voice that could only belong to one person and one person only.

"EVERYONE KEEP QUIET!" Yelled Anna as she walked in. "I just got in and all I heard was yelling, give the queen time to talk" Said Anna as she sat on her throne before someone spoke. "Forgive us your majesty" Said a noble. "But our concerns are in the interest of the kingdom" As he continued. "Over half of the life-stock was found died today; they had all died because of some fast acting illness" Said the noble. "And the farmer that was caring for them was found died with close to the same symptoms" As Elsa and Anna's eyes widen. "I believe it is some form of Black Death" Said the noble. "Many of the town's people are ill now because of it" Said the noble. "Wait the Black Death?" Questioned Anna as Elsa looked to her with worry in her eyes. "It's a disease that swept through Europe over two hundred years ago….Arrendelle is not safe with that around" Said Elsa as Anna still looked a bit confused. "It's basically a cold but the super version that can…..kill" Said Elsa she looked to the other nobles that had worried expressions on their faces, they knew all too well what Black Death could do, Anna was starting to panic at the thought of some super disease.

"The crops are no good" Said another noble. "The water is turning brown and it is safe to assume it is no longer drinkable" Said Another. "And like I was saying Fruit and Vegetables are no good either" Said the noble as Elsa frowned; the situation seemed to just be getting worse. "Your majesty…." Said a guard by the doors. "Yes?" Asked Elsa. "There are still about seven more nobles that want to speak with you" Elsa stood up and motioned for Anna to follow her. "I will set a conference, tell all the lords and nobles to meet in the castle hall in two hours, there is much we need to discuss" Said Elsa as she and Anna left, all the nobles nodded before leaving and telling the others.

Elsa and Anna walked down the passage in the castle, Elsa looked to Anna with worry in her eyes. "Anna I want you to call Kristoff back to the castle as soon as possible, in fact get someone to call him now" Said Elsa, Kristoff was Anna's joy and if he had to die her sister would be to depressed to be Anna, and Anna is who Elsa is going to protect. "But I could go get him myself I know where he is" Said Anna but Elsa shook her head. "No, going outside is far too dangerous if something like Black Death is around" Said Elsa as Anna just nodded quietly, she had never heard Elsa so worried and strict at the same time she stopped and grabbed Elsa's hand to stop her.

"Anna?" Questioned Elsa as she felt herself stop, she turned to her sister before stopping and seeing the expression on her face. "Promise me…." Said Anna as Elsa looked confused. "Promise what?" Asked Elsa as Anna spoke. "Promise me you won't shut me out again" Said Anna as Elsa started to tear up before hugging Anna as tightly as she could. "Never….i will never shut you out again…..i promise" Said Elsa as Anna smiled before a tear escaped and she slowly lifted her arms up and hugged her sister.

"That's so beautiful" Said a mysterious voice. Anna's blood ran cold at the sound, no one else was supposed to be there but she felt someone looking at her from behind, she looked up to see Elsa's face, Elsa was facing the direction in which the voice was coming from and she saw a look of fear on her face. Elsa immediately turned her body so that she would protect Anna with her body, Anna turned to look at the voice and saw a silhouette of a man with red eyes staring at them when he smiled Anna and Elsa saw fangs before he spoke again.

"Your majesty….what a pleasure to finally meet you" As Elsa looked at Anna's face she saw fear, a fear she hoped she would never see on Anna's face. "What do you want?" Asked Elsa with the most confidence and authority she could muster. The man smiled again. "No need to be alarmed….just yet" Elsa noted the fact that he might be planning something, one of the reasons he said just yet, this man whoever he was needed to go and now, she was about to call for her guards and raise her arms to fire a ice blast but was stopped.

"You don't want to do that" Said the man with a grin. "I had to drop quite a few bodies to get here so you don't want more blood on your conscience do you?" Asked the man with a wide grin, Elsa felt Anna's grip on her tighten. Anna was frozen to the bone at the comment, Elsa wanted to speak but wasn't sure if her voice would give her away or not, after one look at Anna she decided she needed to talk so that Anna doesn't need to. "What do you want?" Asked Elsa again as she completely stood in front of the now shaking Anna.

"That for now will remain a secret" Said the man. "All you need to know is your life along with your kingdom's affairs will become a lot more difficult" Smiled the man. "Who….who are you?" Asked Elsa as she instantly regretted talking too soon, she showed a sign of weakness in front of Anna.

"I go by a lot of names…..over the centuries it changed quite a few times" Said the man with a grin, his red eyes staring at Elsa. "What do you mean centuries?" Asked Elsa, the man grinned before talking. "I am…..well that's a bit too much for your human brain to understand right now" Said the man. "Human? You mean you're not human?" Asked Elsa, talking was becoming easier. The man clapped. "Exactly, I guess you catch on real quick" Said the man. "I am far from human, and two days ago I chose this kingdom to be my new plaything, if you want everything to go back to normal….submit to me" Said the man with a grin; Elsa frowned as a spark of anger was ignited in her. "Never" Said Elsa, with conviction in her voice, she was not about to let this….thing, he didn't deserve to be called a man, Kristoff was a man, desecrate this kingdom let alone her sister and her.

"Too bad…" Smiled the man. "Time for introductions I guess: I am the Lord of the Underworld; as for my name people like to call me The Light Bringer" Said Light.

Elsa frowned and in a quick motion fired a beam of ice towards the so called lord of the underworld and tried to run with Anna but stopped when an overwhelming feeling of fear fell on her, she looked to Anna who was scared but tried to hold it together. Elsa forced herself to turn around and saw something that you would only find in nightmares, something akin to the devil himself stood behind her with dark red eyes and a horrifying body with four horns on its head as it spoke the walls vibrated and the windows shattered. "Heed my final warning, think about what I said and call for me and submit" Said Light with a deep evil voice, the overwhelming fear and darkness she felt was gone in an instant and she gasped for air along with Anna, neither noticed they had stopped breathing out of fear, Anna cuddled with Elsa as she started crying, they were frozen in fear, they stayed still for about an hour before Elsa stood and helped Anna up.

"E-elsa we can't-" Said Anna but was cut off by Elsa. "We won't….we can't, don't worry…" Said Elsa as she tried to convince herself, they slowly walked to Anna's room and lied awake together in each other's arms, Elsa comforted Anna with a tight embrace and she soon fell asleep, Elsa on the other hand couldn't close her eyes, she needed to make sure her little sister slept safe and sound.

About an hour passed and there was a knock on Anna's bedroom door, Elsa looked to the door and got up before assuming a defensive form in front of her sister's bed with her hands frozen in ice and determination all over her face. "Hello? Princess Anna, the meeting has started and everyone is waiting" Said the voice as Elsa spoke. "What's your name?" Asked Elsa as the voice spoke. "Why your majesty it's me, Michelle" Said the voice as Elsa dropped her guard and walked to the door and opened it to see the servant, before she remembered there was a meeting that she needed to go to.

The servant was a little surprised to see Elsa instead of Anna but gave a quick bow. "I will be down in a couple minutes first get me five guards stationed outside of Anna's room, the servant looked surprised but otherwise nodded. "Yes your majesty" As she turned and left, soon she heard five man walking to the room before seeing five man bow to her and then standing guard.

Elsa nodded before leaving, she arrived at the meeting as soon as she stepped into light everyone saw her face. "Your majesty!" Said the nobles as they rushed to her, she had a cut on her face and her makeup was a mess and her hair was undone and messy.

"What happened your majesty?" Asked a noble as Elsa walked passed them and sat down. "From today onwards we are doubling the guards in the castle….no we are going to quadruple them, guards for the passages and guards for rooms, guards everywhere" Said Elsa. The nobles all looked at her. "But why your majesty" Asked a noble. "The kingdom is being threatened" Said Elsa as she stood. "Right now I cannot tell you by what but I ask that you put your trust in me, if you excuse me…I need to rest" Said Elsa as she turned and left. "Arrange guards for the Queens chamber" Said one noble to a guard but was stopped. "I do not need guards" Said Elsa as she continued walking. "If you want to do what is right then add them to the guards I left by Princess Anna's door, I can protect myself" Said Elsa as she disappeared into the castle.

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