The castle had been put on high alert the next day and guards were stationed everywhere, Anna and Elsa now had a bodyguard which trailed behind them much to the annoyance of the sisters but the royal advisors couldn't stress more about protecting the last true rulers of Arendelle and to make matters even more unstable the ball was tonight, Anna hadn't spoken much since The Light Bringer came but was trying really hard to seem fine.

"So…" Said Elsa as she tried to start a conversation with her sister but was cut off when she heard yelling. "Hey! Let me in" Said a familiar voice, Kristoff. "Sorry Ice Master but no one is permitted within the castle walls" Said the guard as Kristoff sighed in frustration, Anna walked to a window to get a clearer view and saw Kristoff being blocked by guards. "You can't be serious" Said Anna as she turned and walked towards the entrance, Elsa followed. "I would advise against allowing a peasant in the castle walls" Said the bodyguard.

"Advise noted" Said Elsa as she continued walking. "And ignored" The bodyguard just frowned at the comment but kept his mouth shut, Anna came to the entrance, as soon as Kristoff saw her he called and waved his hand. "Anna!" Called Kristoff but soon saw she was heading his way. "What is the meaning of this?" Asked Anna as she put her hands on her hips and frowned, Elsa smiled; it has been such a long time since she saw that expression on her sister's face.

"Your majesty" Said the guard as Elsa approached, he bowed before talking. "We were told to not let anyone in" As Anna lifted her smile before talking. "Ok then…I guess that makes sense, but he is an exception, he is the only man allowed through these gates" Said Anna as the guard spoke. "Of course your majesty" Kristoff smiled and walked to Anna before smiling at Elsa and greeting before speaking. "Look at you taking command" Said Kristoff with a sly smile on his face, Anna's first reaction was blushing before laughing awkwardly.

Elsa smiled at the sight of Anna being normal again, she hadn't spoken all that much since now and Kristoff was the one to bring it out of her, Elsa couldn't help but be happy for her sister finding such a caring man, a small part of her hoped that she would one day find someone who loved her just as much. "Elsa! Earth to Elsa!" Said Anna as she waved her hand in front of her face trying to gain her attention. "Yes?" Asked Elsa as she blushed lightly having been caught daydreaming.

Anna eyed her curiously before walking back to the castle with Kristoff behind her. "By the way, why was I called to the castle?" Asked Kristoff Anna frowned before gaining a distant look in her eyes. "I am going to go rest for now" Said Anna as she started walking away from them, Elsa watched her sister walk away from them and frowned as the bodyguard wanted to say something but Anna beat him. "Zip it tin man! No one follows me" As she continued walking, the guard couldn't keep the look of annoyance and anger off his face which thankfully no one could see thanks to his helmet.

"Anna! Babe what's wrong?" Called Kristoff as he wanted to follow her but was stopped by the guard. "The Princess has spoken commoner how dare you address her in such a way" Kristoff growled as he wanted to push past the guard but was pushed back first, he stood up ready to beat the stuffing out of the guard but as soon as he got close the guard grabbed the hilt of his sword threateningly. "Enough!" Said Elsa sternly. "Kristoff come this way…..I'll explain" Kristoff growled in anger at the guard before turning and looking towards Elsa before walking with her towards the castle garden.

The guard let go of the hilt and followed them, when they reached the garden Kristoff looked towards Elsa expectantly. "Last night Anna and I were attacked…." Started Elsa as Kristoff looked to her, she could see anger written all over his face. "BY WHO!?" Asked Kristoff in anger, the guard spoke again. "Watch your tone commoner!" Said the guard as Kristoff looked to him before looking to Elsa. "Listen pal I don't have time to deal with you, I have more important things to worry about!" Said Kristoff as the guard drew his sword. "I said watch your to-" But was cut off by Elsa.

"I said enough, I am going to have a private conversation with a friend of the royal family, leave at once" Said Elsa as the guard growled. "But your majesty I cannot possibly leave you alone with this peasant" Said the guard. "Are you disobeying a direct command? I will have your head for insubordination, leave at once before I send you to the dungeon" Said Elsa with a stern expression, she was becoming quite angry with this guard, he kept insulting Kristoff to his face, the man who single handily saved the royal family and helped Anna find happiness, who was he to be making commands.

The guard put his sword away before bowing. "My apologies your majesty" As he bowed and left he frowned before thinking. 'Stupid hag, I won't be surprised if you die first, you shouldn't even be alive they should have hung you for being a damn witch!' As he waited outside the garden for the queen and her peasant to return. "So much anger" Said an amused voice.

The guard turned abruptly and drew his sword. "Why not join me?" Asked the voice, the guard kept his eyes open as he turned, scanning the immediate area. "Where are you? Show yourself!" Said the guard as a figure appeared under a shadowy tree with red eyes. "I am not your enemy here, the queen and her peasant friend is….this kingdom needs a human ruler….what would you do if I told you the queen isn't human? Including that gut wrenching sister of hers" Asked the figure, the guard wearily approached with his sword drawn.

"So what? Everyone knows she has power of the ice, Princess Anna is normal" Said the guard. "Oh no….i don't mean powers….i mean not human? Demons born straight from the bowels of hell and is now busy ruling your home….they have everyone trapped, making them think they are good rulers and that they care for them all" Said the figure with a grin. "Why should I believe a freak like you?" Asked the guard. "Because I have seen their true form….the night they feasted on my parents" Said the figure as the guard's will faltered a little at the comment.

"You're lying…be prepared to die for your lies against the crown" Said the guard as he wanted to charge. "I wouldn't do that if I were you…besides let me show you what family you are truly serving" Said the figure as he pointed to the wall that had a view of the castle, the guard looked and immediately dropped his sword as he saw Anna busy devouring someone with blood all over her.

"See what family you serve?" Said the figure as the guard frowned and clenched his jaw, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "…..For how long?" Asked the guard, he wanted, no he needed to know. "Since the day the real Elsa and Anna were killed along with their parents on the ship wreck" Said the figure. "Didn't they stay behind?" Asked the guard. "No they left but those two abominations you see are mere illusions of the real sisters, they took the form so that they have a kingdom to play with" Said the figure as he twisted the guard's mind to his side with dark magic.

The guard dropped to his knees, his home, was being ruled by demons, as the guard was busy struggling to accept the revelation he failed to notice the dark smirk on the figure's face. 'Perfect…I guess an idiot will believe everything that he gets told, plus the added little bit of dark magic it's so easy to manipulate' Thought the figure. "Why did you tell me this?" Asked the guard. "Simple, I need your help" Said the figure, the guard wanted to protest but immediately kept quiet. "What help do you need?" Asked the guard, he was going to save Arrendelle, even if it meant being remembered as the royal family murderer.

The figure grinned. "Before I start let me introduce myself; my name is Light although my….friends like to call me The Light Bringer and you and I will go down in history as the liberators of Arendelle" Said the figure as he stepped into the light, he was about 5'10 with black hair and black eyes and wore a black and purple suit and had a smirk on his face. 'Let the games begin'

Back to Elsa and Kristoff, Kristoff was fuming with anger but kept himself in check, after all he was still in the presence of the queen. "So that's the reason the castle was on lock down mode?" Said Kristoff, Elsa just nodded. "Promise me something Kristoff" Said Elsa, Elsa spoke with a more serious tone than usual. "Can you protect Anna" Kristoff looked to Elsa with a soft look before smiling lightly. "Elsa…you didn't need to ask….i didn't know it but Anna….she is…well my everything, I will die or go through the worst torture before I let her get hurt" Smiled Kristoff as Elsa looked him in the eyes with a look of gratefulness.

"Thank you, if a time ever comes when you should choose who to save….you know who to choose…" Said Elsa as Kristoff nodded slowly. "Let's hope it never comes to that…" Said Kristoff, they soon exited the garden to see the guard there, Kristoff bowed to Elsa before heading towards the castle to look for Anna.

The guard bowed to Elsa before speaking. "Your majesty I am truly sorry for my behaviour, I was out of line" Said the guard, Elsa smiled lightly, he was just doing his job and protecting the queen of his homeland, she really couldn't blame him for being overprotective, she nodded before speaking. "Apology accepted rise and take off your helmet, what is your name knight?" Asked Elsa, the guard stood before taking off his helmet, to say Elsa was surprised was the least, for the first time….ever she found someone attractive, a light blush adorned her face.

"My name is Sir Alluka Diamond…..your majesty?" Asked the guard as he looked at her face she seemed in a trance, Elsa shook her head as she realized she was caught staring; she blushed but immediately got a hold of herself. "What is wrong your majesty you seem….distracted?" Said the guard as Elsa shook her head before talking. "Nothing I just remembered that I have a very important meeting soon" Said Elsa as the guard slowly nodded. 'Demon!' Thought the guard. 'She must have been told something by dark magic, mark my words your head will be cut off by my blade!' Elsa cleared her throat before talking. "Sir Alluka Diamond, your determination is recognized if you deem the situation dangerous speak up and protect the royal family at all costs" Said Elsa. 'Well that has never happened before' Thought Elsa as she turned and headed for the castle with a light blush on her face. "You do not need to wear your helmet" Said Elsa when she saw Alluka try and put his helmet on, he just nodded before walking behind her with a scowl on his face. 'Unfortunately for you if the situation arises I will slaughter you and your demon sibling' He thought, soon he spoke afterwards. "Thank you your majesty" Said Alluka.

Later as the sun started to set the ball started and many nobles gathered in the hall where the ball was starting, Elsa was heading towards the hall now when she saw Anna walk towards her. "Heeelllllooo" Said Anna as Elsa greeted. "Hello Anna" Chuckled Elsa as she waved her hand in front of Anna's face, she looked in the direction Anna was fixated on before sighing. 'I guess I was not the only one who fell victim...' Thought Elsa as she spoke again. "Anna let's go" Said Elsa as she pulled Anna with her, Anna eventually noticed she was being pulled before talking. "Hey I can walk just fine on my own" Said Anna as Elsa raised an eyebrow.

"Really now? I swear you were immobile until I pulled you" Said Elsa as Anna just snickered before talking. "So who is that?" Asked Anna as she pointed to Alluka. "That is the guard" Said Elsa as Anna's jaw dropped. "You mean….that idio-guy that was acting like the boss earlier" Said Anna but fixed her sentence before it came out.

"Yes it is, we will talk later" Said Elsa as Anna looked to her with a sly smile before mouthing 'His good looking', Elsa just closed her eyes to avoid eye contact otherwise Anna would see straight through her, she felt something poke her side, she knew it was Anna and refused to open her eyes. "Well ok…I can read in between the lines" Said Anna as Elsa almost fell for it and blushed but kept her composure. 'Nice try Anna but I am made of tougher stuff than that' Thought Elsa as she just nodded before she stopped by the door that led to the ball before the ball was silenced so that the queen and princess could enter.

"Honoured guests I now introduce Queen Elsa of Arendelle" Said the servant as Elsa walked out before standing and waving and then taking her seat on the throne. "Princess Anna of Arendelle" Anna entered as gracefully as she could before smiling awkwardly at the crowd before taking a seat next to Elsa.

The ball continued smoothly with no interruptions, Elsa turned down several dance requests and just redirected them to Anna which she gave the cutest pout of annoyance to, Anna returned a moment later before looking to Elsa with a sort of angry face, she was trying really hard to look angry but it just wasn't working, she succeed in making Elsa laugh at her expression which only deflated Anna before she spoke. "This…is nice…despite our terror the other night…this night is wonderful…I really hope it isn't ruined" Said Anna as Alluka looked to them from behind overhearing their conversation. '….This…doesn't seem right…' Thought Alluka but his eyes glowed a feint red before his thought process changed. 'But…I guess demons are really good at acting' Thought Alluka.

Outside some of the nobles, dignitaries and guests were socializing as a massive silhouette in the sky flashed by above the clouds, almost all of them saw the huge silhouette, some nearly dropped their wine as a strong wind blew by, some dignitaries gasped and dropped their wine glasses. "I didn't think Arendelle had Dragons…" Said one as the others looked at him with shocked expressions. "D-dragon!?" Said a guest.

"Everyone calm down!" Said a dignitary. "It passed over Arendelle it seems like it has somewhere else to be" Said a dignitary, everyone calmed down at the comment which seemed true because nothing was heard afterwards, soon everyone was back to normal.

A couple minutes later an unknown figure walked into the ball, he wore a white and red suit with medals on his suit and had medium length red hair that reached to the base of his neck, he walked in and looked around. 'Not bad' Before stealing a glass of wine from a passing waiter, he looked around before spotting the royals of Arendelle and leaned against one of the walls in the back before closing his eyes. 'This kingdom is littered with dark magic, something evil is around' Thought the man as he waited for the right moment to make his presence known.

Elsa leaned back and relaxed in the throne before standing up. "I will be back in a short while I am going to get some fresh air" Said Elsa as she walked out before she knew it Anna was trailing behind her. Soon they both stood on a veranda that had a view of the night sky.

"So….guard guy" Said Anna as Elsa chuckled. "His name is Sir Alluka Diamond" Said Elsa as Anna chuckled. "Wow diamond hey?" Said Anna. "That's a bold last name" Said Anna as Elsa chuckled again. "So…you like?" Asked Anna as Elsa looked to her like she grew a second head. "What?" Asked Elsa as she flushed, Anna grew a massive grin. "YES! Finally I have found someone for my lonely sister" Said Anna as Elsa blushed more. "You didn't find anyone and ouch…now I know what you think" Joked Elsa as Anna just grinned. "Oh come on, you are only so young for a short time" Said Anna.

Elsa just shook her head. "Say what you want, I will not go there" Said Elsa as Anna just grinned. "Funny, watch me be the ultimate match maker" Said Anna as Elsa laughed. "Quite the imagination you have my sister" Said Elsa as she and Anna laughed.

"You two really touch my heart" Said a voice which made Anna shriek before going pale, she was frozen in fear, Elsa raised her hands as ice covered them, her will turned to steel as she stood before the voice and Anna. "Go away!" Said Elsa as the voice chuckled and a figure appeared. "So much attitude now, I like you better when you were frozen in fear" Said the voice.

"Leave us alone demon!" Said Elsa as she fired a blast of ice towards the figure, he dodged it before appearing a couple centimetres near them which gave Elsa freight but she didn't falter. "Playing with you two is so much fun…why would I leave you alone?" Said Light before raising one finger. "And my name isn't Demon, it is Light" Said Light. "I don't care! Leave!" Said Elsa as Light frowned. "I don't appreciate being treated this way" Frowned Light before smiling. "But it doesn't matter, you were stupid enough to leave your guard behind and you are in one of the only areas in the castle that doesn't have security" Said Light as Elsa frowned, he was right, it was only them three.

"So? Have you thought of my…proposition?" Asked Light. "No" Said Elsa bluntly as Light frowned. "Then I can't allow you to leave here without a parting gift" Said Light as he pulled out a dagger, Elsa eyed it wearily ready to intercept it but before Light threw it someone starting clapping.

"Wow…pretty pathetic if you ask me, attacking two women while they are alone" Said a man walking up behind Elsa and Anna in a white and red suit as Light looked to him and narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?" Asked Light as he lowered his dagger and looked to the newcomer. "Me? I'm not important…those two however?" Said the man as he pointed to Anna and Elsa. "Are very important, and I just can't let you go about killing them or even hurting them" As he stopped next to Elsa and Anna, Elsa eyed him and waited for any sort of attack just in case.

Light smirked. "So Elsa you brought a lamb to the slaughter?" Asked Light as Elsa frowned. "Leave and get help, there is no need to play hero, if you really are here to help" Said Elsa as the figure shook his head. "No can do your majesty, I happened to be in the neighbourhood for some business but I guess I can take a couple minutes off my schedule, to help Arendelle's beautiful Queen" Said the man, Elsa started thinking on overdrive, who was he? And what did he want before she realized what he said and a light blush formed, before it disappeared. 'Come on Elsa, now is not the time' Thought Elsa.

Light just grinned. "Oh well I guess you have one death will happen tonight, it will be on you" Said Light as he looked to Elsa. "And tomorrow your kingdom will slowly start to die, I will unleash all of Black Death if you don't take on my…proposition" Said Light as Elsa's eyes widen before she growled. "….E-elsa…don't" Anna said quietly as she clung to her clothes, she looked to Elsa, she seemed to have gotten a hold of herself now and was watching from the back.

Elsa looked to Anna before nodding and looking back to Light. "Anyway time to get rid of the local hero and continue our conversation" Said Light as he flung the dagger towards the man, but to the surprise of everyone the man caught the dagger before talking. "You will need a lot more than that to kill me" Said the man as he opened the one side of his suit to show Light the left side of his chest where a tattoo was that made Light growl before stepping back. "This isn't over…I will be back, that symbol won't scare me a second time" Said Light as he vanished.

The man just covered his chest again and grinned before falling to the ground as cold sweat ran down his face. Elsa alarmed ran to him with Anna behind her. "What's wrong?" Asked Elsa as the man exhaled. "I am sorry…your majesty…I held out for as long as I could, but I have a thing against evil" As he slowly stood before sighing and dropping a grin on his face, Elsa slowly started to wonder what the man showed Light to drive him away but quickly concentrated at the matter at hand.

Elsa and Anna looked at the sight and a small smile broke out on their lips. "Let's go back inside before, Mr Evil shows up" Said the man as they nodded, he just sighed before walking in, once inside he stopped before laying down on a chair.

"Who are you?" Asked Elsa as she approached him slowly. "I'm sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances your majesty but" Said the man as he stood up and bowed before talking. "My name is Prince Drante La Cura Black and I come from a kingdom called Vaylour, I was sent here on a mission, to look for the necklace of Cei-row Maze one, it looks like a normal necklace but the design looks like a dragon with a black diamond in the middle, its known to change red" Said Drante as Elsa and Anna looked to each other, they knew what necklace he was talking about.

That's chapter two guys:) and to make it clear Elsa and Anna are not actually demons, Light just told Alluka that to make him easier to control, and remember I would love some feedback.