Hi everyone. I'm brand new to this so if you have any pointers please review and give them to me. This story will contain some AU one shots and will also contain couples: Rose and Dimitri, Lissa and Christian, Jill and Eddie, Adrian and Sydney, and Neil and Olive.

Chapter 1 Dimitri and Rose

"Rose you're late again." I say as I look up from my western to look and the maddening girl in front of me.

"Five minutes! Just five minutes!" She says looking quite pissed at me for being so calm.

"Yes five minutes that we could have being training, instead you're already out of breath from running here. So, two extra laps for being late. Come on." I put in a book mark and start walking out to the track.

She groans, puts her stuff down and goes out to the track. We start out slow and I let her take the lead. After a while I pass her and finish my laps. Sitting down, I pretend to read while actually watching her. Seeing the way she tries to control her breathing and her form. I finally let my mind wander. I wish I could hold her, kiss her, be with her, but I'm her mentor. I know she is attracted to me. I see it in the way she looks at me and she knows how I feel to.

After Victors love charm it's been hard to not touch her softly, hold her to me, kiss her neck. I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Rose getting her water. "Good job, now we can spar." Her face lights up with glee.

I smile a bit and grab my stake. We spar quickly with me pinning her to the ground. Our eyes lock. She slowly takes the stake out of my hands and puts it beside us. "Dimitriā€¦" she says slowly.

"Roza we can't..." I say though I'm fighting my want to pull her close to me.

She looks at me with her warm brown eyes. I groan slightly and switch our position so that she's curled up to my side. I softly begin to kiss her shoulder, neck, and finally her soft lips. "One day Roza, one day.

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