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Luke and Leia jumped back in shock. They thought that their friends had forgotten their birthday since they had been avoiding the twins. Turns out that they were throwing a surprise party for them. All of their friends, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Wedge Antilles, Brenna Rini, R2-D2, and C-3PO were all their as well as a bunch of other surviving Rebels from the war.

"Wow! Thanks guys! This was unexpected," Luke said.

"No problem, kid. Why would we forget about your birthday?" Han said.

Leia smirked at her husband. "Han, you forgot about Brenna's birthday which was a week ago," she said.

Brenna crossed her arms and glared at Han. "Yeah, thanks a lot Han. Since Wedge had to remind you, you gave me socks!" She said.

Han put up his hands in defense. "I was busy that day! Can you blame me?" He said.

Everyone rolled their eyes at the former smuggler and they went on with the festivities. Luke and Leia opened up their presents first. Then they started to play some games, like truth or dare.

"Wedge, your turn," Brenna said.

"Okay, Brenna. Truth or dare?" Wedge asked.

"Dare, of course!" Brenna declared.

Wedge smirked. "I dare you to admit your first crush," he said.

Brenna blushed while everyone looked at her smugly. She rolled her eyes and then answered, "Luke, of course. No one on Alderaan made me want to date them," she said.

Luke smiled at her. "That's why we are a good match," he said.

Brenna smiled back. "Alright. Uh... Han. Truth or dare?" She asked.

Han thought about it for a bit. "Hmm... I'm gonna go all out. Dare," he responded.

Brenna gave him a wide smirk, which made Han think that this date wasn't going to end well. He was prepared for whatever the girl was going to make him do. "I dare you to take off all of your clothes, besides your underwear, and dance around while saying, 'ELEVEN' over and over again for five minutes," she said.

"Come on! Really?!" Han complained.

"I'm not finished. We are going to go on a special trip for our favorite twins and you have to be doing that for five minutes while we are flying," Brenna added.

Everyone laughed at the dare while Han turned a deep red. "Fine. At least it's not in public," he said.

"Don't worry, you scoundrel. It'll be fun!" Leia said.

"I'll be sure to holo tape it!" Wedge said.

"Oh boy."


Everyone boarded on the Millennium Falcon for the special trip. Since Han would be too busy doing his dare, Wedge sat down in the pilot seat with Chewie. Everyone else was in the main hold playing some Dejarik. Then Brenna told Han that it was time to do the dare.

"I'll get you back, Brenna," Han threatened.

"Hey, don't push it, dude," Brenna said casually.

Han glared at her and then proceeded to take off his vest. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and then removed his pants. He nearly pulled down his underwear, but managed to keep it up. Then he proceeded with the dare once they made the jump to lightspeed. Wedge filmed it on holo tape while everyone laughed at Han while he turned into a deep red color.


Suddenly, an alarm went off and Wedge went to go check it out. They were dropped out of lightspeed, but they never said to. The whole ship shut down as they started heading towards to a huge black hole.

"EVERYONE TAKE COVER! BLACK HOLE!" Wedge yelled, with Chewie roaring loudly. Everyone looked at each other in shock at they took cover.





Everyone blacked out as the black hole overcame them.


Leia woke up slowly while feeling the ground. Everyone else was there on the ground, slowly waking up as well. Leia took a quick look around and realized that they were in a forest covered in bare trees with leaves on the ground. It reminded the princess of Endor, but she knew that it wasn't Endor. Leia helped everyone up from the ground and they started to walk around.

"Good thing my clothes came with me," Han said. "Now, let me be the one to ask where the hell we are? I cannot see the Falcon anywhere."

Luke shrugged. "I don't know Han. But I can't feel the Force here at all. It's like I'm blocked off from it. I don't know why though," he said.

Brenna's eyes widened when he said that. "You're right! I can't feel it either! Goddammit!" She said. Then an idea hit her. "What if we are in another galaxy? I saw on the Holonet the other day that black holes can either bring you to a different time, or a different galaxy."

"What if you are right? How are we going back home without the Falcon?" Leia said.

Before anyone could answer, they heard some shouts coming from nearby. It sounded like two boys yelling and they sounded like they were frightened. The group started to run towards where the shouts were coming from. They saw what they were predicting.

Two young boys who looked around the age of twelve were being threatened by two other boys, one holding a weapon. They weren't wearing clothes from the group's galaxy, so they knew that they were in a different galaxy.

Then the main bully told one of the boys to jump off the cliff. The boy looked at his friend, who was being held by the bully with the weapon close to him. Then the boy started to walk towards the edge. After a few minutes, he jumped.

Luke and Brenna tried to reach into them Force to lift up the boy, but it wasn't working. Suddenly, the boy got lifted back up to the surface. The group looked at each other in curiousity.

"Was that you?" Wedge asked Luke and Brenna.

Both of them shook their heads. "No, it wasn't!"

The group ran closer as they saw a girl with a shaved head coming towards them. One of the other bullies got pushed back by an invisible force and then the girl flicked her head the the main bully's arm broke. Then the bullies ran off and the girl fainted.

"What's going on here? Are you guys okay?" Leia asked.

"We're fine. Who are you? I think I know you from somewhere," one of the boys said. "Wait a minute... You're from Star Wars! You are Leia Organa! You guys are Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Wedge Antilles! But you, I don't know. You look like my sister, Nancy."

Brenna rolled her eyes. "I'm not in this Star Wars thing?" She said sarcastically.

"Mike and I love those movies! As well as our friends, Lucas and Will. We have yet to introduce Eleven to those movies though," the second boy said. "Wait, wouldn't you guys be the actors?"

Luke shook his head. "We are the real thing. We traveled through a black hole by accident and traveled here. We didn't mean too, of course. We have to go back. And is your friend okay?" He explained.

The first boy, Mike, crawled over to the girl, Eleven. Han knew what the Eleven may have meant. "El, El? Are you okay? El!" He said, shaking her.

Eleven started crying when she woke up. "Mike. I'm sorry," she said.

"Sorry? What are you sorry for?"

"The gate. I opened it. I'm the monster," Eleven said. Luke, Leia, Han, Wedge, Chewie, and Brenna shot each other looks.

"No. No, El, you're not the monster. You saved me, do you understand? You saved me!" Mike said. Then he helped her up and hugged her. The second boy joined in, while everyone else stood there awkwardly. They thought about what the kids just said. Eleven saved Mike, not Luke or Brenna. She had powers that were like the Force.

As they looked at the kids and each other, the group of Rebels knew that this was going to be one heck of an adventure.

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