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Han drove the car fast enough to catch up to the kids on their bikes. Leia, Wedge, Chewie, and Brenna used their blasters and blaster-saber to shoot at the vans to distract them, but the men in the vans got out their guns to shoot at the gang. Luke and Brenna tried to use the Force to stop the incoming bullets, but it only worked very few times. The kids looked behind them to see the action going on while Dustin tried to talk to Lucas on the other side of his communications equipment.

"Dustin? Dustin?!" Lucas yelled.

"Lucas! They're on us!" Dustin yelled back.

"Meet me at Elm and Cherry!" Lucas informed them.

"Copy!" Dustin said, turning off the communications system. "Elm and Cherry!" He yelled to Mike and Eleven on the other bike.

Mike nodded at his friend. "Okay! You hear that guys?! Elm and Cherry! Follow us!" He yelled to the crew in the car.

"Alright!" Han yelled to him, putting his foot down on the acceleration and sped up the car, losing the vans. He followed the kids into a small area full of grass with kids in it. Dustin yelled at them to move out of the way while the bikes rode right between the htm and the car drove right past them, leaving the kids standing there in shock at what they had just witnessed.

After the ride through the park, the bikes and the car stopped when they saw Lucas coming near them. They stopped and breathed huge sighs of reliefs. Lucas looked at the crew in the car for a minute and raised an eyebrow. Then he looked back at Mike and Dustin.

"Where are they?" He asked.

"We think we lost them," Dustin answered.

Then they heard some engines coming behind them. Mike and Eleven turned to look at the incoming vans and they pedaled as quick as they could and Han floored it in the car. They ride their vehicles as quick as they could to try and lose the vans. Suddenly, a van drove right towards them and Dustin started screaming at the top of his lungs. Leia, Brenna, Wedge, and Chewie got their blasters out to get ready to shoot when needed to. Eleven then glared at the van and then used her powers to lift the van up, flipped it over, and it could have landed right on top of the Star Wars crew if Han hadn't floored it even more to go faster. The van crashed in front of the other vans, making them stop in their tracks. Everyone looked at each other in shock as they ride off.


The kids led the Star Wars crew to a junkyard full of cars. They exited off their vehicles and Mike helped the weak Eleven off of the bike and sat her down. Everyone went over to them to talk and to see if Eleven was okay. She wiped some blood off of her nose and Dustin was freaking out over what they had just seen.

"Did you see what she did with that van?!" Dustin yelled to everyone.

Mike shook his head and smirked sarcastically. "No, Dustin, we missed it," he said rolling his eyes at his friend's behavior.

Dustin was still excited over the fact that Eleven did something badass. "I mean... it was..." he said, but then got his sentence finished by Lucas.

"Awesome," he said. Then he looked over at Eleven, who was looking at him in surprise. "It was really awesome," Lucas repeated. Then he went over to Eleven and knelt down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Everything I said about you being a traitor... it was wrong. I'm sorry," he apologized.

Eleven nodded at him and noticed that Dustin had his arms crossed and was smirking. Mike was smiling at them, happy that the two were finally being in peace. Then she looked back at Lucas, right into his eyes. "Friends. Friends don't lie. I'm sorry too," she apologized. The Star Wars crew looked at one another, wondering how a fight between them had started.

"Me too," Mike said. Lucas looked over at him, who had his hand stretched out in front of him. Lucas got up and they both shook hands, forgiving one another.

"Now, who are those guys over there?" Lucas asked.

Mike smirked at him. "What, you don't recognize them? From any movies we watch all the time? Especially one that came out a few months ago in May?" He said.

Lucas got a better look at them and then his eyes widened. "Y-You're from Star Wars, aren't you?! Of course you are!" He said, excitingly.

"Well, we aren't the cast, we are the actually thing," Luke said to the young boy. "Here, I'll show you," he said. Then he whipped out his lightsaber and Leia, Han, Chewie, Wedge, and Brenna got their weapons out. Lucas looked even more amazed when he saw the weapons and he looked back at his friends, who were smiling. Eleven was watching in curiousity, wondering what the weapons were.

"This is so cool! Can you do a trick with the Force?" Lucas asked.

Luke and Brenna looked at each other before answering the boy. "Ever since we got here, we've sort of been cut off from the Force. It works occasionally, but not all the time," Brenna said. Lucas looked disappointed, but then looked at Brenna in confusion, not recognizing her from the movies. Brenna rolled her eyes before responding, "I know. I'm not in those movies. Instead, I look just like Mike's sister. Well, guess what? I'm Luke's wife!" She said, wrapping an arm around Luke.

Mike, Lucas, and Dustin's eyes all widened at that statement. Luke Skywalker was married and it wasn't shown in the movies?! They understood that it wasn't in the movies, because no one wanted to watch a wedding in a Star Wars movie. But this was crazy news. They wanted to know more about their relationship and how it happened. Eleven, on the other hand, was confused at what Brenna had just said. She looked over at Mike with a tilted head.

"What is wife?" She asked him.

Mike thought about a good answer and then said, "It's a married woman to someone. Same thing with a husband, but that's what you call a man," he explained the best he could.

Leia walked closer to Eleven and knelt down next to her. "Did these bad men not teach her a lot of things?" She asked. Eleven nodded at her and looked down at the ground. Leia put a hand on the little girl's shoulder. "It's okay. You are not going back to them. We'll help protect you," she said.

Luke, Brenna, Han, Chewie, and Wedge came over and knelt down next to Eleven, who gave them a small smile. "Thank you," she said quietly.

Luke patted her head, gently. "Those men are like the Empire: not stopping until they get what or who they want. But we were able to stop them. That doesn't mean that we can't stop the bad men too," he said.

Brenna nodded in agreement. "We'll kill them before they can lay a finger on you, Eleven. We promise," she reassured.

Eleven gave them a wide smile, showing her teeth. She liked these Star Wars people and was glad that they were going to help. Mike also smiled at the Star Wars crew, thanking them. To the crew, the young boy seemed to like the girl, and not just in a friendship way. They could tell by the way he let her on the bike, how he acted when Eleven saved him from falling off the cliff, and who knew what happened in the bathroom back at Mike's house. For some reason, both Luke and Brenna felt like they wanted to protect Eleven more than they thought. They felt a connection to her through the Force and didn't know what it meant.

The Force only worked when they were around her sometimes. They didn't know why though. Luke and Brenna felt that it was just about her powers, but there was so much more to that.


"LUKE?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Brenna yelled out for her husband. She was looking for Luke in the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV. She had important news to share to him and she didn't want to wait another second to tell him. But she couldn't seem to find Luke anywhere in the temple.

Brenna finally found him in the meditation room, teaching a class of Padawans. She sighed and waited as patiently as she could before the class was over. Once it was over, she walked up to Luke with her hands on her hips. Luke knew that her look meant that something was going on and she needed to tell him before she did something bad about it.

"Hey, Brenna," Luke greeted. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then said, "Is something wrong?"

Brenna rolled her eyes. "Nothing is wrong. I just want to tell you some big news that I just found out!" She said. "Remember how I now have cravings for Bantha meat? And I hate bantha meat?" Luke nodded and then Brenna took a deep breath before telling him the news. "I went to Healing earlier because I kept on throwing up. And guess what the Healer said?!" She said excitingly.

"What did she say?" Luke asked.

Brenna gave him a wide smile. "I'm pregnant!" She yelled happily.

Luke's eyes widened and he smiled at his wife. "You're pregnant? We're going to be parents?!" He said.

"That's what pregnant means!" Brenna replied.

"This is wonderful!" Luke said.

"Good because I'm not aborting it," Brenna joked.

The two laughed and then kissed each other, happy that they were soon to be parents.

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