Benjamin nearly collapsed onto his bed when he returned to the barn. Their cow Bessie had given birth just a couple of hours ago and things got complicated while she was in labor. There were a few scary moments where Ben didn't think that the little calf was gonna make it. All of the brothers came to help and Milly and the girls came too when things got too hectic. The little calf was finally born during the evening. They all did their best to make sure he was warm and that Bessie was feeding him enough. Now that Bessie and the calf were finally settled everyone was exhausted and ready to get some rest. Well, everyone except for little Hannah. She just kept screaming so loud that Ben was sure that the whole town could hear her.

"She's sure gotta pair of lungs," Caleb said.

"Do you think we should go try and help?" Gideon asked.

"I doubt that we'd be much help," Frank replied.

"Well, I don't know about that," Ben said. "I'll go down to the house and see if I can do anything."

"Good luck," he heard Dan mumble as he closed the door.

It had been a long time since Benjamin took care of any babies, but he used to help Ma take care of his brothers. Adam would be out with Pa in the field and sometimes Ma would get real busy with all the cooking and cleaning so Ben had to keep all of his brothers in check. He probably had the most experience out of all of his brothers when it came to babies. He was no expert, but if he could help in anyway then he was willing to try it.

Ben knocked on the door softly, just in case any of the girls were sleeping. But he couldn't imagine any of them could sleep with Hannah's crying.

"I'm so sorry, Benjamin," Milly said when she opened the door. "Can you hear her from the barn?" Milly was holding Hannah in her arms and was trying to get her to go to sleep, but nothing seemed to be working.

"Yeah," Ben said. "I thought that maybe I could try and help. Or at least give you a break."

"I don't know what to do," said Milly. "I tried feeding her, bathing her, the girls and I even tried singing to her but she just won't stop crying."

Ben started pacing around the room, trying to think of some way to help. Ma would sing to Gideon when he started crying but it doesn't look like singing is enough to calm Hannah. Then he looked up and saw his old guitar in the corner of the room. It had been months since he had been able to play it. Mainly because Milly wouldn't let him go in the house during the winter. She had finally let them see the girls but there were still strict rules that the brothers had to follow. But tonight, all rules were thrown out the window.

"Let me try something real quick," Ben said as he picked up his guitar. He plucked the strings with his fingers, trying to remember the tune that his mother sang many years ago. He closed his eyes and the memory washed over him like a wave crashing on the shore. He was so lost in the song that he didn't realize that Hannah had stopped crying or that the other girls had come down to hear the lullaby. When Ben finished the song he opened his eyes and was a little shocked to find seven pairs of eyes staring back at him. Martha, Liza, and Sarah also looked surprised. They probably never thought that Ben knew how to play. Ruth and Alice just looked relieved that Hannah had finally fallen asleep. Dorcas was giving him that smile that always made his knees go weak.

"You boys are always surprising me," Milly said warmly. "I'm gonna go put her to bed before she wakes up again." She began to walk up the stairs before turning around again. "Thank you, Benjamin."

"No problem, Milly," Ben replied. The other girls began to follow Milly up the stairs while Ben placed his guitar back in the corner of the room.

"Do you know any other songs?" Dorcas asked after everyone else had gone back upstairs.

"I know a few songs," Ben said.

"You'll have to play them for me some time," Dorcas said as she walked back up to the bedroom.

"I'll play whatever you want," he said and began to walk towards the door. "Goodnight Dorcas."

"Goodnight Benjamin."

Ben walked back to the barn and nearly laughed when he saw his brothers' faces.

"How on earth did you get her to fall asleep?" Ephraim asked.

"Well," Ben smiled as he lied down. "Maybe she just likes me the most. Goodnight, boys." He fell asleep with a smile on his face. Maybe he knew more about babies then he originally thought.