Hello ! Welcome to not quite my first story but probably my first upload. I have a kinda/sorta story that I started writing in April of 2016 that I plan on uploading eventually… Anyway if you've decided to check out this story I assume you have a basic knowledge of the manhwa the Gamer. There is also a large chance that I will use systems from other RPGs such as Fallout 4's perk system. If and when they show up I'll definitely point them out in an end of chapter footnote or something so people aren't confused. Please be gentle as this is my first story post and I hope you guys like Goku the Gamer.

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Chapter One: Girls?

Mount Paozu, a glorious example of the beauty of nature untouched. You could walk for hours through forests filled with chirping birds and skittering squirrels. The lakes and rivers you may stumble upon are the clearest of blue and within are fish ranging from the size of a soda can to a car! It is in one of these rivers we see a little naked boy fishing with… his tail? Suddenly a fish even bigger than he, though at a measly three feet tall that's not difficult to do, jumps out of the water!

"HOHHHH!" Goku screamed while delivering a fatal kick to the beast.

Now dressed and dragging the overly large fish along a road back to his home Goku hears an odd sound in the distance. A car of some sort comes speeding at him with someone inside! The girl narrowly avoids crashing into him, but the boy reacts in an… odd way.

"Hey what gives?" He screams, holding his fish close to him he continues yelling. "You monster! You were trying to take my catch weren't you? Well I won't let you!" With that statement Goku, with some difficulty, lifts and throws the car onto its side a sort distance away. Now in a good position to defend himself he takes out his red short staff and yells, "Come on, I'm going to fight you!"

Bulma is mad. She was just racing along some quiet mountain road and some short ass kid gets in her way and then throws her car! What the hell is that? 'What kind of freak is he?' She wonders, 'And did he just call me a weird fairy?' Clawing her way out of the overturned car she takes out her gun and unloads one right into his head. "You little brat!" she screams out.

Unable to dodge the shot Goku tumbles over. "OWWWWWW!" He yells. "Wh-wh-wh-what was that just now? Fairy magic!?"

Well now Bulma doesn't know what to do and just says the first thing that comes to mind, "N… No way! No way! Why didn't you die?"

Getting back up Goku replies, "Dummy! You think something like that would kill me? My body is as strong as stainless steel!" Rearing back his staff Goku prepares to end this fairy monster. "Fairy… this is the end for you!"

Self-preservation kicks in. "W-wait a second! I- I'm not a fairy! I'm a human."

"Eh? A human? Really?"

"Of course! Just like you! Look! Look!"

"Alright then, don't move a muscle." Keeping the so-called "human" at bay with his staff Goku proceeded to circle her in an effort to get a full examination. Satisfied she was a human but still confused Goku reported his findings to her. "You seem different from me somehow… you seem kinda softer and bumpier.

Put off by his statement Bulma replied, "Well, of course I am! You're a big he-man an' I'm a cute li'l girl!"

At this Goku's face lit up with surprise. "G-Girl?" He exclaimed. "You mean… female?"

'Sheesh' "What a country bumpkin! You've never seen a girl before?"

"This is the first time I've seen another human… but my dead grandpa always told me… 'If you ever meet a girl, treat her nice.'"

Mustering up all her womanly charm and winking Bulma replied, "Well, then… don't you think you should get started?"

Completely ignoring her Goku realized something! "So females don't have tails, eh? Man, that's weird."

"Huh?" When the little boy said that Bulma finally realized that a furry brown tail was swishing about behind him. She couldn't help but chuckle. 'What a goon.' She thought, 'He probably thinks wearing that phony tail makes him look like one happenin' dude!' She was brought back to the present when she heard the boy speak again.

"So what is that monster anyway? How'd you catch it?"

"That "monster" happens to be my car. People make them."

To that Goku decides to jump atop the overturned vehicle. "So this is a car! I've heard of 'em in stories… Huh. It looks tough… but it ain't much." A stray though flittered across his mind making him realize something. Standing again before the girl he asked, "Whoa, whoa, wait… are you from "civilization"?"

Not wanting to tell this strange boy too much she replied saying, "Well… let's just say I'm from way far west."

Content with the answer Goku picked up his catch and said to the girl, "Come over to my place. You're a girl, so I'll feed you."

Still wary Bulma mumbles, "As long as that's all you do." As she follows the boy she can't help but comment on the fact that he's carrying a giant fish over his shoulder as though it was nothing. "You're pretty strong for a runt."

Filling with pride Goku laughed out loud. "Haw! Haw! Grandpa trained me good!"

'He may be a freak… but I can use that strength of his.'

Finally arriving at a tiny and extremely traditional house Goku pushed open the front double doors with a loud screech. "Not much for home repair are you?"

Ignoring her strange words Goku went up to the pedestal that held his grandfather's greatest possession. "Grandpa, look! It's a female! A human female is in our house!

AN: You know what? I hate it when an author rehashes canon exactly and that's what I'm doing. Though admittedly the very beginning of dragonball is not exactly perfectly remembered by all so I'll summarize the first chapter real quick. Otherwise this entire first chapter will be canon and I won't be able to start the gamer stuff.

Basically Bulma sees Goku's dragonball and tells him what it is. Then she tricks him into coming with her to collect all of them. She gets out a bike to replace the car Goku trashed and they go until she needs to go potty. She gets attacked by a pterodactyl (still pissing) and Goku saves her after a gag with the pterodactyl telling him he's her friend. They ride until night and Bulma pulls out a capsule house. More gags about how she's a witch and bath time with Goku. HE REALLY HAS A TAIL SCARY! Instead of a tail girls have an extra butt on their chest, Goku's fourteen… you guys get it? If you really want me to write all this I might but onto the REAL story.

A groggy Goku wakes up to a high-pitched "ping!" opening his eyes he sees a blue screen floating about arm length away from his head. The screen said (Let's assume Goku can read basic stuff)

You have slept comfortably on the floor. Your HP has been restored by 75%.

Confused at the prompt but uncaring Goku turned to look at Bulma only to see that her "pillow" was in full view. "Whoa! Well, her pillow's not as big as Grandpa's… but I can sure give it a try." Goku proceeds to get onto Bulma's bed and lay his head on her exposed crotch. Confused at the lack of… softness Goku closely investigates Bulma's crotch. Unable to see anything he takes off her panties only to receive the shock of his life! A guttural scream rips itself from his throat, "EEEEEEYAAAAA!"

Confused, tired, and a bit scared Bulma awakens. "What!? What!? What happened!? Whatsa matter!?"

A horrified and slightly cower Goku barely stammers out, "Y-y-y-you've l-l-lost your ba-ba-ba-ba—"

Scared but now for her dragonballs Bulma leaps out of her bed. "I've lost my dragonballs?" Searching her bag she quickly finds them finally allowing her to take a breath and calm down. "What the… they're right here idiot!" She turns to Goku and in an admonishing tone yells out, "Geez, you freaked me out! Stop having nightmares, will you?"

After everything calmed down and Goku is back in his typical Gi he realizes that that weird blue box is still floating around in the peripheral of his vision. Thinking that maybe Bulma will have some insight he turns to he and asks, " Hey Bulma, you see that blue box over here? I don't know what it means?"

Turning to see the odd monkey boy gesturing to thin air Bulma assumes he's playing some sort of joke on her… or he's crazy which, from what little she knows of him, is quite possible. "Stop playing around Goku there's nothing there."

Confused at her dismissal Goku becomes indignant. Lightly stomping his foot and sticking out his bottom lip he says, "But it is there! Look, it says 'You have slept com-com-comfort-ably comfortably on the floor. Your HP has been restored by 75%'… yeah."

Now Bulma was even more confused. Goku sounded as though he was reading a prompt from a videogame, but he was clearly an uneducated, uncivilized country bumpkin that lived alone. There's no way he's ever even heard of a videogame. Intrigued Bulma asked him, "Is there a little button like an arrow somewhere on the screen?"


"The blue box Goku."

Looking at the now named screen Goku found what Bulma was talking about to the bottom right of the screen. "Oh, yeah, there is."

"Press it."

"Ok… Whoa! It went away!"

"Hmmm…" Now Bulma was sure it was like a videogame. But how? Does he have some sort of super powers that make his life a videogame? Was it like this before? "Goku have you ever seen that sort of stuff before?"


A louder hmm escaped Bulma's throat. Magic? Gods? …the dragonball? He has been in close proximity to it his entire life, then what about her? Well the one she found was in a basement… but why now? Her? This is going to take some studying. Then a thought popped into her brilliant brain. "Hey Goku, can you say 'stats'?"

"Uhh… ok. Stats! Whoa!" Before him Goku suddenly saw a large blue screen appear and this one had a whole bunch of words on it!

"What's it say Goku?"

"A whole bunch of stuff… let me see…"

Name: Goku Son

Title: The Gamer

Lvl: 26

HP: 700/700 [Red Bar]

KP: 820/820 [Yellow Bar]

MP: 100/100 [Blue Bar]


Str: 45

Vit: 35

Dex: 30

Int: 5

Wis: 5

Luk: 5

Charm: 5

…that's it." Goku said after reading everything on the page.

'That seems high.' Bulma thinks to herself. "Hey Goku look at me for a sec."

Turning to her Goku is mildly surprised by the floating words above her head!

"Do you see anything?"


Huffing angrily at his lack of tact Bulma then says through clenched teeth, "What do you see? Can you read it to me?"

"Oh! Ok. It says…"

Capsule Corp Heir

Lvl: 10 Bulma Briefs

"Uwaah! Only level ten!?" A slightly offended and ashamed Bulma screamed out. "This can't go on! I wonder how much Goku's… ability is like those games I sometimes see and hear about.' "Hey Goku can you say 'party'?"

"Party! Hmm… there's just a bug blue box with my name and level and those bars, only reeeaallllyyyyy tiny."

'Here goes nothing' "Ok now say 'Invite: Bulma."

"Ok, Invite: Bulma!"

To Bulma's surprise and joy before her floated a blue box much like the one Goku described. It said:

You have been invited to join Goku Son's party. So you accept?


"Hell yes! I accept" Pressing Y for what she assumed was 'Yes' Bulma turned to Goku and was delighted to see floating above his head…

Lvl: 26 Goku Son

"Ooh I know! Goku sit down relax this is going to take a while."

"Aww Bulma! I gotta train!"

Doubting her ability to control the rambunctious hick Bulma conceded. "Sheesh ok, but you better not get lost! And be back soon… get us breakfast!" 'I'm starving, coffee is great but hopefully the tiny Hercules will get us some game and he'll cook it up.'

Happy to follow Bulma's orders Goku went out to start his day leaving our favorite genius with nothing but time and a new "toy."

'Alright then, I'm assuming I will have similar capabilities as Goku so using what I've heard from those guys who play videogames a lot I should be able to figure most if not all of this out.' "User Interface!" When she said those words a neat blue menu screen popped up before her. "Wow! This is going to be awesome!" At the top of the screen there were multiple tabs, which read from left to right: Char. Info, Inventory, Skills, Perks, Quests, Rel., and Options. Bulma's character page read as follows:

Name: Bulma Briefs

Title: Capsule Corp Heir

Race: Human

Jobs: High School Student

Junior Inventor

Level: 10

HP: 40/40

KP: 102/102
MP: 500/500


Str: 2

Vit: 2

Dex: 2
Int: 25

Wis: 7

Luk: 2

Charm: 10

Active Quest: Hunt for the Dragonballs!

Summary: Raised from birth by one of the richest couples in the world Bulma Briefs has taken after her father showing a level of genius found only once a generation. Showing her genius through her invention of the dragon radar, handheld radar keyed into the faint energy released by the dragonballs, she is on a quest to find them so that she can wish for the perfect boyfriend…

Exp: 100/1,600 [Purple Bar]

All of that information was on the left hand side of the screen except for the experience bar, which stretched from on side to the other along the bottom. On the right side of the screen was a detailed 3D model of herself, still in the long shirt she used as pajamas, surrounded by small horizontal lines. Only one line was filled in and it said: Worn Long Shirt. Seeing that finally startled Bulma enough to get dressed and ready for the day, after dismissing the screen.

After her morning rituals Bulma sat at the small table in the capsule house prepared to dive deeper into this magnificent ability. "Character Page!" She yelled wanting to see her stats so that she could figure out what to improve. 'Hmmm… all my stats are low except for my intelligence… obviously. I wonder if I could make them better by doing something other than leveling up…' Willing to test her theory and seeing how pathetic her physical stats were Bulma resolved to exercise for the next hour, something she could honestly say she's never done before in her life. Happy to have put on some shorts and a loose shirt instead of her typical fashions Bulma got down and started doing push-ups.

"Argh! Push-ups suck!" Bulma exclaimed. After a measly ten minutes of trying to continuously do pushups Bulma was a sweaty mess slumped in the ground. But to her delight, and the source of some newfound vigor, she heard a high-pitched "ping" and when she looked up Bulma nearly jumped for joy. The blue screen read:

Congratulations! Through vigorous and continuous exercise your Strength and Vitality have each gone up by one. Keep up the good work!

When the sweaty blob that was Bulma finally got back into her seat she took a deep breath and said, "Stats!" Upon seeing them she was delighted. They now read:

Name: Bulma Briefs

Title: Capsule Corp Heir

Level: 10

HP: 60/60

KP: 122/122

MP: 500/500


Str: 3

Vit: 3

Dex: 2

Int: 25

Wis: 7

Luk: 2

Charm: 10

She couldn't help but let out a loud "Whoop!" when she read them. That confirms her theory making the goal of getting better and stronger even easier. Wait… but why? 'Well, if that pterodactyl was anything to go by then this quest of mine can be a perilous one. It would be nice to be able to defend myself without having to rely on Goku. But that is the whole reason I brought him along… I'm not going to be suddenly flinging about spells, I'm sure he'll have to protect me from big threats still. Not to mention this ability will no doubt accelerate my learning if the way I gained stats after only a bit of exercise is anything to go by. I'll have to keep him close even if he can be insufferable.

But intelligence is a stat. That means I can probably spontaneously make him smarter if he levels up. If my stats were anything to go by it seems we'll get five stat points per level meaning Goku could be a smart as me in a only four levels! He seems to be following my lead, and a smarter Goku would probably be more bearable. Not to mention he is around my age… maybe… maybe I could mold him into the perfect boyfriend? Then I could use that wish for something else, like the secrets of the universe or strong magical powers. UGH what am I saying, I met this boy yesterday and he's dumb as a rock and I most definitely don't want a midget for a boyfriend, three feet tall! What kind of person is three feet tall? Maybe he's not human, that would explain the tail.'

Having derailed her own musings Bulma turned her attention back to the Stat screen, but noticed there weren't any tabs along the top. 'Maybe if I say specific pages I don't get the option to switch, let's see.' "UI… yes!" Now she doesn't have to say "User Interface" all the time, what a mouthful. The screen that came up before was once again before her still on the Character Info page. Bulma then clicked on the Inventory tab only to be disappointed by its emptiness. She then looked around and her eyes finally settled upon her empty coffee mug. With the slightest bit of trepidation Bulma took the mug into her hands and gently pushed it into the blue screen filled with empty white boxes arranged in neat rows. Despite expecting the outcome Bulma was still amazed, the inventory now had a white box filled with a tiny image of a coffee mug. Tapping on the mug a small summary appeared before Bulma covering up a good portion of the UI screen.

Empty Mug

A used coffee mug, a faint smell suggests it had recently held coffee. Can be used as a weapon in a desperate situation.

Damage: 1

Durability: 5/5

"Well that's neat." She remarked. "I wonder if…" she then reached into the screen with the intent of picking up the mug and after a moment she felt the mug on her hand! Withdrawing her hand she steeled herself for her next test. With but a flick of her wrist Bulma sent the mug flying through the air and into the inventory. "Hell yes!" An ecstatic Bulma yelled out. 'That means I might be able to block projectiles with my Inventory! I wonder what it's like in there…' The thought prompted Bulma to get up and make another cup of coffee. When it was finished she carefully placed the full mug into the inventory. Once again a small image of a mug filled the upper right box, but this time it was upright and Bulma could see the brown liquid within the cup. Just like last time Bulma pressed on the mug and a notably longer summary appeared.

Coffee Mug

A hot cup o' joe ready to be drunk! Can be used as a weapon in desperate situations. Hot coffee may cause burn status effect.

Damage: 5

Durability: 5/5

If ingested the high amount of caffeine can "cure" the exhausted or lazy statuses. If ingested by a player without any sort of statuses the coffee has a 60% chance of causing the hyper status. 1 cup= 1 hour

After absorbing all of the information Bulma was surprised to see what were clearly hyperlinks on the words burn, exhausted, lazy, and hyper. Curiosity peaked Bulma clicked on the word "burn" and another much smaller screen appeared.


The burn status effect is one of the more dangerous ones as it causes continuous damage to the player. Damage received is variable depending on the amount of damage that caused the burn. Burns have a chance to inspire fear and terror in enemies causing them as well as their allies to flee. A terrified player might not attack even if they want to.

'Well that's good to know. I assume the other statuses are exactly what I think they are and that there are others like poison, confusion, and slow. All this info is great but I wonder if I can do it on my own.' Bulma once again reached into the Inventory and took out her coffee mug, pondering it for a moment Bulma then began to yell out a couple of phrases she hoped would work. "Info! Description! Status? See? Tell me dammit!... Observe?" Suddenly a small box appeared above the mug holding the same description that she saw in the inventory box. Then another screen appeared this time directly in front Bulma.

Congratulations! Through a certain act a special skill has been created!

Observe Lvl: 1

Observe allows the player to see the basic description of the people and items around them. Right now the player will be able to see another character's Name, Level, Title, HP, KP, and MP. Characters with levels far above the player's own will only show their name and title unless secret. Inaccessible information will appear as ? where numbers or words normally would.

'Now that's really interesting, now I have surefire way to figure out when someone can eviscerate me without a second thought. More importantly I know when my… valorous protector should back off. I also noticed Observe has a level, I wonder if all abilities have levels.' Bulma then dismissed all of the open windows because at that point her vision was quite cluttered with blue boxes leaving only the UI screen. She pressed the Skills tab and ended up… disappointed.

Combat Moves:


Utility Moves:

Observe Lvl. 1



Powered Passives:


"I… wow, uhhhh… Okay." 'Maybe Perks will have more for me.'


Super Genius- The gods of genetics have favored you and all your life you've absorbed information like a sponge!

Double stat gains from learning or being taught. +1 Int every level.

Inventor: You've always been a tinkerer and your results have been more than adequate.

+50% Exp. Earned towards Mechanics and Technology. Easier Int gains.

Beauty: Your pretty and everyone knows it.

+25% Exp. towards Seduction and Bartering skills. Easier charm gains.


Vain: You got it! And you know you got it! You also let everyone else around you know.

-15% Rep. Gain.

Special Perks:

Capsule Corp Heir- As heir to the Capsule Corporation Bulma has a lot to live up to and look forward to in life. This has put her into the social circles of many of her father's colleagues but alienated her with those her age.

+50% Rep. gain with Scientists and Inventors. +50% Rep. gain with Bachelors. -25% Rep gain within Generation. +50% Persuasion with those who recognize her status. +5% chance for random acts of kindness from strangers. +25% Exp. Earned towards Mercantile, Management, Bartering, Tinkering, and Technology. Easier Int gains.

Invited Gamer- You might not be The Gamer but you are sure as hell getting the benefits. Your life is now a game and as such damage you receive won't be as obvious and you will rarely scar. Be warned, if your health reaches 0 you will die, there is no reset button.



Bulma didn't know how to feel; on one hand this was spectacular. She gets to live life as if it were a videogame meaning meaningful progression that would occur over decades such as high strength stats and high wisdom stats can be done immediately. In the course of a few weeks she could be smarter and wiser than her father! The thought was mind blowing. Not to mention these perks were fantastic and geared so much towards intelligence not exploiting them would be wasteful. If she follows how these games typically function that means she had the potential to be a great witch which would be a magnificent foil to Goku's brute force hand to hand combat style. On the other hand mortality and her flaws are being thrust in her face. 'Am I really vain? Is that how people think of me? And what if I die? If I want to level up I might have to fight… can I do that? Maybe I should just tell Goku to dismiss me and I'll forget this ever happened. No. There's no way I could forget, not when there is a quantitative way to decide whether I'm the smartest in the world. I will be great one day, but with Goku by my side… I know I'll be far greater, it's worth the risks.'

A calm settled over Bulma, in that moment she realized her life just took a drastic turn and f she follows the path, there's no going back. Unfortunately this calm was interrupted when she heard a loud knocking on her door.


AN: We'll see Goku and Turtle next chapter and I'm hoping to actually diverge canon a bit more. Obviously this chapter was an info dump though more will be coming I wanted Bulma to be knowledgeable enough to begin to take advantage of the system and essentially mold Goku into a great warrior. The rest of the information will be sprinkled in; I know at the very least that I really want to see a dungeon so that will be happening either the next chapter or the third. I just need to find a place to put it because in canon the first adventure takes place over the course of like four days, which is super short, but I don't want to wait until Roshi's training for a dungeon. Please review as I value the opinions of others, in particular to answer the question of whether or not to write out the entire beginning portion of Dragonball.

The System: In case anyone was wondering how this system works I will explain it here. A level 0 character will have no stats, a level 1 has five, and so every level up will garner a player five stat points to spend. For example Goku, at level 26, has 130 stat points spread throughout the seven stats. I also tried to make sure that a character's stats make sense to their nature and abilities like Goku's physical stats and Bulma's high Intelligence. HP and MP are straightforward in that for each stat point in Vitality you get 20 HP and for each stat point in Intelligence you get 20 MP. I have MP because Baba exists as does magic and… I got an idea. Ki is slightly more confusing in that to figure out what determines the amount of Ki you have I went to the wiki. From what it says, with references to the manga and Akira Toriyama quotes, I decided to have the total be Strength plus Vitality plus 1/5 of Wisdom plus Intelligence. If the wisdom intelligence thing seems low the reasoning is twofold. One, I didn't want this to turn into hyper-leveling Intelligence because it's the smartest choice. Two, Goku's dumb and still strong as balls so Mind can't be all that important unless its mental fortitude which can attribute to Vitality a bit. Finally this is still evolving so I might pull a "system update" somewhere down the road.

I also don't have a beta and would greatly appreciate one. I think I did an ok job but an outside opinion can be critical. That's why I'd love reviews! Hope y'all enjoyed it. I'll probably update within two weeks time especially since I have other stories I'm trying to write.

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