Armada AU Hot shot is really a girl disguised by Optimus who promised her mom and dad that he would protect her. When the others find out are they surprised. But when the Decepticons find out Megatron wants to take her so she can be his adopt son Starscream's wife. Starscream finds out his true Autobot heritage. What will happen?

chapter 1 The secret is out

Hot shot was busy in 'his' room. In fact Hot shot wasn't a he, Hot shot was a she! Hot shot kept her true gender secret. Optimus prime knew. He took care of her after her parents were killed. Hot shot did her best to her true identity a secret. But her female like habits were starting to get in the way. Like yesterday...

"Hurry up Hot shot I really gotta go!." Smokescreen said banging on the door.

"Pardon me for moisturizing!" Hot shot said.

"Huh?" Smokescreen said.

"Which is what have to do after I shave." Hot shot said coming out.

"Shave what one of them hairless earth cats?" Smokescreen said as he rushed in after Hot shot walked out.

Present day.

Hot shot was practicing with Scavenger. "You are doing great Hot shot," Scavenger said.

"Thanks." Hot shot said.

At the end of the day. Hot shot was taking off the armor that made her look like a guys and took off her voice changer. Then she went to bed. Hot shot heard someone coming into her room. She quickly put on her voice changer. "Who is it?" Hot shot said.

"It's just me." Optimus said.

"Oh Optimus," Hot shot said taking it off. "It's getting harder and harder keeping my true gender a secret." She told him.

"I think so too I think it is time to show the others who you really are." Optimus said.

"Okay." She said.

"We will do it when the kids arrive first thing in the morning." Optimus said.

Meanwhile on the Decepticon moon base. Demolisher was doing research at the computer. "This is boring job trying to hack into old Autobot files." he said. "Hey it's that young Autobot Hot shot's file I bet there is somethings in there that might be helpful hopefully." Demolisher said and took a sip of energon and when he saw what he saw on medical report and Hot shot's birth certificate he spit out his energon.

"What the huh? Hot shot is a girl?" Demolisher said. He hacked in further and it confirmed Hot shot was female. "Megatron has to hear this." He said getting up.

Demolisher went into the throne room. "What is it Demolisher?" Megatron asked as he scratched himself.

"Megatron I hacked into the to Autobot files like you asked I was looking at the one about the young soldier Hot shot and found something interesting." Demolisher said.

"Well out with it!" Megatron shouted.

"Well sir read it and turns out Hot shot is a girl." Demolisher said.

"How can that be?" Megatron said.

"I agree that is weird." Wheeljack said.

"Here I printed out the files even a copy of Hot shot's birth certificate." Demolisher said handing it over.

Megatron looked at it and got an evil grin on his face. "This is perfect she will be the perfect wife for my adopted son Starscream." Megatron said.

"Good idea sir." Demolisher said.

Well I guess I won't be getting Revenge on her anymore. Wheeljack thought.

At the Autobot base.

Optimus gathered the crew. Jetfire, Side swipe, Scavenger, Blurr, Red alert, Smokescreen and the kids. "Hey Optimus where's Hot shot?" Rad asked.

"You know how the humans say if hide something do it in plain sight?" Optimus asked.

"Yes," Rad said.

"Hey Hot shot come here." Optimus said.

A femme that looked like Hot shot came out Side swipe almost dropped his gun. "You made him look like a girl?" Jetfire asked trying not to laugh.

"I am a girl." Hot shot said.

"Bro you're a SHE!" Side swipe said.

Hot shot nodded. "Everyone meet Hottina Shotilla. Sorry we had to fool all of you but I promised her parents I would protect her." Optimus said.

"Optimus do you have Hot shot's medical records and birth certificate?" Red alert asked.

"Yes here." Optimus said handing them over.

Red alert looked at them. Then he looked at the CNA that recently came off of Hot shot. They all said Hot shot was female.

"Hot shot is a girl' Red alert said.

"Do we have to call you Hottina Shotilla?' Jetfire asked.

"No!" Hot shot said.

"Well you always be a boy to me Hot shot." Smokescreen said.

"Thanks I think," Hot shot said punching Smokescreen in the arm.

"Ow, you hit hard for a girl." Smokescreen said.

Hot shot laughed.

"How about I call you sis." Side swipe said.

"Okay," Hot shot said.

The next day. There was a fight. "Hey Optimus we found out something about Hot shot that she is a girl." Megatron said. "It seems you decided to show everyone." Megatron said.

"If you are thinking about taking her I won't let you." Optimus said.

"Oh yeah!" Megatron said.

"Try me!" Optimus said.

Tidal wave grabbed Hot shot. "Hey let me go!" Hot shot snapped.

"We have what we want let's go!" Megatron said and warped away with Hot shot.

"NO!" Optimus said.

To be continued.