chapter 3

It had been a while and all the bots and cons were busy finding Minicons. Starscream and Hot shot were so happy together. Hot shot had just come back from Red alert he told her that she was pregnant.

She was so happy she couldn't wait to tell Starscream.

This was very specail this would be the first sparkling born in a long time.

Hot shot found Starscream reading a book. She came to him and put her arms around him. "Hello my dear how did the check up with Red alert go?" Starscream asked.

"It went alright." she said. Then she kissed him. "I have some great news." she said.

"What is it?' he asked.

"I'm pregnant." she said.

"Huh?!" he said. He looked shocked. "We're going to have a sparkling?" he asked.

"Yes we are." Hot shot said.

He spun her around. "This is wonderful!" he said.

"I know I am so excited." Hot shot said.

Starscream and Hot shot began to prepare for their sparkling. They were pretty excited. Today was a big day, it was going to be Hot shot's first prenatal check up. "Okay you two the sparkling has been doing great so far. I will use a fetal Doppler and the ultra sound to check on it." Red alert said. Red alert got the fetal Doppler out.

"Now the sparkling's spark beat will sound just like a cyber rail or an earth train." Red alert said.

"They both sound the same." Hot shot said.

"I know they do." Red alert said. He placed the fetal Doppler on Hot shot's middle.

Hot shot prepared herself because she knew what miscarriage was. She learned about it in school when she took a class about child development. A small but quick sound was heard. Red alert smiled he knew what that sound was it was the sparkling's spark. "Hear that?" Red alert asked.

Starscream and Hot shot nodded. "That is the little one's spark." Red alert said. Then Red alert did the ultra sound. They saw a tiny little thing on the screen "That is the cyber-embryo." Red alert said. Then he pointed at something. "That is it's little spark beating as you can see it is very rapid." Red alert said.

"It's so cute and tiny." Hot shot said.

"It sure is." Starscream said.

"Yes it's about the size of alloy peanut." Red alert said. "But it will get bigger. It will get even bigger after it's born." he said. "Everything checks out okay both of you are healthy." he said.

Hot shot then looked a little green. "Hot shot sweetie are you okay?" Starscream asked.

"I feel a little queasy." Hot shot said.

"Don't worry it's a normal part of pregnancy." Red alert said.

After a couple months Hot Shot began to show. Everyone could tell she was pregnant. Her adoptive brother Side swipe loved to put his hands on her belly. Hot shot and Starscream saw how much Side swipe was helping them out. "Looks like I know who want to be our child's god father." Starscream said.

"Yes Side swipe would be a great god father he is so sweet." Hot shot said.

"Yeah, he sure is." Starscream said.

After a couple of months they were going to find out the gender of their sparkling. Red alert took a look at the ultra sound. "Looks like a seeker like the father." Red alert said.

"That's great," Hot shot said. The she thought about something. "What about the wings won't it make delivery difficult?" she said.

"No it won't," Starscream said. "The wings fold against the back as deliver begins to ease it's passage." he said.

Hot shot sighed with relief.

"What's the gender?" Starscream asked.

"Congratulations it's a girl." Red alert said.

"Wow!" Hot shot and Starscream said.

"I know you will make a great uncle like the other Autobots and Decepticons." Starscream said.

"Yes and at the baby shower in two days we have a surprise for Side swipe." Hot shot said.

"Whatever the surprise is I know he'll like it." Red alert said.

The baby shower was about to begin. Everyone was getting things ready. Everyone was having a good time. They were excited that Hot shot and Starscream were having a girl.

This was big. Side swipe came over he had a cuddly plush giraffe for the sparkling. "Side swipe we have something to tell you." Starscream said.

"What is it?" Side swipe asked.

"You're going to be the god father of our daughter." Hot shot said.

"Me? Really?" Side swipe said.

"Yes you have been such a big help to Starscream and I in preparing for the sparkling." Hot shot said.

"Yes and we know you will be a great god father to our little girl." Starscream said.

"Thanks, I will do my best to be a good god father." Side swipe said.

Everything was ready for the sparkling. It would be 2 more months until the sparkling would be born their was still much to do.

Two months passed by quickly. Hot shot was due any day now. She was a little worried about the delivery. "Don't worry Hot shot." Starscream said.

"Okay, but it's hard not to." she said.

That night everyone was fast asleep. Hot shot tossed and turned. Then she woke up. "Oh! AH!" she said groaned and breathed heavily. She knew it was time the sparkling was coming. She shook Starscream awake. "Starscream it's time." she said.

Starscream got up and commed Red alert.

"What's going on?" Red alert asked.

"Hot shot's in labor!" Starscream said.

"Okay I'll be in the med bay waiting for you." Red alert said.

Starscream helped Hot shot to the med bay. Optimus saw Starscream and Hot shot heading for the med-bay.

"Is it time?" Optimus asked.

"Yes Hot shot is going to have the sparkling." Starscream said.

"Okay I will let everyone know." Optimus said.

"Great," Starscream said.

Once in the med bay Hot shot was laying down on the bed. She was in a lot of pain. Starscream was holding her hand. Red alert was looking at everything. "Hot shot everything looks good so far it might be a couple more hours okay." Red alert said.

After three hours had passed Red alert checked on everything again. "Okay Hot shot you're ready." Red alert said. "On the next contraction you're going to have push." he said.

Hot shot did so and soon a cute little girl sparkling was born.

Hot shot was smiling down at the little girl she held in her arms. "Isn't she precious?" Hot shot asked.

"She's perfect." Starscream said. "Let's name her Starlight." Starscream said.

"That's perfect." Hot shot said. "Hello Starlight." she said.

All the Autobots came in and were in awe of the little sparkling.

To be continued.