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The story begins...











Spider Man was web slinging down one of the many New York City's streets. He did a back flip and landed on a water tower and look down at the city below, he was king of New York. Spider Man said to himself "Today looks like a nice slow day, maybe I can actually do my homework on time this time!" Just then an explosion happened. Spider Man gave a sigh of annoyance "Me and my big mouth!" As he jumped head first off of the water tower, he waited till he was just a few feet above the ground before he webbed a building, he gained enough momentum to reach his top speed within the first few swings.

When Spider Man reached the place where the explosion had occurred the building was on fire, he said "Oh no..." He wasted no time to jump into the burning build through a broken window. He called into the smoke fill room "Everyone follow my voice, I will get you out!" Just then his spider sense went off, he jump back and a piece of the roof land on where he was standing. Spider Man said after landing on some out coals "Talk about a hot foot!" He decided to waste no more time on waiting for people, he heard a baby's cry. He ran to a locked door and he kicked it in easily he searched the room and found a cradle he saw the baby, he said to the baby "It's going to be Ok." He gently picked the baby up and jumped out of the window.

Spider Man landed next to several firefighters and a woman, the woman said "My baby!"

Spider Man gently handed the baby girl to the woman and said "Cute kid."

The woman said "Thank you for saving my baby!"

Spider Man heard that with his sensitive hearing but made no reply because he already was going back in for another round of checking the building, by now the fire was raging and it began melting his suit a little but Spider Man ignored it completely he was focused on the people who were stuck in here. He heard someone call out from a room across the hall he ran to the door and said "I am going to kick in the door, back up and get away from it!" He heard several pairs of feet scurry away. He Sparta kicked it the door in, he saw four people in his spider sense went off and he caught a piece of burning roof up before it could kill the civilians he said in a strained voice "This is heavy you know, you may want GET OUT OF HERE!" The people did not need to be told twice they got out of the room where Spider Man dropped the piece of wood. His sider sense was going crazy. H saw the people and called "This way! I have an idea!" They ran to him. He made a window bigger by taking down part of the wall. He made a web slide and said "Everyone down the slide, please keep ands and feet in the slide at all times." He picked up a little boy and put him then gave him a gentle push. The boy slid down to safety. Soon the rest slid down eagerly.

Before the last one left he asked a old man "Are you people the last ones?"

The old man replied and said "I think so."

Spider Man helped him up and pushed him down. Spider Man could not afford 'I think so' he needs to know if there is anybody left. He focused on his spider sense an searched the rest of the building no one else was in. But he checked anyway. His spider sense was giving him a massive head ache. He had several first degree burns all over his body. Spider Man was ready to leave when a piece of roofing fell and land on the only way out of the building.

Spider Man groaned and said "Why is this always my luck? I just had to say something!" Spider Man could feel his skin beginning to melt in some places. He began to see black dots inn his vision he said "I forgot I have a communicator." He pushed a button that was a distress call. Spider Man made a web down around himself it actually blocked a lot of heat. Spider Man checked his web shooters he was almost out and he had no more spare web fluid.

Spider Man began to black out when he heard someone call out "Peter!"

Spider Man called in a pained voice "Here!" He weakly tried to break the web dome to no avail, he got a little liquid from behind his belt he put some on his hand and smeared it across the inside of his web dome. In the matter of seconds the dome was dissolved. Spider Man called out again going towards the voice on the verge of blacking out due to both pain and to smoke inhalation "I'm here!"

Spider Man muttered despite being in great pain and grave danger "I need to invest in a fire retardant suit as well as a filter for a mask! And I need ice webbing that is the new project!" Spider Man weakly went toward the voice. His spider sense went off he went to web the ceiling but he was out of web fluid and he fell down a few floors. He looked up and saw a shadow through the flames and said with a pained groaned "Watch out the first step is a drop off!"

The dark figure jumped down from the height and landed a few feet from where Spider Man had landed. Spider Man felt himself being picked up with great care and he shut his eyes and relaxed.

Power Man was the only one able to enter the building because of his skin he was able to handle the heat as well as anything that would have fell on him, the only other person he might have been able to help would have been Nova but he was with the guardians of the galaxy and will not be back for a few days. Power Man gently picked up the downed Spider. He lowered his massive shoulder and ran down the hall. He broke through the outside wall and made sure to land on his back.

The two heroes fell about two stories and Power Man made sure to land on his back in order to protect Spider Man from anymore injury.

White Tiger was at their side the moment they stopped skidding across the street.

Spider Man feeling the cool, clean air began to revive. He felt he was being held down and he was in pain, a lot of pain. The moment he felt the begin to slow he allowed his muscle to coil p like a spring he waited till he felt to grip slip a little then he unleashed what strength he had left in his legs. Spider Man leapt further than what he would normally jump. He jumped forty feet high and landed on a building. All Spider Man knew was that he was in pain and needed to get away from danger.

White Tiger saw bits and pieces of the suit completely burned off and showing scorched skin. She could smell burnt flesh coming from Peter. White Tiger could sense the pain Spider Man was in. When she saw Spider Man leap away she was both furious and relived, she was angry because Spider Man was getting away without telling her anything as well as for not checking in for injury protocol. But she was glad that Spider Man was ok enough to jump away like that.

White Tiger growled and said to no one in particular "When I find him I will..."

Power Man only heard the first part and could tell he did not want to be in Peter's shoes at this time.

Iron Fist was standing quietly and watching the flames, there was nothing he or anyone else could do about it, at least Spider Man got everyone out alive!

Spider Man was running wounded from the roof tops, he was pretty much out of web fluid in one web shooter and was completely empty in the other web shooter. Spider Man was not in a very good spot. He let his instincts take control, he run along the roof tops at nearly seventy - five miles an hour. He ran and ran until his adrenaline wore off. He made it to his home, he jumped in through his bedroom widow which was opened. He shut it locked it and pulled down the blinds.

Spider Man tried to take off the suit but some of it had melted to his skin and had fused it together, this fire was a lot hotter than most, he had been in several fires before, he has been shot by lightning but nothing like this had happened before. Peter took off the mask and walked into the bathroom mirror he had several burns on his face his suit was melted and burned through in some places revealing burned raw flesh. Peter said "Great I just fixed this suit yesterday!" His humor and sarcasm knew no bounds.

Peter went and got a wood ruler and wrapped it up with a leather belt he put it in his mouth and clamped down on it. He knew taking off the suit would be painful even for him and his high pain tolerance. Peter began to peel off his suit and with the suit came some skin, he was being skinned alive in some areas. Tears welled up from the pain but he let no noise out. After maybe fifteen minutes of peeling off the suit the suit was off.

Peter got a look in the mirror and saw just how bad it really was, not a single piece of skin was saved it was red and raw in most places and in other places it was charred black. He looked like he had lost a battle with a flamethrower and had the Hulk throw him through a building. In short he looked and felt terrible.

Peter stepped into the shower already for it. He turned on the cold water on to stop and to cool down the burns. He slowly and gently rubbed the wounds. He winced and groaned in pain the whole time. He said to himself "I wish I had a healing factor like Wolverine!"

After taking time to soak the burns in cold water he stepped out of the shower and gingerly dried off. He got some loose clothes and put them on. He reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out some painkillers as well as some antibiotics. He being extremely flexible was able to put the balm most everywhere. He swallowed some pills to help with the pain.

Peter was ready to fell asleep it was a Friday so no school for a couple of days, more rest for him. Peter went into his closet knowing that, that was the only place where no one would look for him. He fell asleep on the top shelf of the closet.

Peter woke up in a dark place. Peter groaned he had a headache that felt similar to a hangover. He groaned and said "Shut up spider sense!" His spider sense still was not very happy. Peter looked around and he found himself in a dark tight place. Peter remembered where he was after a few seconds of trying to think of what happened then the memories flooded in like a flash flood. Peter realized his whole body was sore and ached not just his head. Peter went to look at his watch but it was burned off at the fire. He said "I need to do two things; One get an alarm clock in the closet, and two I need to get a new watch!"

Peter realized he was in a web near the ceiling of his closet. Peter jumped down and land on the floor with a light thud. Peter opened up the closet door and saw the time by the clock next to his bed it read "7:30 AM" Peter smiled and said "Fourteen, maybe sixteen hours sleep? Not bad, at least my burns are almost gone and I have all day Saturday to relax! No more fires for a few day, I need to avoid the heat."

Peter went into the bathroom and took off his shirt and saw his burns were mostly healed, the third degree burns looked like just a really bad sunburn, and the minor burns he received were already healed. Peter smiled seeing that he was healing nicely already though he was still in pain. Peter went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out an Advil bottle he downed six Advil and looked in the mirror and said "I have an accelerated metabolism meaning my body runs through things quicker, in short I need to eat at least twice as much as a normal man minimum so far there is no limit of how much I can eat. I need to take three times as much Advil to have it take affect." The Advil kicked in after a few short minutes Peter said "The reason why it kicked in is because my body runs through it quicker so instead of it taking twenty to thirty minutes it only takes a fraction of that time." Peter still had a headache due to his spider sense acting up. Peter said with a whiney tone "Could he please stop tingling spider sense?"

Peter put on some ointment to help the healing process, not that he need it, but he would help him to heal even quicker. Peter slipped on a clean loose shirt, it was a long sleeved pale blue shirt. Peter would have also wore some jeans but due to the burns he had to settle for long shorts, meaning the shorts he wore went down to the shins. The burns were not too bad surprisingly near his feet ankle area, they were already healed. Peter put on some socks and slipped on a pair of shoes and walked down stairs.

When Peter arrived down stairs Peter was surprised that no one was home, Ava, Danny, Sam, Luke were no where to be seen or heard nor was Flash, Chou, Miles. He was alone in the house, it had been a while since something like this has happened to him. It was nice having your own house back to yourself. Peter made himself some cereal and ate some breakfast in the quietness of the empty house, he enjoyed it though he almost wished Ava was here in her tight fitting pants walking around the kitchen. With his spider sense Peter was able to speed up his brain and hand eye coordination and therefore make it appear that he slows time down, which was why he always had something to say and was bored, time moved slow and slower for him well it felt like it to him.

After breakfast he did the bowl and spoon up and washed them by hand he then dried them and he put them away. Peter was thinking about taking a nap, he always need to sleep after being injured, his body goes into a almost coma like state every time he gets hurt in a big way. Well maybe it was more like hibernation, never mind it is not hibernation a coma is closer, though he does sleep more and is more sluggish in the winter. After being injured Spider Man usually runs an goes to a safe place then collapses and wakes up several hours later. It helps him heal.

Peter went to the couch and laid on his back, he put his crook of his arm over his eyes blocking out the rest of the world. Peter began to drift off to sleep when he his spider sense went off, ok it sharpened. Peter was awake and waiting on the couch he knew he could not be seen laying on the couch from the door. Peter heard the door open and shut. Peter pretended to be asleep. He focused on his spider sense to try to view what was going on, but he was too tired and he did not have the time for it.

Peter could smell someone it was a pleasant smell so he knew it was not any of the Sinister Six because they all reeked, it was not Goblin because Goblin had been destroyed. It was probably not a threat because if it was Pete figured he would be dead or at least attacked by now. Peter's spider sense still was not very happy. Peter shut his eyes and forced himself to take slow breathes that mimicked sleep. Though Peter's heart beat lied against him.

Peter could feel eyes burning into him...

Peter could smell someone and it was pleasant smell he may not have a super, superhuman sense of smell like Wolverine or White Tiger but he could smell really well. Peter could sense pheromones really well, and they can affect him most types of insect uses this style to communicate for an example ants and wasps and bees all use pheromones to communicate, some spiders are known to release pheromones as well, though at this time Peter is either unable to release his own or can't control it. Peter could feel eyes burning into him, he tried to fake sleep, he felt who or what ever it was walking across the wood floor in front of the door, he felt the transition between the wood in front of the door to the carpet everywhere else.

Peter felt light foot steps walking towards him. Peter had his eyes shut but his spider sense told of someone was coming and something was not right.

Peter focused on his heart beat to slow it down and held his breath, he knew he could easily hold it for well over fifteen minutes underwater and even longer than that in the air. Peter could well in theory hold his breath if he was wearing loose breathable clothing and if he did not move, Peter could plausibly hold his breath for over an hour, due to the fact that spiders do not breathe through lungs, but rather through their skin, well exoskeleton. Peter held his breath and focused on his heart beat, he shut down all unnecessary function except for his feeling and hearing. He could not shut off his spider sense even if he wanted to. Peter Parker's heart beat dropped from 220 beats per minute to only 30 beats per minute.

The intruder stopped in front of Peter and listened. Peter heard their heart beat speed up, Peter could smell either fear or worry, both smell similar though one is more potent. Peter at first could smell relief and anger, but now fear.

The intruder put their head on Peter's chest, then went to grab Peter... big mistake.

Peter's spider sense went off when the intruder grabbed him. Peter in instinct fought back. Full of adrenaline Peter's heart beat was once again extremely high and all of Peter's function were functioning at a high level. Peter opened his eyes to see a fist coming at him, he easily caught it and he flip over and landed behind the intruder and kicked the intruder in the shoulder blades.

Peter jumped onto the ceiling out of habit and to his fear when he looked down looked a very pissed Ava Ayala, Ava was the intruder.

Peter said in a very fearsome tone "Can we talk this out?"

Ava growled in response.

Peter said "I take that as a 'no'!" He went to web but was out of web fluid. He gulped nervously. He weighed and counted his options and concluded that it would be best to jump down before thing got worse.

Peter jumped down in front of Ava and she was already on her feet. Peter was scared and that was an understatement.

Ava glared at Peter and said "You've been missing for over forty - eight hours!"

Peter asked clearly confused "Wait what?!"

Ava growled and said "You heard me Web Head!"

Peter said "Ava in my defense I was asleep most of that time."

Ava was still not pleased with the answer. Ava said "Peter you... you... *grrr*" Ava could not find the words to describe how she felt, truth be told she had a crush on him that no one else knows. She hated seeing him hurt and always putting himself on the line as if he has a death wish.

Peter said in a calm voice sense Ava's anger and concern "Ava..."

Ava slapped Peter extremely hard, so hard in fact that Peter stumbled back. Ava then gave a round house kick to Peter's ribs.

Peter's new skin broke and began to bleed. Peter said in pain "What was that for?"

Ava said not realizing the damage she had done "For hiding from us and making us worry and for not going to sick bay."

By now the back of Peter's shirt was soaked in blood where he had fell and slid.

Ava could now smell the fresh blood and when Peter got up he winced in pain.

Ava had to keep her 'tough girl' act on or else she felt like she would crumble, she was always slightly jealous of Peter and how he was able to joke around and just be a kid, though it did annoy her at times. Ava felt sick to her stomach.

Peter walked up stairs without saying a word to his crush. Peter walked into his room and put some webbing in his web shooters and web his back to stop the bleeding. Peter pulled out a sticky note and wrote "Note to self; need to make medical webbing with antibiotic in formula. Note to self two; need to make ice webbing. Note to self three; make fire retardant spider suit." After jotting down those few notes, Peter changed into a new shirt and walked down stairs.

Ava was waiting for him. Peter was in a rather sour mood at this time, he was in pain and his crushed just beat him for no reason. But that is the Parker's Charm for you! Even though he was mad at Ava he could not stay mad for very long.

Ava said "Peter I-"

Peter did something he rarely ever did he cut Ava off and said "Ava, please don't say your sorry unless you truly mean it. Ava I truly am sorry for all of the worry and concern I caused everyone especially to you."

Ava was speechless.

Peter said "Come on let's get me to sick bay, before I change my mind."

Ava nodded and she and Peter walked a bit before realizing how were they going to get there!

Peter said as if reading her mind "I am not going to the Tri Carrier, but rather the Tri Skelion. It is land based so I can walk, I am out of Spidey suits."

Ava gave an irritated huff but said nothing.

Peter was pissed off. Very rarely has Peter become angry let alone... this. Peter was silent and that was almost impossible! Peter was always cheerful, the 'glass half full' guys, one of the super optimist characters. Now? Peter was not himself and it was not pretty, Ava could feel the hostility seething off from him, she could smell his barely restraint rage. Ava was actually afraid of Peter, she never was before, until now.

They walked the whole way in silence, well they would have if Ava did not ask Peter "So Pete, I was curious why are you so..." She paused trying to think of a word before continuing "Why are you usually so... vibrant and cheerful?"

Peter gave her a look that said 'I am in no mood to talk'. Peter gave an annoyed growl at Ava.

Ava growled back not liking being growled at because of the disrespect she felt. Ava was proud and pride was her greatest weakness.

Peter rolled his eyes not in the mood to talk to anyone, he reached into his pocket for his cell phone or MP3 player or something to listen to music by to help him calm down, but the fire destroyed everything on him. It's just the Parker Charm. Peter would have loved to have the music wash him away in the sound of musical harmony. Peter hoped he could salvage one thing, it was a recording from someone who was close, she was closer than anyone before and she was the closest anyone has managed to get even after. This special someone's name was Gwen Stacey. The whole Stacey's family was dead, no one was alive, George Stacey was dead, Gwen Stacey was dead, Helen Stacey was dead. All of there death's had something to due directly with him except for Helen Stacey who died from cancer.

When Peter first saw Ava he was reminded of Gwen, the way Ava was serious was similar to Gwen's except for the fact that Gwen could and did joke around. Gwen was his first love, he misses her at times like these, heck he misses her most of the time.

Ava could smell salt water, she could hear Peter's heart beat fluttering refusing to beat normal, his heart beat was normal strong and fast. Right now it had no true rhythm it was almost random.

Peter put on a almost complete stoic face almost because his face had a ting of anger. Peter refused to look at Ava he kept his eyes toward the horizon.

(Line Break)

Peter and Ava arrived at the Tri Skelion where the all of the teams crowed and all asking "Where were you?" and "What happened to you?"

Peter had superhuman hearing and all of this was beginning to piss him off. Too much noise coupled with a spider sense headache.

Iron Fist sensed something off about Peter, he felt a dark energy about him. Dagger felt it as well, something dark.

Everyone saw Peter uncharacterly quiet.

Kid Arachnid asked Peter "Hey what's wrong Pete?"

Peter rolled his eyes and said "Nothing." There was something in the tone that said otherwise everyone could just tell something was off.

Power Man, Iron First, Nova, and Ava was there making up 'Team Ultimate'. The Web Warriors consisted of; Iron Spider, Scarlet Spider (he did not die, but he did betray Peter) Agent Venom, and Kid Arachnid. The last team present was the "New Warriors" the were made up of Cloak, Dagger, Ka - Zar, Squirrel Girl, and Zabu a saber tooth tiger, and Triton. Everyone felt a chill the way Peter was just... Peter was not being himself, something was off.

Doctor Curt Connors called Peter from an intercom and said "Peter Parker, please report to sick bay." Peter flinched when he heard the loud voice, and growled lowly at the voice remembering him as the Lizard.

Peter made his way to sick bay, where the Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, and Doctor Connors.

Nick said "You're late!"

Peter said with in annoyance.

Doc Connors said "Something wrong Peter?"

Peter said with sarcasm "You know how much I love going to the doctors!"

Nick pinched the bridge of his nose and said "Can you cut the sarcasm kid?"

Peter rolled his eyes and said "Can we just get this over with?" Spider Man spider sense went off. He looked around feeling nervous.

Doc Connors said "Peter you know the drill..."

Peter growled but sighed and complied. He took off his shirt revealing new skin. Peter said "I have a healing factor, it may not be as good as Wolverine's, I think I would give just about anything for that." When he saw the two men staring in shock.

Director Fury said "Turn around Parker."

Peter said "You want to see the whole package do you?" Peter joked.

Fury glared at Peter, and Peter just scoffed.

Peter turned around the webbing was still there, Peter said "You can just peel that off if you like."

The webbing was red with blood stains. Peter reached behind due to his extreme flexibility and pulled off the webbing. His back had new skin, it was still pink being new.

Peter pulled his shirt back on and said "There you saw, now leave me alone!" Peter stormed out of sick bay.

Peter stormed out of sick bay, his rational part of his brain told him to calm down, but the pain and instincts told him to fight back and run. Peter had a massive migraine between a one and a ten it is a twenty. Peter was in pain, his body may have looked healed but it was not completely healed, he was still sore and still not a whole lot more sleep. Peter growled to himself "Shut up spider sense!" He was getting more and more wired up.

Peter stopped and shut his eyes, he backed up to a dark corner of the corridor. He shut his eyes right now everything hurt, everything was so bright, everything was so loud. Peter has not lost control of his powers like this since he first got his powers. Everything was hurting him.

Peter felt a presence approaching him, he sensed it before. Peter froze then waited... and waited... then he lashed out, he grabbed Scarlet Spider by his throat and slammed him into the wall. Peter came to himself he felt himself holding Scarlet Spider against the wall tightly by his throat. Peter dropped him and let Scarlet fall to the floor. Peter looked around and he saw a few people staring at him in shock; Agent Venom, White Tiger, and Dagger.

Peter looked at them and looked down at Scarlet Spider who was getting back up to his feet and he looked back at the small group and darted to opposite way. Peter was feeling sick.

Peter went into his room inside the Tri Skelion and locked the door, then he webbed it shut. Peter plopped on his bed and looked at his wrists, he mumbled "I made a promise..." Peter replied to his own statement and said "To a dead person, a dead man does not care if a promise is kept or not."

Peter just shut his eyes and tried to shut off his spider sense. Peter could not get his headache to stop. Peter's head throbbed with every heart beat, and his heart was thumping about two hundred beats a minute.

Peter's spider sense shut off, he gave a sigh of relief. He heard someone knock, he rolled over on his side turning his back on the door. The person knocked a little louder. Peter gave up and said "Come in!"

He webbed the lock opening it up. White Tiger walked in. Peter rolled over and looked into her yellow eyes of the mask. Peter looked at the ground and said "I am so sorry." Peter did not know why he lost control.

White Tiger took off her mask and looked at Peter. Ava growled and Peter flinched. Peter was afraid to look up.

Ava said "Look at me Parker!" Ava had said this with a growl.

Peter timidly looked up at the great White Tiger. He swallowed nervously and said "Ava I am sorry."

Ava growled and said "Do you think that fixes anything?!"

Peter looked at the ground and said in a quiet, defeated voice "No..."

Ava saw a different side of Peter again, she saw an angry Peter and now a defeated Peter. Neither of which was pleasant to her.

Ava thought to herself "I need to screw the tough girl act, just for a few seconds." Ava sighed and walked over and sat down beside Peter. Peter flinched as if expecting to be struck. Ava said in a voice Peter thought he would never hear from her it was a soft, concerned, loving voice and said "Peter, relax no one is here to hurt you. You are in a safe place."

Peter was beginning to calm down, but when she said 'this is a safe place' Peter said quite voice "No, I was betrayed and unmasked by who I thought was a friend, I was unmasked to my worst enemy!"

Ava heard a lot of depression in the tone of Peter's voice, she never thought she would ever hear that coming out of Peter. Ava said "Peter..." She forgot about that.

Peter stood up and went into his closet he pulled out a new Spider Man suit. He put on the mask first, he was a different person beneath the mask, the mask made him strong, it gave him his voice, it freed him. It also killed George and Gwen Stacey. Spider Man was a problem, he caused chaos. Peter mused darkly "Maybe JJJ is right..."

Ava said "Peter take off the stupid mask!"

Peter shut his eyes and said "I think I will chose option two."

Ava growled and then said "Ok Peter, option one you take it off yourself, option two I take it off!"

Peter sighed he took off his mask.

Ava could smell his tears though he refused to look at her. Peter was not wanting this to happen to burst.

Peter shook his head and asked Ava softly and kindly "Can I please have some time to myself?"

Ava knew it was a good choice to leave him be, right now he was calm so leaving him now before he gets angry again would be a good thing. Ava left him alone in his room.

Peter just wanted to be alone, this was the week Gwen died, it was a cold autumn night during a fight with a villain when Spider Man lost his girlfriend, lover, and best friend. She was not the only causality though, her father died that night as well. In one night Peter lost almost everything. The only thing that he kept him alive was Aunt May and MJ, there were the only two people that Peter had to hang on with, but they did not know about Peter and Spider Man being one in the same so they could only half support him.

Peter put on his mask and sneaked out of the SHIELD base, he needs to move, he needs to... Spider Man was looking for an outlet to vent.

Spider Man was web slinging around New York City when his com link went off Spider Man answered "Yes sir?" he was not amused, but he knew better than o shut it off or leave it behind since being captured a few times over.

Nick Fury said "Where are you Parker?"

Spider Man said "In New York."

Nick said "Where. Are. You."

Spider Man smirked under his mask and said "New York, New York."

Nick growled and said "I see you found your sense of humor."

Spider Man said "What do you need Nick?"

Fury said "Report back now."

Spider Man said "You know I would rather not."

Fury said "I will send White Tiger..." Fury threatened.

Spider Man said "On second thought maybe going back is not a bad idea." He chuckled nervously.

Fury said "That's more like it. See you in five Web Head."

Spider Man did not reply he was going as fast as he could go, he did not want to see White Tiger anger, let alone angry with him!

Spider Man made it back to the Tri Skelion. He was feeling a lot better, no achy spider sense induced headache!

White Tiger was waiting just behind the door and Spider Man did not sense her until after she hit him.

Spider Man whined and asked "What was that for?!"

White Tiger growled.

Spider Man yipped and web slung away shutting over his shoulder "Love to chat, but Fury needs to see me right away!"

White Tiger smirked under her mask Peter was back. All week he has been quiet and acting out of the norm and with MJ is refusing to say anything it left Ava in the dark feeling helpless. She hated that feeling.

Ava loved Peter and she knew that, but she could not afford to pull anything less than an "A" in school and any distraction will ruin that. She loved Peter which was why she is harder on him than on anyone else.

Spider Man was fighting in a rage. His fist broke a LMD's head clean off. He just finished another round, he as been at this for hours, in short he is still very, very, very pissed. His spandex knuckles were no existent. Blood was all over the robots. Spider Man did not care if he was hurt, it only took his mind off of more painful memories. What freaked everyone out the most was the fact that he hardly made a sound, he let a few growls and snarled loose, when he was hit he might have let out a grimace or ground his teeth.

Iron Fist said to everyone in the room watching "Spider Man is out of balance, he is in a dark rage."

White Tiger let out a low growl, she hated seeing Peter hurt, she hated it even more when he did it himself. She herself does not know why. Before Peter came she was cold and hard on the exterior, but inside was fridgle. Peter compared her to iron, both are very strong but iron is brittle, one weak point and it shaters into millions of pieces.

After destroying the very last robot in the training room, Peter clenched and unclenched his fists, he felt his bones slide and move, causing him great pain. Peter muttered "I am going to regret this..." Peter gave a sign of both tiredness and of a sense of guilt. Peter muttered "Sorry Gwen..." He looked down at his bloody, broken knuckles Leter made a fist and he heard and felt his bone slide and rub against the other. Peter was extremely tired so he retired to bed early.

Director Nick Fury of SHIELD call Ava Alaya into his office. When she arrvied he told her to keep an eye out on Peter and to make sure she does not tip him off. Ava who was already scared for her friend's well being was more than happy to comply.

Peter made his way into his room and took off his shirt and the rest of his spider suit. Peter passed out onto of the covers.

Ava was watching Peter from the control room, she could not hep but to purr, little did she see all of the details that the camera's angle did not show nor was the quality of the video show everything.

Ava growled at herself when she realized she wsd purring she goweled in as low tone not wanting to wake anyone up as well as not wanting to accept that she found Peter VERY attractive. She shook her head trying not to think. Lucky for her no one was within ear shot.

A few minutes later she heard a faint sound of someone walking down the hall, the she heard as voiuvoiuve, it was the annoying voiuvoiuce of Sam Alexander or better knowr as Nova. Novas said "Why do we have to come again again"

Ava heard a voice reply in a calm tone "It is our turn to watch Peter."

Sam grumbled and said "If she wants to do it than she should stay up on her own!"

Danneil whose name is also Iron Fist said "Remember last time Ava did not sleep well...?"

Sam gulped nernervously and nodded.

The two males walked into the room to see Ava with her arms crossed.

Both of them were between terrified and petrified though Danny managed to hide his while Sam was shaking in fear.

Danny said to Ava in a calm tone "We have come you relieve you of your duty."

Ava was unreadable. After some time she nodded and went to her room which happens to be next door to the room where Peter crashed.

(Line Break)

Peter woke up from a nightmare, one of masny that he lived through most every night. He sat in bed breathing deep breathes. He had a tear in his eye and said to Gwen as if she was a ghoast in the room he whisperered mournfully "Laid here my true Love, leaving memory no one can steal, and heartache no one can heal." That was inscribed on Gwen's head stone. He asked to put it on and to his amazement they did.

Peter looked down at himself and saw that he was shirtless and only in his boxers while laying on the top of the coveres. Peter put on a pair of black sweats and he grabbers spare hoodie which also was black. He zipped up the hoodie three quarters of the way up and he left the room.

Peter made his way into the kitchen and began to raid the fridges Peter ate nearly all of the food. He had for starters twenty hot dogs eighteen hamburgers, three loaves of meat loaf. Two pounds of potato salad, two pounds of Marconi salad. Four gallons of ice cream. One pound of steak. And several dozen more items.

After eating his fill Peter scurried back to his room.


Ava heard Peter through the wall and she went into his room Peter's whole body was covered in sweat, making Peter practically glow in the low light.

What caused Ava to even go in his room was the noise she heard through the wall. Peter talking, and groaning in his sleep as if in pain.

When Ava entered the room Peter stopped groaning and almost rested, though he kept muttering about something that she could not understand.

Peter was laying on top of the covers shirtless and only in his boxers. At first Ava purred embarrassing loud, she loved whaswhast she saw. Peter had azaz well defined twelve back, he had a lot more definition in his muscled than what his civilian clothes let in on. Ava savoured Peter's unique musk and it was strong laced with sweat. Ava stopped purring and began to growle when she saw the scars on his chest. It looked like a big cat had 'marked' him. That was one of the reasons why she growled the other was because Peter was always getting hurt, she saw many more scars littering all over his body.

A few minutes later Luke Cage and Sam Alexander came into Peter's room. They were watching the video feed when they heard Peter moan and goan as well as thrashing in bed.

They rushed to help in anyway they could. But when they got there they saw Ava in a chair on the far side of the room watching Peter sleep. Luke asked Ava in shouted whisper "What are you doing here?!"

Ava whispered back asnd said "He was making a lot of noise so I came in here."

Peter began to stir again but this time they could clearly hear him saying "No... No.. Please stop! No..." It wrenched at their hearts, Peter sound so lost, so broken that it hurt.

Luke walked over and was about to touch Peter but...

Peter's eyes snapped open and he gave Power Man one heck of a haymaker! Peter gave Luke a massive uppercut, he hit Luke so hard that Luke broke thorough the walls and landed in the Huston Bay.

Peter's knuckles cracked in a very loud, sickening way that everyone heard it. Peter was on the ceiling and began to crawl away. Or he was until Ava called him.

"Peter..." Ava called in a soft, concerned voice.

Peter met her eyes and her eyes were filled with worry and concern. Peter said "Uh that was reflex..." As he jumped down from the ceiling.

Ava asked in a quiet voice "What were you dreaming about?"

Peter stiffened up and said in a stern tone "I am sorry, but that is non of your business!"

Ava saw Peter getting upset and chose to stop before she pushes him too far. She gave Peter a curt nod

Peter flopped onto his bed not caring if he was half naked for once.

Sam left right after Luke left the building.

Ava said to Peter "You know you can talk to me anytime right?"

Peter gasve a tired sigh and said "I do... But I am tired can you please allow me to sleep?!" If Peter was honest he did know that she was, all of his team mates and friends were there at a drop of a hat. But he rarely ever did, because he did not want to be a burden to anyone. After a couple of minutes of silence Peter spoke up again and said "Thank you."

Ava smiled warmly at Peter and said "Anytime!" She ment it too. Ava has a crush on Peter though she and Peter are the only one who can not see it. Peter was always there, though he maybe annoying but he was loyal past a fault. He always saw the best in people, even the villains. Peter believed in second chances and that Peoplke can change. She has always admired that about Peter. Though Peter changed a little since his betrayal. Ava growled at the thought of Scarlet Spider's betrayal.

Peter flinched when he heard Ava growle. Peter asked in a timid voice "Ava?"

Ava realized she was growling and stopped she said to Peter "Sorry I was just thinking..."

Peter gave her a nod, he would have normal asked her 'what were you thinking about?' But since he did not want to talk about his nightmare he let it go.

A few minutes later Peter asked "Are you going to continue staring at me? Or are you going to go back to sleep?" He was being creeped out by Ava's stare.

Ava blushed but it was hard to tell in the dark room. Ava said "Night Spidey!"

Peter said "Good night Tiger"

Peter tried going back to sleep, but he really did not want to. He whispered "I miss you Gwen..." He buried his face intohis pillow which he 'barrowed' from Gwen but he never gave it back. He breathed in its scent, it still carried Gwen's smell after all these years. Peter let a few tears fall on he already tear stained bed sheet.

Peter heard a voice that he never thought he would hear again, at least in this world. The voice saidc "Peter you need to let go of the past so you can have a future!"

Peter snapped his head in the direction of the voice and froze, there stood in front of him stood two figures. He knew them both immediately; The first one on his right hand side was his Uncle Ben. To Peter's left side stood Gwen Stacey.

Peter shook his head and said not believing his eyes "Is this a dream?"

Gwen gave Peter a small smile and said "Peter I love you! but you need to live. Peter you are dying on the inside, please try to live in membrace of me!"

Peter rushed over and tried to give Gwen as hug but he passed right through her. Peter whispered "I wish you were here alive instead of me..."

Gwen snapped at Peter and rebuked him saying "Wishing yourself dead will not help anyone! It will not bring me back either! So stop this pity party it dfies no one any good!"

Peter shakily nodded his head, Peter shut his eyes he felt someone embrace him. He opened his eyes and Gwen having him a hug, Peter asked both figures "Why have you never done this before?"

Uncle Ben said "Peter you never opened up your mind. You have been blocking your feelings, and therefore blocked us out." Uncle Ben said in a soft loving tone. Uncle Ben came to Peter and embraced him in loving arms.

The three of them just were that way, after being there for some time, it could have been an hour or it could have been eight hours, it did not matter to any one of them.

Peter asked "Is this a dream or are you ghosts or are you a figment of my imagination?"

Gwen asked softly "What do you think?"

Peter smiled a true smile, a smile that he has not smile since Gwen's death. He replied "It does not matter, all that matters is that you are here!" Peter leaned forward and kissed Gwen. They shared a small kiss.

Peter asked INA pleading tone "Can you visit me more often?"

Gwen and Uncle Ben said "It depends..."

Peter asked confused "What do you mean?"

Uncle Ben said "I have always been with you helping out in the background."

Gwen continued and said "We have helped you as much as we could."

Peter asked again almost begging her "Can you please visit me?"

Gwen smiled and said "I will when I can, it maybe in your dreams. But it maybe more in times of need..."

Peter gave a sad smile. He embraced his first love, his first true friend, his first supporter. He whispered in her ear "I love you so much... I am sorry I was not good enough to save you and your father..."

Gwen knew that rebuking Peter would crush him she said in a soft, gentle, loving voice "Peter you need to let go of the past, you did your best that is all anyone can ask. We all must one day die, even Wolverine will die. Please stop beating yourself up! I love you and I am not the only one that loved you..."

Peter said not getting what she meant "I know Aunt May loves me, I know MJ cares for me..."

Gwen chuckled and said in a loving tone "You are as clueless as ever!"

Peter gave a mock pout and crossed his arms and huffed.

Gwen gave him a kiss and said "I will always love you and I will forever live in your memory. You need to find yourself again..." She said as she began to fade.

Peter criedout "Wait please don't go!"

Gwen said to Peter before completely disappearing "You have to learn to trust again. You have to love again..."

Peter took her words to heart.

Soon both ghosts disappeared leaving Peter alone in his room once again.

Peter sat at the foot of the bed licking his lips still tasting Gwen. Peter whispered "I will try..."

Peter woke up feeling more alive than he has in years, I mean truly feeling live.

Peter licked his dry lips he could still taste the faint taste of Gwen proving that last night was no dream, it was real.

Peter whistled a merry tune as he went in to the bathroom. He jumped into the shower and brushed hius teeth, soaped down and did everything else.

Once Peter got out of the shower he dried off and did his hair then got dresses. He glanced at his wrists and shrugged. He put on a T - shirt that was a black cotton, he put on a pair of red and blue boxers and put a pair of loose fitting shorts on.

Peter was going to leave his room, but forgot that he was not at his house, but he was at the Tri Skelion.

Peter traded his clothes for his Spider Man suit. But he was still too distracted from last night to care.

Spider Man made his way to one of the cafeterias that he did not raid. He got a mountain of beacon, a dozen fried eggs with yolks still runny, and six pieces of toast and a gallon of orange juice.

Spidey lifted his mask to just above his nose and began to wolf down his breakfast.

He felt eyes burning into the back of skull. Spider Man gasve a sigh and said "You know staring is not polite right?"

White Tiger walked up and sat in front of Spider Man. She could immediately tell Spidey was different. She could tell by; 1 She cold smell him (well she could not smell the could scent that was in the air whenever Peter got, pissed off, angry, depressed, mournful or any other negative emotion) and the air had a peasant aroma. 2. Spider Man's posture was more... Relaxed, care free, compared to being stiff, ridged and overall aggressive posture. 3. She could just sense he was held to normal,.. Maybe even better than normal.

That was just a few of the many ways she could tell Spidey was back.

White Tiger sat across from Spider Man, she took off her mask and said to Spider Man "Morning Pete!" She said with a smile.

Spider Man held up a finger then swallowed the bite of food then said in a cheerful tone "Morning Tiger!" He said with a grin. Spider Man took off his mask the rest of the way which was a rare occasion, before his betrayal, and even rarer after.

Ava smiled at Peter and took a piece of beacon from him.

Peter decided to have a little fun, he mocked pouted and crossed his arms like as soilt five year old brat. Actually a better would be more like Tony Stark.

Ava smirked and took another and she ate it slowly.

Peter rolled his eyes and "I could eat on the ceiling again you know that right?'

Ava smiled and said "But you won't."

Peter arched an eyebrow and asked "Oh really?"

Ava growled.

Peter's smug expression was wiped off in less a tenth of a second.

That caused Ava to smirk. She took another piece of beacon.

Peter whined "Why are you eating my food?"

Ava smiled and said "One, you ate nearly all the fgood last night. Don't you dare deny it I smelt it on your breath! Two, I am here and you are there. Three, I want to."

Peter was caught red handed. He was not happy about it, but at least she didn't take his plate like she did to Sam a few months ago. Peter had to chuckle at a memory of Sam having a huge plate of food and Ava came by took his plate and sat across the table and ate it in front of him. Sam accidentally made Ava miss a problem in algebra, but that was the least of Sam's problems.

Ava said with a warm "You're feeling better aren't ya?"

Peter smiled back and said "Yeah..." Peter is feeling very uneasy, Ava was never, never this kind or nice. Peter was getting nervous because even if Ava wanted to hurt him, his spider sense rarely worked for him against her.

Ava sensed a change in the mood and asked Peter "What's wrong Pete?"

Peter knew lying was not the answer he still sucks at lying. So Peter told her a half truth and said "I have an uneasy feeling that's all."

Ava noticed Peter only half looking in her eyes and said in a soft full of concern ou can talk to me Peter anytime, anywhere." She reached across the table and put a hand on Peter's shoulder and gave it a gentle rub.

Peter at first flinched at the first contact, but calmed down soon after no harm came to him. He whispered "Thank you..." He swallowed a lump in his throat.

Ava said "Anytime..."

She reached over and took another piece of beacon.

Peter went to his room to relax so he could heal faster. He was laying on his bed listening to some music. It was the band "Skillet" and the song was one of his favorites "Hero" Peter had his ear buds in his ears but had it as low as it could go. Because of his super hearing he could not listen to music loudly, or go to concerts, because it hurts his sensitive ears.

Peter gave a sigh of contentment and gave a lazy smile, the hunger pains are no longer daggers ripping him apart, it was at ease, or at least for a little while. He had a good morning, better than most.

He woke up without being pranked which was a very good thing but a rarity. He was able to wake up first and have all the food he wanted, normally he ate last making sure the rest of the team ate first, but he was injured and instincts won over that time. He and Ava had as civil conversation, which was a rarity.

Peter shut his eyes then smiled in contentment and began to doze on and off, Fury had changed his mind and allowed him to stay here and not be suspended from the teams.

Peter felt a vibration traveling along the cold steel floor up his bed and into his body.

He lifted his head and saw Ava standing in front of him with her arms crossed looking extremely pissed off.

Peter whined "And today was going so well!"

Ava growled and asked "Who is Laura Kinney?!"

Peter confused asked "Who?"

Ava picked Peter up by the front of his shirt and growled "Who... Is... Laura Kinney? Why is she looking for you?!"

Peter was afraid of Ava and his well being, she never truly hurt him, except for the time she was a goblin, she only scared you half to death. But should you spar her, then she would beat you, but not maim, no blood was ever drawn except for the occasional bloody nose.

Ava growled and said "You have five seconds before I..."

Peter cut her off and said "She is a friend of mine from the X - Men. We sparred a time or two... OK she used me as a punching bag trying to teach me defense and offence at the same time without any instructions! She said 'I believe in learning on the job...' Then she attacked."

Ava growled even louder. But at least she leg go of Peter who fell on his butt.

Peter muttered on the floor while getting up said "Jealous much Kitty?"

Ava who heard this slashed at Peter with her claws she nailed him on his left side of his face. She clawed his fasce leaving four bloody streaks on his face, one was right above his eyebrow missed the eye and fished below. Another claw went to the left of his eye barely missing it and went all the way down to his chin. The other two were to the left of the last one and also went all the way down to his chin.

Peter instantly clutched his new wounds, he let a few tears fell, not from the fresh wound, but to his shattered heart. Peter sniffled trying not to cry but he hurt too much. This broken heart of his hurt worse than any dissection that Doc Ock did on him it hurt worse than all of the beatings he took altogether. It hurt worse than all of the physical pain he felt. It hurt worse than Scarlet Spider's betrayal. It hurt almost as much as Uncle Ben's death.

Just then the song changed to "Would it Matter?" also by "Skillet".

Ava saw what she did and looked at her blood soaked hand, she saw Peter's skin underneath her nails. It made her stomach twist into knots.

Peter refused to turn his back on her. He refused to strike back at her, if it was anyone, anyone else (except for Gwen) Peter would have struck back.

Ava could not believe what she have done. She could smell Peter's blood mixed in with his tears. She felt nauseas and began to feel sick.

They both heard someone call for Ava. Ava left as quickly as she could without saying a single word to Peter. She rushed off without looking back.

Peter watched her rush away from him, when she rounded the corner he shut the doors and began to bawl. After crying until he ran out of tears and until he lost his voice. He went into the bathroom to clean up the wounds. To his surprise the wounds were not healing like they should have been. He mashed the mirror cutting hius knuckles against the glass. He tried to speak but no words came out...

Peter felt his heart shatter, he hurt soo very much. The broken heart of his hurt worse than any dissection that Doc Ock did on him, it hurt worse than all of the beatings he took altogether. It hurt worse than all of the physical pain he felt. It hurt worse than Scarlet Spider's betrayal. It hurt almost as much as Uncle Ben's death. It hurt so very much, he hadn't felt this low and had the urge in a long time.

Peter slammed the door shut and began to weep. After crying until he ran out of tears and until he lost his voice. He wanted to destory everything in his room, but cleaned everything up there was nothing left in his room.

He went into the bathroom to clean up the wounds. To his surprise the wounds were not healing like they should have been. He mashed the mirror cutting his knuckles against the glass. He tried to speak but no words came out.

Peter tried again but all he got was a sigh.

Peter frowned, and tried again, still nothing. Peter thought 'Scew the saying ' When you don't succeed try, try, try again!' Well scrrw that idea!'

Peter went into his closest and pulled out one of his Spider Man suits. He changed into it quickly. He put on the mask and felt the mask soak up the blood.

Spider Man snuck out of his room and left the SHIELD base. Spider Man webbed the nearest building and began to web sling! He thought 'I love this! This is freedom!" He let go of the web line and did a back flip then shot another web line to continue web slinging.

He heard a a high pitched scream "Heeeellllllpp!"

Spider Man web slung as fast as he could in that direction. When he got there it was a common mugging. Two masked men one with a gun the other a knife. Spider Man tried to speak a pun or something but he still could not speak. He tried to growl but nothing happened it sounded like a leaking tire with a "hsssssss".

Spider Man gave an irated sigh and webbed the two men up and hung them upside down at the nearest lamppost.

Spider Man jumped then webbed a building and began to web sling away from the scene.

Spider Man webbed his away to a high building, it happened to be near the Avenger Tower.

Spider Man just sat near the top of the building and stared down at the city below. It was a more slow day than normal. The traffic was as terrible as always, though the smog was not too strong today. There were the occasional horn honk but it was a slow day in crime.

Spider Man felt his spider sense tingle he thought "Ok what is it now?! I wish you would have worked with Ava!"

Spider Man heard a familiar ask "What's up Web Head?!"

Spider Man looked around and he saw Iron Man floating above him. Spider Man shrugged and dropped.

Iron Man said "Where do you think you are going kido?" As he flew down to keep up with Spider Man.

Spider Man frowned wanting to be left alone. He webbed Stark's visor. Then Spider Man webbed his way into a dark alley where he changed.

Peter looked into a stainless steel garbage can lid he saw that his facial wound was still oozing blood. He gave a puzzled face. He gave a sigh and just lowered his hoodie to hide his face.

Peter slowly walked away and blended into the crowd. Peter did not know where he would go but his feet carried him.

After a couple of hours Peter found himself at a very familiar place, a place where he spent a lot of time at. A place where he always have gone to when he was hurt or confused. Peter thought to himself "I have not been here in too long!"

He walked on a path along the grass, the sun was setting bathing everything in a red color. The full moon was rising bathing the ground in front of him in a slivery glow. Behind him the sun bathed him in a mood colored glow.

Peter gave as half hearted smile knowing where he was. He felt his eyes beginning to water. He did no hold back his tears. He was a place where he could cry, where he could go to be alone.

Peter silently wept at the head stone of Gwen Stacey. He felt something pull on his subconscious mind. He though 'Gwen is that you?"

Gwen replied and said "Of course it is me! Who else would mess with you mind Web Head!"

Peter let a smile replace the grieved expression. He let go off and let his mind wander.

(Line Break)

Peter found himself in a meadow. There were wild flowers all around of all colors imaginable, he was laying on a classic red and white checkered picnic cloth with a mountain of food in front of him. He looked around and almost immediately he saw Gwen to his left, she was wearing a sky blue shirt and a pair of tight black leather pants. He looked at himself he was wearing a formfitting black T - Shirt and a pair of light blue jeans.

Gwen said "Took you long enough!"

Peter gave a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck and said "Sorry? Uh please forgive me..."

Gwen stood up and walked to him, Peter flinched as she stood in front of him. Gwen bent down and said "You know Pete... I think..." She quickly kissed him on his lips and pinned him down and kissed him passionately. After several minutes she had to separate because she needed to breath.

Gwen got off of his lap and smirked Peter was dazed and frozen in place. His eyes were glazed over he had a goofy grin plastered on his face. She rolled her eyes and said "Come on Web for Brains. We've done more than a little kiss before..." She slowly walked away swaying her hips.

Peter muttered "Wow..."

Gwen bent over give Peter a vivid view of her asset. Gwen said "You know if you want some Peter than you can get some..." She said in a teasingly voice.

Peter's jeans became far too tight for comfort he looked at her as though he was a spider hunting its prey. The hungry look and burning lust in his eyes made Gwen melt. Without warning Peter dashed and seized Gwen's lips with his own. They fought for dominance, Gwen was able to win over Peter. Gwen smirked as she laid on top of Peter. She felt her hands snake around her waist and grope her.

All of a sudden the landscaped shook and moved.

Peter quickly stood up and looked around he said "What was that Gwen?!"

Gwen gave a sigh and said "That was your spider sense."

Peter whined and said "We can ignore it you know..." As he began to stalk towards her. Then everything shook even more and even harder. It was as if a fly landed on a spider's web.

Gwen said "We both know you can't. Besides if you don't go then your instincts will take over..."

He gulped fearfully at the thought of himself without control then muttered not happy about this untimely interruption and said "Ok fine..."

Gwen kissed him and said "We can finish this later..." She said in a sexy tone.

(Line Break)

Peter found himself still staring down at Gwen's gave site. He turned around and saw Laura approaching him. Laura was wearing a tight black leather jacket and a pair of tight skinny jeans.

Peter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He reached up and felt his wounds still seeping blood. He frowned. He still could not speak! He thought 'What is wrong with me?! I should at least be able to talk!" He growled only in his mind.

Laura in a few seconds stood in front of Peter. She at once saw the claw marks on his face. She gave a growl and asked "Who did this to you?"

Peter shoulders sagged, he opened his mouth and tried to speak, but no words came out not even a sound escaped his lips.

Laura gently put a hand on his good cheek and carefully turned his face towards her so she could inspect the four long deep wound. She asked in a soft voice "Peter please tell me what happened."

Peter tried to form words but none came out. Laura said "I can read lips you know Parker or did you forget?"

Peter gave a small smile and gave a nod.

Peter mouthed 'It was an accident and a misunderstanding.'

Laura asked again "That told what happened and how it happened but WHERE did it happen?" She asked with a lightly bit of roughness in her voice.

Peter gave a sigh and mouthed "Please don't pry..." He gave her his pleading eyes.

Laura sighed not wanting to push too hard. She gave a small smile and said "You know Peter I am sure the Professor might be able to help..."

Peter gave a frown. He frowned because he did not like mind readers, though he knew he could trust Charles but... he did not feel like having his mind read at all.

Laura gave a pitiful smile knowing that Peter liked his privacy and his thoughts were far more private than words muttered in private place. She said "Ok I know how you feel..."

Peter gave a grateful smile.

Laura said "Common Pete let's go back to the Tri Skelion..."

Peter gave a defeated sigh and slowly followed her...

Laura began to lead the mute teenager back to the Tri Skelion. Peter followed begrudgingly her though he would have much rather have been left alone.

They stopped by a street vendor who was selling hot dogs. Peter knew him. He was 1. The school's janitor. 2. He was the school's librarian as well as being the public librarian part time. His name was Stan, Stan Lee. He recognized Peter right away. He asked Peter "I have not see you at the library in a while. You alright kid?"

Peter was pleasantly surprised at the old man's concern. Peter gestured to his throat and rubbed where his voice box was.

Stan Lee guessed "Lost your voice uh? I always thought Spider Man would never cease talking..."

Peter's eyes grew big as dinner plates in shock.

Stan Lee chuckled and said "Relax Peter I will never tell anyone anything about you, you have my word."

Peter looked hard at the old man and gave a silent sigh and nodded.

Stan tossed him a hotdog and said "Here you go. It is on the house... I guess on the cart would be more appropriate... But the point is, it is free of charge." Stan Lee tossed another hotdog to Laura and said "And one for you too."

Stan Lee carted his cart away leaving the two of them bewildered.

A few minutes later they stopped at the alley to pick up his Spider Man suit and for him to slip into it.

By the time they got to the Tri Skelion it was nearly 10:00 PM.

Spider Man snuck in through an air vent and went straight into his room. He did not even bother taking off his suit.

(Line Break)

Spider Man woke early the next morning. He stretched and yawned but no sound came out. If Peter could he would have grumbled about not being able to make a sound let alone talk!

Spider Man took off his mask and looked into a mirror he traced the deep, open, raw wounds with his finger. He put on a grim smile and thought 'At least she missed my eye and she did not do anything below the belt!' Peter gave a sigh and put on the mask. The fabric hurt when it squeezed against his skin.

Spider Man gave a low growl and to his surprise he made a noise! He gave a half smile at the 'improvement'. Spider Man opened up the medicine cabinet that was standard in all SHIELD rooms. He pulled out a bottle of some sort of clear liquid and then he pulled up his mask then took a sip from the bottle. The liquid felt like it was burning his throat and once it hit is stomach it turned bitter and caused nauseousness. Spider Man doubled over in pain and coughed as quietly as he could several minutes later Peter said in a gravelly, hoarse voice "What do you know? I can speak…" He rubbed his throat massaging it. It hurt to speak but at least he could now. Spider Man put the bottle back into the cabinet and locked it away. He gave a wishful sigh and turned to leave the bathroom. He took off his mask and picked up an apple and put on a different mask as he ate.

Spider Man carefully made his way to where the others were. He knew today was a meeting about the new villains and the new super villains. Spidey stealthily made his way into the room where he hung out in the shadows near the ceiling. Because he was not a threat none of the other Spiders sensed him. Because he made no sound and because he would have no odor no one could smell him. He was in the shadows near the ceiling where it was much harder to see him.

A few minutes later Director of SHIELD Nick Fury asked "Any questions?"

Nova said "I have one! Where is Spider Man!"

Director Fury said "I do not know the where abouts of Spider Man. White Tiger was the last one to see him here and X23 was the last one to see him last. All she said was 'Peter was found' but she refused to give me any more details…" He sent a glare at the mutant.

Spider Man jumped down from the ceiling and landed in his signature crouch and gave Nick Fury a salute.

Spidey's sudden appearance startled everyone including Nick and White Tiger.

Fury growled and glared at the arachnid themed hero then asked "Where were you Parker?"

Spider Man acted as though he could not speak, that was when Laura stepped in and said "When I found him at the cemetery he was unable to speak."

Fury turned his glare towards the female mutant but chose it was best not to make her angry. He turned to Spider Man and said "Report to Sick Bay!" He turned to White Tiger "Make sure he gets there!"

White Tiger nodded and said with a sigh "Come on Peter let's get this over with."

Spider Man was stuck in place and all of his muscles were tense.

Fury saw this as rebellion and said with a growl "Get moving Parker, or else I will suspend you from the team…"

To everyone's surprise there were two feral growls one came from Laura and she had two claws from each hand, the other came from White Tiger. Both directed their anger towards the director of SHIELD.

Fury seemed unaffected by the two growling and snarling females, but he was holding a poker face, Laura, and White Tiger could hear his heart beat speed up.

Spider Man saw what was happening he moved quicker than the eye could see and stood between them and held up his hand palm out telling them to calm down and to stand down. Spider Man turned to Fury his lenses narrowed showing his distaste for the man right now.

Nick asked trying to change the subject "Laura when IS Wolverine showing up?"

Laura looked at her watch and said "Anytime now…"

Nick asked "When…."

A gruff voice said "Now."

Everyone looked at the entrance in the room and saw the legendary mutant hero, the Wolverine! He had is classic yellow and blue suit on. He gave a low growl and said….

"When is he going to be here?"

A gruff voice answered the question making everyone but Laura also known as x23 "Right now."

Spider Man was on the ceiling again he thought "You know why don't I just hang around up here? I mean I enjoy it far more up here than down there. Must be my spider tendencies…" He was pulled out of his soliloquy by a low growl but with his hearing it was relatively loud. He looked down to see Wolverine with his hairy arms crossed.

Spider Man crocked his head.

Wolverine said "Get down here Web Head!"

Spider Man sighed and did a front flip landing behind both White Tiger and Laura. He peered at Wolverine and shrugged when his eyes narrowed.

Wolverine knew something was up when Spider Man did not say a word for two minutes. No comment on how he need to take a bath or anything it was starting to five him a little worry. Wolverine said in his usual gruff bark "Say something Webs."

Spider Man just sighed.

Wolverine sniffed the air and he could smell an open wound. Wolverine growled and said "Take off your mask Spider…" It was an order, but Spidey heard the small slightest bit of concern in the old mutant's voice. Laura heard the concern. There was a lot of it, well for Wolverine that is.

Spider Man gave a sigh. But shook his head and said in a voice that made those with super hearing flinch and cringe, his voice sound like he had swallowed some rocks and sand his voice was all scratchy and gravelly and raspier and he did mouth wash with some Fluoroantimonic Acid, the most powerful superacid known to man. Spidey went into a coughing fit. He began seeing stars from being unable to truly breathe.

Wolverine growled and asked "Who did this to you?"

Spider Man whispered barely below a whisper but Wolverine, Laura and White Tiger could hear him but barely. He whispered "I lost my voice. I was at the cemetery visiting an old friend." He coughed a little but it was not that bad this time compared to last time.

Wolverine snarled to everyone in the room and said "GET OUT!" No one questioned him even Nick Fury walked out of the room. But three people stayed behind Spider Man, White Tiger and Laura. Wolverine waited for everyone to leave before saying to Spider Man "Take off your mask Parker." This time his voice was more human instead of his usual grunts or gruffness. It was… almost…. Fatherly….

Spider Man gave a low growl but saw it better to comply with the old man's request. He and everyone who had a mask took off their mask. For about three seconds there was absolute silence with the exception of the heartbeats that could be heard. Wolverine snarled and asked "Who was the fool that did this?"

Peter's spider sense went off he quickly said in a whisper "It was an accident Logan! I got distracted while in the middle of practice. I know I'm a fool."

Ava was shocked that Peter fell on the sword instead of letting her get it.

Laura almost believed it.

Both Laura and Ava were slightly angry that Peter had self worth issues still. Both gave a low growl

Logan was unreable. Logan stepped closer and smelt the wound. He stated "These wounds are over twenty four hours old. They would normally be healed for you or mostly healed by now."

Peter gave a growl and did not bother hiding it. He knew if he even did a low growl everyone could hear it anyway, so he let it out. He whispered and asked Wolverine in a calm curious tone "Why are you and Laura here?"

Wolverine said "We need you again for a mission."

Peter asked "Why haven't you guys called or find me before?"

Laura placed a hand on Peter's shoulder and said "Peter would you have liked us coming around you and having these 'mutants' hanging with nerdy Peter Parker."

Peter's voice was getting better, like a rusty gear it was rough and hard to start, but the more you use it the easier it becomes. Peter's voice was getting closer to normal though it was still a little rough. Peter said with a playful grin "I am a geek not a nerd. See no glasses and no pocket protector" He gestured to himself and chuckled.

Laura could not help but to giggle. She said "It's been to long Pete…" She wrapped him up in a hug. Logan glared at Peter, though only Wolverine knew it was not a true glare. He knew Peter would treat Laura, who he sees as his daughter, right and decent. He knew Peter had helped her more than he ever could. In fact Peter was well liked by most in the Mansion. He befriended Rogue and became one of her friends, he even made a bracelet that could turn on and off a mutant's power he gave Rogue a silver and gold looking one. But it was broke during a battle, Henry was able to replicate it, but Rogue kept it in her drawer as a keepsake. Peter gave a bracelet to Scott, and he could once again see the world in color thanks to Peter. Thanks to Peter Laura had opened up a lot. Peter was a good person and he brought out the best in everyone.

Ava gave a growl as Laura hugged HER Spider.

Peter gave a small hug back and said nervously "Uh… Laura I think my girlfriend is going to kill me, plus you father looks like he is going to gut me…."

Laura scolded Logan. She let go of Peter.

Peter said to Ava "Ava-" But he was cut off by a kiss, a passionate kiss. As quickly as it had happened it stopped.

Ava said "Remember Peter you are my spider…" Peter could not tell if she was playing or if she was dead serious. When I mean dead I mean Peter six feet under.

Laura asked "How long have you two been boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Peter who was still redder than his spider suit said "For about ten seconds since she just kissed me…"

Ava smirked Peter looked dazed and confused but pleased.

Laura whispered in Peter's ear "Remember all the fun we'd have…"

Peter choked on his words and his mouth dried out. He could not speak and having a pissed off daddy Wolverine was not helping Peter any!

Peter rubbed the back of his neck nervously, but at the same time he was feeling for a pressure point that would make cause him to go limp. He felt the spot it was just below the base of his skull, almost where his would get the tingly feeling when his spider sense was not happy. He pressed there using superhuman strength, but he did so without letting anyone notice it. He held the spot soon the world faded into blissful darkness.

But before he could fall three pairs of hands caught him. All anger, embarrassment, jealousy was lost in that moment replaced with concern.

Logan growled in annoyance rather than anger and said "You two had to make him faint didn't you?" But there was also a hint of amusement in his tone, even a slight smirk could be seen if you looked closely enough.

They gently placed Peter on the ground.

After a few moments Ava spoke up "How long do you guys think he'll be out?"

Logan said in his usual grunty tone "Don't know. He's seen more than most and still not faint. But all it takes for two girls to bring him down without even touching him."

Laura smirked and said "I know a way to get him up…"

Logan heard he smirked. He shot his claws to mask extension and went to stab Peter. Peter even in unconsciousness his spider sense was active, if not hyperactive. With his eyes still shut he kicked Logan in the chest with both feet and did a hang spring to his feet. He then slowly and weakly opened up his eyes. When Peter opened up his eyes he saw a hole in a wall, well a hole in a few walls. He kicked Logan through multiple walls.

Laura smiled and said with a small laugh "Welcome back to the land of the living!"

Peter gave her a confused look and asked "Did I die again?"

Ava growled and asked "AGAIN?!"

Peter face palmed and groaned this was not his week! Peter said "Ava I have been Spider Man longer than you realize. Ava you truly do not know me." His tone was stern but not dark. It was serious and that was very rare coming from this spider themed super hero.

Logan jumped into the room with his claws out.

Peter got into a fight stance.

Ava got in between Peter and Logan. Laura got between Logan and Peter. Soon the adrenaline wore off and both parties calmed down.

Logan went up to Peter and said "At least you're awake webs."

Peter growled and said "You know I HATE waking up like that!"

Logan smirked and said "It was Laura's and Ava's idea."

Peter gave both of them a glare that could rival Nick Fury's one eyed glare. Peter gave a sigh and shook his head and said "Sorry."

Everyone in the room gave him a confused look.

Peter turned to Logan "I am sorry I sent you through the walls." He then pointed toward the hole in the wall and the wall with a hole behind that one. Peter added in his thought "Well you DID deserve it! You know I wake up fighting I can't help it! And now I have a headache!"

Peter turned to the two female heroines and said "I am sorry for a couple thing actually, one, I am sorry you had to see that," he pointed to the hole in the wall gain with his thump, "you had to see me like that. Two I would like to say I am sorry for glaring at you two." He thought "Well they should have gotten more! But then again they could dish it out to me later. I hate my lucky!"

After several seconds of silence Peter spoke up, his voice was practically normal now "So Logan what is the mission?"

Logan said "Bobby and a few others were captured."

Peter clenched his fists in anger, his knuckles popped with the strain he put them through. Peter said through clinched teeth "Who did it?"

Logan "We don't know."

Peter gave a growl.

Laura placed a hand on Peter's shoulder to try to calm him down.

"When are we going?" Peter asked, well more or less demanded.

"When ever you are ready." Logan's gruff voice responded.

"Do you still have my other suit there at the Mansion?" Peter asked with a small smirk on his face.

Logan smirked and said "Yup it's in the basement."

Peter smiled a small smile and said "Collecting cobwebs I'm sure."

Peter grabbed the mask and said "By the way. Ava is coming with."

Logan growled.

Ava growled back and said "Try stopping me..."

Laura smirked at the two.

Peter said with a growl of his own "Listen here, and you listen good. Ava... IS... coming... with..."

Logan growled and said "Fine."

Peter put on the mask as did everyone but the one who did not bring a mask.

Spider Man said "Let's go, what did you bring? The Black Bird?"

Wolverine smirked and said "My bike."

Spider Man said "Tiger want to ride with me?"

White Tiger gave a nod.

Spider Man turned to Laura and asked "Are you riding with Wolverine/''

Laura paused and thought for a second. But quickly said "Yeah I am going to ride with Logan."

Wolverine gave a slight nod and began to leave.

Spider Man quickly followed suit. Spider Man said "Wait a second Wolvie I need to get something if we leave for Bayville."

Wolverine growled at the nick name but gave a nod.

Spider Man quickly dashed off down the halls. A few minutes later Spider Man came back on a Spidercycle. He said "I'm ready as soon as Laura and Ava are."

Wolverine gave a nod.

Moments later the two heroines came.

White Tiger wrapped her arms around Spidey's torso and felt his strong, hard muscles. They felt like bands of steel. Laura sat at the back of Wolverine's motorcycle, but did not cling to him. Soon both bikers left the SHIELD Academy and went towards the Mansion...

White Tiger was clinging to Spidey's rock hard abs, while he and Wolverine were racing their motorcycles towards Bayville. She could feel his twelve pack through his suit, and that skin tight suit left very little to the imagination. She was extremely glad the roar of the two bikes and the rough road masked her purr… Or at least she thought so. White Tiger placed her head in the crook of Spider Man's shoulder. She had a smile but her mask hid it from the world.

Laura was riding with Wolverine she was gripping the bottom of the seat but still did not lean in and 'hug' to Wolverine also known as Logan, her "father" she was his clone. It took twenty three experiments to make her since it HYRDRA took over the Weapon X program she was called x23. She was given no name. Since she could crawl she was trained to fight and to kill. She was the perfect weapon but like her genetic father she tends to have anger issues. She escaped years later. She did what she had to do to survive, whether it was stealing, or whether it was… something she would rather not talk about… Part of her training was infiltration, sabotage, and seduction… Laura who did not have a name who simply went by "X" or "x23" because that was all she knew. But when Logan found her she fought him thinking he was the problem but truth was later revealed showing him as a victim just as she was. He took her under his wings but she was still antisocial, watching from the outside looking in, observing. It took weeks for Xavier to convince her of personal hygiene (it must be a genetic thing) but she was often in her room and only out for meals and training. But that was before the first time she saw Spider Man. She watched him perform moves that defied the laws of reality. He leaped over gunmen and spun at impossible angles. He leaped off of the sides of buildings and tossed cars. Even though she knew he had next to no training, she was still drawn in by his precision, his timing and his balance. To a born fighter like she was, his style was irresistible to her at least. She would analyze Spider-man's mid-air acrobatics and impossible fighting style. She memorized them, theorizing ways she might be able to replicate his movements for herself on a lesser scale. She had been able to replicate his habit of bounding off of walls, by sticking her claws into a brick surface, before leaping off she had also mastered hanging from the ceiling, once more by digging her claws into the walls and roofing. She had maintained her feverish studying of Spider-man's news appearances, her fascination moving away from a teacher to a social coach of sorts. She noted how he had this ability to speak so comfortably to people, a skill set she lacked. And one that she wished to improve on, well in privacy, at least. Years later she actually met Spider Man in person and he was the second person who she truly had feelings for. She use o have an obsession with Spider Man, she has a crush now but she now has a little competition…

Wolverine knew after the Wall Crawler and Laura met that Laura liked him. She refused to be given a name but when Web Head suggested "Laura" she was more than happy to accept. Not to mention she was extremely nervous around him. Spidey was clueless, heck he STILL is clueless! Wolverine 'spoke' to Peter afterwards and let's say Peter got the memo.

Wolverine in truth actually respects and trusts Spider Man. Especially since swapping minds and bodies with him. They both saw some of the other's memory. They both realized that the other had just as hard if not harder than the other. Wolverine as a reputation to keep of being hardcore, cold and a fighter he had to keep. So he did not openly reveal how he thought of Spider Man, but in secret he would watch the kid…. or he would have if not for having to deal with being a teacher at the institute. Wolverine and Spider Man would spar at first it was all Wolverine but training coupled with time helped Spider Man go toe to toe against Wolverine though he soon realized the longer the fight the more than likely he loses. Spider Man joined the X – Men for a summer once and he made quite a few friends. Bobby aka Ice Man and Angelica aka Fire Star they were close, as in bothers and sister, close nothing romantic between them. Peter made close friends with most of the X – Men but a few he got very, very close to. To list a few; Rogue, Kitty aka Shadow Cat, Laura aka Talon aka the Wolverette (Peter gave that name but she hated it but she allowed Peter call her that though he rarely ever calls her Wolverette once he realized she disliked it).

It would normally take between an hour and an hour and a half to get to the Mansion by taking either public transportation or by going the speed limit. They made it to the Mansion in about thirty minutes. The race ended up in a tie. Spider Man took a short cut and Wolverine went straight. Spider Man drove up and over a vertical wall.

(Some Time later….)

White Tiger was sitting next to a very pissed off Spider.

Charles Xavier also known as Professor X just informed them that Ice Man and Fire Star were both kid knapped and were plausibly killed, but they managed to save the rest of the students. Their sacrifice was not in vain.

Spider Man whispered "Who did it."

Charles said to Spider Man "We do not know but we have our suspicions."

Peter tore off his mask and yelled "WHO!"

Charles said "I do not think it would be healthy for you to know at this time."

Peter growled and said "I WILL found out. Just don't get in my way…"

Charles sighed seeing there was no way to convince him. "The technology was SHIELD, Stark Industries, or Oscorps."

Peter snarled and said "Doc Ock…"

The Professor wheeled up to Peter in his wheelchair and said "We do not know if he was even there. You need to calm down before you do something you regret."

Peter whispered "I've already done that…"

The old friends of Peter were able to convince him not going out right away (namely; Laura, Rogue, Kitty, Ava, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Piotr (Colossus (Peter)), and Xavier). No one has ever seen Peter this distraught, no one has seen Peter so… there are no words to describe what Peter was feel, to describe what Peter felt like.

Peter changed into his suit that he kept here it was black and white similar to Agent Venom's suit. He went to his old room and Peter opened an old box and pulled out a black and white suit. It mainly looked like his only it was all black except for the eyes and a huge spider symbol on the front and back. The legs of it when looked right seemed to make an X connecting to the mirror image on the back. There was a belt also with an X on the front and with yellow triangular shoulder pads with and X on each of them. He placed a pair of web shooters on his wrists, they were black too. These web shooters were unique and unlike his SHIELD ones these had a few upgrades. He had neurotoxin darts that he could load into his web shooter then he could shoot it like a gun. It was nonlethal unless you were allergic. It would cause a large man to become paralyze for about an hour, the about the same amount of time it takes for his webbing to dissolve, he could also change up to dose or the type of toxins to fit different needs. He had micro spider tracers, they were about a centimeter in diameter they were really dark navy blue. Peter looked into his room mirror and the suit was not made of spandex, but it still clung to his body. It was warmer than spandex as well as thicker, it could block a blunt knife, it was tougher than spandex but it was still relative easy to cut and tear, though not as easy as spandex. Peter stared into the mirror and said "Spider X is back..." He paused then said in a slightly dark and amused tone "More like the eX Spider…"

Peter went to the Danger Room and set the computer on a program that would slowly get harder and harder, and then he locked the controls so that no one could stop the training nor could anyone interrupt. He started out small with untrained muggers and what and slowly went up to professional fighters. Then the training simulator went up to multiple attackers and so on and so forth.

He glanced up at the stop watch near the observatory it read 2:56:56:0251 He muttered to himself feeling tired "Nearly three hours…" He did not have time to relax, his spider sense went off. He looked around and saw Electro. Peter growled and shot impact webbing (hard web balls) Electro simply fried them before they could touch him. The room shifted they were out of a simple blank box, they were now in New York City. He smirked under the mask he was ready for a good fight. Electro tried to fry the spider themed hero but could not touch him, until Electro hit a tank full of gas, the gas tanker blew up. He was forced to tear off his mask before he could be burned worse. Since this was just simulating he did not truly need to have the mask on, but he preferred having it on.

Peter tossed the black and white mask to the ground.

Electro crackled with energy Peter ripped a fire hydrant from the street and he threw the hydrant itself at Electro while at the same time making a web like sheet, he put it over the geyser, then he maneuvered the sheet to shoot an arc of water. He hit Electro the first time. Electro changed into Rhino and the room changed again, they were now in an abandon zoo.

Peter chuckled at the humor, he looked up and saw a sign that pointed towards the rhino exhibit. He quickly darted in that direction. Rhino lowered his horn and charged, Peter had to go around, up and over, underneath obstacles. Rhino on the other hand simply plowed straight through everything. Peter shook his head and said mimicking a familiar foe "Nothing stops the Juggernaut!"

Peter wedded the two main pillars made up of stone hoping Rhino would trip if not slow down the grey beast. Peter knew it would not work but plan B might. Rhino came bearing down on him. His spider sense was telling him to move, go, run! But he held his ground. Rhino hit the trip line but it did nothing to stop him, but Peter happened to web the supports and the whole building came crashing down. Peter held up a large part of the building, he was already tired and sore, he had taken several blows from the lesser foes. They were already healing but they were still injured and putting strain on them he was weaker than normal. Rhino was knocked out cold. The room changed. The stop clock now read 5:59:59:9999. When it hit six hours the room shut down. The building disappeared.

Peter got up and limped to his mask, he put it behind his waist belt. He could feel the adrenaline leaving his body as well as testosterone, he was a hot and sweaty, and tired. When he went to leave to crash Wolverine was waiting at the exit with his arms crossed.

Wolverine said "If you wanted to spar I would have."

Peter growled and said "I wanted and still do want to be alone."

Wolverine could smell some of the new injuries. Wolverine growled not liking the tone "Looks like you need an attitude adjustment!"

Peter smirked "Sure I had a little warm up." Peter hid his limp well, but Wolverine saw it all the same. Peter asked "Want to warm up?"

Wolverine said with pride "I am the best at what I do!"

Peter smirked and said "And I am between five and ten times stronger than you. I can partially see the near instant future, I can stick to nearly anything. I am faster than you." Little did Peter know that he might have been "He was the greatest there is" or he was suppose to be. Destiny and Fate are not always on the same page it was foretold that he would be, but anyone can deny. It is either dust or destiny. Revenge is a slippery road.

Wolverine snarled and lunged at Peter. Peter might have been hurt but he's been hurt worse, he easily dodged it and did a back flip to give him some space. He said to Wolverine "Came and get me dog breath!"

Wolverine went berserk…

Wolverine snarled and lunged at Peter. Peter might have been hurt but he's been hurt worse, he easily dodged it and did a back flip to give him some space. He said to Wolverine "Come and get me dog breath!"

Wolverine went berserk and snarled "If you are so good then actually fight me!"

Spider X now knew there was only one thing he could do… Survive. He hit Wolverine full strength he felt most of the bones in his right hand shatter from hitting Wolverine's Adamantium skull. He sent Wolverine flying into the far wall. Spider X clutched his wrist in pain but did not say any other signs of discomforts. He felt the older bruising he got from the beginning were healed or mostly healed. Wolverine healed in a few seconds due to his awesome healing factor Peter was envious that! But he had to time to dwell on that because Wolverine charged, but Spider X was ready he jumped as high as he could and he clung to the ceiling with his left hand and two feet, but he forgot one minor thing… WOLVERINE CONTROLLED THE DANGER ROOM!

The ceiling became electrified and Spider X fell. He shot web balls and web bullets at the old mutant but there was nothing he could do. He webbed the other side of the room and pulled himself away from Wolverine.

Spider X now only had one good hand and he knew you could not hit without breaking it. Spider X tried to web Wolverine but his web shooter alerted him he was at three percent on one and zero percent on the other. He was out of webbing! He did not bring in the darts because he thought it would be pointless bringing it down, not that it would much if any good against Wolverine.

He took off his mask and growled in pain when he came to a sudden stop, he felt his bones shift in his hand causing a magnitude of pain. He did his best not to show it, he mask the hurt with rage and anger. He attacked Wolverine using his superior speed and strength to hit him and if Wolverine did not have his healing factor he would have been beaten into a pulp. With every hit Peter made his mind screamed in mind numbing pain. But it was nothing compared to the emotional pain he was feeling. He used the pain to give him more strength and power. He was remembering with every hit all the times he failed, Uncle Ben, George Stacey, Gwen Stacey, trusting Scarlet Spider and so much more. Peter fell to his knees in exhaustion. But he quickly jumped back up to his feet he was going to fight till he could no longer. All of the pain screamed for him to stop, his body was shutting down, but by sheer will power Peter was still on his feet going toe to toe with Wolverine. Wolverine cut Peter's thumb off his left hand. Peter did not feel it but the blood was running down to the floor like a torrent river of red, it began to pool. Peter refused to back down even though he was missing a digit. Wolverine head butted Peter, stunning him, then he elbowed Peter in the head dazing him further. Peter dropped to his knees his body unable to even function. Wolverine looked into his eyes and Peter thought that Wolverine might actually kill him. He shut his eyes waiting for Wolverine to cut him down. Peter opened his eyes when he heard a brawl. He was too tired to fight but he saw that Laura was fighting Wolverine, and was winning. Peter muttered fighting unconsciousness "Remind me never to make her mad…" He shut his eyes and fell into the welcome darkness within.

Peter fell to the ground finally succumbing to all of his injuries. Peter shut his eyes and fell into the welcome darkness within.

Laura saw Peter drop, for a second she thought the worst. Logan finally got out of his berserker mode and saw what he had done to Peter. Before he could even say or retract his claws Laura was all over him.

Ava rushed to Peter's side a she gently picked him up. She saw something on the floor several feet away she looked at his hand and saw he webbed up his left hand. She wanted to vomit because she knew what it was. Peter was missing his left thumb! She grossly picked up his thumb and carried or was going to carry Peter to the infirmary. She literally ran through Kitty.

Kitty said "Let me take him!"

Ava was possessive and wanted to protect Peter herself, but she also knew that Kitty knew this place and could get Peter to the doctors fastest. Ava reluctantly handed Peter over to Kitty and said "Hurry!"

Kitty was already half phased through the floor with Peter in her arms. Luckily there were two infirmaries one was like a hospital on the surface, one was below the Danger Room. She landed in a unused room. She gently laid Peter on the bed has she went for Hank also known as the Beast. He was big blue and almost liked like the Cookie Monster or a blue gorilla. Lucky for her Hank was in the other room. Kitty yelled "Hank please come here! NOW!"

Hank saw the urgency in Kitty and knew it was important, very important! He rushed to her and when he got in the doorway he saw Peter. He exclaimed "Great Scott! What happened?"

Kitty said "He went to the danger room, that is all I know! Is he going to live?"

Hank was already hooking him up and putting IVs in Peter and began to cut off his suit. Hank knew Peter hated it when someone cut his suit. Hank and Kitty gasped at the sight of Peter's bare chest. Peter's chest were covered in innumerous amount of scars, most were faint but still easily visible. There were too many scars to count and different types of scars, there were acid burns, electric burns, fire burns, cuts, punctures, scars of gunshot wounds. Hank said in a shocked voice "When he was last here he did not have ANY scars at all…"

Kitty looked at Peter and she noticed he was missing his thumb Hank noticed it when Kitty simply stared at his left hand.

Hank said to Kitty "Leave." As he began to wash his hands in alcohol.

Kitty left the room feeling sick to her stomach. She closed the door behind her. She ran into Ava.

Ava growled "Let me see him!"

Kitty said "We can't."

Ava growled and said "Maybe you did not hear me kitten, I am going to see him!"

Kitty said "Doctor's order's no one is to see him!" Kitty's own tears finally began breaking through.

Ava's fire seemed to die she asked "Is Peter going to make?"

Kitty's watery eyes answered the question.

Moments later Laura rushed in, she could smell Peter's blood and this angered her greatly. Laura growled "Let me through…" Her voice was low and threatening.

Ava said in defeat "I did the same thing, doctor's orders the leave him alone."

Laura growled hating feeling useless.

Logan came in at the worst plausible time, three moody teenage girls looking for something to vent on.

Laura lunged at Logan and began striking, and Ava was the second one to pounce into the action. Kitty would have but she did not feel like messing with a pair pissed off Wolverines. Ava and Laura easily gained the upper hand on Logan for two reasons one being that they both know it is nearly impossible to kill Wolverine and two Logan was not here to fight, he was here to check on Web Head. The three of them brawled for while and the fight would have lasted longer if not Professor X intervened.

Charles asked "What is the cause of this?"

Logan and Laura retracted their Adamantium covered claws. Ava retracted her electrified titanium claws. The three people who were fighting stood up. Laura said with a vicious growl "He started it!" She pointed to Logan.

Charles looked to Logan and asked "Is it true?"

Logan growl and said "I came here to check on Webs."

Charles asked "Peter's in the infirmary?" The Professor then added in thought "already?"

The three girls answered in unison "Yes!"

Charles asked the group "Why?"

Logan said "Web Head turned on the training simulator and changed the passwords. He locked himself in there for six hours!"

Laura growled then said "Then you fought him!"

Logan said with a shrug "He wanted to spar."

Ava growled and said "A friendly spar usually does not involve missing digits or losing limbs!"

Charles asked "Did you cut off Peter's fingers?"

Logan said "I don't remember he got me angry and I don't remember much."

Ava growled and said "You cut off his thumb!"

Charles sighed.

Logan said "Peter grew back his fingers before. So this is not the worst that Peter has suffered."

Charles rubbed his temples and said "Logan I need to speak with you privately." The Professor wheeled out of there with Logan behind him.

After what seemed like hours wait Beast came out of the room with a grim expression on his furry blue face. Beast sighed and sat down in an empty chair and but his massive hands in his face.

Laura was the first one to speak up, she said "Hank, is Peter going to make it?"

Hank sighed and said "It is still too early to tell."

Ava asked "Can we see him now?"

Hank thought carefully and said "He needs to rest, but I think it may help him if he knows he's not alone."

As soon as Hank said that, Kitty was already phased through the wall. Laura, Ava and Rogue quickly followed suit behind the 'ghost' of a girl. Hank followed the girls closely behind.

All of the girls except of Kitty who saw Peter before being covered up.

Peter was almost bare chest with all sorts of tubes and IVs sticking in and through him. They saw all of the scars on Peter, all of the types of burns, different types of cuts and puncture wounds. They saw Peter's left hand it was bandaged and well the thumb was sticking out like well…. A sore thumb. It did not take much to know that Hank sew it back on. Peter had bandages on some parts of his chest they were pink from blood, he had massive scaring on his arms, it did not take much to guess what happened there. Some of the scars were in the shape of shackles others were easily defined as cuts. They saw Peter's face with the scars on it from early that week. They saw massive bruising all over his body, he was black, purple, and the ugly green color that the a bruise turns when it begins to heal. They saw his right hand in a cast. They saw the heart monitor Peter's heart beat was over half as slow as normal. His breathing was assisted by a medical ventilator giving his body pure Oxygen assisting healing as well as making it easier to breathe.

Hank said "He is not healing like he normally does."

Ava asked "What do you mean?"

Hank sighed and said "He use to heal from most of all injuries in a few days, a week at most. Bruises are gone in an hour or so. Bones heal overnight. He is barely healing fifty percent over the normal pace of a human. He is till within the range of a very, very mild healing factor similar to Steve Rogers' healing factor if you want to call it that, except that Peter is not healing as fast."

Ava asked growled "What's wrong with him?!"

Hank said "I am running tests on his blood, stool, urine, spinal fluid and bone marrow. I am comparing them to his earlier tests when he first got here. I think he over used his healing factor that would be part of it, but there is much more to it than that."

Laura asked "Have you given him his own blood back? He did give a lot of blood and put it in his blood bank in case something like this happened."

Hank said "I already did that after I took the samples."

Rogue asked with a southern accent "When do ya think he'll 'wake?"

Hank said "To be honest I truly do not know when he wakes up. It could be in a couple days it could also be a few months." Hanks sighed before leaving to check up on the tests.

Kitty asked "Are you sure? I mean he woke up before once you said he'd be out for several hours because you sedated him for surgery he woke up mid way through and fought his way out and ran until Laura was able to pin him to calm him down."

Hank said "I was not ready for such an advanced healing that was not yours or Logan's. You two never need surgery. Peter did not need surgery he simply needed at the sleep, though the wounds should have been sterilized. But he truly did not need it. Usually all I had to do was stabilize him and in a few hours he would begin to heal. Now…" He gestured to the scene of Peter hooked to the many instruments. "Now he is just barely off life support. There is nothing more I can do at this time."

Peter's eyes snapped open and he jumped to the ceiling tearing open freshly sowed wounds and ripping out all of the IVs. Peter was crouched on the ceiling with only his feet stickling. He went to dart out the open door. But fell to the ground roughly before he could make it to the door. He landed on his head, luckily he was more flexible than any human otherwise he would have broke his neck.

Ava and Laura rushed to him, Ava to his left side and Laura to his right side.

Peter muttered weakly "Ava… let… me… go… Laura… let… me… go…"

The two girls completely ignored him until the placed him on the bed.

Ava whispered "How are you Bug Boy…"

Peter growled and said with more energy than he had before "Don't ever, EVERY call me that again!" But he slumped back down into bed fighting to stay awake and avoiding the nightmares that await him in slumber.

Laura said "Stop fight Peter! We are trying to help!"

Peter eyes slowly closed his eyes and said "I don't need help…" Peter fell back into a near comatose state.

Kitty said "He woke up Hank…" Blood was splattered on the floor, luckily she was able to phase through the shower of blood before it could hit her.

Hank said sighed and rubbed his temples saying "It appears that even in weakness his is too stubborn for his own good!"

Professor X came in, but he did not notice the blood, if he did he did not show it, Charles said "Hank once you stabilize him I need to speak with you and talk about your tests results. Then I need to speak with Peter alone."

Hank ushered everyone else and said to Peter though he knew Peter most likely could not hear him "You know Peter, you really need to stop fight me every time I try to help! You just hurt yourself worse. I understand the first time, someone with a knife cutting you open while you were restrained. I wish I knew what causes you to be so jumpy." He said as he began to removing some bandages and he then stitched Peter up for the second time in twelve hours!

(In Peter's Mind / Dream)

Spider Man was web slinging through New York City it was a few months after the Lizard incident and he said to himself "I need to talk with Gwen today. I wonder if she is wants to go on a day with me?"

He heard a bank alarm go off, he looked down and saw several armed bank robbers. Spider Man sighed and said once he was above them "You know I was hoping to relax. By any chance can we do this the easy way for once?"

His spider sense went off just before some was shooting at him with an assault rifle shooting crazily Spider Man said "Slow down machine gun tom!" He webbed the gun and yanked it out of his arms and crushed the barrow of the gun with his bare hands. "I am not in the mood for this. This is your last warning." His spider sense tingled and he signed "Why can't I have a break?" He jumped to the building's side dodging the barrage of bullets coming from the rest of the gunmen.

"Where did he go?!" One of them asked.

Spider Man said "Why don't you guys over look up?" He said while jumping down and webbing two up using his web shooters. He landed between two of them they pointed the gun at him but his spider sense told him it was safe. They pulled the trigger.





They were empty they threw down the guns and pulled out a few knives. Peter looked around him the odds were three to one. Spider Man said "You know I know your IQ is low, but why don't you guys learn that the odds are always in a spider's favor?" He webbed something behind them.

One of the crooks said "You miss us bug…"

Spider Man smirked, but that was left unseen due to his mask "Two things spiders are arachnids! Second thing who says I was aiming at you?" Spider jerked his arms back a big green dumpster slid back and hit the guys in front of him. Spider Man said "I call that taking out the trash. What do you say?"

The crook was running down the alley next to the bank. Spider Man sighed and jumped to the wall and crawled. He was head of the crook when he jumped down "You know it was not nice leaving someone when he is talking to you. So I decided to drop by." The guy swung a crowbar. Spider Man said "Why are all you guys the same way? Either guns or knives, Or bats or crowbars? I mean can you guys be more original or something? I mean it feels like I am fighting the same ten thieves every time. Guns, knives, crowbars…" Spider Man did a back flip to avoid being it in the head again. The last time he got hit Gwen was mad! She made him promise to be more careful.

The crook said "Hold still so I can hit you!"

Spider Man webbed the guys feet then pulled. The crook's feet were yanked out from underneath him, he landed solidly on his back and the wind was knocked out of him. Spider Man picked him up and gave him a jab to the face knocking him out. Spider Man dragged the man to the group and webbed all of them together next to the dumpster.

The cops showed up and said "Freeze Spider Man!"

Spider Man sighed in frustration "Why do you guys keep trying to arrest me?!"

"You are wanted for the murder of police captain George Stacey."

Spider Man said "I was granted a pardoned by the Mayor of New York for crying out loud! I have no claws and he was killed by puncture! Come on guys, just give me a break!"

"There is still a active warrant for your arrest Spider Man."

Spider Man said "I really do not have time for this!"

"You will have the time you need once you are behind bars where you belong freak!"

Spider Man growled and said "I save lives where you cannot. I try to help people, but it is a thankless job. I can go with that. But when people like the Daily Bugle and guys like you, it makes it hard for someone to want to do the right thing. 'great power comes with great responsibility'" Spider Man jumped and he began web slinging away. Then a felt a searing pain in his right arm, He fell and landed in a alley and broke a car's roof. Spider Man groaned and said in pain "I hate you Parker Luck!" He twisted his neck and saw he had a bullet wound in his right arm, it was near his shoulder. He webbed his wound shut with a hiss. He climbed to a open window on the abandoned building. This was the dojo where he fell into when he first became a vigilante. Spider Man phones vibrated He answered "Hello?"

"I saw you on the news again, you alright?"

"Yes Gwen I am fine. I've been hurt worse." Peter said taking his mask off. He began to take the rest of his Spidey suit off. He left some clothes in here somewhere.

"Really!? I told you to be careful out there Bug Boy!" Gwen exclaimed.

Peter said "It was not the crooks this time. It was the cops! Why can't they leave me alone?! I am doing them a favor! I saved the city!"

Gwen said with a smirk in her tone "You save the city?"

"We saved the city Gwen." Peter corrected.

Gwen asked "How bad is it?"

"I told you I've been hurt worse. Relax Gwennie Poo" Peter knew Gwen really do not like that, like he did not like being called Bug Boy, but it was a term of endearment that was special to them and them alone. They were the ones allowed to call the other that. No one else could.

Gwen huffed and said "Okay Bug Boy, just come here safely. Mom is going out of town for the weekend."

"I will be there in maybe an hour. I can't exactly web sling to your house at this time!" Peter said.

"I will be waiting… Don't take too long, you may miss out…"

Peter said "No fair!"

Gwen hung up leaving Peter hanging. Peter shook his head and smiled "Well least Gwen was not too mad this time though once I am at the house she will unload on me… At least she puts up with me and loves me."

About an hour later Peter was in Gwen's house. Peter could smell she was cooking dinner he did not hear the kids nor did he feel them running around meaning Helen, Gwen's mother took her sibling with her, meaning he and Gwen would be alone. Peter could smell chicken cooking his mouth began to water. He was going to surprise her. He climbed of the wall and on to the ceiling where he crawled into the kitchen, however when he got there, there was no one there.

Peter jumped down and called "Gwen?!"


Peter jumped right back up on the ceiling.

Gwen fell over laughing.

Peter turned red, the color of his suit and said "Very funny Gwen! You know I hate it when you do that!"

Gwen smirked wiping a tear out of her eye "What's wrong? Cant sense me?"

Peter smirked "You must not be a threat to me" he said as he jumped down.

Gwen surprised him and she pinned him to the floor and sat on his stomach and said "I am a threat."

Peter said "No still no tingling."

Gwen flipped Peter over and put Peter in a painful arm bar even for him. Peter slapped the floor and shouted in pain "I give! I give! I give! Okay you're a threat!"

Gwen got off him and whispered in his ear tickling his ear "You're getting rusty."

Peter said in a husky voice "Let's fix that together…" He kissed her gentle but she quickly took dominance wanting, no, needed it.

Gwen placed Peter's hands on her ass and she moaned into his mouth when he began kneading them through her skirt. She reached down and gave Peter's ass a tight squeeze and slapped it though the jeans earning a surprise yip from Peter.

Peter slipped his hands down her skirt and groped her bare ass. Peter deepened the kiss and began to play with her.

Peter broke the kiss and jumped up on the ceiling because his spider sense went off. Gwen was about to say something but the door opened up.

Gwen's mother came in and said "I forgot to pick up the briefcase I needed." When Helen saw Gwen she noticed Gwen looked a little ruffled. She asked "You alright Gwen?"

Peter snuck along the ceiling careful not make a sound or draw attention to himself. He made his way to the stairs and quickly made his way to Gwen's room where he hid, he opened the window in case he needed to jump out in a moment's notice.

A few minutes later Gwen came in and said "The coast is clear Peter."

Peter got out of the closet and said "Ok..."

Gwen asked "Not in the mood anymore?"

Peter's stomach growled before he could speak.

Gwen giggled and said "That answers my question. Dinner's about ready wash your hands up."

Peter rolled his eyes and said "Yes Mother."

Gwen gave Peter a smile that made Peter shiver on the inside, but when she said "Mother am I? Come here Peter…" This made Peter's heartbeat skyrocket and nearly gave him a heart attack.

Gwen saw this and said "Ok Peter, just relax! Come down when you're ready.

Peter gave her a nod of thanks before she left. Peter flopped down on her bed and curled up. His stomach growled and he muttered "I'm tired!" His stomach growled otherwise. Peter sighed "Fine." He got up went to the bathroom to wash his hands and he checked out his bullet wound, it was already healing Peter said to himself "Should be healed by the morning and the scar gone by noon tomorrow!"

(Back in the Real World)

Hank said to Charles and everyone else in the room "Charles, Peter's DNA is changing."

Ava asked "What do you mean?"

Hank sighed and said "Sometimes it take takes a long time to heal from certain types of things. I believe it is plausible in theory that Peter's powers were only temporary."

Laura growled but made no comment.

Scott asked "Are you sure? He could have easily have taxed his healing factor again?"

Hank sighed and said "No, I had Kitty hack into SHIELD and Peter had to take more and more trips to sick bay. That and his DNA is changing. Some of his DNA seems to be reverting back to human that were once arachnid."

Wolverine stood up and walked out with small growl.

Charles asked "Will Peter survive the latest episode?"

The blue giant pinched his brow and said "I wish I knew, Charles I really do. Peter is a strong stubborn young man."

Charles chuckled at the part "Yes he is stubborn. But he has a good heart. I searched through his mind to see of he knew anything behind this. There was very little. It began shortly after the death of Gwen Stacey. He quit being Spider Man."

Ava asked "Really? Peter never told me he stopped being Spider Man, he kept saying 'it's my responsibility. If you have the power to do the right thing but don't then you are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger."'

Laura sighed and said "Peter has a major hero and martyr complex." Laura did her best not to leak any thoughts to anyone, hoping to keep her and Peter's secret.

Storm asked Hank "Are you positive that he is losing his powers?"

Hank said "No ma'am, it is mostly theory, but his genes HAS changed since the last time he came here. But that could have been any number of things. I could be making it a bigger deal than it really is."

Jean said "I hope Peter will be ok."

Charles said "I think we all do."

Everyone agreed with the Professor on that notation.

(In Peter's Mind / Dream)

Peter and Gwen were hanging out behind the bleachers in the gym. They were making out half knowing they were being watched, but they really did not care, Flash threw a basketball at them but Peter caught it without looking or breaking the kiss.

When Gwen and Peter broke the kiss it was because the gym coach blew the whistle making everyone line up unless they wanted to be running laps until the coach said otherwise. Peter and Gwen were on the same team, you would think Peter would be awesome and amazing at dodge ball, but he can't be. A wimpy, scrawny teenage boy goes from that to being the best in athletics He had a secret identity to keep.

Flash hit Parker in the face with a basketball, Peter fell to the ground acting as f he was a normal teenage boy. Little did anyone know that this nerdy boy was the amazing, spectacular Spider Man.

Gwen stood up to protect her boyfriend, it touched Peter's pride that she would do that, but it pricked his pride that a girl as to save him Spider Man, from a bully that he knew he could take out in under a second blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back!

Gwen helped him up and took him to the nurses office where she then chewed Peter out "Peter, you need to relax and actually dodge the ball! I think you are taking thus too far!" The lecture would have carried on further, but the nurse came in.

The burse asked the simple questions "What happened", "When did it happen?", "Who did it?", "Would you like some ice?" and other questions that were yes or no. about thirty minutes later Peter was finally able to get out of the nurse's office. At least gym was the last period of the day.

Peter said to Gwen when they were off campus "I have a bad feeling I can't shake."

Gwen asked "Spider sense?"

Peter shook his head no and said "No, I know what that feels like. This is a feeling coming from here, and here." He placed a hand on his heart and the other on his gut.

Gwen could not help but tease Peter "So you're hungry?"

Peter said "This is not funny! I am being serious!" Peter exclaimed waving his arms to emphasize his point.

Gwen giggled and said "You're cute when you get flustered." She kissed Peter on the nose.

Peter would have continued to debate but the wind was taken out of his sail. Peter sighed and said "You are probably right, it is just my overactive imagination playing tricks."

Gwen leaned her head into Peter's chest as they walked towards her house. Peter and Gwen were partners for a science project it was Physics, but they were caught doing chemistry before class. Peter discreetly used a few of his abilities to get paired with Gwen, and Gwen pulled a few strings from being a student teacher in science and math.

They could get the project done in an easy thirty minutes and they had two weeks! A great excuse to be together!

Peter and Gwen were walking down a street where Peter with his super hearing heard a muffled cry he sighed and said "Go on Gwen, Spider Man is needed." Without waiting for a response he rushed into the dark alley and changed. He tossed his close in and is back pack at Gwen who caught it. Spider Man growled under his breath and muttered "Can I have one day just one where I am not cursed? What did I do stop on a bug that was please by the-" He saw three males in ski masks cornering a female with fiery red hair. Spider Man growled "Mary Jane!" Spider Man jumped down and landed behind them and said darkly "The lady said to leave her alone!"

The guy swing a knife. Spider Man dodged it with ease he kicked his hand send the knife to the roof. He then kicked the man in the knee and elbowed him in the chest then webbed him to the floor of the alley. The other goons fled the area. Spider Man webbed their feet making them face plant in the concrete and breaking their noses. Spider Man said "That looks like it hurt!" As he began to drag them towards him, once they got to him he webbed them all up and asked Mary Jane "You okay MJ?"

Mary Jane asked "You know me?"

"No, but Peter talks about you from time to time, you two seem close." Spider Man said as he shot a web line.

MJ said "Wait!"

Spider Man paused and looked at her with the unblinking eyes of the mask.

"Me and Peter are close friends, but I was dating Harry." MJ said.

Spider Man sighed and said "Was?" He had to play along otherwise it might tip her off. He was not ready for many people to know who he was, at least not yet.

MJ said "Yeah Harry went to Europe for some business trip with his father."

Spider Man nodded his head and said "Ok, I have a hot date waiting for me. Catch ya later Red!" Spider Man said as he webbed off. Spider Man face palmed when he realized he called her "Red"

Mary Jane thought she heard him call her "Red". Peter calls her that. She thought "Maybe Peter told him about me… No something fishy is going on here!" Years later and I mean years later she finds out that Peter was Spider Man, she always had a hunch because of the bruising, and disappearances and appearances of Spider Man and Peter. She and Peter were close friends, but it was more of a brother and sister type of a bond than anything more. She was like the big sister.

Spider Man web slung off to a fire call. Spider Man could see the smoke rise above the skyline. Spider Man went to it. Spider Man broke through a window with a room full of people, he said "Everyone get out now!"

A small child coughed Spider Man kicked out the widow frame out making it larger, nearly the size of a door. Spider Man said once he made a web rope "Climb down now!"

Spider Man picked up a baby and he jumped down ,but he webbed the nearby building to gently put to the ground. He handed to baby off to a firefighter and he jumped back into the widow he got the babies and children out first. The others would not have any other way. Spider Man said once he picked up an old man "Is this everyone?"

The old man weakly said "Top floor…" Before passing out due to smoke inhalation, Spider Man jumped down and made sure to bend his knees to absorb to shock. The old man was still breathing, Spider Man said "Medic?!" A medic came and took him from Spider Man. Spider Man gave a nod of thanks before webbing the top of the building and pulling down before he jumped up. He broke through the widow and said coughing "Is anyone in here!?" There was nothing but the roar of the fire and the fire crackling all around him. The fire was hot but he was more reliant against heat. Spider Man tried to tune out the fire and listen for any signs for anyone in here.

Spider Man's spider sense went off just in time for him to dodge a falling rafter.

Spider Man called out into the dark smoke all around him "Is anyone here?!" The only sounds were that of the fire and sound of his own hearty beat and his heavy breathing. Spider Man began to feel faint. He was about to leave when he heard a thump, he felt the floors weakening, but he knew something, or someone fell. He rushed over to where he thought he heard the sound. He coughed and said "Get… away… from… the.. door… I'm coming in!" Spider Man coughed he waited as long as he could thirty seconds. He kicked in the door and found two kids one of the kids was a boy who was not much older than five and his baby sister. Spider Man rushed and picked them up he said "I'm a friend." He kicked the wall that was already fired damaged and he made a hole, he gave several more kicks and he felt his spider sense go nuts! He jumped out back first to protect the kids in his arms from the splinters. He felt nails scrape his backside and burn his tender flesh under the skin.

Spider Man fell from the third story and landed on his back on a taxi car. Spider Man groaned in pain. The boy tried to pull Spider Man to his feet. Spider Man lifted up his mask so he could breathe easier. Spider Man gave a smile and said "Thank you, but I need to catch my breath. Why don't you go the nice police man and ask for your mom and dad?"

The five year old nodded his head and gave him a hug. Spider Man hid a wince when the boy accidently pressed a bruised cut. Spider Man gave the hug back. The boy whispered "Thank you."

Spider Man said with his mouth still showing "You're welcome." Spider Man picked up the little girl and limped towards the medics and police there.

The building came down. Two people seemed very distraught. The boy cried out "Mommy! Daddy!"

The parents turned around to see their first born running to them with open arms. They embraced him and they hugged and kissed. Until Mom asked "Where is your sister?!"

Spider Man said "Right here Miss."

The mother took the baby from Spider Man's arms to check if her baby girl was alright.

Spider Man was about to web sling off, but the dad said "Wait."

Spider Man froze in place.

The Dad said "My name is Dr. Rowell. If you ever need anything I will help you."

Spider Man gave a nod too weak to say anything, but he mustered all of the strength he could before web swinging off.

Spider Man crashed landed outside of Gwen's room, he landed on the fire escape. Gwen saw on the news that Spider Man was sighted at the fire. So she was extra jumpy to noises. She opened the widow and The unmasked Spider Man weakly crawled in.

Gwen caught him before he fell, she half carried and half dragged him towards her bed, she gently placed him on a wooden chair before she threw on a stained sheet that she put on her bed. She then gently put Peter face down in the bed. Peter was out cold. She sighed as she began to pick the splitters and nails and bit and pieces of glass from his body.

(In the Real World)

Ava and the of the X - Men who were not on a mission were in a large room, it was mostly used as a lobby. They all either stood or sat in silence. The silence was deafening. The tension in the room was very thick, it was as if Hulk was squeezing them and trying to crush Adamantium.

Peter has been in the coma for a week now, though there is good news. Peter is stable and is healinhealing nicely.

Ava and Laura hardly left his side at all. The only they did was for using the restrooms and for when the doctors told them to. Rogue was there often but could not stay. Kitty would show up and made sure Ava ate she offered food to Laura, but it was unneeded due to her healing factor.

This was one of the few moments when all of the girls were there at the same time. Ava, Kitty, Laura and Rogue.

They were listening to either Peter's heartbeat (Ava and Laura) or were listening to the heart rate monitor going beep... beep... beep... (Rogue and Kitty).

Scott rushed in and said "Good news! Ice Man and Star Fire has been found and rescued! They will make it!"

"Ice Man and Fire Star will make!" Exclaimed Scott as he rushed in to fill in the others of the good news.

For Ava this was one of the first times of hearing about Ice Man and Fire Star, but based on the reactions of Rogue and Kitty, they were good friends. Ava simply remained silent and watched the scene around her.

Laura knew who they were. They were friends with Peter in his earlier days.

Ice Man and Star Fire were some of his first team ups. Both Bobby and Peter shared a similar sense of humor, or they could at times. Liz and Peter knew each other from Peter tutoring her before she moved and changed her name to Angelica "Angel" Jones. Liz was a cheerleader and Peter was simply a nerd at the time, he was the first person to treat her as a normal girl. She respected him for that.

Laura kept a stoic expression and a neutral posture, she was never close to them, and well in fact she was not too close to anyone except for her 'father' Logan, and Peter her boyfriend and lover at one time. Besides those two she did not have many attachments.

Kitty asked "How's Bobby?"

Scott said grimly "He will live."

Kitty asked "Can I see him please?!"

Scott said "He is in his ice coma thing. Bobby said before turning into a block of ice "Tell the Kitty and Rogue "I'd survive" and after saying that Bobby froze over. I believe he will wake up in a few hours."

Rogue said "I would like to see him again as well…"

Scott sighed and said "As long as you do not get frost bite again!"

The two girls blushed but quickly left the other two girls and Scott alone with Peter.

"So how bad is Bobby?" Ava asked Scott.

"*sigh* He will live, and regenerate, but he nearly died three times on the way here, Storm had to revive him. We put him in his "Ice Box" where it is same for all of us, he can go as cold as he needs to and we do not feel the cold. He can leave whenever he wants and only a few people know the code to get in. Kitty will phase through and Rogue will go with her." Scott explained.

Ava repeated herself using different wording "What types of injuries did he sustain?"

"Both arms were broken and both legs. His left eye was cut open-" Scott was cut off by Ava lifting p her hands silencing him.

Ava said "Ok, that's too much." She paused waiting for her nausea to pass before asking "Who did it?"

"We still do not know. Those cuts were too precise to be anyone. That and not just anyone can take down two powerful and experienced heroes. That leaves very few alternatives." Scott explained.

Laura growled, she may not be attached to anyone, but she did in fact care for them, just in her own unique way, similarly to the way Logan showed his. Laura said "So it has to be a doctor or an assassin. That did the cutting, capturing however is easier than you think Scott. SHIELD, HYDRA, could have done it or an unknown government agency."

Scott said "You know as well as i-"

Laura growled and said "How many laws as the government passed but either was revoked or nobody upholds the laws!?"

Scott opened his mouth but Laura cut him by saying "The Mutant Registration Act (MRA), the Keene Act, the Superhuman Registration Act (SRA), the Sokovia Accords and the Vigilante Registration Act (VRA), the list goes on Scott. Logan and I were part of a government experiment!"

Ava growled at that. Ava asked "When did all of this take place?"

Laura said calmly "When you were out of the states. Though people still use the MRAs to kill mutants, if you get a bad cop then they will actually support the killer at times. We are second class citizens with barely a voice."

Scott sighed and said "Too true… too true…"

(In Peter's Mind/ Dream)

Peter was sleeping in an extra comfortable bed as he felt someone turn over, he tiredly opened his eyes and saw two warm and beautiful blue orbs staring back into his own eyes. Peter smiled tiredly "Hello Gwen." He yawned and stretched before snuggling back down.

Gwen said "Come on Bug Boy, it is nearly noon, time to get up!"

Peter muttered "Too cold." Before he clung to her and fell back to sleep. Gwen at first struggled, but she realized Peter was using some of his super human strength, not enough to hurt her, nor was it actually crushing her. It simply pinned her to Peter's side. She heard his strong heartbeat and she fell back asleep next to Peter. Gwen cuddled against Peter's warm body. His accelerated metabolism made his body run hot, in short he made a great heating blanket.

Peter woke up a few hours later he opened his eyes feeling much more refreshed and when he looked what was in his arms he smiled, Gwen had fallen asleep in his arms and she was slightly drooling. Peter would have woken her up, but she was just too cute to do that. Peter watched her for maybe five minutes before Gwen opened her eyes. Gwen saw Peter's warm icy blue eys looking her own, she felt all of love he had for her .Gwen said "Can I get up now?"

Peter asked "What do you mean?"

Gwen tugged on Peter's arms, but they refused o move.

Peter blushed and muttered an apology and began to rattle on that was until Gwen kissed him to shut him up then Gwen said "You're forgiven."

Peter smiled his signature dopey grin. For a few seconds before saying "Maybe I should talk a little more often…" He smirked at the last sentence.

Gwen gave him a slug to the arm.

Peter rubbed his sore arm and said "Ok I got it! Why are you so violent I get hit and shot at everyday, the last thing I want is a fight when I get home."

Gwen said "You are at my house Peter. Besides you love me regardless."

Peter said "You know Gwen, why are you the more dominate one?"

Gwen smirked and said "I guess you don't want to see me naked for a month..."

Peter whined at the thought, which only made Gwen smirk even wider.

(Time Skip Another Hour Later)

Peter was in his Spider Man uniform and was web slinging around New York City, it was a very cold winter day, it was beginning to snow again. Aunt May's flight was delayed so she would have to wait another night before coming home, so Peter was home alone.

Since it was a quiet day Spider Man chose to go home early before his luck could change. Much to his pleasant surprise nothing went wrong so when he got home he went straight to his room and crashed. He barely had enough energy to take off his Spider Man costume. Peter muttered "Why am I so tired?" He yawned and fell back to sleep.

A few hours later Gwen was looking for Peter, she and Peter made plans for doing a school project, but when Peter did not show up after an hour and no reports of any sighting of Spider Man she thought the worse. Gwen called his phone number but when he did not answer she began to worry.

(Time Skip the Next Morning)

Peter woke up to the sun warming his body through the window, he was wrapped up in all of his blankets as if he was wrapping himself in a cocoon. Peter felt his phone vibrate he wiggled free and looked at the screen of the flip phone. Peter said to himself fearful for his well being "I forgot Gwen!"

The phone went off again Peter answered it on the first ring, he put the phone to his ear for him to nearly throw it across the room when he heard Gwen's loud angry and harsh tone.

Peter said once Gwen called down slightly Peter said "Sorry Gwen, I fell asleep…"

Gwen's voice turned to one of concern "Did you get hurt?"

Peter answered her "Not that I am aware of. I might have gotten frost bite though…"

"How many times do I have to tell you! Do not wear spandex! You are going to caught your death by wearing those things in the winter!" Gwen yelled into the phone's microphone.

Peter chuckled and said "I thought you loved the way it looked on me?"

Gwen said "I'm being serious!"

Peter sighed and said "I know. Sorry Gwen, I fell better now."

Gwen's voice was filled with relief as she said "Good!"

Peter said with a yawn "I'm going to go back to sleep."

Gwen said "I'm coming down to your house."

Peter said "No, you stay home! Besides isn't George coming home from the police convention in an hour two?"

Gwen rolled her eyes that went unseen from the other side of the phone "See you in a few Pete." She hung up.

Peter rolled his eyes and fell back to sleep.

(A Few Hours Later)

Peter heard a car door shut, He put the pillow over his head and said in a muffled voice "No patrol tonight!"

Peter felt his door open but he refused to look up, he was just too lazy to do so.

He heard two pairs of footsteps near his doorway.

Peter finally rolled over and looked at the door with a yawn. He saw Gwen, Aunt May and… George Stacey? "George? What are you doing here? Did I do something wrong?"

George chuckled and said "No son you are not in any trouble that I am aware of, of the law. Gwen however…" He left the room when Peter paled. When he thought he was out of ear range he chuckled, Peter was a good kid and was a good influence on Gwen he approved of their friendship and their relationship.

Peter swallowed and said nervously "How's the weather?"

Gwen glared at Peter with a look that was so cold it burned. Peter knew he would regret it later.

Aunt May saw the two of them and left them alone, remembering when she was once a teenage girl.

Peter an Gwen was alone…

The two adults were downstairs talking and sipping coffee when they heard a thud and Peter practically shouting "OW! What was that for?" A few second pause before "Ok, Ok, I'm sorry!" There a pause that lasted about two minutes before there was Peter's voice borderline shrieking "GWEN!"

Aunt May said "I think he will learn his lesson about calling when plans change."

George laughed and said "Believe me Gwen will make sure he never forgets!"

Several minutes later…. Peter came down stairs first and he looked rough. Gwen came down shortly behind Peter looking innocent and like an angel.

Peter gave a tired smile and sat down in his chair that was near the fire place. Gwen sat in his lap, Peter blushed but was too tired to say anything.

George said with a groan "How many times do I aft to tell you, please try hiding your relationships or do it on your room away from me."

Gwen smirked and said "At least you like Peter, I could be dating someone else that you would have told me to tell you sooner."

George sighed knowing that debating with his daughter usually ended with her winning and him losing.

Aunt May said "You two do look cute together."

Peter was already asleep again, well mostly asleep. His spider sense was just there sensing movements of the people around him and he could feel Gwen's heartbeat. It brought him comfort.

(In the Room)

Ava said "I had no idea..."

Laura growled and said "Most either are ignorant or know but do not care."

Scott cleared his throat and said "I'll see you two later and bring a plate of food. I think we are having tacos for dinner tonight."

Ava gave a nod, but said nothing.

Laura also nodded in response, but remained silent.

Scott awkwardly walked out of the room, leaving the two girls alone with Peter.

Several minutes past in near perfect silence, the only noises were the three heart beats, three bodies breathing and the heart rate monitor's "beeps".

Ava spoke up and said "Peter told me that I hardly knew him. Do you know what he meant by that?"

Laura said "It means you do not truly know him. Peter has had it tough, tougher than most. Yet he does not show it. He has been hurt in some ways that would make any less of a man blow his brains out. I have known him for a very long time, we have not seen each other for years, but I care for him the same."

Ava sighed and asked "Do you think he trusts me?"

Laura chuckled and said "More than you know, more than you know..."

(In Peter's Mind / Dream)

Spider Man was web slinging towards some sort of power grid. Spider Man was fighting Electro and was either losing or barely holding his own until a cop care broke through a wall and hit Electro. Spider Man muttered "déjà vu…" Then it struck him like a bolt of lightning from Thor's hammer… This was all a dream. The scenery around him changed into a dark environment. Peter felt a familiar presence behind him. He felt a pair of wrap around him, the scenery changed into a woodland, there were in the middle of a clear in a forest of evergreen trees and maple trees. Peter whispered "Why?" Gwen gave him a warm smile, but said nothing. Peter turned around and gave her what would have been a bone crushing hug, but since they were in his mind and Gwen was already dead, nothing could hurt her, almost nothing. Peter whispered in her ear "I miss you so much Gwen…" Gwen gave Peter a sad smile and said "I know Peter, but you are needed elsewhere." Peter said wearily "I am tired of fighting, I am ready to let go. I want to be with you." Gwen said "You will be with me, but now is not the time. I love you, but there are others who need you. You are needed in more ways than one." Peter sighed and said "There are more than enough heroes, I am expendable, and easily replaced." Gwen slapped Peter hard and rebuked him "You are NOT expendable and you are irreplaceable!" Peter rubbed the stinging cheek and said "I know you are right, but…" Peter sighed. Gwen said "It is time for you to leave." She lightly pushed Peter away from her. Peter whined said "Please I need you…" Gwen let him go and said "Other people truly need you Peter." She led Peter into a deeper darkness. Peter felt searing pain on his insides, it felt like his blood was on fire and his bones being wrung out. Peter screamed a silent scream full of pain and anguish. Peter was lamenting in pain. Peter whispered "Make the pain go away. I can't stand it anymore!" Peter was left in bitter silence. Peter began to sense objects around him.

(In the Room)

*Groans* "Ow! My everything hurts..."

Ava and Laura jumped in surprise at the sudden noise, and once they realized who and where it was they practically smothered him in kisses.

Night Crawler cleared his throat and said "If you want to suffocate him then you might want to-" he teleported out of there when Laura sent him a deadly look.

Scott awkwardly walked out of the room.

Peter said to himself "And I thought I was waking up."

Ava and Laura would have slapped him for making them worry so much, but they were too happy to see him to do that.

Ava purred "I missed you so much…"

Laura did not speak but began to kiss him again with even more passion than the beginning. Laura said "I missed you Petey, please try not pissing off my father again. And if you die, I will bring you back and kill you again myself."

Peter said with a light chuckle kissing Laura lightly on the lips "No promises."

Peter turned to Ava "Missed you too Tiger." Peter went to stretch but he felt his stitches beginning to tear open, so he stopped. Ava closed the gap and kissed Peter. "I missed you to Spider…"

When they got done kissing Peter thought "Ok two of the hottest girls I have ever known are falling for me! I hope they get along. I wonder if I can get a threesome? Wait what am I thinking?! Actually, never mind." Peter sighed and gave a smile.

A few seconds later almost everyone literally ran in, Jean, Scott, Hank, Night Crawler, Kitty, Logan, Ice Man, Fire Star, Storm, the Professor, Colossus, Rogue, and much, much more rushed in. Hank had to shoo away most of the people o he could look at his patient without him being overwhelmed.

Only a few were allowed to stay (or refused to move); Ava, Laura, Logan, and he Professor were the only ones allowed to stay while the rest were locked out.

Peter asked "How long was I out this time?"

They all looked at each other and said "Peter you were in a coma for…"

"How was I out?" Peter asked the group that surrounded him. Hoping to get a straight answer for once.

The group looked around at each other waiting for the one to speak up, finally all the eyes were on two individuals; Ava Alaya and Laura Kinney.

They both shot glares at everyone save for Peter's who was innocent.

Peter was getting and nervous about the lack of response for the duration of time. Peter chose to change the subject "Is Aunt May Ok? I had a bad feeling about something happening to her. I know dreams are not real and hardly ever come true. But still..."

Charles wheeled up to the foot of the bed and said in a calming tone "Peter... Your aunt was killed two months ago..."

Peter felt the all too familiar numbness of loss. He knew he should feel something, but he was unable to comprehend what had happened. He was in a state of shock at the news. Peter swallowed the already too dry of a throat. He put up his best mental defenses and a stoic expression as his mask. He tried to put his body on lock down before he broke down again.

Ava simply held his hand, that was all she could do.

Laura held his other hand unable to do anything else.

No words could be spoken to ease the pain, no solace could be given. The heavy, dark oppressive atmosphere hung about them, the silence was deafening. The tension was thick, too thick.

Pain and numb were the only things that Peter could feel. He could not feel. He would feel the pain ofgofg lost again.

Peter whispered "Leave me..."

Nobody dared to move, everyone was frozen in place.

Peter snarled and yelled "Get the hell out!" There was venom and coldness in those words. There was anger and hatred in there, but only because of the fear and pain he felt.

Most everyone could not get out of the room fast enough. No one has heard or seen Peter or Spider Man THAT angry ever before. The only ones that refused to leave at first were Ava, Laura, Kitty, Rogue, Charles, Logan, Scott, Jean and Hank the doctor. The doctor was the first the leave followed by Charles, and Scott. Logan left not wanting to deal with Peter and his over protective girlfriends.

Jean saw Peter closer to a little brother than anything, that and Peter DID save her.

As well as the whole X - Men team. Spider Man being a non mutant was vital for a few missions.

The only down side Jean could plausibly think of was his complete and utter selflessness. He was one of the few that did not even try picturing her naked, until she mentioned it, then it was fun to watch him sputter and squirm. Jean has read a few of his thoughts and she knew Peter was innocent, but has been hurt in ways she could noit begin to fathom.

Kitty was there because she saw Peter closer to a big brother though they did date. Peter was over protective of her. She and Peter were about as smart as the other, both were incredibly intelligent and were both geniuses. Peter did have a habit of undermining his actions and play. It was annoying to her because he gave her or someone else the credit whether it belonged to them or not. Peter was always there for Kitty day or night he was only a call away. Whether she needed someone to talk to, or needed a hug or whether needed help with anything.

Rogue was there because she use to date Peter, but she was currently dating Bobby. She still cared deeply for Peter. He won her heart and made her open up. He gave her a life back when he and Forge made the bracelets that could neutralize a mutant's powers. It worked for her and Scott, but they were the only ones that had it. But in a battle they could break, or could be taken off or run out of energy though it gave ample warning before it dies. Which was why Scott always carries his sun glasses in case of an emergency. Peter helped her get Bobby. Peter was always there for her he was a call away day or night.

Peter growled and said "I need to be alone."

(Peter Point of View)

I growled at my last two friends who stayed with me. I said with a growl hoping they'd leave me alone "I need to be alone…" But of course they refused to leave me, They simply looked into my eyes and they just simply gave me gently squeeze on my right hand and my left hand. I just wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up. Go into eternal darkness and know nothing me. I lost nearly everything that has ever mattered to me, I could feel my own weakness, within me it gnawed at my bones and what little strength I had left.

Ava said to me with fire in her brown eyes but spoke with soft concern "I am not leaving you Peter. You were there for me when I needed someone, I will be here for you."

I could not help but feel just slightly moved but it brought back memories of Gwen saying similar things. It hurt to see the similarity between the two of them, well three of them if you include Laura. I loved them, all of them. But I was blinded by pain and grief I still did not know how long I was out, or how Aunt May died, At this moment I did not care, I was in too much pain, yet I was numb, I replied with cold venom in my voice "I don't need your help. I don't need anything, or anyone. I've made it a solo act in the past I can and will do it again. Leave me." It hurt me to say this, it felt like I was killing a part of me that meant more to me than life itself, but it was too late to take them back. Ava looked at me as if I just stabbed her in the heart. It hurt me to see her with the shocked and pained expression she had on her face. If this was at any other I would have expected to be slapped or worse, but she did nothing for what felt like hours.

Ava said to me "I will be there for you when you need me." Ava slowly left the bed side. I wanted to apologize but there was a part of me that was glad to get rid of a 'weakness'. That was one less person I had to care about when I go, It was killing me when she left the room.

Laura looked at me with fury in her green eyes, but them was sympathy there also. She said with an eerily calm voice "Peter, please don't lock us out. I know what you want to do. But you are needed still and will be missed by everyone."

I wanted to believe her, but at the same time I could not accept the fact, at least not yet. I said with cold anger with malicious venom "Laura just buzz off and hang with Ava. If I wanted company I would ask. Now leave me!" I looked into Laura's eyes she seemed to be weighing and measuring the words as if trying to guess what I meant in them. I knew she was reading me body language and there was nothing I could do about that.

Laura spoke to me and said calmly "I know you. You would die before asking for help. You hate to be a burden, you try to take everyone's burden yet you refuse help. Peter you are NOT a burden. People love you for you. Please do not do something we will all regret. I love you." She bent down and kissed me on the cheek. Then she quickly left leaving me to the maelstrom of emotions and thoughts. As she left I felt another piece of me die. I felt like I was dying.

I looked around the room and so the IVs hanging above me. I followed them down to where they went into a needle under my skin. I finally looked down at my body. I was no longer the lean gymnastic I once was. I am now extremely scrawny and then. It looked like as if I had not eaten anything in a month or so. But I knew I was out longer than that based on my internal clock. I could feel the lull of sleep drawing me back. It must have been winter or close to winter. Winter before I got my powers was awesome, but after I got them, not so much… Being part spider has its advantages and perks, but it also comes with a few downsides and drawbacks. I could handle the heat and loved the summer, spider. I hated the cold and the winter. I wanted to pretty much sleep as much as plausible in the winter that was the spider. If the spider had its choice it would sleep ALL winter long and I don't blame it. It is cold and dark.

I pulled the IVs out of my body and disconnected all of the machines and monitors they had on me. I did it in such a way that it would alert anyone I was disconnected. I was hurt a few times so I learned how to sneak in and out of infirmaries and hospitals. When I finished unhooking myself I swung my legs over the bedside and I felt my feet brush against the cold floor. I took a step and I fell almost flat on my face. My legs gave out. Luckily I made very little, I grabbed the railing and slowly pulled myself to my feet. I groaned in pain when I used muscles that has not been used in who knows how long. I slowly got to my feet and balanced. I carefully took a step, I wobbled majorly. I shook my head and slowly made my way to the showers in the back of the room. Once I got there I took a long, hot shower.

When I first got there I realized there were no metal objects and no hard plastic objects, only rubber and soft plastics. I sighed slightly disappointed, but I enjoyed the hot water. I enjoyed the shower for an half hour before deciding I had enough. I got out of the shower and then wrapped a white towel around my waist. I was not a fan of the hospital garb even if the clothes these were slightly different. If I remember right, there should be some clothes or at least a few coats. I slowly gained some of my strength back from the hot water loosening my muscles and from me moving them. I was still weak, far weaker than I have been in years, though that is not saying much, I use to be able to bench press a fifteen ton bus so me being weaker says a lot. Anyways…. They rearranged the room. Now all I had was a towel while I was looking for some "Real clothes" but as fate would have it, someone walked in. I did not know it until someone touched my bare shoulder. I would have normally jumped or swung a fist but I instead fell flat on my face, tripping over the towel, which luckily due to my sticky personality clung to my body keeping my modesty, though my pride was wounded. I realize then where Ava and Laura did not wear skirts and dresses! I think Gwen only wore the skirts and dresses for me.

When I was able to got on my back without flashing my jewels for the world to see I was looking into the brown eyes of a very, very angry tiger. I muttered "Oh crap…."

Ava said "You are to be resting!"

I said "I was, I just took a shower!"

Ava growled and said "Get back to bed."

I said "Ava I need to apologize what I said to you earlier. I love you. I am sorry if I hurt you." I looked down in shame remembering what I said.. I was expecting to be slap, or yelled out, bit to my pleasant surprise, I was kissed on the cheek. I looked at her confused.

I heard her say to me "Peter, you can be dense and stubborn and an idiot."

I rolled my eyes and muttered sarcastically "Thanks!"

Ava narrowed her eyes at my causing me to flinch I shut my trap and wait for her to speak, she continued "But you are MY idiot. I love you" She gave a purr at the end.

I smiled and gave her a tight embrace. I whispered in her eye "I love you too, please don't leave me!"

Ava pinned me and straddled me and said "Don't worry I don't intent to…" She nipped at my neck making me give a low growl of lust. Just as I thought I was going to get lucky (again) someone interrupted us. I know I was angry, but Ava was furious! I remembered why I fear her, she scary when she mad let alone pissed!

Laura said with a smirk locking the door behind her "I thought I heard something…" She began taking off her jacket and I felt myself go faint, as well as a nose bleed.

(Time Skip)

(Peter Point of View)

When I woke up I was back in the bed with Ava to my left side and Laura to my right. Both were asleep. If I told Ava she looked cute with the little bite of drool dripping onto the pillow and her slight snore. Her black was spread all over my shoulder.

I turned to see Laura, she was asleep using the wall as a prop to sleep. She was snoring slightly more than Ava. In her sleep her nose would twitch, I knew she was smelling, even in her sleep she was aware,

I looked at myself and I was wearing something more than the towel, I blushed at the thought of Ava… you know never mind. I was wearing some of my old shorts which was far too large for me I was also wearing an old shirt, it was way too big, but it was better than nothing. I took a deep breath savoring the scent of the two beautiful goddesses at my sides.

My body ached to the bone, and my bones hurt, I would never tell them or anyone else. I can feel my heart and soul still seeping out of me. I know I had more than enough reason to fight, but between the news of Aunt May passing and my pervious injuries and all of the stress I could feel myself losing a battle long since lost.

I could never tell them, but if I was truthful to myself; I felt like I was dying...

(Peter Point of View)

My body ached to the bone, and my bones hurt, I would never tell them or anyone else. I can feel my heart and soul still seeping out of me. I know I had more than enough reason to fight, but between the news of Aunt May passing and my pervious injuries and all of the stress I could feel myself losing a battle lost before it began, a fight that no one could win. I could never tell them, but if I was truthful to myself; I felt like I was dying...

I looked at my bed sides and I found two reasons to try to live. Though I am beginning to wonder, is it worth it? I mean everything, and everyone that I have ever loved has been, hurt or killed. I can't risk that for them, but… They would eventually find me. No matter what I do, I lose. I guess the first thing that is in order is to heal, heal as much as I am able. After that, I have a feeling I won't be resting for quite some time.

I heard the clock go "tick tick tick tick tick tick tick" I watched the pendulum swing. I mused in my own thoughts "I watch as clock ticks life away. I try to keep it all in, even I try it all falls apart." I gave a silent sigh. I called out mentally hoping maybe I could stretch my legs and back, at least a little bit! "Jean? Charles? Anybody here?" I waited a few seconds, but all I got was silence.

However I nearly jumped out of bed when I heard a voice in my head, it was feminine in nature so I knew it was Jean. She replied and said to me "You're awake Peter?"

"No I am sleep talking. Of course I am awake." I replied with a little sarcasm.

"What can I do to help you Pete."

"Come here and I can show you. I am a little stuck at the moment." I told her.

I heard her sigh then she said "I'm on my way."

"Thank you!" I replied but she did not answer me back. I leaned back and shut my eyes. I could hear the heart beat of both girls, it was both soothing and relaxing. I could feel my wounds itch and burn. I shut my eyes and tried to block the pain, but I would have no such luck. It began to burn worse than before. I could tell I was changing I did not know what, but it felt like my body was having a nuclear war inside my own body. I began to sweat profusely and I was unable to open up my eyes. I clamped my mouth shut hoping not to make a sound, I began to black out, but I was somehow able to cling to consciousness.

I heard someone open the door and gasp, I felt Ava and Laura jump, I would have laughed or at the very least smiled, but I was in too much pain to do so. I wanted to fall into the black, but something kept me there, something or someone refused to let me fall into Death's embrace. I think I could feel Death herself rejecting me. I thought I hit a new low that not even Death wanted me, but Lady Death simply knew more than I did. I realize that, but at the time… Yeah.

I felt my body burning up I could have sworn I was on fire, but I had Goosebumps and chills. This is sooo messed up!

I heard distant voices, it was faint and fuzzy. I felt myself drawn to it, I was pulled to the voices. One was calm. One was more or less stern. The other was almost crying too much for me to tell what she was saying. I wanted nothing but to obey its call. I followed the siren like call. The pain in me intensified.

My eyes snapped open and I could only act on instinct for a short period of time. I jumped to the ceiling with a snarl, I went from the roof, I was just about to pounce down, but I saw who was below. I could never hurt her. I landed on the bed with a growl still emitting from deep in my chest.

Ava dared to place a hand on my shoulder I felt great pain, as if she was crushing my arm.. My instincts told me to rip her arm off me and maybe even rip it out of her socket. Laura placed her hand gently on my other arm. I felt Jean trying to go into my mind, but my spider sense was giving her a headache, no pun intended, ok maybe a little… I lowered my instincts just enough to let her in. I felt my body go taut as a bow string to limp as a noodle.

My body was still at war with itself, but the burning eases up greatly. I shut my eyes and gave a sigh of relief once most of all the pain was nothing more than a memory. I opened up my eyes again and I looked into the faces of three very concerned girls and a the cookie monster, no wait never mind the blue fuzzy thing is only Hank, the doctor.

I did the only thing I could think of at the time I said "Uh hi?"

Ava gave a growl and practically yelled at me "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH IT SCARES ME TO SEE YOU LIKE THAT, LIKE THIS?!"

I said "No." I was hoping it would sound sure and strong, but of course for me it came out as feeble and full of fear. I would have frowned at it, but I realized my voice was only mirroring my own feelings.

Ava's face softened up a little when she saw my face. I said "I love you Ava…" I leaned up and gave her a kiss.

I turn to Laura and gave her a quick kiss before she could say something, I could tell she was jealous so I fixed that problem I said to her "I love you Laura…"

I looked at Hank and said "I ain't kissing you, you blue fur ball!" Everyone began laughing at the joke.

Hank said "Peter I need you to stand up." I stood up and he examined me. He observed me and after place his hands in I felt him touch my back as if seeing the bone healing. I heard him say "Nine months and it has barely healed! I think it healed more now than it did in months."

"WHAT?!" I yelled.

Hank sighed and said to me "You have been out for over nine months. You aunt died on Christmas. We are still looking on who did it."

I snarled and said "Let me up. I may be weak, but I am far from defenseless and useless!"

(Third Person Point of View)

Peter snarled and pushed Hank away from him, anger and rage bubbled and seethed from within his very being. He said in a cold venomous tone "Show me the forensics. I will see if I can find something that someone missed."

Ava was about to touch Peter to calm him down but Peter dodged her touch without looking and said "Ava it is not safe to be near me. I need a few to cool down."

Ava said "Peter, I know you could never hurt me…"

Peter's eyes were cold, hard and distant. He looked into her eyes and said with such coldness it felt like dry ice, cold and harsh "Ava, last warning. Back. Off." He said it with sternness that she knew he meant it.

Ava said "I will make you some lunch."

Peter said "I am not hungr-" Before he could finish his stomach roared in hunger. Peter turned red and muttered "Traitor!

Laura said "I will get you the files and a computer."

Peter watched them go, Jean looked into his eyes and said "Peter, you are not you normal self…"

Peter growled and said "Of course I am not. I lost the closest thing I have to a mother! I nearly lost everything!"

Jean said in a kind caring tone like a big sister "You will never be alone Peter. You will always have us."

Peter gave a sad smile, his cold exterior cracked a little as he whispered "Thank you… thank you…"

Jean could feel Peter's soul longing to breakdown and cry, but he was refusing. Jean said softly "Peter it's ok to cry. Just let it out. I'm here… I'm here…" She hugged Peter who wept on her shoulder. He never truly mourned for Uncle Ben's death nor did he mourn for Gwen's death. It hit him like a tsunami. As he cried Jean felt the tears almost cleanse his soul. The tears seemed to heal his broken heart. She for a brief moment felt all of the emotional pain Peter was feeling. She broke down and wept with him and for him.

They stayed like that for what could have been hours. Jean gently rocked Peter back and forth and gently rubbed his back, though she was careful to avoid his injuries. Peter finally said in a horse cracked voice "Thank you…"

Jean kissed him on the forehead and said "You're welcome. You are important to many people. You are like my reckless little brother."

Peter chuckled and said "Reckless? I guess that is a mild way to put it!"

"Come on Peter you need to eat." Jean said in a motherly tone.

Peter chuckled and said jokingly "Ok Mom!"

Jean froze for a moment before acting as if she did not hear it. Little did Peter know she was in fact blushing and had a small smile on her face.

Peter and Jean made their way down stairs. Once Peter was able to be seen from on top of the stairs he was swarmed be too many people. At first he hid behind Jean, then he jumped to the ceiling, he began to crawl, but his grip slipped. Before he hit the ground however he felt himself stop. He looked around and he saw Jean straining just slightly to keep him up. Then she dropped onto the couch.

Everyone stood in shock.

Ava came into the room with a tray of food, when she saw the crowd she pushed her way up to the front. She saw Peter sitting awkwardly on the couch with hundreds of eyeballs looking at him.

Ava calmly went over to Peter and said in a whisper "Peter, you need to eat."

Peter shook out of his trance and looked at Ava and the tray of food. Peter said "Thank you!" He gave her a quick peck. Then he took the tray and quickly walked out of the room. Peter already had three tuna sandwiches down before leaving the room. He ate like he has not eaten in nearly a year, wait he didn't eat…

Peter finished his umpteenth sandwich. He went into the kitchen he grabbed a Monster hoping it would not trigger his spider sense much this time. He needed some energy it would aid in his healing process. HE downed two cans. He snitched one of Logan's beers. He sipped on the brew for awhile. Laura came into the room, but not before he hid the bottle and the beer breathe. She came in with a laptop. Peter smiled and said "Thank you Laura!"

She arched her eyebrow and said "You're welcome Peter. What happened?"

"What do you mean, 'What happened?" He asked.

She replied "A few-" she checked her watched then she finished "Ok it has been a few hours…"

Peter kissed her on the cheek and said "Thank you again." Laura kissed him back on the lips. Peter kissed back, they broke the kiss when Laura stopped and listened for something. "What was that for?" Peter whined about the broken kiss.

Laura giggled in a way that was not her and said "If you're a good boy I will give you a goodnight kiss…"

Peter whined he wanted it now! Typical teenaged male.

Laura left the room with her hips swaying while in a pair of yoga pants. Peter could see her bubble butt jiggle just slightly with every step, the fabric was so tight that it was almost translucent. She was wearing a thong that left very little to the imagination.

Peter growled at her now he could not remember what he wanted to do before she came! Stupid teenage hormones!

After a few minutes to 'calm' down he remembered what was forgotten.

Peter opened up the laptop and looked into it after a few minutes he found the files he began to read.

(Time Skip)

Several hours later Peter found something unique. There were traces of a chemical compound that was illegal. It was something hard to get and even harder to make. So this lowered the number of who could have done it.

Peter worker throughout the night. He refused to go to sleep claiming he has been "Asleep long enough". Peter was looking at the cameras of the area surrounding the area of the attack, but what was funny it showed nothing. Peter focused his spider sense it sped up his mind fast enough to see the second hand not move for a good three or four seconds. He watched the video he focused even more, he then noticed there was a slight glitch in the camera that only lasted for about .0001 seconds. Even with his spider sense 'slowing down time' it only took a tenth of a second, but he saw it.

He played with the computer he focused around the glitch he managed to get the computer to show the glitch for .01 of a second, but it was enough for Peter to see for over second.

Peter smashed his fist onto the table in rage. Within five seconds there was a crowd in Peter's room. Laura spoke up first "What's wrong?"

Peter growled and said "I will tell you guys in the morning."

Ava said "Peter, it is morning, though it is only four o'clock in the morning. Now tell us what you found."

Peter said "I need a few more hours, then I will know for sure."

Everyone left but for the two overprotective girls. Laura said "Peter we are not leaving you."

Peter said "Ok, just be quite and try not to move." Both Ava and Laura gave him a nod. Peter returned the favor by giving them a half smile.

He focused on the computer again and he noticed another thing that was off, when he hacked into a satellite that was over the place at the time it also had the same glitch, but it was much easier to see. Peter now knew only a select few you could do this. Peter took a few seconds to look out his window, he got up and walked to the balcony and stood in the moon's sliver glow. He watched the calm woodland that was in the back yard. With his enhanced hearing he could hear a creek babbling and a cricket choir. HE took in the scent of nature. He shut his eyes and took in the fresh air, enjoying the openness of the balcony.

Soon Ava and Laura both came out and stood to his right and left side. Peter felt them near him he enjoyed their warmth in the slight chill of the night. With his eyes shut he could sense them, they made him relax both physically and mentally.

Peter began to nod off standing up. The girls noticed this and picked him up together and carried him to bed.

The girls looked at the other as if daring the other to try to take Peter's front side.

Ava ended up taking Peter's left side and Peter snuggled into her back. She gave Laura who was jealous smirk.

Laura shook her head as she climbed and she cuddled into Peter's back, careful not it hurt him. His body seemed to be far cooler than it should have been, she got up and threw some blankets on top of them. She snuggled down behind Peter. Soon the three of them fell into a deep slumber…

Ava laid in front of Peter with his arm around her protectively. Laura shook her head as she climbed and she cuddled into Peter's back, careful not it hurt him. His body seemed to be far cooler than it should have been, she got up and threw some blankets on top of them. She snuggled down behind Peter. Soon the three of them fell into a deep sleep.

(Line Break)

Peter woke up first, he was too tired to open his eyes, but he knew right away he was not alone in bed (again). Peter felt two different heart beats so he knew there were two people with him.

Peter thought to himself "Did I get drunk again? I hope these two do not have a hangover! I wonder if they remembered what happened. I surely ain't waking them up!"

(Line Break)

Charles called everyone into the Danger Room, unfortunately Charles could not get into Peter's mind. So when Ava woke at the same time Laura did with a start. Peter woke up.

Ava turned to see Peter beet red in embarrassment. Peter knew Laura, Ava not so much. Peter opened his mouth to say something but Laura said "We have to go to the Danger Room.

Peter arched an eyebrow.

Laura asked "Did you get the message?"

Peter said "No, but I am awake now."

Ava rolled eyes and muttered "Web Head."

Peter stretched popping his back, he sighed and said "Let's go, I will tag along with you guys."

Ava and Laura left the room quickly not to be late. The last time they were late to something they had to train four extra hours a day and do ALL of the dishes, and clean ALL of the bathrooms. Plus any other chores either Logan or Xavier could think of. They learned NEVER be late.

Peter watched them leave the room he could help but watch them sway their hips. He shook his head trying to get refocused but he was having a little problem with that. Peter sighed he rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. He gave a smile in the mirror for an instant he thought he saw fangs, vampire fangs. When he blinked and wiped his eyes and looked closer, there was nothing wrong. He was normal. He shook his head in confusing muttering something about "Needing more sleep" He brushed his teeth and wet his hair. He spiked his hair up. He put on a pair of jeans that use to be tight on him, now, the jean were baggy, VERY baggy. Peter sighed and shook his head.

(Line Break)

(Time Skip)

(Peter's Point of View)

I made my way to the training room; I walked in pretty much unnoticed much to my surprise. I heard Xavier say "…Peter may need time to adapt." I was shocked. I mean I know I feel weaker, more tired, but wasn't that from not moving for months and sleeping too much? I wanted to say something, but my instincts told me to stay quiet and listen in. I begrudgingly listened in, in silence. Logan spoke up, I was shocked to hear him say some things about me, no it was not negative, in fact he told them that he in fact, held me high in respect. I thought maybe this was a prank, but I could see the emotions in Logan's eyes and in his voice. Times like these make me question what I thought to be true. All I know is that I am very confused.

I watched has Hank take over he said "Spider Man is going under a change to his DNA."

A random kid who I did not see shouted "What is happening to him? I mean he is going to be alright right?"

"No. We do not know what is going to happen to him. His DNA is reverting back to his human self. Meaning in short, he is losing his powers at best, but he is regressing meaning he may not even surv-"

I cut Hank off and said with a growl "And when were you going to tell me this?!"

All eyes in the room turned to me. I felt a burning in my forearms. I let out another growl that deepened into my chest; I could feel rage burning its way through me like a firestorm. I felt a hand on my left side, I did not need to look or use my spider sense to know who it was, I knew it was Laura.

Xavier said "We waited for you for ten minutes…"

Peter growl and took a step forward and asked "I do not remember being summoned… nor do I remember even a simple impression on my mind!"

Logan held his hands up in a calming fashion he said "Peter calm down. Your anger is not going to help anyone."

I shut his eyes and said "You're right…." I turned on my heels and left the room. I walked out and shut and locked the door, I put a timer to unlock it in four hours. I knew this may not be the best idea but I could not stand to be with them, I felt betrayed. The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend.

I grabbed a hoodie and a pair of dark sun glasses and went into the garage and took one of his motorcycles, I chose the black Harley Davidson with the chrome finish. I grabbed a spare helmet and I did a wheelie as I sped towards Bayville. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks unbiddenly. I slowed down once I neared a billboard just outside city limits. My stomach was going in knots for multiple reasons, but there was nothing I could do or nothing that I wanted to do.

I parked the bike in a parking place a few hundred yards away from anything to avoid anything, though I knew with my luck it would not matter WHAT I did something was going to happen. I just wish I could be something more, maybe less… I don't know what to think anymore, I can't tell how I am to feel or how I am to… I am lost. I walked down an empty boulevard. I am tired of… everything. I just wish I could forget who I am, forgot what I've done, forgot everything. I wish I could numb all the pain numb all of the feelings, but alas I cannot do so.

(Line Break)

There were times that Peter almost forgot that he killed Gwen Stacy. Those horrible moments that seemed to play in slow motion, knowing that he had been too late but hoping that he wasn't. That crack haunted him every night since then. It tormented, tortured, him in ways that words just failed to describe.

However, sometimes, he would forget. He would look over, some stupid joke on his tongue that only she would find funny, or laugh at out of pity, only for no one to be there. When he woke up, he would look on the other side of the bed and be puzzled why she wasn't there. When he looked at his phone, he would give her a call for no real reason other than he wanted to hear her voice.

It didn't even have to be that. Sometimes, Gwen faded to the back of his mind as he fought a villain or he had other drama going on. It wasn't that he was trying to forget her, but he just... stopped thinking about her. Right until he caught the scent of her perfume. Or saw blonde hair tied in a messy bun or heard a laugh that sounded captivating.

In these moments, to him, Gwen Stacy was alive. His better half, the woman he loved more than life itself, was alive.

Then reality reared its ugly head, and he would remember.

You see, grief is a cruel and terrible thing. It waits until you're most vulnerable to strike and hits you where it hurts the most. When you think you can finally move on, pick yourself from the dirt, grief would rip the wounds open and rub salt in them. Grief would tear you down until you're nothing but a self-loathing pitiful wreck and, if you let it, it would keep you there until the end.

Gwen had crossed his mind a few times over the past few days, but it had been momentary. With practice, he could ignore the agony that was remembering what he did and focus on the matters at hand. With the gang war, those kids, trying to settle in and his money troubles, those moments were brief.

Before all of this, he would go to her grave to remind himself that she was gone and she was gone because of him. So that he wouldn't have those blissful moments that he got to forget that his better half was gone and the soul crushing realization that followed. When he was there, what he did changed from time to time.

Sometimes he would just stare at her grave, his mind blank, like he was trying to sear the image into his mind so he would never forget again. Other times, he would replay those awful moments in his head on repeat. That one moment of fear that he wasn't going to catch her in time. The moment of relief and triumph that followed. The moment of absolute dread that came when he heard her neck break from the whiplash.

Sometimes he would talk. He would tell her how his day had gone.

Sometimes he talked about the future that could have been. It all just depended on how he was feeling at the time.

Sometimes... most of the time... he would just cry.

Peter was in hell. It felt like someone sucker-punched him in the gut and ripped his heart out of his chest before stomping on it. It had been all he could do was square his shoulders and hope she couldn't hear his heart being ripped to shreds by grief.

Peter became Spider-man out of guilt, and he stayed Spider-man out of guilt when Gwen died 'if something bad happens around me and I don't do anything then it's my fault.' Guilt is what drives Peter, and because he has a martyr complex, he feels guilty for things that are well outside of his control. When a kid falls and scrapes his knees, it's his fault that he didn't catch him. When a child is homeless in the middle of winter, it's his fault because he can't offer him a home. Guilt and the fear of guilt makes Peter do most of the things he does.

Peter has a guilty conscience, and people have a bad habit of twisting words into meaning what they want them to mean instead of what they actually do. So, 'great power comes great responsibility' was meant to be 'do all the good that you can wherever you can whenever you can' but it became 'every bad thing that happens around me is my fault because I didn't stop it.' This, in turn, pushed Peter to become self sacrificing and placing other people's problems far above his own for two reasons; he never felt like he repented enough for his failures to save uncle Ben and Gwen and because he strives to meet the idea of a hero. And what does a hero do?

A hero sacrifices their wants and needs, even their lives, for others. It doesn't matter what he wants, it doesn't matter what he needs and it doesn't matter if he dies. He doesn't matter. Others do…

Peter walked up to a pay phone and he quickly jury rigged the phone, after he was done with hacking the old phone booth he dialed a number he knew by heart. He knew he did not even have a minute to make this call. Peter mentally counted

1.. 2… 3… 4… 5…

The phone rang once, twice…

30… 31… 32…. 33…

On the fourth ring a female voice asked "Hello?"

Peter said "It's me Pete, Remember where we met the onetime when I was transferred to the other school for summer? If so meet me there in a week. Tell no one about me Got to go!" Peter quickly hung up before he counted to sixty. Peter fixed the phone and he quickly left.

(Line Break)

Peter jogged for a few minutes until he was a couple of blocks away from the pay phone. He made sure to avoid any cameras he sensed as well as he kept his face low and he made sure never to give a camera a direct look. His spider sense has always warned him of cameras in alleys that would compromise his identity. He noticed he was out of breath and winded from the short jog.

Peter muttered "Great, just great! I wished I was normal a while ago, but I come to accept and in fact embrace my blessing….. my curse. Why me?" Peter shook his head and sighed.

Peter felt his stitches sting from sweat he ignored the discomfort for the time being he sighed and shook his head. Peter began to walk to Logan's motorcycle hoping nothing happened to it.

(Line Break)

(Peter's Point of View)

I began a slow walk towards the place I parked Logan's bike. I felt exhausted! Normally I could go three days without sleep and playing hero all night and teenaged high schooler without being THIS tired! My whole body ached and most of my skin itched. I was practically starving. For being a genius I was pretty stupid not bring; Any ID, for not bringing any money, and for not telling anyone where I went.

I could feel something big was going to happen soon but I could put a finger on it. I shrugged this off as my nerves simply acting up.

I went to the bike and smiled and thought "Maybe my luck is not so bad… Just don't say anything and maybe I could get a break!" I could not help but have a grin break out and spread across my face. As I got closer I reached into my pocket and pulled out the keys and I was about to climb on but of course the "Parker Charm" had other plans. From the sky fell three small metallic objects about the size of a baseball, one was bronze, one was gold, and the other was a slivery color. All three hit the bike I did not sense them until I heard a whistling I barely had time to dive out of the way.

The balls completely destroyed the motorcycle.

The first thing that came to my mind was "I am so screwed! Logan's going to kill me! Why is it always me?! I mean who did I do to piss off ? What did I do to have this curse?! I mean come one! I have pretty much the worst luck known! If something can go wrong it will! Why me?!"

After my little rant I looked at the metallic balls, they all seemed to have a slight glow to them; I sensed mythical energy coming from them. I hung around Doctor Strange and Thor enough to know what Magic feels like. But this was something I have never felt before. It was as the magic was older than Thor and Loki's magic.

I looked around and saw nothing, I shut my eyes and tried to use my spider sense, but there was nothing, no literally I could not feel my spider sense! I was almost panicking I was on the verge of having a panic attack! I shot my eyes and tried to control my breathing to calm myself down. It worked sort of, I was no longer on the verge of passing out, but I was still light headed.

I sighed and hoped maybe Laura or Ava would track me down. I looked around the area and saw everything was different, I was still in a parking lot, but there was nothing but a few light posts around for what seemed to be a quarter mile.

I thought about touching the balls… ok that sounds a little perverted... But I had a feeling that if I did something would happen, Good? Bad? Anybody's guess, but knowing my luck I might turn into some sort of spider. In other words it would not end well for me. But I felt drawn towards the metallic orbs. I shook my head and walked towards town. I was hoping I could hitchhike or maybe get some money for a bus ticket for myself.

(Line Break)

(Ava's Person Point of View)

(With Laura and Ava)

It has been nearly two hours before we were able to get out. Ava thought "When I find that web head I am going to kill him slowly! I just wish he would learn to be more careful, I love him, but h is either, stupid, or too dense to notice! I just want him to be safe, but he is always doing something that endangers himself. If I did not know any better I would say Peter had a death wish or maybe was suicidal." I was brought out of my thoughts when Logan snarled and dented an Adamantium Steel enforced door. The metal on metal rang loudly through out the whole mansion making my ears ring, I saw Laura flinch so I knew so too was affect.

I began to lose myself in thought again "Why can't web head just for once, I mean for ONCE just let someone else play the heroes, I mean can he not be safe for more than a day when he is conscious and able to move? I mean if it was not for his friends he would be dead. I see through his lies his masks. I can see the pain behind his smile. I can see the broken man who is hiding behind the figure of Spider Man. I see a boy who just wants peace, but has a sense of duty. I see a guilt ridden boy forced to become a man. I see the way he looks at me, I know he feels something, or did…" I still felt guilty about my jealousy, I can't help it! I am part Tiger!

At first when we were locked up I was trying to escape and I was planning to track him down, now that I am free. I just do not feel. I don't know what to do or what to feel. I wish I knew what to do. I truly love Pete.

I glanced over and saw Laura she had a determined look on her face she was not rushing out like I thought she was going to, but I guess she is more experience than I do. She looked at me and we made eye contact she gave me a solemn mod before going upstairs to where Our room was (Peter had his own room, though Laura told me when he visited in the past he would crawl on the outside wall and sneak into her room…) I growled at the thought of that. I do care for Laura, but I think, I think of her as a sister, or I think so…

(Line Break)

(Laura's Point of View)

I was pretty pissed off at Peter for locking us up, but I think I would have done the same thing. I know Peter can take care of himself, but he tends to get in over his head, too much. He has the best worst luck I have ever seen! I pity him for his luck alone, I think he calls it the "Parker Charm". Peter may not notice but a lot of people crushes on him Ava and myself are just two of the examples. Even more people has a crush on Spider Man, even a few villains! Yet Peter is ignorant, oblivious, or he just does not care. I know for a fact he is not stupid. Peter knows far more than he lets in on. We use to be close, but since he stopped being a solo act and he spends nearly all his time with S.H.I.E.L.D. And since S.H.I.E.L.D. is part of the government and the government does not get along well with us mutants. It has been a while since the last riot, but I can feel something happening.

I miss Peter, I know all I need to do is call and he will be there for me, I just need to stumble and he will catch me. He is loyal past the fault, I swear his loyalty will be the death of him! I wish I could just tame Peter just a little bit, but I know for a fact that he cannot to be tamed nor can he be broken. But I know….

(Line Break)

(Peter's Point of View)

I was wanted to walk away but every time I tried I felt a tug in my gut drawing me ack. I growled at myself and muttered "What's wrong with me?!" I thought to myself "I think I am ready to go back home…" I then remembered I had no home; Aunt May was dead. I was officially an orphan. At least i was almost completely out of school…

Why is it always me and my loved ones? I would gladly die if I could just get a glimpse at any one of them! I just wish I had…

I squeezed my eyes shut hoping to stop from crying. I felt my nose begin to run. I clenched my fist so hard my unclipped nails dug into my palm making me bleed, I felt my joints pop from the tension, I could feel my ligament and tendon stretch in my hands and forearms.

I felt tears welling behind my eyelids I felt one tear slip out, then another, and another soon the dam burst open and I was sobbing. I hated having self pity, I hated pity. But right now I just wished I had a friend. I spent a lot of nights staying up saving others, but right now, I needed someone to save me. I needed someone…

I am not a hero, I am a simply human.

I never thought I would it a wall that I could not joke out of or use sarcasm or fight my way out. Yet here I am, alone, broke, and tired. I am ready to take a chance and hope maybe the orbs would give me a quick death. I slowly walked towards them when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my skull I fell to my knees clutching the back of my head and gave a pained roar.

I bit my lip to keep from shouting I tested blood in my mouth, I knew I bit through my lip. I quickly swallowed the blood.

My eyes began to blur I felt people rushing towards me, but the pain in my head was too much for me to bare. I slowly shut my eyes. I thought I head distant shouting and my shirt began to get wet.

I felt myself falling, in darkness. I kept falling I looked around and I saw Uncle Ben and I playing a game of checkers when I was six. I saw Harry, Mary Jane, Gwen, and myself going to a movie I think it was one of the "Star Wars" or it was "Transformers". I saw my first meeting with Laura and how she nearly killed me.

I saw my first time ever with Gwen…

I saw myself with Laura years after Gwen's death. She helped me, we both had a afterglow.

I saw the first time I joined SHIELD. I was going down memory lane, though it was not quite in order.

I felt myself falling faster, and faster…

(Line Break)

(Third Person Point of View)

(With Ava and Laura)

After Ava and Laura finished their bodily needs and after Ava grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way.

They heard Logan cursing like a sailor somewhere outside, something about "Favorite bike" or something like that and "I am gonna kill him!". Ava sighed shaking her head, she muttered "Peter…"

Laura chuckled and shook her head at her 'father's' antics and Peter's antics. Laura could smell tears. She turned and saw Ava

Ava had a few tears in the corner of her eyes. Laura wrapped her in her arms and held her close. Ava broke down she had always tried to be the strong one, she tried not so show weakness. But she suddenly realized just how much she loved and missed Peter.

Laura was unsure of what to do, she was born to be a weapon, no wait, she is a clone. She was forced to kill her own mother at a young age. She was trained to fight and to kill without hesitation. She was tried to fight her "father". When she first escaped she was forced into prostitution at a young age, she aged quickly to her prime and from there she would stay. Part of her training was seduction, she knew how to please.

Now she has a family that truly cared for her. She has friends that are willing to die for her. She had a near perfect boy friend though his tended to be late, and was sometimes forgetful and he always seemed draw trouble (Peter).

Now Laura let her motherly instincts kick in as she cared for Ava. Laura gently rocked her back and forth in a soothing fashion and whispered soft soothing things in her ear until she was calmed down.

Ava tried to apologize, but Laura said it was no trouble.

Ava had a new fire in her eyes…




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