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(Third Person Point of View)

It was several hours before Peter was found by anyone.

Ava was the first one to rush at him, dropping to her knees right away, as she tried to fine a pulse on Peter. Peer was cold and his skin was pale and clammy, for fifteen agonizing seconds there was no pulse, Ava was about to give up hope, but then she a very weak pulse.

Laura was more hesitant that Ava was, she was concerned for Peter as well, but something did not feel right, she knew Peter, he would not have gone down without a fight, and not much could take him. She knew Peter enough to know even without his powers he would be stubborn and would put up a fight.

Laura smelt around and found nothing out of place, but there was something that she could feel, but not sense. Call it intuition, but she knew something was up. She wearily came to Peter's side, she radioed Charles and Logan and gave them their current location.

Logan said in a gruff voice "Be there in three minutes." The old mutant said nothing more than that.

Laura placed a gentle hand on Ava's shoulder and "Worrying about Peter will do nothing for him."

Ava looked up to her; her chocolate brown eyes met Laura's green eyes. Ava's teary eyes were full of concern and love.

Laura gave Ava a side hug and said "Peter has pulled through worse."

Ava shook her head, not speak for if she did she knew her resolve would crumble.

Laura said "Ava you know Peter, you know how stubborn he can be." Laura shook her head remember just how stubborn Peter could be when he wanted.

Ava gave her a nod and whispered "I know, but still…" She swallowed a lump in her throat and continued "Who or what could leave Peter like this? I know he lost his powers once before when Ock held us all hostage, but Peter still put up a fight and got his powers back."

Laura sighed; she could not come up with anything. All she could do was watch Peter's deathly still chest gently rise. His skin was a corpse like pale. She would be lying if she said she was calm, she would be lying if she said she did not love Peter. The truth was, she was only calm on the outside, and that was only because of Ava, she had to be strong for her.

Ava asked Laura "Where is help when you need it?" not taking her eyes off of Peter.

"Right behind you." Came a gruff voice that all knew was Wolverine, err... Logan.

Ava quickly looked up and saw Logan in his leather jacket, his denim blue faded jeans and a cigar.

Laura saw in the eyes of her "father"; concern. Logan was truly concerned for Peter's well being. Laura knew Logan respected Peter deep down.

Logan gruffly "Come one let's go." He then walked to Peter and picked him up, with ginger care.

Ava asked "Where is the ride?"

Logan made no response as he carried Peter around the corner.

Ava and Laura rushed to catch up, but once they got around the corner, but when they rounded the corner, it was as if Logan and Peter both disappeared, but they could still smell them in the area.

Logan said "I am not waiting, get in, or I am leaving both of you behind!" He said impatiently.

It was then that Ava realized that there was the slight sound of an engine. Ava looked up and saw Logan standing in thin air, but when she looked closer she could see the air simmering, they brought out blackbird, and the plane was in camouflage mode.

Ava and Laura easily made the leap and landed in the plane without much of a hitch.

Peter began to mutter in his state of unconsciousness "Don't leave me…. So cold…. So dark….."

Ava rushed to his side and held his hand. She began whispering soft and soothing things in his ear.

Laura and Logan stood back and watched her.

Logan whispered to Laura, but knowing no matter what, they all could hear each other if they wanted "I know you love the old Web Head."

Laura gave him a nod and said "I told you this years ago."

Logan gave a chuckle and said "I give the two of you my blessing."

Laura rolled her eyes and said "You do realize, I would have done what I wanted to do right?"

With a chuckle Logan said "Peter however may not."

She gave him a look that said 'really?!'. Laura shook her head and said "Two words for Peter; Stubborn, and Tenacious."

Logan gave sigh and gave her a nod.

Peter stopped muttering and stopped shifting, he no laid still with his head in the lap of Ava.

Logan whispered on last thing to Laura, he said so softly that Laura herself could barely hear it, he said "I think the three of you would fit together well." With that being said he went to the cockpit leaving behind a very flustered and blushing Laura Kinney.

She shook her head trying to shake off her embarrassment, but there was no denying the fact she did love Peter, and she liked Ava's fiery personality. But did she like Ava in that way? She could not tell. Would she put up with Ava for Peter's sake? Of course!

Ava was subconsciously running her hands through Peter's hair (Imagine Andrew Garfield, in "The Amazing Spider-Man"). Ava whispered in Peter's ear "Please Peter, don't leave me… I love you…"

The rest of the flight was one in silence, the tension in the air was thick.

No one knew what was going to happen next. All they knew was that "One thing leads to another", everything was Unexpected.

(Line Break)

(Time Skip)

(Peter's Point of View)

I was surrounded by darkness, I was cold and alone. I was frozen, and I could not move. I was in pain, I felt all of my old scars, and all of my old injuries flare up.

I was remembering seeing and then touching those damn orbs. I saw a man who was about six foot two inches tall and weighed about a hundred and seventy five pounds. He had just black hair and a Red Yellow eyes with black sclera (the white of the eye). HE looked at me in the eye and said "I will have your life force…"

I knew few, I could tell this guy was not just anyone, this guy far beyond dangerous… I was truly afraid.




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