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(Third Person Point of View)

Timothy Shadow Traveled the crew to one of his many safe houses in that particular reality.

It was an underground base and was unique, it had magical wards and enchantments making it nearly impossible for anyone to find unless you knew about it.

Spider Man groaned and asked, "What the heck was that? It is very disorienting..."

Timothy snorted and then said, "Trust me, it gets better as you get used to it."

Agent Venom threw up on the floor.

Timothy rolled his eyes as he said dryly, "You are cleaning that up, Flash." He walked towards a wall and placed his hand in a seemingly random spot, and then the whole wall slide down revealing a chamber. Timothy then said, "Come along. We need to get proper arms to defeat the creatures."

Wolverine unsheathed his claws with a *snikt* "These babies will cut through just about anything." He said with a growl.

Timothy hummed softly and said, "That as it may be, I think the rest of them could use a weapon."

Spider Man said with a growl, "I do not kill!"

Timothy rolled his eyes and said, "Then you are dead weight. They can and they will survive and cause the death of trillions if not more."

SpiderMan rolled his eyes and said, "You do not scare me." Peter lied through his teeth.

Timothy arched an eyebrow but did not say anything to call the young man out on his lie. He turned on his heels and led them all through the tunnel and into an armory. He said, "This is where I keep my weaponry... well some of it."

X-23's eyes widened slightly as she saw everything.

Timothy smirked and said, "Yes, I have most weapons imaginable. Yes, I have some from the future."

Agent Venom walked towards a suit of armor that looked similar to Iron Man's own armor, except it was much more bulky more like the Hulk Buster. It was made out of a silvery metal and had a war hammer the size of a fridge.

Timothy sighed softly as he said, "Please do not touch that. That armor was a dear friend of mine. He died a couple of centuries ago." He had a look of nostalgia on his face as he spoke of his old friend.

Timothy shook his head and then said, "Okay Agent Venom, according to your files, you are weak to; Fire and Sound." He paused and then said, "Do you have any other weaknesses that I sound know about? The enemies that we face use sound-based attacks for close-range attacks."

Agent Venom said, "Uh, no... I think that, that is all I am weak to." He paused and asked, "Do you have anything that I can assimilate?"

Timothy paused for a second and then smirked, "Actually I do. I have a few pieces of armor that you might be able to use with that Symbiote of yours."

Timothy walked to another wall and opened up a closet-like door and pulled out a sky-blue armor. Timothy said, "It has a jet pack and missiles."

Agent Venom walked to it and placed a hand on it and the Venom Symbiote began to absorb and assimilate and absorb the armor and weapons and the jet pack. Timothy smirked and said, "Good, good. This is very good."

Agent Venom said astonished, "Wow... I feel more powerful than before!"

Timothy chuckled softly and said, "That came from the future. The fuel source is near limitless, even better than the Arc-Reactor by Tony Stark."

Spider Man looked shocked by this.

Timothy turned his back to them and hummed to himself as he searched through the rack of weapons, he found two black metal daggers. He nodded to himself and said, "Spider Man, this is for you. This may not be Adamantium or Carbonadium but it is still very effective. It can kill most things by draining their essence."

Spider Man said coldly, "I told you, I am NOT killing!"

x-23 said softly, "Please Peter, just take the daggers... I would feel better if you had some things to protect yourself with."

Spider Man sighed softly and then said even softer, "Fine, I will take the stupid daggers."

Timothy snorted and said, "They can cut through most things and can kill most things. They are far from being stupid."

Spider Man muttered under his breathe, "Whatever."

Wolverine asked, "You got anything for Me and my daughter?"

Timothy smirked and, "I thought that you had your built-in weaponry."

Logan smirked and said, "Fair enough."

Timothy nodded his head and then said, "I suppose that I could give you something... though what would you want?"

Logan shrugged and said, "Anything works, though something mid-range to long-range would be great."

x-23 said, "Same for me."

Timothy hummed in thought and then said, "I think I have something in mind." He walked towards the opposite wall from where he was standing. He pulled out a rifle, he said, "The primary weapon does mid to low damage, but it shoots energy slash sonic rounds. It reloads and recharges relatively quickly. The secondary is the helix rockets, they do a great deal of damage and they lock onto a life's force until they are either destroyed or until the target is dead."

Wolverine gave a wolfish grin as he took the rifle and he said, "Thanks."

Timothy looked down at x-23 and hummed to himself as he muttered aloud, "I wonder what kind of weapon I sound give you..."

Laura Kinney hummed and said, "Like my father, mid-range to long-range would be ideal for me."

Timothy shrugged and said, "I have two special pistols that do low damage but they are automatic..."

x-23 nodded her head and said, "Sounds good to me."

Timothy walked towards the weapon's rack and then cycled through them until he found the pistol set. He nodded his head and tossed them to Laura and said, "Here you go."