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KNight Wolf


No Ones P.O.V

In a big metal basement two adults were working on a strange hexagon shaped device built into the wall. The first adult was a BIG man in a orange jumpsuit with a grin on his face, the second one was a smaller women warring a blue jumpsuit who had a more serious look on her but was still smiling.

"I think it finally finished Jack!" The holder women said in excitement.

"I think your right Maddie." Jack said with an even bigger grin. "Kids, come down here down!"

About a minuet later two kinds walked down the stairs. The oldest one was a 14 year old girl with bright orange hair, turquoise eyes and a skeptical look on her face, the younger one was a 12 year old boy with jet black hair and baby blue eyes, he had a curios look on in his eyes unlike the older girl.

"What is it Dad?" The boy asked as looked at the strange device in the wall.

"Yeah, you never asked us to come down, ever." The older girl than looked at the device behind them. "Is that what you have been working on all these years?" She asked in slight wonder.

Both parents grinded madly. "That's right Jazzy-pants. The here is the 'Fenton Portal'." Jack said proudly, so proudly he let out a single tear.

Both kids just looked confused at this. Seeing the confusion on the kids face Maddie elaborated. "You see Jazz, Danny, we theories that all over the world there is dimensional energy that can connect two points in the world together, sometimes open, sometimes closed." Maddie explained. "This portal can tap into that energy and open a portal to certain areas in the world, opening and closing the points."

Both kids looked amazed at the portal. "That is so cool!" Danny shouted.

"I have to admit, that dose sound amazing." Jazz said as she looked the machine over. "Much more interesting then those monster story you always tell us."

Maddie sided as she gave her daughter a serious look. "Jazz you have to believe us when we say that the Paranormal, all of it, is real."

"That is why we are prepared for anything." Jack said as he brought up a energy bazooka. "So we need you to be prepared to."

"Common, Vampires, Fallen Angles, Demons, WEREWOLVES, non of that is real. You guys are scientist yet you still believe in fairytales." Jazz then covered Danny's ears. "Stop this nonsense right away before you poison this poor young mind."

Danny rolled his eyes at his sister's acting. Maddie and Jack side, but they didn't seem mad. "You know, a part of me hopes that you never will experience the true paranormal." Maddie whispered to herself, but Danny picked it up.

Jack put a hand and Maddie's shoulder and gave her a big smile that seem to wash all her problems away. "Common Maddie, let's not worry about that now. Let's activate the portal!" Jack said with enthusiasm.

With a look of determination both adults when to work on activating the portal, Jack was plugging in all the wires into a generator, Maddie was at a console typing away. Jazz and Danny were off to the side, watching there parents work.

"Everything set Jack?" Maddie asked, looking up from the computer.

Jack plugged in the last wire. "All set Maddie."

Both parents went over to there kids. Maddie handed Jack a remote with a red button. "Care to do the honors honey."

"Don't mind if I do." Jack said before taking the remote and pointing it to the portal. "BONZIE!" He yelled before pushing the button.

The portal started to light up, a humming noise was heard from it. Then in a flash a blue swirling portal appeared in front of them. Everyone one in the room was staring at the portal in disbelief, then both older Fentons started to jump around in excitement.

"It worked, it worked, it worked!" Both of the parents said in excitement, even Danny joined in.

Jazz was staring at the device in complete awe. "I can't believe it works." Jazz muttered to herself.

Maddie rushed over to a desk, grabbed both a strange metal ball and a tablet. Maddie throw the ball into the portal and looked at the tablet.

"What are you doing mom?" Danny asked.

"I'm checking to see where the portal leads and if is safe to pass through." After looking over the tablet some more Maddie smiled. "It looks like everything is in order and we can pass through. The portal leads to a forest in London."

"This is great Maddie, this can change the world." Jack said with enthusiasm.

While the Jack and Maddie were celebrating, and Jazz as shaking her head at them, Danny notice something odd, the metal ball came back. He walked right up to the portal and picked up the ball, he notice how the ball was covered in slobber and teeth marks.

"Danny, what are you doing?" Maddie said when she saw her son stand by the portal.

Danny turned around and showed everyone the ball. "It came back."

That is when everyone heard the growl. Walking slowly out the portal was a monster that had a body with dark red fur, standing 10 feet tall, It had long arms and legs with claws at the end of them, it had a large snout with razor sharp teeth in it. What walked out of the portal was a Werewolf.

Danny had his back to the portal and the monster, but when he heard the growl he turned around slowly. When Danny saw the Werewolf he was scared beyond belief, his knees were shaking at he looked ready to cry but he steeled himself not to.

As soon as Maddie and Jack saw the monster they dove for there weapons. Jazz was to busy staring at the wolf in disbelief and fear.

The red wolf let out a roar before attacking Danny who tried the tried to jump out of the way, but it was to late. The monster bit down hard on Danny's shoulder, nearly taking his whole body into it's mouth, making Danny scream bloody murder as blood ran down his body.

"DANNY!" Everyone screamed, horrified at what they saw. Jazz lost the strength in her legs and fell down to the floor, crying openly. Jack and Maddie both had tears running down there faces but were able to point there blasters at the wolf.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Maddie screamed. The only reason she and Jack had not fired was because the wolf still had Danny. Jack had a dark look in his eye, he was going to let his actions speak louder then his words.

The red wolf let Danny go out of it's mouth, he was deadly pale but managed to stay upright, only for the wolf to backhand Danny straight into a wall. Both parents yelled in rage at the werewolf and open fired, but to there complete shock the wolf's hand glowed red and blocked both of there blast like it was nothing.

Thinking fast, Jack grabbed the 'Fenton Peeler' and activated it, covering his entire body in armor. Jack charged at the werewolf and slammed right into it. He tried to throw it back into the portal while Maddie was firing at it's feet.

Off to the side Jazz ran to her brother and pulled his head to her lap. She was crying as she looked down at him. His skin was ghostly pale, his eyes were almost lifeless, and there was blood all over his body. The only reason Jazz knew he was alive was because his chest was rising and falling.

"Danny, please be ok." Jazz sobbed as she looked at her younger brother.

Back to the fight, Jack and Maddie had somehow manage to push the wolf back. But out of nowhere the werewolf's entire body glowed red, it then pushed Jack off it and throw him into Maddie. The wolf gave a loud howl before slowly walking to the two scientists. The two older Fentons quickly grabbed some nearby bleaters, Jack silently thanking god he forget to clean the basement again.

The two opened fired on the wolf expecting it to be blasted back, but again the werewolf's body glowed red and it took both blast without even slowing down. Then with a burst of speed the wolf cut Jacks armor open with ease and backhanded Maddie in the ribs, making them crack.

Both Fentons went flying at the attack, Jack flew back and had some blood come out of the armor but nothing life threating, Maddie hit a wall and yelped in pain when she grabbed her ribs.

Back with Jazz and Danny, who had fell unconscious. Jazz tried to put pressure on Danny's wound, covering her hands in blood. She looked over and gasped when she saw her parents go flying by the wolf.

"Oh god, someone help us." Jazz sobbed as she closed her eyes.

If Jazz had her eyes open she would of seen Danny's eye's fly open, and instead of the baby blue eyes he normally had his eyes were glowing pure white.

Back with the Fentons, the red wolf was howling in victory. Maddie manage to sit up right and lean against the wall, she grabbed her ribs and hissed in pain. Jack was on his knees, trying to push himself of the ground but his vision would go black every time he tried.

The red wolf walked slowly to Maddie and grabbed her by the neck, it lifted her up with one hand and was ready to stab her with it's free claw. But before it could Maddie managed to chock out one final thing.

"Why?" She chocked out as her vision began to bluer.

The wolf stopped it's attack and stared at Maddie with pure black eyes. "Pray..." It managed to growl out with a mad looking grin on its' snout.

Just as the wolf was about to attack again, something stabbed it on the side, hard, and sent it flying, dropping Maddie on the ground. She coughed hard, and when she looked up she was completely caught off guard at what she saw.

Standing in front of her was another werewolf. This one was had fur so white on its' snout, hands, feet, stomach, and at the tip of its' tail, it looked like snow. The rest of it had fur that was as black as night along with matching claws and it was standing at lest 7 feet tall. What really caught Maddie's eye was its' eyes were glowing pure white.

The white wolf gave a savage roar before charging at the red wolf. The two clashed together, cutting, slashing, bighting it was a fight of pure rage and raw power. Unfortunately the red wolf was wining making the white one bleed more. But something unexpected happened, the white wolf suddenly gave off a powerful white aura that throw the red wolf right into a wall making it bend.

The white wolf wasted no time as it suddenly moved with blinding speeds and stabbed both claws right into the red wolf's chest making it howl in pain before going limp.

Jack had gotten up in the middle of the fight and deactivated the portal, not wanting to have more werewolves in his home. Jack and Maddie wobbled over to Jazz who was staring at the fight the entire time. When they got there they looked for Danny but could not find him.

"Jazz where's Danny?" Maddie said a bit franticly as she looked around for her son. She notice that Danny's cloths where on the floor next to Jazz, ripped and covered in blood. "Jasmine where's your brother!?"

Jazz could only point to the black and white werewolf... as it changed back. Slowly the wolf got shorter and its' fur disappeared, it's hand started to turn human but were still covered in blood. After a while both Jack and Maddie stared in shock as they looked who stood before them.

There son, Danny. He was naked and was covered in blood but his wounds looked completely healed at the moment. The one majored difference was that half of Danny's hair was pure white and the other half was left jet black.

"Mom, Dad," Danny asked with a terrified look on his face as he looked at his hands and then at his parents. "What happened to me?"

Danny's P.O.V

My eyes snapped open but I made to action to move just yet. I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:15, more then enough time to get ready. With a small sigh I got out of bed and walked to the shower. I let the hot water run over my body and it felt like my troubles were washing away.

I looked at my shoulder and saw the tattoo I got a year ago. It was a simple one, a wolf howling to the moon. My parents were mad at the time but when I told them why they understood.

Stepping out of the shower I walked to the mirror and wiped away the mist. I was met with the boy from my dream, only older. He was 15 years old, had jet black hair on one side of his head and snow white hair in the other side. The person smiled to revile 4 sharp canine teeth, 2 on the top 2 on the bottom.

"Danny, be sure to not hog the bathroom, your sister needs it to." My mom said through the door.

I should really introduce myself.

My name is Daniel James Fenton or Danny Fenton, and about two and a half years ago I was bitten by a werewolf and became one.

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