KNight Wolf

Dark Gray P-2

No Ones P.O.V

Valerie sighed as she closed the door behind her. Looking down the dark skin girl's eyes were glued to the PDA in her hands.

Tucker was able to hack into AXION's computers and pull as much flies as he could from there servers without raising any alarms. Having nowhere to put them Tucker just downloaded the data onto his PDA and gave it to Valerie, saying he had more at home.

The thought of him helping her this much in her time of need brought a smile to her face... before she slapped her cheek.

"Keep it together Gray." Valerie muttered as she walked into her room.

As soon as Valerie entered her room she saw the red suit she received laid on her bed. She throw her bag off to the side and sat on her bed with the PDA in hand.

"Now let's see how exactly you work." Valerie said as she typed the word 'red' in the PDA.

Only one file popped up named 'Red Warrior'. Not wising any time Val clicked on the only entry and started to read.

Red Worrier: A advance suit battle suit designed to increase the wearers defense, reaction time, reflexes, strength, and speed. Suit also comes with basic VI to monitor vitals and treat basic wounds. The Red Warrior uses nano-fiver weaving to send electric pulses throughout the body for maximum use of the body.

Defense: Red Warrior suit is able to stop knives and basic gun fire from low caliber guns, though higher caliber bullets can still penetrate the suit. Suit is also able to stop electricity and extreme heats from harming the user to an extent.

Reaction Time/Reflexes: Red Warrior suit enhances the users nervous system via electric impulses in the spines and wrists, making the user react fast then normal. Test have shown users with higher reflexes react much quicker.

Strength/Speed: Suit provides strength and speed multiplier with nano-weaving, letting the user push there bodies more then what they normally could not handle to a safe limit.

Weaknesses: WARNING-Suit should be used no longer then 5 hours a day. Extended use as proven to cause nerve damage and/or blindness. Recommend burst of usage of suit to maximize time.

Valerie was amazes at what the suit could do, this kind of thing seemed to be something straight out of a comic book or movie.

The worst thing the suit could do to her would nerve damage or blindness, which was really scary on it's own. Luckily that would only happen if she used it for hours straight without turning it off or resting, which meant only one thing.

This was a badass suit.

Grabbing the suit from the bed Valerie was still surprised to find it felt like leather instead. Holding the suit in front of her it looked to be a little bigger then her body, causing some worry with her.

"Well, only one way to find out."

Five minutes later Valerie stood in front of a full leant mirror in a surprisingly tight red and black suit. As soon as Valerie put on the suit it instantly fit to her size and from what the mirror showed her, it left little to the imagination which was slightly embarrassing.

Valerie turned to the side and glanced at her large bottom that was stretching the suit out a bit.

"Now let's see how this works." Valerie muttered before she put the mask on.

As soon as the mask was on she felt it tighten around her face and neck almost like a second skin. Valerie panicked a little before she felt something zap her in the back of her neck, wrist, ankles, and spine all at once.

"Red Warrior Online."

Valerie jumped a good foot in the air when she heard a voice in her ear.

"Who's there?" Valerie asked as she looked around, only to see something pop up in front of her face.

"I am the suit's VI, designated XJ-0461. I was created to monitor the users vitals, surroundings, and give tactical advice."

Valerie was amazed at what the VI was telling her before she cleared her throat. "So, what can you tell me about this suit?"

"The Red Warrior was designed for solders to gain temporarily inhuman strength, speed, and reflexes while gaining tactical advice from me, allowing the most efficient execution proses."

Valerie raised an eyebrow at to herself when she heard the VI's explanation. "Wait, you said temporarily, I thought the suit gave all that as long as I wear it?"

"The Red Warrior dose provide a boost in strength, speed, and reflexes to a save limited where the use can handle. But if the situation demands it I can push both the user and the suit to the point of inhuman level. Though it is advised that said user only use this method as little as possible as results have shown to lessen the time the user is regimented in the suit and may harm the users body."

Valarie paid rapid attention to the VI and was amazed that it was giving her a better understanding of the suit then even the PDA.

"What can you tell me about AXION?"

"AXION created Red Warrior suit along with several other inventions. If you are asking for specific information I am sorry to say that I was given no relevant information-

Valerie clicked her tongue in disappointment before sighing.

"Except for one Video log."

Now that caught Valerie's attention as her head shot up, which was pointless since the hub was still in her face. "What video log?"

"Unknown, I suspect it was placed their before my activation." XJ said in a bland voice. "Do you wish for me to play it?"

Valerie was about to answer before pausing. "This video isn't going to fry my brain is it." She seen enough movies to be wary of sudden things popping up.

"Negative, the possibility of a video harming this user in any way is impossible. The video is a few minutes and only holds audio and visual data."

After a moment to think Valerie nodded her head. "Play the video."

The VI said nothing as a screen flashed in front of Valarie's face. The teen saw an old man with long white hair and a long beard on his chin that seemed to go to his chest, he had Asian features and was warring small classes on the bridge of his nose.

"Ms. Gray, if you are watching this then you have gotten my package. I am Dr. Fuji, a scientist at AXION and have been for a few years. The reason I left you this video is to tell you the truth about what happened at AXION that day your father was put into a coma."

Valerie was shocked right down to her core, she was finally going to get some answers about what the hell happened and what she saw.

"Now I can't give you a full explanation without us both getting caught, certain words may gain the attention of others." He said, disappointing Valerie."But I can say this, what happened to your father was an accident to an extent, but the CEO Mr. Page was the one to locked the door trapping you in that room."

Valerie saw red at those words and she wanted nothing more then to strangle Mr. Page with her own hands.

"As for what caused the explosion, all I can say is Project Cerberus. If you want some answers that is where to look."Dr. Fuji said as he looked around in worry. "I must go now, and one more thing Ms. Gray. Trust no one." Then the video ended.

Valerie was feeling so many things right at that moment, anger and rage at Mr. Page was the biggest at the moment. Taking a deep breath Valerie calmed herself down before looking forward with a fierce glare.

"XJ, what can you tell me about Mr. Page?"

"All I can gather is what can be found on the internet. My program was given no critical data on AXION that may harm it."

Well that did Valerie no good since she already knew everything there was to know about Mr. Page from a public view. Mr. Page was a wealthy man in his 50's, no living family or close friends, no social life, and a hell of a lot of shady roamers floating around the man.

"XJ, I have a question?" Valerie asked as she slowly stood strength up.

"Yes user?"

"How are your morals and loyalty to AXION?"

The VI was silent for a moment before he answered. "I have no programing to hold me back from AXION installed, the only one I shall listen to is you, the user."

Valerie nodded her head as a determined look crossed her face. "Then let me ask you this, how good are you at hacking?"

Danny ducked under a hellhound flying at him before he sliced it's stomach open with his claws. The beast fell to the floor dead before it's body started to turn to dust.

Not even a second later a hellhound jumped on Danny's back and was about to bight into his shoulder, but the werewolf acted quickly an throw the dog into a wall, a satisfying crack fallowing.

Danny let out a breath as he glanced around the open parking lot he was standing in, seeing scorch marks covering the asphalt. Looking at his watch Danny grimaced when he saw it was just after 3 am.

"Damn it, I'm going to be tired in the morning." Danny muttered before he looked around. "Now where the hell did I park..."

After a bit of searching Danny found his car about half a mile from where he was. Feeling that he had done enough for the night Danny changed into his normal cloths and started to make his way home. On the drive back home Danny started to think how things had been quiet since the Cube incident, but there was also tension between him, Max, and Luna. Danny shuttered slightly when he thought of that hellhole. The werewolf never felt so vulnerable in his life, like he would die just because someone else wanted him gone. The werewolf would be dead if not for the people he met in that place, Max for his levels, Luna for her Seer ability, Wulf and Skulker helping them with fighting, it may have been luck but they all survived.

Soon the teen pulled up behind his house just outside the garage. Danny entered the backdoor and walked to the kitchen feeling his exaction was over him. Letting out a sigh Danny was about to make his way to his room and sleep... until he stopped in his tracks.

Danny glanced around and started to sniff the air around. Instantly an unfamiliar and metallic smell filled his senses. Putting his ear to the grown Danny closed his eyes before they snapped open.

Someone was in the basement.

Rushing downstairs to the basement when Danny entered he was shocked at what he saw.

Someone, a young woman in a tight red suit, was caring one duffle bag and a metal case of his parents tech out of the Fenton vault.

"Wow," Danny said making the person freeze in place with the weapons still in her hands. "I got to say you've got some serious balls." Danny said as he cracked his knuckles.

When Danny got a good look at the person he realized the young woman was about his height, if not just a little shorter.

"Is this girl someone my age?" The werewolf thought in shock. "If so is she supernatural, or someone in over their head."

Danny didn't feel any magic aura off the person, but then again they could be suppressing it like him.

The young woman in the red suit stared at Danny before taking a step forward. "Walk away Mr. Fenton, I just want what's in the bag." She said as her voice was muffled as she stood up a little starter.

Danny just gave a chuckle as he stepped forward, making Red bring up her guard a bit. "You have no idea who I am do you?" Danny asked making Red tilt her head. Danny sighed at that. "Listen, just drop the weapons and tell me who sent you. That way you'll stay out of jail at least."

Red stared at Danny for a long moment before bringing her hands up. "I'm sorry, but I need this tech to help me." She said in a determined voice as she got into a fighting stance.

"Karate." Danny thought as he throw his jacket off and got into his own fighting stance. "She seems confident in her skills. Let's see how good they are."

"So do I get a name or are you just going to beat the crap out of me for fun?" Danny said in a cheeky voice and he could tell it ticked off the girl a bit.

"...Call me... Red Huntress." She said before she sprinted forward.

Xx(Who let the Dogs out by: Baha Men-START)xX

Red sent a high kick right for the side of Danny's head, wanting to end the fight as fast as possible. Instead Danny caught the limb in mid air, shocking the girl.

"Nice try, if I wasn't an experienced fighter." Danny said with a grin as throw Red back. Danny shook his hand a bit but kept the grin on his face. "She kick's hard for someone her size, and with no magic aura either. Definitely well trained."

Red landed on her butt before rolling onto her back and getting into her fighting stance again.

Inside the Red Worrier suit Valerie was freaking out.

"Of all the fucking luck Danny has to walk down stares just as I'm about to leave!" Valerie thought in her head as she squared off from him after he throw her on her ass. "And how the hell is he so strong!" Valerie had kicked hard enough to knock Danny out but not take his head off, but hard enough to take his head off. Instead Danny grabs her leg and throws her onto her ass like nothing.

"XJ, I thought you turned off the alarms!" Valerie whispered to her VI as Danny just grinned at her, freaking her out and ticking her off a bit.

"I did, no alarms were set off when I hacked into the defense system."

Valerie didn't have enough time to think as Danny rushed forward and throw a punch right at her head. Valerie barley had enough time to dodge before she throw a much stronger kick to Danny's side.

The werewolf winced at the blow before grabbing her leg and slamming his palm into her chest, throwing her back a few feet.

Valerie felt the wind knocked out of her as she grabbed her chest. Looking up Valerie had to jump back when Danny sent a drop kick right for her head. Throwing herself back Valerie quickly closed the distance between them and punched Danny in his side hard. Danny winced but grabbed Red's hand before jumping up and slamming his elbow right into her mask. Red's head whipped back as she felt her ears ring, but she didn't back down, instead she grabbed Danny's arm before jumping up herself and kicking Danny right in the chest as hard as she could.

The werewolf would admit that the wind was knocked out of him as he stumbled back while holding his chest. Shaking the pain off Danny stepped forward with a glare as the Red Huntress who jumped to her feet.

"So who do you work for?" Danny asked in a cheeky voice as he sent a spin kick for Red's waist, only for the young woman to jump back. "Some kind of company wanting to get their hands on fire power. A mercenary group?" Then Danny's eyes narrowed so hard it almost freaking Valerie out. "Are you another Hunter?"

"...Please Mr. Fenton, I just need this tech. No one has to get hurt."

"Except for anyone you use those against." Danny growled letting a little bit of his werewolf side out before he calmed down. "My family choses who gets those weapons, and you miss do not get that chance."

Valerie stared at Danny for a long moment before she sucked in her breath. "I'm sorry Danny..." Valerie muttered before holding out her arms.

In an instant two small blasters appeared around her wrist, making Danny's eyes widen. Before the werewolf could even think the wrist blasters let out pink blast hitting Danny square in the chest, throwing him off his feet and over a desk full of lab equipment.

Valerie was breathing hard as she slowly brought her arms down, which were shaking. "Are you sure that didn't hurt him too bad?" Valerie asked in a shaky voice as she turned to grab the tech from the floor.

"The blast was strong enough to knock him out Ms. Gray, not enough to kill or seriously injure." XJ said in his usual bland voice. "Though now you only have about 8 shots left."

The Red Huntress sucked in her breath before turning around and walking to the bags of tech on the floor.


The noise made Valerie freeze in place before she turned her head back. There by the stares was a small green puppy growling her from the bottom of the stairs.

"Arf! Arf!" Cujo parked at the Red Huntress.

Valerie waved her hand at the dog with an annoyed look on her face. "Shoo, go piss on a tree or something." She said before grabbing her bags.

Cujo growled before charging at Valerie and bighting her leg.

"Son of a bitch!" Valerie shouted more surprised then in pain before kicking the dog into a wall, hearing a painful bark.

Valerie felt a little bad but hell, she just blasted Danny and was stealing his parents tech. Kicking a puppy was not something she was going to beat herself up for long, she'll do that after everything is done-

"Really." A cold voice said stopping Valerie in her tracks. "First you blast me," Danny stood up from the other side of the table he was thrown across, a dry chuckle escaping his mouth. "Then you try to steal my parents tech before kicking my fucking dog." When Danny looked right at the Red Huntress she actually took a step back seeing his hard eyes. "You are starting to piss me off." He growled as he ripped of his burnt shirt.

But before anything could happen a growl was heard, freezing Danny this time.


Slowly both teens turned to the side to stare at what was making that noise, and only saw a twitching Cujo.

The puppy's body was twitching uncontrollably as it growled in anger and in pain. Then when it looked up the two teens were shocked to see his eyes were glowing red.

Cujo groaned as he started to shake harder. The puppy's paws slowly grow in size along with his four legs before the rest of his body started to grow at once. It was a slow proses to watch even though it only took seconds in reality. The dog's body grow until it was the size of a motorcycle.

The two teens jaws dropped at what they saw the hulking dog growl at the Red Huntress.


When Cujo grow he was glaring right at Valerie, who took a step back in fear.

"This... this is too familiar!" Valerie screamed in her head, too scared to move.

Then Cujo lunged forward right at Valerie, his mouth full of sharp teeth wide open.

Valerie froze in place, flashbacks of the day her father got her flooded her mind, fear gripped her when she realized one thing.

"I'm going to die..."

Then out of nowhere Danny tackled the dog on the side, throwing it off it's course.

"Cujo, down boy!" Danny yelled as he used all the strength in his human form to pull the dog to the ground.

That seem to snap Valerie out of her shock as she gapped at Danny as he held the dog down.

"Fuck!" Danny yelled as the dog picked him up and charged at the Huntress again.

Valerie snapped out of her daze and did the only thing she could. She grabbed her bags and dodged to the left, feeling her foot grazes the dog.

Jumping to the side Cujo smacked head fist into the steel wall, hard enough to dent. This gave Danny enough time to pull the dog down to the floor, however Cujo just started thrashing around, trying to get Danny off him.

As Cujo thrashed around he sent desks and equipment flying everywhere yet Danny never let go. As Valerie was about to run up the stairs her way was blocked when a desk came flying in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. Turning around Valerie again had to dodge to the side in order to not get floored by the super-dog, bot not before blasting the dogs side with her wrist-blaster. To her shock however the blast barley did any damage whatsoever. As Danny held onto Cujo's neck and tried to bring him down as the werewolf was slamming into nearly everything in the lab.

Danny was suddenly slammed into a computer that hummed to life and a moment later the portal opened.

"Fenton portal online." A metallic voice said shocking Danny.

"Shit!" The werewolf yelled as he was about to rush to the portal only for his grip to tighten when Cujo tried to run at Valerie again.

Valerie's head whipped around when she heard the metallic voice and she came face to face with a swearing vortex.

"XJ, what the hell am I looking at!" Valerie said in shock and for a moment she forgot about the giant dog that Danny was somehow holding down.

"Unknown, this vortex is giving off energy my scanner can not recognize."

"What the hell!? What the hell are the Fenton's working-" Valerie was cut off when the Cujo slammed into her from behind, sending her flying right into the portal.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Danny roared before using his aura to help him slam Cujo down to the floor, hard. "Down boy." Danny said in a low growl as he shifted onto his werewolf form.

That seemed to calm Cujo down quite a bit as the dog laid down and started whimpering.

Not a moment later Danny heard footsteps from the stares before his family entered the basement, Jack and Maddie holding some Fenton Blasters in their hands alone with Jazz who had a Fenton Pearl.

"Danny, we heard yelling and we came to... check on..." Jack slowly trailed off when he saw his son in his werewolf form, the lab trashed, the Fenton Portal was on, and there was a giant green dog whimpering at Danny.

The guardian sighed as he looked around. "We need to talk." Danny said before Cujo started to shrink down to his normal size, shocking everyone again. "Talk a lot."


Xx(Who let the Dogs out by: Baha Men-END)xX

"FUCK!" Valerie screamed as she hit the ground hard with a thud before she throw herself up with her blasters out, only to find herself in a forest. "Wha- where the hell am I?!" Valerie said as she looked around.

"It appears," XJ's voice made Valerie jump in shock a bit. "That we are in the Amity Park Forest, about 30 miles from your home."

That felt like a smack to the face for Valerie. "How in the hell did I get her XJ!" Valerie said in a shocked voice.

"... The only logical conclusion is the devoice that was activated in the Fenton's lab. I recall it was called the Fenton portal Ms. Gray."

Now that had Valerie floored. "Are you saying the Fenton's have a god damn teleported in their basement!" Then she remembered what happened in the basement. "Wait, fuck the teleported! What the hell happened to Danny's dog, it turned into a fucking monster! Did the Fenton's create that thing, is Danny ok, oh god what the fuck is happening-"

"Ms. Gray your vitals are spiking at an alarming rate. I'd advice you calm down."

That made Valerie pause before she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Your right XJ, your right. It's just..." Valerie took on her mask and took a deep breath of air. "God how could things turn to shit so fast." Valerie said while rubbing his face. "And that dog, and Danny," Valerie started to think about what she saw in that basement.

For one the Fenton's had some serious tech in their, like they were preparing to go to war or something. Then their was Danny, who seemed too calm to see someone break into his home and try to steal something from him. And not to mention the fact Danny called her a Hunter.

"...Could Danny... could Danny be a Hunter?" Valerie muttered in a worry tone to herself. "But... it would explain his skills, and the fact he wasn't scared of-of that dog."

"Ms. Gray, you seem to be put off by this turm 'Hunter'." XJ asked in his robotic voice.

Valerie was quiet for a long moment before shaking her head. "It's nothing XJ..." She said before sighing. "Now, how do we get home?"

"At a normal walking pace is should take you about 15 hours to reach your home." XJ said casually making Valerie faceplate.

"It'll be mourning by the time I get home, and I'll miss school by then!" Valerie shouted to the VI.

"...You may also use the device we acquired from the Fenton's vault."

That's when it his Valerie as she remembered one of the Fenton's inventions she grabbed while in the vault. Reaching down to the only metal case Valerie opened it and could not help but grin.

"How long will it take us to get home?" Valerie asked as she to the invention out of the metal case.

"Factoring in inexperience toppled with avoiding any eyewitnesses, it should only take about 30-45 minutes to reach our destination."

Valerie nodded before taking the invention and placing it on the ground by her feet before activation it. The invention unfolded itself until a until a metal surfboard was hovering above the ground with two jets at the back.

"Fenton Combat Hoverboard online." The invention said making Valerie grin even wider as she stood on top of the invention with a duffle bag over her shoulder and the metal case in her hand.

"Alright, next stop- Whoa!" Valerie was cut off when the hoverboard shot off like a rocket into the sky. "How do you fly this crazy thing!?" Valerie screamed as she blasted off into the night sky, barley having any control.

Danny groaned as Jazz pulled up in the school in her car. The two got out as Danny put on a pair of black sunglasses to block out the brought sun.

Not a moment later they saw Max walking to them with a smile on his face and coffee in his hands.

"Morning guy-"

"Coffee. Now." Was all Danny said with his arm stretched out.

Max didn't hesitate handing Danny his coffee, who started to chug it down like it was beer. Jazz gave a small thank you to her boyfriend who gave her a small kiss on the lips.

"So, what happened?" Max asked while pointing to the tired werewolf.

"Lab got rob. Cujo is some kind of mutant dog. Robber got away with lots of tech. Spent most of the night searching for robber." Danny then took another big gulp of his coffee. "Didn't find anything."

"..." Max turned to Jazz with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah, I'm going to need more then that."

"The lab was robbed last night." Jazz said as the three started to make their way to school. "The person was a woman about Danny's height warring a red suit and she stole a lot of tech."

"What she steal?" Max asked with a worry look.

"Mostly blasters, but the really kicker was the combat hoverboard." Jazz said with a scowl.

Now that made Max's eyebrows shoot up. "Combat hoverboard?" The spellslinger repeated slowly as if he heard that right.

"The Silver Fang, prototype, version 13, is an advance collapsible board that is armed with blasters, explosives, and a built in camouflage. Capable of 250 mile speeds and an altitude of 2000 feet." Danny said in one breath making Max stare at him.


"It was on Danny's Christmas list when he was 13." Jazz filled in making Max nod his head. "But still, I wonder who got passed all our defenses so easily?" Jazz muttered while rubbing her head.

"Who got pass what so easily?"

The three turned around to see Sam and Tucker looking at them with raised brows.

Jazz's eyes widen a little as she realized the two teens just caught her talking about. "We-well you see... Sam..." Jazz stuttered a little while trying to come up with some kind of lie.

Seeing his sister was in distress Danny quickly stepped in. "Their was a break-in at our house." Danny said shocking everyone, including Jazz and Max.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" Sam asked in worry as she looked over Danny and Jazz.

The werewolf quickly waved her off with a small smile. "Everyone was asleep when it happened, but I woke up just in time to see someone leave while taking some of our inventions from the lab."

"Damn man, you get a good look at who it was?" Tucker asked as he brought out his PDA. "Maybe this person is already wanted?"

Danny just shook his head. "Can't this person was some girl warring a tight red bodysuit, covered everything including her face with a black visor over her eyes."

Tucker seemed to freeze in place before his head whipped to Danny. "D-Did you say a... tight red bodysuit?" Tucker stuttered in shock.

Everyone rolled their eyes at Tucker's gaping mouth. "Yes Tucker, it was a chick in a tight Red bodysuit that left little to the imagination." Danny said with a snort as his friend jaw dropped farther. "She also took a bunch of my parents equipment and we have no idea where it is." Danny said while rubbing his head.

"What did the police say?" Sam asked while Tucker seemed frozen in place.

"There's not much they can do to be honest." Now Danny lied through his teeth, the last thing they were going to do is let the police handle this. "Whoever did this was very good, left nothing."

Jazz suddenly looked at her phone and sighed. "We better get moving, the bells about to ring." She said before turning to Tucker. "Is he going to be okay?" She couldn't help but ask as Tucker still had a shock look on his face.

Sam just waved her off with an annoyed look on her face. "Give him five minutes to get the thought of a woman in a tight suit out of his head first, then he'll be back to normal." Sam said as she and everyone else started to leave.

The only one left was Tucker as he slowly started to move again, only this time an angry and worry look was on his face while he looked though his PDA.

"What the hell have you done Valerie?" Tucker though while bringing up a file labeled Red Warrior.

Valerie gave a loud yawn as she lowly opened her locker while rubbing her eyes. By the time she got home it was already 5:30, meaning she only had a few hours before school started. Unfortunately the last thing Valerie could do was go to bed since she had to go over what she got from the Fenton's vault.

The teen was able to grab a large blaster of some kind, the hoverboard, a few explosives, and two hand blasters. That should be more then enough for her to go into AXION and find out what the hell happened that night.

As Valerie closed her locker she nearly jumped back in shock when she saw Tucker right on the side, glaring at her.

"Jesus Tucker," Valerie said as she put a hand over her heart. "You nearly gave me a heart attack."

Tucker's serious face did not drop as he crossed his arms. "I had an interesting conversation with Danny." He said making Valerie's stomach drop as she froze in place. "He said someone broke into his home last night and took some of his parent's tech. He didn't see who it was since they were warring a red bodysuit, but he did describe it looked like this."

When Tucker brought up his PDA Valerie felt her heart stop when she was it was a picture of the Red Warrior combat suit.

"T-Tucker, I can explain-"

"Explain what," Tucker cut off with a glare that actually made Valerie take a step back into the lockers. "That you used me, stole dangerous equipment from my best friends parents." Tucker said in a heated voice before he noticed some people staring at them, making him take a step back. "Please, explain this to me."

Valerie mouth opened and closed for several seconds, her mind thinking of something to say in this situation. A lie would only make things worse and she couldn't tell Tucker exactly what she saw last night, he would think she was lying.

Taking a small breath Valerie looked Tucker in the eyes. "Tucker, can we talk about this during free period?" Valerie asked, trying to keep her voice strong.

The techno-geek gave Valerie a long stare that made her fidget a bit until he took a step forward. "I'll be in the library during lunch. If your not their I will tell Danny everything." He said before walking away.

Valerie gave a small sigh as she leaned against her locker and put a hand over her heart. Tucker had completely caught her off guard when he confronted her. He was nothing like before when she asked for help, he talked with a strong voice, he was firm, he was hard-

Valerie quickly shook her head and lightly slapped her cheeks. "Get it together Val, boys are the last thing that should be on your mind." She said before heading to her next class.

Tucker stood in front of the library door and just stared at it, thinking. After his talk with Valerie Tucker had been somewhat avoiding his friends. He didn't know what to say even if he did meet them.

"Hey Danny, remember that person who robbed you? Well it turns out it was Valerie who robbed you using a super-suit she somehow got. Oh, how did she know about your weapons and tech, I let it slip while I was hacking AXION's computers for her. Sorry about that." Tucker thought sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

Taking a small breath in Tucker entered the library and quickly made his way to the back. Intently he was Valerie sitting where they were yesterday with a worry expression on her face, making Tucker feel a little bad about. Then he remember how she stole dangerous tech from his best friends parents, making his face turn serious again.

Tucker said nothing as he sat across from Valerie, making her look up with a surprised expression.

Just as she opened her mouth Tucker raised his hand. "I want you to answer my questions honestly, depending on what you say I come up with my decision, okay?" Valerie just gave a small nod while looking down. "How did you get the Red Warrior suit?"

"...Not... not long after the... accident I received a package." Valerie said while giving a sigh. "No return address or stamp. Inside I found a note along with the Red Worrier suit. The note read that whatever happened at AXION was... was some thing deep in the labs." Val said while taking a deep breath. "The package also had the Red Worrier suit." Tucker just folded his arms and had a thoughtful look on her face. "How... How did you know about the Red Worrier suit?" She couldn't help but ask.

Tucker brought out his PDA and held it up. "I sent of copy of all the files I downloaded to my PDA at home. It's not every day you get your hands on sensitive information." He said before narrowing his eyes. "Now don't change the subject. Why did you steal from Danny's parents in the first place?"

Valerie just gave a nervous shrug. "I thought I need some extra firepower. So I took a few blasters... some explosives... and a hoverboard." Valerie trailed off, the longer she spoke the worse it sound.

"... Explosives... Hoverboard..." Tucker said as he went bug eyed at Valerie. "Valerie are you fucking insane!"

"Shhh!" The librarian shushed them making the two flinch.

Tucker took a deep breath to calm himself down before looking to the teen across from him. "Val-"

"Before you say anything else." Valerie cut Tucker off while bring up the PDA he gave her. "Look at this." She said before playing the video she saw last night.

Tucker watched the video in silence and when he saw who was talking his eyes widen a bit. By then end of the video Tucker had a thoughtful look on his face while his brows furrowed.

"Dr. Fuji, he's working for AXION?" Tucker said in a confused voice.

"Wait, you know Dr. Fuji?" Valerie asked with a shock look on her face.

Tucker waved his hand at her. "I don't no him personally but I've heard of him." Tucker said as he brought up his PDA. "Dr. Fuji is a genius bioengineer, he has written several papers on how with just simple gene therapy for a few thousand people the likely hood of all major illnesses would be nothing more then more then a common cold. He has also came up with a lot of ways to help people, or at least in theory."

Valerie looked at the articles and saw Dr. Fuji present a pod of some kind. "What's that?"

"One of Dr. Fuji's inventions he made a few years ago. It's supposed to give people a higher immune system and help treat wounds." Tucker said in an almost exited voice. "He called it the G-Chamber, since it's supposed to provide Gene therapy faster and more efficient." He said before his brows furrowed. "But this isn't adding up. Dr. Fuji practically dropped off the map a few years back, all his papers and research just stopping. Now it turns out he's working for AXION for a few years now, a weapons and robotics companies, why would they need a bioengineer that's more interested in medicine?"

Valerie slapped her hand onto Tucker's arm. "You see, this all doesn't make sense. What is this Project Cerberus he was talking about, how is it connected to my dad getting attacked, what exactly attacked me and my dad in the lab?"

Tucker had a seriously thoughtful look on his face before his head snapped up and he shook his head. "Wait a second, we're getting off track." He said with a small glare making Valerie chuckle and look away, making Tucker lessen his glare. "Valerie, this may all be connected, but what the hell are you doing?" He asked making Valerie pause. "What are you going to do exactly, break into AXION and somehow find this Project Cerberus?"

Valerie nodded her head. "Exactly, if I can prove Mr. Page has been working on something super illegal that he would need to blame my dad for, then it has to be so big not even the police on his pay roll can look away. That'll clear my dad's name."

Tucker was quiet as he processed what Valerie had said. It did make a degree of sense, blow the lid off a super secret project to drag Mr. Page's name down to show what really happened. But their was another big problem.

"How are you going to get in?"

"Huh?" Valerie asked in a questioning voice.

"How are you going to break into AXION?" Tucker asked again. "Are you going to go in guns blazing, because that's an easy way for you to get caught or die, super-suit or not."

Valerie rubbed the back of her head. "I was thinking about creating a destruction with some explosives before sneaking in."

Tucker instantly shook his head at that while giving a hard sigh. "Val, that is the last thing you should do. The guards would be on alert and would find you easily."

"But with the suit-"

"You can only fight them off for so long." Tucker cut off. "I've read what the suit can do. It's amazing but it's not invincible, plus if AXION knows someone is trying to break in they'll go into lockdown, blocking any data collection and trap you inside. They will trap you Valerie."

Valerie was quiet for a long moment before she slumped against the table. "Then what am I supposed to do Tucker?" Valerie asked in a desperate voice. "If I don't do nothing my dad's life is over when he wakes up. He won't be able to find work and with the medical bills racking up money will be tight." When Valerie looked at Tucker with watery eyes the teen swallowed hard. "He's the only family I have."

It was no secret that Valerie had no family other then her dad. No aunts, no uncles, no grandparents, only her dad. Her mom passed away a long time ago when Valerie was younger, making it a sour topic for the teen.

Tucker gave a loud sigh as he balled his fist and hit the side of his head. "This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy." The techno-geek repeated making Valerie tilt her head. "Is their nothing I can do to stop you?" He asked in a weak desperate voice.

A hard look crossed Valerie's face as she looked to Tucker. "I'm not stopping until I clear my dad's name and take Page down."

Tucker gave Valerie a long look and saw she wasn't going to change her mind. With a sigh he brought up his PDA. "Alright, look at this." He said while showing the PDA to Valerie. "This is a map of AXION and all the new additions they've had. Even under the book stuff." Valerie's mouth fell open at that. "Your best bet is to enter the south entrance, that has the least amount of guards on patrol, however their are cameras that cover nearly every angle. Luckily I can put them in a lop to allow you enough time to get in. After that your on your own, their inner security is to advance for anything I have."

Valerie's jaw dropped when Tucker finish talking. She stared at the PDA in pure shock as her head whipped back and forth between it and Tucker. "Your... your going to help me?" Valerie asked in shock.

Tucker just gave a sigh as he leaned. "I have three options here, and stopping you is not one of them. I could turn you in, meaning you could get sent to jail and Mr. Page will find out you know something. I could do nothing and pretend I saw nothing, but then you'll go in and get yourself hurt. Or I could help you, and take this son of a bitch down." Tucker said with a small chuckle.

Valerie just stared at Tucker with her jaw hanging. This was not some techno-geek who just surfed the web, this was a hacker that was helping her. So she did what felt natural at the moment.

Val reached across the table, grabbed Tucker's face, and brought him into a deep kiss. The techno-geeks eyes popped out of his head as he felt Valerie push her tongue in his mouth. After a few seconds Valerie pulled back with a wet pop while Tucker stood in place.

"Tucker... I can never thank you enough." Valerie said while giving him a small peck on his cheek. "Meet me at my house afterschool so we can come up with a plan." She said before getting up and leaving the library.

Techno-geek just sat their, frozen in place with his mouth hung open as he tried to processed what just happened. He was so frozen in place that when people passed him some thought he had a stroke and had call a teacher.

Jazz pulled up in front of her house with Danny while her boyfriend pulled up behind her with Luna. The school day had been mostly uneventful for everyone, though Danny and Jazz did explain what happened last night to Cujo, shocking the two magic users.

Everyone got out of the two cars and made their way to the Fenton household.

"Mom, dad, we're home!" Danny called as he throw his bag by the couch in the living room. "And Max and Luna are here with us!"

"We're downstairs Danny!" Jack called from the basement just loud enough for the werewolf to hear.

The group of teens made their way down to the basement to see Jack typing at a computer while Maddie was looking at a clipboard. The strangers thing however was the sleeping Cujo in the blast proof room with a punch of wires attached to his head and body.

"Hey mom, dad." Jazz said making her parents turn to her with a smile. "So, found anything on Cujo?"

Maddie sighed and nodded her head. "A lot of things actually. Whatever happened to Cujo last night brought up a lot of thing we missed."

"Is he okay?" Luna asked while giving the puppy a worry look.

Jack gave the young blond a small smile. "Don't worry Luna, we just gave Cujo a strong sedative to keep him asleep." He said, reassuring the blond.

Max gave Luna a smile before turning to the two scientist. "So what have you discovered about the dog?"

Maddie walked over to a white board filled with a bunch of writing and a drawing of Cujo. "Alright, from what Danny told us what happened last night and from what we saw, Cujo was able to somehow transform into a an even larger dog with enhanced strength."

"Are you sure it wasn't magic?" Max couldn't help but ask.

Luna shook her head before either of the scientist could say anything. "Even now I can't see any magic aura around Cujo."

Jack nodded at that. "Your right, because what happened to Cujo was not magic, but some kind of major mutation."

"Remember how we found out Cujo as a lot of hormones and adrenalin running through his body?" Maddie asked getting a nod from the teens. "Well it turns out there's more to it then that." She then pointed to the picture of the brain on the white board. "The brain produces a certain amount of hormones the body can handle when a person is in distress or anger, it's a natural reaction. It's how people and animals suddenly become stronger, faster, or smarter in stressful situations. Cujo's body on the other hand can produce far more hormones and adrenalin then possible." Maddie then turned to Danny. "It's not that different from you sweetie." She said surprising the teens.

"Wait, I thought you said Cujo changed because of a mutation, not magic?" Danny said with a confused look on his face.

Jack nodded to that. "Yes, but just because magic is involved dose not mean science can't hold any weight. When you change into your wolf forms your body produces hormones and adrenalin in order to increase your mass and healing capabilities. This is what allows you to change back without having any excess skin hanging off of you, your body heals it self so fast you return to normal." That idea made Danny shutter a bit at the mental image. "The same can be said about Cujo, only his is more based on emotions instead of will for now."

Max had a thoughtful on his face before glancing at the dog. "So what now?" He asked, grabbing everyone's attention. "Can you 'cure' him, or is this permanent. Because a dog that can go berserk is dangerous, and it would grab too much attention towards you guys." Max warned.

"That's what this is far." Maddie brought up a spiked collar that looked the same as Cujo's old one. "When the collar detects high levels of distress in Cujo it will administer a powerful sedative that will keep him calm. But this is only temporary until Danny can train Cujo."

Now that made Danny do a double take. "Wait, what do you mean I train him?" The werewolf questioned.

Jazz seem to realize what her parents were getting at and snapped her fingers. "I get it, this is not that different from when Danny was learning how to control his werewolf powers. Just with no magic this time."

"Un, hello-"

"Hello." Luna said with a wave making Max laugh.

"...You seem to be missing a big fact here." Danny said before pointing to the sleeping dog. "Cujo is a dog, I have no idea how to train a dog!"

"I can help you." Luna said with a big smile making Danny turn to her. "Since I'm a Naturalist I studied animals for most of my life, even dogs. I can help you train Cujo whenever you need."

That made Danny give a huge sigh of relief. "Thanks Luna, your a life saver." He said, getting a smile out of the pale blond. "Now that the super-dog situation is taken care of, what do we have on our Red Huntress thief?"

Jack turned to the computer behind him and started to type. "Well we finally fixed all the computers from last night and found where the portal had taken the Huntress." He said before sighing. "Unfortunately it was somewhere in a remote part of the forest, so no cameras picked her up." He said, making Danny sigh. "We've tried tracking the board but since our computers were down at the time we can't tell where she went last night. We were able to tell this Red Huntress used the Silver Fang last night but we have no idea where it went."

Danny had a thoughtful look on his face before turning to his sister. "Do you think you can run a program through the system to try and find out where this Red Huntress is?"

Jazz had a thoughtful look on her face before she went to her computer. "Wait..." She said before sitting down at her Op Center and stated to type. "I might be able to do you one better."

Everyone gathered around the Op Center and gave the redhead a couriers looks. "What are you working on sweetie?" Maddie asked as she watched her daughter type across the keyboard.

"I remember setting an auto-pilot program in the Silver Fang to fly whoever was on it to where they need to go. Now assuming the Red Huntress activated the auto-pilot since she ended up in the middle of the forest she must of used it in order to get out." Jazz said as she typed faster. "I can't control it since a connection between the board and my computers since it weren't made yet, but I might be able to find where it was turned on and where it was turned off since the auto-pilot could of sent a signal to my computers. Now I can't get an exact location, but I can get a general location."

"Then we can go and start looking for the missing Tech!" Max said in amazement as he went next to and kissed her cheek. "Your amazing, you know that red?"

Jazz smiled as she started to work a little faster the before. After a few minutes of typing a big grin crossed Jazz's face.

"Alright, I got something," Jazz said as she pulled up a map. "This is where the board activated," She said while pointing to a green spot on the map which was a forest. "And this is where it was turned off." She said before printing out a map of with a red circle.

Danny grabbed the map that was printed out and his eyebrows raised. "Huh, it's not that far from here." Danny said as he passed the map to Max. "But I doubt we'll find this Red Huntress their, that's nearly a 2 mile radius."

"Maybe not right away." Max said as he looked over the map. "Who knows, we might find where this Red Huntress is hiding out, or we might find a clue as to where she's gone." He said before looking to Jazz.

"But I don't think we can go looking as KNight Wolf and Gemini." Danny said making everyone look at him. "I still feel like this Red Huntress is not part of the supernatural." He said, getting a confused look from everyone. "When we fought Red was strong and quick on her feet, but she still felt a little new to this. Not only that but when Cujo changed she was frozen in place and if I hadn't acted she might of been dog food."

That made Jazz rub her chin in thought. "Well we assume the Red Huntress is apart of the supernatural. It could be possible she was just a hired mercenary."

"Who may very well be just a teen." Danny throw back. "You really think someone would hire a mercenary who's going through puberty."

"Says the 15 year old werewolf while standing next to my boyfriend, the 15 year old wizard while the 14 year old witch is behind him." Jazz deadpan making Danny pause.

"...Touché." Danny admitted. "But my point still stands. This Red Huntress feels two inexperienced with strange stuff, otherwise she wouldn't have frozen in front of Cujo."

"What do you want us to do?" Max asked as he leaned against his cane.

"Search around and look for clues as Danny and Max, not as KNight Wolf and Gemini." Danny said while nodding his head.

Max had a thoughtful look on his face before he grow a grin. "Well how about instead of Max goes with you..." Max slammed his cane on the ground and a wave covered his body. In the span of a few seconds Max's body changed to a more feminine shape. "Hello everybody, Maze is back!" Max/Maze said with a cheery grin.

"... Not this again." Danny sighed while rubbing his face. "Man, do you know how freaky it is to see you change into a chick. It's not exactly normal."

"The sad part is I've gotten used to this part of Max." Jazz said while rubbing her face. Blushing slightly as she realized that 'Maze' was an attractive young woman, who also happened to be her boyfriend.

'Maze' snorted as she put a hand on her hip. "This is a spell I have to use every once and a while, or the transformations will take longer." She said before a big grin crossed his face. "Plus it's funny to see you guys squirm at the change. I never got that reaction from Luna." Maze said while throwing her thumb to the blond.

Luna let a dreamy smile cross her face as she looked at Max. "Because whenever you change I never see a difference."

Jack cleared his throat with a slight uncomfortable look on his face. "Moving on..." Jack said making Maze give a small sigh. "While you two are looking around the area we'll be hacking the cameras and review last night footage."

"Sounds like a plan Mr. Fenton." Maze said with a big smile making the older man look away with an even more uncomfortable look on his face. That got a small laugh out of Maze.

Jazz slapped her boyfriend/girlfriend's shoulder with a amused look. "Alright, stop making everyone uncomfortable and go play detective."

Maze pouted at Jazz before heading for the stairs. "Fine~" She said before glancing at the werewolf. "We're taking my car Danny, I'll see you in a bit." She said before walking up the stairs.

Danny just rubbed his face as he fallowed his friend. "I'm never going to get used to that." He said before walking up the stairs.

Fallowing the map the two supernatural beings were slightly surprised to find themselves in the area of a suburban area. Maze drove down a quiet road while glancing at all the slightly expensive houses.

"Are we in the right area Danny?" Maze asked as she saw some kids playing in a front yard. "Seems a little two quiet."

Danny glanced around and nodded his head. "Your right, most likely this might of been a meeting or drop off point."

That made Maze shake her head. "This is the last place anyone should meet up for an exchange." Maze said with a huff. "The people who live here are the kind to be worried about anything strange and to call the police right away. The sight of a dark van in the middle of the night would raise a lot of flags instantly. They paid a lot of money to live in a safe area." Maze said making Danny sigh as he saw she was right.

Glancing at the driver Danny couldn't help but give his friend a weird look. "So... Are you comfortable like that?" Danny couldn't help but ask. He has only seen 'Maze' a few times since the vampire incident, or when Max just felt like it.

Maze glanced at Danny and gave him a shrug. "It's different to say the least, I feel top heavy but my pants way to light." She said in a joking voice making Danny roll his eyes.

"But, do you like being a girl." He said before throwing his hands up. "Because that would totally be fine and I'm cool with that." He quickly added.

Maze rolled her eyes and gave Danny a grin. "Danny, you don't have to tip-toe around me. Just because I look like a girls doesn't mean I'm as emotional as one." She said making Danny sigh in relief. "And to answer your question, I find being a girl interesting." Maze said with a small smile. "It's something that gives me a new perspective on life and stuff. I mean most people do treat others differently just because of their gender, so it's funny to see people I've met treat me different just because I don't have a dick between my legs."

"So, your not..."

"Into guys?" Maze asked while shaking her head. "No, down to my core, no matter if I'm in a man's body or a woman's I will always be attracted to woman." Maze said before flashing Danny a big grin. "I mean have you seen your sister, I would have to be crazy not to be attracted to her hot ass."

"And you made it weird." Danny said while rubbing his head in frustration. "Let's just continue looking for clues."

"Hey, your the one that decided to question my sexuality." Maze throw back as she parked to the side and got out of her car. "So where should we start looking?"

Danny got out of the car and started to sniff the air. "We'll split up and look around first, see if we can find anything-" Danny suddenly paused with a confused look on his face as he turned around.

Maze noticed this and gave her friend a worry look. "What's wrong?" She asked as she placed a hand over her concealed revolver. "Trouble?"

Danny glanced back and waved Maze off. "No it's... it's something familiar." Danny said as he rounded a corner, only for his eyes to widen before he took a step back. "Look!" The werewolf said in a hush tone as he glanced around the corner.

Maze quickly moved around the corner to see what Danny was staring at. When she saw Maze could only raise an eyebrow as she saw a familiar dark skinned girl. "Um, it's Valerie... so?" Maze asked in confusion.

Danny didn't say anything and continued to stare at Valerie with narrow eyes as she walked to her mailbox and started to look over some of her letters. As he stared she started to check Valerie's body out a bit as she looked over her letters.

"... Are you seriously checking her out you horndog?" Maze said as she snorted in disbelief. "Men." She couldn't help but joke.

Danny ignored the joke and kept his eyes on Valerie. "Did you know Valerie is a black-belt in Karate." Danny said in a low tone making Maze pause. "I remember Star saying Valerie was in a Karate tournament once and she won a black-belt at the end. She's also nearly the same height as me." He said as he turned to Maze. "And with that skin tight suit the Red Huntress wore I can tell what kind of body she had, which is very similar to Valerie's."

Maze leaned to the side as she glanced at the female that was going through her mail without any clue she was being watched. "You can't seriously think..."

"All this plus the Silver Fang deactivates right where she lives." Danny said while throwing his friend a raised brow. "There's coincidence then there's evidence stacked up." He said as he turned back to the 'suspect'. "Though your right, this might all be a bad case of coincidence and Valerie is just in the wrong place..."

"But there's nothing to prove that there's nothing." Maze sighed as her eyes turned serious. "So, how do you want to play thing?"

Danny was quiet for a moment before glancing at his friend. "Can you get into the house?"

Maze gave Danny a playful snort. "Danny, please, I'm a professional."

Valerie was looking over the letters in her mailbox as she sighed. Nothing but bills, bills, and more bills, mostly stuff from the hospital which made Valerie sigh.

"Having a long day?"

The sudden question made Valerie jump a good foot in the air before she whirled around, shocked at who she saw.


The black and white haired teen gave Valerie a grin as raised an eyebrow at her. "Whoa, your jumpy, are you alright?"

Valerie swallowed the lump in her through and gave Danny a big smile. "I-I'm fine Danny, you just snuck up on me." Valerie said as she tried to calm her heart down. "So... what are you doing here?" She asked slowly, trying not to sound suspicious.

That made Danny's smile fall as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm not sure you know this, but there was a break in at my house last night." Danny notice for a slight hitch in Valerie's mouth, making the teen pause. "We called the cops but there not doing much as in 'investigating', so I thought I could ask around to see if anyone has saw anything."

That made Valerie start to fidget slightly, something else Danny noticed. "Is... isn't that dangerous, you should leave that to the police." Valerie tried to reason with slight hope in her voice.

Danny gave a small laugh as he waved her off. "Don't worry, I'm not playing super-detective or anything. I'm just walking around and keeping my ear to the ground for the jackass who stole my parents stuff." Danny said before he throw his thumb back. "Some of your neighbors mention seeing someone suspicious run past here last night."

Valerie latterly felt her heart stop in shock as she froze in place. Acting fast Valerie gave Danny a shocked look. "Seriously, is this person dangerous?" Valerie asked in fake worry.

Danny gave a shrug. "No idea, I only saw them leave with some of my parents tech." Suddenly Danny's phone range making the teen pause before taking the phone out. "Huh, Max just texted me, says he need's help at Dawn Café." He said with a shrug before giving Valerie a smile. "Anyway it's been great talking with you and I'll see you at school on Monday." Danny said as he started to walk away. "Oh, and keep a look out for a thief in a red suit, you can't miss her, she's got a fat ass that sticks out like a sore thumb." Now that made Valerie's eye twitch hard, something else Danny noticed.

As Danny walked away his happy expression melted off as it was replaced with a serious one. The werewolf didn't stop walking until he was at Max's car.

Their he Maze with a serious look on her face, sitting on the hood of her car. Once she saw Danny she tapped her cane on the ground as magic washed over her body. "So, how was your talk?" Maze asked as she changed back into Max.

"It's her." Danny said as he rubbed his eyes. "She tried to hide it well but I saw every twitch she made whenever I brought up last night. Valerie is the Red Huntress."

"Well when you were interrogating the witness," Max said as he jumped off his car. "I found a lot in her room." The spellslinger said as he brought up his phone and showed Danny a few pictures.

The pictures showed the very red suit Danny saw, and fought, last night.

"Fuck..." Danny groaned as he grabbed his head. "What the hell is going on, I feel like their are more questions now then before."

"It get's worse." Max said in a grim tone.

"How the hell can that be possible?" Danny couldn't help but snort.

The spellslinger said nothing as he brought up a PDA from his back pocket, a very familiar PDA.

"... Is that Tucker's PDA?" Danny couldn't help but ask in disbelief.

"With a bunch of information on AXION you cannot get just anywhere." Max added as he put the PDA back in his pocket.

After hearing that Danny could only say the next logical thing in this situation that not only involved someone he knew who stole his parents tech, but now his best friend was involved. He said the only logical thing that would make sense in this situation.

"... Fuck. Me."

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