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Previously on Descendants -"Sooner or later you five will succumb to the evil inside you wither you like it or not, and that's a fact you can bet will come true." Evie then watched as Maleficent turned to Cruella.

"Get Carlos, and get him out here." She said narrowing her green eyes at Cruella. "The rest of us will see to it that our own mistfits are dealt out a harsh punishment for disobaying us."

Cruella nodded and vanished in a swirl of smoky green vapor much to Evie, Jane, Lonnie, and even Jordan's dismay. "Noo!" Jane cried out falling to her knees with her head in her hands. "No! Not Carlos!" She sobbed as Lonnie placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll find a way to get him back." She said with a smile. "Yeah, but we should probably help take care of them first."

"Everything will be just fine. Soon you will be back to the way you once were, my precious little evil servant." Carlos's eyes trailed up from the bright green ring to his mother's face to see her piercing green eyes starting to shift to a blazing crimson red, and another shiver of fear began to race through his entire body as he tried to crawl away from her, but a sharp stab of pain shot through his calf as he felt his mother's hand grab ahold of his leg and her long red nails dug sharply into his skin.

"I was planning on waiting until the others got here," Cruella said as her now blazing crimson eyes bore into Carlos's fearful brown ones as he coward in fear of his mother's hardned grip on his leg. "But maybe we should go ahead and get started instead. Don't you think my sweet little pup?"

"You are my son Carlos, and it's high time you start acting like it." His mother demanded angrily her voice taking on a harsh tone as she stared at him.

"You are cold-hearted, ruthless, cruel, conniving and vile and just like me, not this weak pathetic excuse for a human." As she spoke, a trail of green smoke came from her mouth which hit Carlos in the face instantly filling his nostrils with the faint smell of his mother's cigarres seemingly bringing back horrible memories from his childhood when she would often use his frail body as an ashtray to put out her ciggarets on him.

Shivering from the fear of the memories, the smoke began to cloud all over Carlos as though he was somehow trapped in a fog. His mother's voice now began to sound distant as though the green smoke was somehow taking on a life of its own around him.

He could faintly hear his mother's cackeling laughter as it rang out in his ears as she began to chant, "I the queen of darkness now command the powers that be, to bring forth the blood of evil that lives inside my son to the surface. Let our powers unite as one!"

A faint stab of pain shot through Carlos's chest as he looked down and could now see a faint glimmer of green light iminating from a crossbones like sybol that had now appeared on his

chest in a similar fashion to how Mal's symbol had appeared on her a while back, and he began to momentarily panic before everything arpund suddenly started to spin. His vision started to grow blurry and his head began to ache as though someone was stabbing him in the skull with a hammer.

He tried to hold in his screams of anguish, but now as a faint wiff of blood now filled his nostrils and through the haze of green smoke that continued to fill up all around him, the next thing Carlos knew was that he was tasting the coppery taste of blood which wasn't his own. He looked up and could see with wide eyes through the hazy pain that was filling up inside his head that he his mother had managed to cut her wrist and forced her arm into his mouth like a puppy. Carlos tried to fight against the overwelming urge not to drink his mother's blood, as hard as he tried the more it seemed as though he was losing. His vision grew dimmer by the second as it finally overtook him and he passed out, with his mother's voice echoing in head, "Don't worry my little prince of darkness, the fun is only just begining. Who's in control now Auradon?"


Chapter 25 - Who Is In Control Now? (Part 2)

As Evie took a fighting stance against her mother, she turned to the rest of her crew. Jay was right beside her ready to pounce, Lonnie was staring directly at Maleficent with her mother's sword in hand, Malice was slowly staggering trying to keep himself standing as best as he could.

Jordan was standing fiercly protective over Jane who was on her knees wheeping beside where Carlos's body once laid. Evie knew Jane didn't have the heart to fight, she was an AK without a doubt someone who had never had to fight for survivial like she and the rest of the Villain kids had to, so Evie knew she couldn't risk Jane getting hurt it would be devestating for Carlos if he knew something had happened to her before he could get the chance to tell her how he felt.

"Jordan, I wish for you to get Jane out of here and to a safe location." Evie said nodding over to Jordan as she gave her a small smile, then patted on Jane's shoulder lightly before they both vanished together in a puff of light pink smoke.

Once Evie knew Jane was safe and out of danger the moment Jordan reappeared, the more detemind she became as she focused on channeling that energy of light she had previously generated. The only problem was, she had no idea how she had generated it out of her hands in the first place, not to mention the fact that she wasn't aware that she even possessed any magical talent either. She could see the glimmer of evil intent laced in her mother's eyes as her brown eyes locked onto her daughter, and Evie tried her best to ignore it as a faint stab of unwanted searing pain shot through her chest, with Yen Sid's words echoing inside her mind.

"After all five of you were born, your parents wanted you to always follow in their footsteps. They had all desired for each of you to accomplish were they had failed, so in order to do so, on the night that they were all sent to the Isle, each of them had used the last bit of magical energy they carried into cursing each of you with a curse symbol on your chests, which would only activate the moment each of you gave into you own inner darkness."

"Upon Maleficent's escape from her imprisoment on Auradon thanks to Yzma's son Zevon, she released so much energy that it caused the the awakening of the other three evil talisman's to awken. Evil Queen's talisman, the fruit of venom, which posesses the ability to fill one's mind with your deepest fears and insecurities. Every kind of dark, maevolent emotion and idea, the power to use them against other people."

Evie's eyes all at once immediatly flashed momentarily down to the red apple pendant around her neck she always wore practically since birth, and a shiver of fear suddenly raced up and down her spine as she thought she had seen it start to glow a faint hue of dark green light almost black as night. Was it really glowing or was it as something as simple as just a trick of the light?

Evie shook her head trying to clear away her feelings of fear and self doubt but even now as she reached up to touch the red apple pendant she suddenly drew back her hand as an unwanted stab of pain coursed through her hand and through her entire body as though she had suddenly just been electrocuded. A look of shock came upon Evie's face in moment of realization. She didn't need t look far for her talisman becasue she had had it on her this entire time. A single breath of air caught in her lungs and for a moment of fear she forgot how to breathe as her body tensed up in panic.

Just then a flashback shot through her weary mind as she remembered the first time she had met Evie and had noticed the red apple pendant hanging on a nerby shelve twinkling in the light of the room. Had Evie imagined the entire thing? or had her mother planned on her finding the talisman to avoid suspicion? Whatever it was she knew she couldn't blame Dizzy after all she was just a kid who had no clue about what their parents had planned for them.

An evil smile crept up on the Evil Queen's face as she noticed the look of shock on her daughter's face despite the fact that Evie was trying to hide it. "Don't fight it dear. Embrace the power you were given." She said in a soft yet menacing tone as Evie shook her head in defiance. "You had it planned all along," She said her voice soft yet still full of shock as she tried to hide it. "What are you talking about?" Evil Queen asked her brows furrowing in confusion.

"You had it planned that I would find the talisman that day we went to Lady Tremaine's Curl Up and Dye Salon because you were too afraid that I would someday be more powerful then you."

Evil Queen let out a laugh as did Maleficent and Jafar at Evie's words. "Child the day you become more powerful then us is the day we finally escape this wretched prison once and for all."

Evie's eyes narrowed as a surge of anger began to swirl through her. She knew she didn't enjoy talking back to her mother, but this time Evil Queen wasn't giving her much of a choice.

"I'm not going to be like you mother. You no longer have dominion power over me."

Evil Queen scoffed and stifled a laugh at her daughter's words. She couldn't believe how truly naive Evie really was. "You really think it's going to be that easy?" Evil Queen asked drawing each step closer to Evie as Jay protectively stood beside her ready to leap in front of her if necessary but Evie held out a gentle hand to stop him. "You have your father to deal with Jay. This is between me and my mother, I have to learn to face my fears and not let them dominate my life."

{With Mal & Ben}

"Mal!" Ben called as he struggled to stand on his feet again just as Zevon delivered another swift kick to the young king's leg but Ben was slightly faster as he moved out of the way and made it shakily to his feet again. Wobbling on his heels as he tried to regain his composure he looked over and could no longer see the puff of purple smoke anymore but instead what obscured his vision now was a huge catterpillar like cacoon. It was dark purple with glowing green accents surrounding it as though it looked like it was about to crack at any given second like an egg.

"MAL!" Ben's roar tore through the buiuilding causing it to rumble like an earthquake as he made a break for it and ran toward the cacoon pounding on it immediatly with his fists. "Mal! Mal, can you hear me? It's Ben!" He cried out as his fists pounded heavily against it trying to get it to open.

"It's no use." Came Zevon's voice with an evil laugh. "I already told you, she's mine and there's nothing you can do about it. You can try and break that thing open all you want but there's no way you'll get Mal free."

Hearing Zevon's words made Ben's body run red hot with fury. It was anger beyond anything he had ever felt in his entire life and it coursed through him like a bolt of lightning. He let out a low growl that sounded much like his father and a wave of red momentarily clouded his vision as he looked down and could see his hands which were balled up into fists and watched as dark brown fur began to seep all over his skin.

Through the red cloud that shrouded his vison he could see the look in Zevon's brown eyes start to slightly shift in fear but Ben didn't care as the final transformation took over him and he threw back his head and let out a massive roar so loud that it not only shook the building but the entire island as well.

Ben hated becoming a beast like his father. He always knew that even though his father was human that part of him still had a least possessed some of the curse enough to pass it on to Ben, and even though he hated becoming as angry as he was feeling now he also knew that he could no lnger just sit on the sidelines and watch those he cared about be hurt. He was the crowned king of Auradon and now it was his time to show what he was truly capable of, however little did he know was that somewhere off in the distance he was not alone.

Shrouded in shadow was a teenage girl about the age of at least fifteen with long dirty blonde hair with golden highlights tied into a ponytail. Her eyes wich were brown were narrowed as she glared at the king of Auradon's transformation and realized it was now or never and that soon Auradon would be ripe for the taking.

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