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Winnie Foster sat by the spring one day. She was only 16, but her father was selling the wood, and she had to decide now if she was going to choose immortality and the Tucks or a normal life. At first, she had thought of everything Angus and Miles
had told her, and had almost turned back when she remembered Jesse, sweet, beautiful Jesse, who loved her, who she loved, and decided to go to the spring. Now she sat there, trying to decide. This is it,she thought. Now is when I have to decide.
At first, she had thought of the warnings the Tucks had given her, but then she just thought of the Tucks: Angus and Mae, who loved her as if she was their own daughter; Miles, whowas just like the older brother she never had, And finally
there was Jesse, who was the only person in the world she would leave everything for, and she knew what she would choose. The Tucks were the closest family she had, and she loved them. With this in mind she bent over and drank from the spring.
At once, she knew it was no ordinary water. It wasn't sweet, more like if magic had a taste. This is it. There's no going back now, she thought. She stood up and began walking home. During the long trip, she began to wonder what she
would tell her family. They would certainly never approve, and might even kick her out. Oh, well,Winnie thought, I'm going to live with the Tucks eventually, so what does it matter? But still, the prospect of facing her strict,
disapproving family was frightening. Finally, she was walking through the gate to her touch-me-not cottage, ready to spill her guts to her parents. Her nana was sitting by the fire, knitting; her mother was making dinner, and her father was reading
the evening newspaper. "Well, hello, Winifred," said her mother. "Do you mind telling me where you've been all afternoon?" "Just out in the woods," Winnie replied. "And why would you want to be in the woods?" Asked her father. "There's nothing in
there-except bugs and dirt and poison ivy." "Oh, no reason. There's just a spring there that will make me immortal."
Dead silence as all eyes turned to Winnie. "There's...a...what?" Said her father. "A spring that makes you immortal," repeated Winnie. "I drank from it, and now I'm going to stay 16 forever." Dead silence again, only broken by the
clatter of her nana's knitting needles hitting the floor as she dropped them in shock. "Why, Winifred," said her mother, "don't be making up all this nonsense about a spring. You've just been dabbling with black magic, haven't you, and you just don't
want to confess, do you?" "No, mama, I-" Winnie protested. "Don't you 'No, mama' me, young miss. If you've been doing black magic, you can get out of this house right now." "What?" Exclaimed Winnie. It was just like she'd feared. "But mama, I told
you-" "Get. Out." Now it was her father, pushing her tothe door. "No Foster would ever think about dishonoring our family's name by dabbling with black magic. Your mother's right. Now get out!" With tears streaming down her face, Winnie turned
around and bolted out of the house.

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