This is a a dream of mine I had about Ninjago Possession I had about a week ago. (I also had one about Hands of Time, so if you want that I'll write that too.) I decided to write this as a separate one-shot, so yeah. It's completely up to you guys if you want more. Just leave a review about it and I'll continue this story. Simple as that. Anyway, let's get into this awesome dream of mine! Also, I'm going through a stage where Possession is my favorite season, so I'm trying to rewatch all of the episodes. (Basically I'm saying you can expect more of this.) :P

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The ninja were in Cloud Kingdom, chasing after their possessed friend, who had the Sword of Sanctuary in hand. Blowing across rooftops the blade wielder flew, cackling at his pursuers pathetic attempt at catching up to him. They could never reach him at this fast of speed.

"Having trouble there?" Morro called over his shoulder, laughing up a storm as the blue ninja face-planted into the roof of a building, earning himself a mouthful of shingles.

"Morro! I'm coming for you!" The fire ninja shouted, his angry voice echoing throughout the vast realm. His tone only caused the wind Master to laugh harder, which is all that it took to distract him. One split second.

All of a sudden, Morro slammed into the roof of a building, the velocity hurling him through the ceiling and smack dab onto the floor. For awhile he lay there, looking up at the gaping hole above and blinking the dizziness from his eyes. Dazed, the master of wind finally managed to sit up, rubbing his throbbing forehead. That had hurt- Wait a minute.

Across from him on the floor lay the motionless green ninja, features twisted into a grimace. Next to him was the Sword of Sanctuary, stained with...blood. Had he impaled himself in the rush of things? Morro swallowed before climbing to his feet, using a shelf on the wall for support. Slowly, he made his way over to inspect the unconscious green ninja, when blonde's vexed green eyes abruptly shot open.

Sweeping a leg outward, Lloyd's foot hooked around the wind master's ankle, throwing him off balance and momentarily disorienting him. When Morro raised his arm to counteract with a gust of wind, the green ninja rolled out of the way, scooping up the precious Sword of Sanctuary in the process.

Soon they were in a stand off, neither one of them daring to move as they carefully watched each other for any sign of attack. But when they did eventually move, it was in a slow circle, weapons lifted higher.

After a few more moments of encircling each other, Morro spoke up. "How did you escape my possession?" he sneered, and Lloyd's brows furrowed, lips unfurling a snarl.

"How about you guess," the blonde retorted, before thrusting the blade forward. Already anticipating his advance, Morro dodged the strike, allowing his momentum it to carry him into a swift kick.

The blow caught Lloyd in the back of the thigh, and he hissed, dropping down onto one knee. Morro had to act fast if he wanted to subdue and possess him again, so he dived in for the kill and...missed. Lloyd was already gone, leaping out of a window.

Recovering from the misleading maneuver, the ghost hurried after him, vaulting over the windowsill and landing on another patch of roof. He did a brief scan of the area, but Lloyd was nowhere in sight. The wind master squinted his eyes to see further. Where had he gone? Did he fall of the building?

"Take this!" Lloyd shouted from behind, landing on Morro's shoulders and knocking him down onto the pointy surface of the roof. The ghost gritted his teeth to keep from crying out, swearing under his breath. The energy master was going to pay for that.

Thanks to the help of the wall, the spent master of wind clambered to his feet, surveying his surreal, yet dreamy surroundings. Clouds of light pink and orange drifted by in a small current of air, and Morro cursed at their beauty, scattering them about with a breeze of his own. Nothing deserved to look pretty when he was around.

"Cylclondo!" The blue-clad ninja shouted from behind him, and that was Morro's cue to leave. Without a second thought the ghost leapt into open air, using a burst of wind to propel himself higher. From the ninja's several battle cries, he could tell they were following him, but he paid them no heed. Where was that green ninja?


In a flash of green, the wind master was swatted from the sky, falling out of tune with his powers. Tumbling through the air, he spotted the green ninja. He was the one who had knocked him down.

Focusing on the air as he plummeted, he conjured a current, letting it build momentum in his hands. Once it was gale-force, he unleashed it upon the blonde, sending him sailing in the opposite direction with a scream.

"Lloyd!" The other four ninja yelled as their teammate soared away from them, immediately going after him. Apparently they weren't as concerned about Morro. He was the least of their worries when it came to the life of a friend.

Wait a minute... the ghost realized as he stabilized himself with another current of air. I need him! Why did I just discard of him like that?!

"Morro! We have the Sword of Sanctuary!" Bansha announced from their airship behind the wind master. Morro spun to face them, a deep scowl puckering his features. He should be pleased that they had the Sword in their possession. Instead he was fuming. It was useless without a Spinjitzu master.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" he sneered, pointing to the disappearing ninja. "After them!"

"Let my arrow lead the way," Soul Archer proposed, nocking a skreemer-tipped arrow to his bow. Without missing a beat, he released the string, and the arrow went spiraling off into the atmosphere. "We should know of their location in a short while," he explained while the blademistress nodded along.

"Good. But I'm getting a head start. And so help me if that Sword gets stolen..." he shot an icy glare at both of them, before migrating to a nearby rooftop. Even if he was highly skilled when it came to controlling the wind, his abilities still had their weaknesses.

Kicking up beige shingles, he made his way across the roof, then jumped and crossed a divide with a spurt of air. On the next building he ran even faster, the image of the green ninja burning behind his eyes. He had to hurry if he wanted to catch them in time.

Thankfully, the ninja were loud, and he caught a fleeting glimpse of them in a tower he would have otherwise passed. Stooping lower, he made sure to land a quiet as possible, then crept up to a window. As he peered inside, the ninja didn't seem to notice him. They were too busy recapping the previous days the energy master had missed. Morro smirked. This was the ideal time to strike.

Briskly, he moved to another window and peeked through it - and seeing that the coast was clear - fazed through the wall right next to it.

Sneaking up on them was just as easy. With his legs merged together into one, he could glide over the floor, eliminating the chance of a floorboard creaking and giving away his position. Once behind the team, he stood there and listened for a bit. He wanted to hear what they were saying anything about him.

Sure enough, that's exactly what their conversation was based upon.

"So what did it feel like be possessed?" the blue one asked, earning himself a punch from his red comrade.

"You don't just ask him that!" the red ninja snapped, and the blue mimicked him. This time he received a punch from the robot.

"We must remain vigilant, Jay. If we are careless, our pursuer may hear us," the white ninja warned, and Jay - the blue ninja - immediately simmered down.

"Guys, I sense something. This is gonna sound really strange, but there's a ghostly presence nearby. I can sense it," the ghost ninja spoke up, and Morro scowled. How was that even possible? He couldn't even detect if there was another ghost within two feet of him without seeing or hearing them!

"Guys, Cole's right. I can sense something weird too." The green ninja stood, collecting his bearings and brushing himself off. "It's best we leave before we actually are found."

This is just priceless! Morro thought to himself, preparing an onslaught of his own. They already had been compromised! Once he was standing with both his feet separate and on the ground, he sprung from his hiding place and sent a gust of wind at the unsuspecting ninja. Caught off guard, they each toppled over like bowling pins, with the exception of the green ninja. He was already locked and loaded, a battle stance established with his fists glowing green.

"Morro..." Lloyd spat, quite literally and the ghost barely managed to dodge his saliva. It classified as a liquid, so it was on his danger list as well.

"Here's a little cool down!" Morro retorted, faking the energy master with a tunnel of wind to both sides, instead of his direct location. Expecting Morro to aim straight for him, Lloyd dived to the side, falling into his trap and getting swept up by a gust of wind.

Regaining his balance, the fire ninja was the first to pounce, pitching round after round of fireballs in his direction. With ease, the master of wind danced past them, extinguishing those that came bit too close for his liking. This was just way too simple.

"Lighting!" Jay popped up on his radar, hands engulfed in blue electricity. He took a shot, but missed Morro and electrocuted the fire master instead. The ghost cackled with malicious glee as he floated through the chaos, each of their blasts either missing or being warded off by the storm he created.

"Never lose focus!" The ice master suddenly appeared, freezing the floor beneath Morro. The wind Master - who was already preoccupied with the red and blue ninja's circus display - was too slow to respond, and he slipped and landed on the ground with a thud.

Next was the earth master to crack the whip. He lunged for Morro, tackling him on the spot. After a moment of wresting, the master of wind threw him off into the white ninja, knocking both of them to the floor. He turned around to deal with the other two elemental masters once again, balling his hands into fists.

But what he saw was all but amusing. With their dukes ready and their elemental powers crackling, they both shot at him in unison. Unable to dodge, he was nailed with a blast of lightning to the chest, the fire roaring dangerously close to his ear.

He was losing. One misstep could change the battle - for either side. And now his side was under the weather.

"Give it up, Morro. You're surrounded," the green ninja said, stepping into the ghost's line of sight. The other four ninja were flanking his sides - the red and blue to his left, while the white and black stood on his right, each of their elements trigger a go. Morro couldn't help but guffaw at the ridiculous sight.

"Nice try, but I'm all but done," he continued to laugh, and the other ninja eyed him with conviction.

Interrupting their face-off was a skreemer arrow, unbeknownst to the ninja until it was too late. It struck Jay in the back, causing him to collapse. The battle resumed.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Morro summoned a current of air, directing it at the ninja's feet. They were swift to move out of its path, but it still caught the earth ninja by surprise. There was an audible thump when Cole hit the roof outside, but his other friend's were already on him.

In no time to spare, elements were clashing, until the robot flew out a window too. Nonetheless, the remaining two ninja still fought with all their might.

"Take this! Hiyah!" the fire master launched himself into the air, then began to spin. "Ninjago!" he shouted, bearing down upon the master of wind.

"Take what? Your balance!" Morro chuckled, kicking out a foot and tripping the red ninja. He stumbled, however, but did not fall.

While the ghost's attention was focused on the master of fire, the green ninja raised his hands above his head, a huge ball of light beginning to form. Soon, it was scraping the ceiling, and Lloyd tossed it. It was a direct hit. Morro crumpled to the floor, motionless. Had he really rendered him unconscious?

Upon further inspection, he found that in fact he had, judging from the wind master's unresponsive state. But could it be that easy?

"Gotcha!" The ghost's eyes flew open, and the blonde caught a glimpse of horror on Kai's face.

"No!" Jay screamed, rushing forward. But it was already too late to intervene. The ghost went intangible and flew into Lloyd's torso, seizing control. The green ninja was possessed, though he still appeared normal.

"Lloyd! Fight him!" Kai urged, his eyes wild with fear.

"Listen to Kai for once! Don't let him win!" Jay added, halting right next to the red ninja, who had removed his hood.

"I-I c-can't..." Lloyd shuddered, his hair starting to darken. Morro was taking over, and it was a petrifying process.

The other two ninja arrived next, and they could only stare in horror too as their friend began to turn into a monster.

"You can do it green machine!" Cole rooted after a moment, shaking off the paralysis.

"Yeah!" Jay said, his voice slightly wavering. "You heard Cole!"

Whilst the heated struggle was taking place before them, Zane was thinking of a solution to the predicament they found themselves in, a hand pressed to his chin in contemplation.

"P.I.X.A.L, do you have any idea how to reverse the effects of possession? Without harming the host?" the nindroid mused as the robot AI inside his head analyzed the situation. He pursed his lips in anticipation of her reply. Lloyd was quickly losing control over his body, despite the rest of the ninja's encouraging words, and Morro would soon show up. In his opinion, he believed they had no fighting chance against him. Especially after doing an analysis of his own to prove his hypothesis. Though he decided to withhold that little piece of information from the rest of his team.

"Zane? Can Cole try to force Morro out? Being he is a ghost, I do believe he could attempt possessing someone if he desired to do so." P.I.X.A.L finally answered, and Zane mentally slapped himself. Why didn't he think of that?

Without thanking P.I.X.A.L like he usually did, he grabbed his ghost brother by a shoulder and shook. When he received Cole's full attention, he explained his discovery. The black ninja was reluctant at first, but eventually complied and attempted fazing. As soon as he got the hang of it (which was fairly quick), he jumped into Lloyd.

Immediately, the other two ninja began to panic.

"Why did Cole just do that?! Jay began pacing back and forth, pulling his mask off and frantically running his hands through his hair.

"To force Morro out," Zane replied, but no one heard him. Kai, however, seemed to understand what was going on without an explanation. Down to the point.

"Go Cole and Lloyd! You can beat him! Two versus one!" the brunette waved a fist above his head, cheering for his teammates. "Let's go! C'mon! You got this!"

Jay tied two and two together, exchanging a glance between the fire ninja and his convulsing pal. "Yeah! Ninja never quit! You guys got this!"

In a surge of light, both ghosts lurched from Lloyd's body, and the green ninja went limp. Before Morro could attempt anything else, Zane froze him to the floor, and he instantly started screaming when Kai started to melt the ice on top of him.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't end you now," the master of fire sneered as the ghost squirmed and writhed underneath the ice. He was losing hope fast, and Kai relished every moment of it.

"Kai..." Lloyd called, his voice faint and hoarse. "No... d-don't kill h-him..."

"Hate to break it to ya Lloyd, but he's already dead. Ya know? Ghost and all?" Jay interjected, and Cole glared at him.

"Thanks Jay.. I must mean so much to you guys..." he grumbled, crossing his arms.

The lightning master was at a loss for words, so he scoffed instead. "Ah- I- Come on! I didn't mean it like that!" he insisted, yet the black ninja still refused to face him.

"Guys, knock it off..." Lloyd said weakly, and Kai begrudgingly left Morro's side, kneeling next to him. Playfully, the brunette ruffled his younger brother's hair.

"How ya feeling buddy?" he attempted to smile, but did so lazily.

But before the green ninja could respond, an arrow came zooming through the same window as before, lodging itself in the floor. Oh crap.

Forgetting about Morro, the ninja scrambled to leave, Kai scooping up Lloyd in his arms and the rest piling onto the roof through the window. They could hear ice shatter as the wind master hit the floor below, and they were hasty to do airjitzu. It was a bit tricky for the brunette to use the martial art with another person in tow, but he managed.

Up into the sky they rose, landing on a taller structure a few yards away. Zane did a brief scan of the area, then pointed downward to the south.

"There is the eye!" he declared just as Morro burst through the window.

"Ninja! There they are!" The ghost shouted to Soul Archer, who was already on it. He fired another skreemer.

"Incoming!" Cole yelled as the arrow changed course, veering in their direction.

"Cyclondo!" The blue ninja was the first to take action, flying over the gap between buildings. Cole was next, then Kai followed. It was increasingly becoming difficult to carry Lloyd, but Kai pushed through, forcing himself to keep trucking along.

"Almost there!" The black ninja levitated to the next rooftop alongside Jay, with Kai and Zane at their heels.

To the red ninja's dismay, the wind picked up, starting to blow him off course. As the gale continued to gain velocity, he began to lose connection with his airjitzu. His hold on Lloyd loosened, and he did all that he could not to drop him.

"Kai, let go of me," the green ninja said. The fire master pretended he didn't hear. "Kai, don't make me fight you. I know what to do."

"Then what do you suggest we do?" The brunette asked anxiously, watching as the master of wind as he closed the distance between them at an alarming rate. He now helped the Sword of Sanctuary in his right hand, the golden blade glinting in the sunlight.

"Being I'm free, you can use your elemental powers. You or me could form our dragons," the blonde suggested, and the corners of Kai's lips curved upwards into a sly smile.

"Good idea. We'll definitely show 'em." The fire ninja took a deep breath, letting himself drop out of his protective airjitzu bubble. Downward they cascaded, until his elemental dragon of fire appeared underneath of them. They landed on its back, and Kai reached for the reigns, whipping them once they were in hand.

"Kai! Look out!"

Out of nowhere, a tornado sprung up, sucking up buildings in its wake. As predicted, Morro was behind this occurrence, features creased in concentration as he struggled to control the ravaging torrent he had created. The building they had just been standing on was being ripped to pieces, debris swirling and being flung from the eye of the storm as it expanded in size. This wasn't looking too hot for the Scroll Writers.

"No! Why won't you listen to me? I'm the Master of Wind! I control you!" A frustrated ghost fought to retain his hold over his element as it tore through the otherwise tranquil skies, the strain it was putting upon him evident in his pale, green irises.

Outflying the cyclone was tricky at first, but Kai quickly got the swing of things. Swerve, and dodge. Dive, then rise. Soon, they were to Deadman's eye - their only ticket out of here. Without hesitation, the master of fire guided his dragon through, and they came out on the other side; back in Ninjago. They were just above the snowy summit of the mountain, encircling the peak a few times for a victory round, and then it was back to the Bounty. But before they could make it, Lloyd found himself losing his grip.

"K-KAI!" The green ninja alerted the fire ninja as he began to slide off the dragon's slippery hide. He whimpered as he fumbled for a handhold, which only caused him to go faster. Ear-splitting screams rang out as Lloyd fell into the winter wonderland below, all of it happening in slow, painstaking motion. As he descended his hands were outstretched, trying to latch onto something that just wasn't there. At first he realized something had gone astray and then tried to correct himself. But when he couldn't, the gut-wrenching realization had traveled to his eyes, leaving them utterly terrified. At last gravity had set in, dragging him down...down

"Lloyd!" Kai yanked on the reigns, leading the fiery beast into a nosedive after his brother. But Lloyd was just falling too fast. He'd hit the mountainside before he could get to him.


To be continued...

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