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"How can you trust him?! Don't you remember how many times he's deceived us?!" the master of lightning argued, folding his arms indignantly over his chest.

"Jay, this might be the only lead we have," Cole coaxed, reaching out to place a hand on the blue ninja's shoulder. Affronted, Jay slapped his hand away.

"No! If this is just a trick, then we'll be even farther from the truth! Being Morro already has the Sword of Sanctuary, not to mention the map, he'll be able to figure it out where the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master is!" Jay rambled on for about another minute or so, speaking so fast that each of his words merged into one. It was not until Jay began to speak coherently again that Cole decided to listen to what he had to say.

"I say we wait until he's holed up somewhere, then BAM! We strike!" Jay brought a fist down into his opposite palm, tongue poking out from one side of his mouth. But when he began to talk at a thousand miles per hour again, Cole's mood darkened.

"That's foolish," the ghost ninja said, his tone gaining a sharper edge. "We need to find the tomb before Morro does-"

"Of course we do! That's the problem here! We don't have the Sword, we lost Lloyd, Kai and Zane are out of commission, and now we're down a water ninja," Jay listed off on a hand, his normally electric blue eyes filled with melancholy. In a small, almost child-like voice, he added, "What more do we have left to lose?"


"No, Cole," stated Jay in a firm voice. "I don't have the time for this. I don't have the heart to talk about this. I have to go and try to repair Zane. If you really think the tomb is in the Caves of Despair, then go there yourself," the lightning master finished, moving to cover his face behind the back of a hand. But before he could do so, they caught the light, illuminating the pain in his eyes. "I-I'm not taking anymore risks," he whispered, before rushing for the exit of the room. The subsequent sound of a door slamming rattled throughout wooden walls of the hull.

Outside of the ship, Cole could hear the muffled whistle of the wind, blowing as fiercely as the emotions he felt swirling deep inside. He felt angry, tired, frustrated, and concerned. Angry, because Morro had managed to steal the Sword and Lloyd from their grasp just at the last second. Tired, because he was already sick of being a ghost, of being left in the dark and a state of unknowing. Frustrated, because he didn't know who he could trust anymore. He couldn't tell truth from lie anymore. And concern, for each of his siblings. He knew that Jay would find a way to fix Zane, but what about Kai and Nya? Lloyd?

The black ninja heaved a hopeless sigh. Jay was right. Over half of their team was kaput, Kai and Nya in comas, while Zane's central hard drive had been immeasurably damaged. Despite how glum things were looking, Cole still had faith in his inventive brother. He had to, otherwise he'd have no hope in anything else. And if he lost all hope, soon all of Ninjago would follow in his footsteps. He was supposed to be the Ninja of earth; solid, unwavering. Right now, he felt the exact opposite. And being a ghost didn't help him any.

In all honesty, he was starting to believe Morro. Lloyd was gone. He didn't expect to see the energy master ever again, much less alive. And believing the villain was never a good sign.

A shiver ran through the master of earth, and he wrapped his seethrough arms around himself to retain whatever warmth he could as an ethereal creature. But the sensation did not wane, instead increasing in intensity. Despair clawed at his lungs, wisps of green smoke starting to rise. As much as he wanted to believe that the snow above was melting and seeping through the boards of the ceiling, he knew that just wasn't the case. Tears flared in the corners of his eyes as his vision blurred, but he forced them shut. No, he wouldn't. He couldn't…

He clenched his fists tightly. Squinching his eyes shut, he bade the tears away.

No, evil hadn't won just yet. He wasn't going to go down without a fight either, for he was a ninja. Human or ghost, that was something he'd always be.

And he wouldn't ever let Morro take that away from him.


"So how do you do Spinjitzu?" the master of wind questioned, pointing the tip of the Sword of Sanctuary at the green ninja's throat. Lloyd gulped as the blade was pressed into his Adam's apple, and he tried his best to shrink away from the omniscient weapon.

Finally, Morro removed the Sword, casting Lloyd an unamused glance.

"Do you really think that he's just going to tell you?" Bansha asked from the background, lazily leaning against one of the ship's railings.

Morro spun around to face her, the curtain of his black hair whipping past. "No! Of course not!" he snapped, directing the dangerously sharp weapon at the blademistress. At this, Lloyd smiled to himself, despite the unrelenting, throbbing pain in his right arm and shoulder.

"Just asking," Bansha shrugged, and a disgruntled Morro swung back around to face the green ninja. Before the wind master could fully focus his attention on Lloyd, the blond made sure his face was neutral, revealing nothing.

"What are you looking at?" the ghost snarled, then started to roughly prod Lloyd's mangled arm with the blunt side of the blade. Hissing through gritted teeth, Lloyd curled into himself as best he could without bringing on another wave of queasiness. Instead, a sharp, searing pain tore through his side, and he grimaced.

"You really don't want him to teach you, do you?" Soul Archer drifted into view, and before Morro could protest, swiftly plucked the Sword of Sanctuary out of the younger ghost's grasp.


"No, you listen to me, Morro. It's apparent that your threats aren't as effective as you assumed." Soul Archer indicated to the green ninja huddled on the floor with his blade, who was clutching his injured arm to his chest. "At this rate, you'll either kill the boy, or he'll kill himself, just to escape your foolhardy tendencies," he stated, before lowering the weapon.

"Then that would be his own loss," Morro seethed, snatching the sacred sword back in one rash movement. "I could care less if he killed himself. Then I could just go and use one of his puny friends. He's expendable, disposable—"

"Don't lie to yourself, Morro," Lloyd interrupted, his pained, yet defiant green eyes locking with Morro's. "You know that's not true. You need me, and you just don't want to admit it," he croaked, the truth in his voice veritable. Apparently Morro didn't think the same, for Soul Archer and Bansha were now the only things keeping him from slicing Lloyd to pieces.

"Perhaps we should get off this mountain," Bansha suggested after Morro had somewhat calmed down. "Before someone's temper causes another avalanche."

"Yes, perhaps we should," Soul Archer agreed, to Lloyd's relief. Finally, they were getting somewhere. Yet he also felt a pang of guilt in the pit of his stomach. That meant he'd be leaving his friends behind, possibly never seeing them again.

Maybe he would have to teach Morro Spinjitzu. But only for his freedom.

You'd better not, Lloyd.