Grand Line Trainer Chapter 3: New Powers & A Whole New World to Explore

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Last Time:

I recover after a few moments of my mind returning to a somewhat calmer state and after a few moments to make sure my Pokémon companions along with RD are okay; they were just shocked as I was too, I speak and ask The Alpha Pokémon.

"What do you mean your avatar and what about my family as I still want to know how they are and to let them know how I am if you are sending me to some world of danger and possible death?"

Arceus merely closes his eyes in thought and soon snaps them open as he soon answers back, "I can request Dialga to merely freeze time for this world while you are on that other world so that no time will have passed for your family and what I meant to be my Avatar is fairly simple."

"Being my avatar will allow you the ability to use the powers and abilities of Pokémon like being able to summon forth the powers that you humans have categorized as Type like being able to use Dark or Psychic Type Moves along with being able to allow your body to use the special/hidden or regular abilities that Pokémon have."

"At the moment you will be given the powers and abilities of the type categorised as 'Normal Type' and as you continue your journey in that world I will allow you to access or find ways to use other Types like Fire or Water."

"The other Types will be usable through a medium or item that is forged from copies of the Plates I use to allow myself to access a certain Type."

"So to start please come forth and receive the power of Normal Type, Jason Grimm; The Chosen One of Arceus."

Now, Sinnoh Region, Mount Coronet, Spear Pillar/Hall of Origin - Jason's POV

I step forward with trepidation filling me at receiving such powers, my Pokémon companions along with RD are standing beside Lunala; as they watch me approach Arceus with part nervousness and concern over me which I can tell from my peripheral vision Aqua is the most concerned and agitated out of the three of my Pokémon companions.

Arceus gazes at me with intensity as he speaks with a limb raised as it slowly and carefully points at my chest, "Jason Grimm; do you accept the powers I bestow upon you that are known as the 'Normal' Type?"

I gaze back with nervousness for a moment but take a deep breath, the thoughts of all those possible mistreated and lost Pokémon left on this new World of Piracy and Insanity in need of help that I must go to gives me the drive to accept the task and journey I am about to partake along with all the new powers I will inherit as well, as I answer Arceus back with confidence and solemn resolution.

"I do Lord Arceus!"

Arceus nods in return at my answer as he then glows with a white and greyish light that soon moves along his body and out towards my chest the Alpha Pokémon is pointing at.

The effect of the energy is jarring to say the least, as soon as the energy fills up my whole body it goes through an experience like no other as I am blinded by the growing light and energy for a few moments before I am able to see again; after blinking away the spots and blindness first.

My body feels a bit different somehow, like its been rejuvenated and feels stronger than before, I look at Arceus as I ask.

"Why does my body feel stronger and not how it was like before Lord Arceus?"

"It is because a regular Human body would not be able to handle the powers and abilities you are no doubt able to utilise at this moment and others you will unlock in the future; so along with granting the powers of the 'Normal' Type I altered your body to handle the stress and powers your body is now capable of producing."

"Why don't you try some of these powers out before you go on your Grand Adventure, just to get a small grasp of them if you run into trouble or problems that may occur wherever you end up on that world." Arceus says with a nod as he speaks to me.

I turn about and look for a good target of some kind to test one or two things out; one immediately springs to mind as I spy a broken column of marble of some kind not far away.

I turn and point out the column to Lord Arceus who nods again as he seems to be okay with me using some of the broken rubble and large stones scattered about as targets for my new powers.

I slowly walk up to it and try and plan out what attack I should try out.

"I should use one with enough power to either break or severely damage the stone, definitely not Quick Attack or Tackle as I don't wanna slam my body into something that hard and fast enough with speed, so other moves like Body Slam or Skull Bash are a nono; especially something like Double Edge or Take Down."

I think this all as I am near the stone column, with my hand under my chin as I puzzle the correct move to test out my movesets that are all Normal Type for the moment.

Suddenly I get an idea, a stupid one to be sure if my body was not augmented by Arceus, as I stare at my clenched hand as I move it away from my chin and face.

"It can't be that simple can it?"

I clench and unclench my right hand as I go through what and how I can make this work.

Soon enough my mind is made up and I step back a bit as I take a stance; with my left arm and shoulder facing the stone, standing with my legs being shoulder-width apart, my knees slightly bent, left foot turned to a point towards my target as I ready to punch with my right fist curled just under and next to my ribs.

I move forward as hard and as fast as I can as I throw out my attack and call out the name of this attack.

"Mega Punch!"


From my vision I can see my fist slam and crash into the stone, what is noticeable is the whitish energy surrounding my fist as it glows and protects my hand and fist from any damage apparently; what is even more notable is the explosion of dust and stone that is the fallout of my attack.

As the dust settles, making the result of my attack clearer, I see my fist has actually blown a fair sized hole through the stone; not to mention the fact that I've sent the stone column flying back a bit from the impact of my fist.

I feel a bit of satisfaction and pride in seeing that my powers are certainly real and work for me even if I am human.

I am broken from my inner adulations by the exclamations of cheer and wonder from my Pokémon companions and teammates, chief among them is my Rotom Dex as he flies over to me and begins to speak in an excited manner.

"OMA; That was an amazing first try of those new powers of yours, I managed to make a small video of you with that Mega Punch of yours and a photo of when you hit that stone."

RD speaks the truth as when he floats closer to my vision, he plays a short video and still photo of my actions I can view from his screen, what I saw on the screen is really cool and well captured.

It's me with my fist glowing white hitting the stone with a look of concentrated focus on my face, I look really serious as I bet if any of those Grunts or Admin's in some of those old criminal organizations from other regions saw me do that in front of them they would crap themselves if I turned my focus and attacks on them.

The next thing though shoves all this away as Aqua and Dartanyon both reach me and give out cheers and elations towards me but what shocks me is what happens when both Pokémon speak.

"Yes, Yes, Yes That was amazing Papa; that was almost as good as some of those Machamp's we saw at the Battle Tree."

"Indeed My Lord, with a little refinement over your technique and general power; I'd say you could be a serious threat to opponents."

My jaw is dropped at what I am hearing from both Pokémon is coming through in complete Human Tongue aka English, as while their mouths seem to move about in the way they usually speak and say their names over again in various ways of pronunciation from my vision; my ears appear to be hearing something different and more understandable.

I saw aloud with shock and astonishment colouring my tone of voice, "I can understand you both!"

Both Pokémon freeze for a moment before they too showed shock and awe at what I have just revealed to them.

Dartanyon blinks at me before he slowly speaks to me, "Master Grimm; If you can understand me then raise your right arm and make a peace symbol with your hand."

I oblige him and follow his request as my arm raises a bit and I make said V shaped symbol with my fingers and hand.

Both Pokémon gasp and with RD in the background, glitching and spazzing like crazy no doubt due to this discovery, we gaze at each other in a stunned stupor.

Which is soon broken with Arceus speaking to us all, "Ah so my experiment with the powers worked after all?"

I turn to Arceus and note the interested gleam and satisfied glint in his eyes as he looks at us but mostly me as I ask in return.

"What Experiment My Lord Arceus?"

"Simply being that when I transferred the powers of 'Normal' Type to you I also added a little bit extra as well; just as a small boon and way to help you communicate with my many progeny you will no doubt meet, either save or check up on and make sure they are happy and comfortable where they reside."

"You can of course turn off this little gift I have given to you if you concentrate and wish for the unique ability you have gained to become inactive for a short time."

"If this were given a name much like how you Human's call certain things a Pokémon can do 'Abilities' then I guess you could call it 'Comprehension' to give it a simple title."

"Now then, if you all can prepare yourselves and get ready then I and with a little help of Lunala can work on sending you onto your quest and get you started on this no doubt Grand Adventure you will all embark upon and experience."

We all rush towards Arceus, while I send a nod and muttered promises towards both of my Pokémon companions and RD to let them out when we arrive wherever we end up if it is safe, as I return both my Pokémon to their own respective Poké Balls.

As soon as I am ready, with my bag and all my stuff on me double checked for safety and storage, I then speak to Arceus and Lunala.

"I am ready to go My Lord and Lady."

Both Legendary/Mythical Pokémon nod and soon they together glow with phenomenal cosmic power of epic proportions.

Arceus glows with such light and brilliance that it is hard to not turn away or cover my eyes from how the cross like wheel on the God Pokémon glows so brightly that the gold nearly blinds me as it soon changes to a rainbow of colours saturating the body of him.

Lunala is a little easier to look at as her body has just gotten more star filled and the red third eye I knew she had is glowing so brightly and deep that it almost looks blood red; her golden parts too seem to glow with a rainbow of colours but more like something from a galaxy shining on a video.

The lights and power soon reach a crescendo as a portal, similar to a Ultra Wormhole but somehow different, appears with a flash of light and swirl of rainbow colours.

It floats slightly in the air but is close enough that it nearly touches the ground, just about four steps in front of me it swirls and glows in a tantalizing array of colours.

Arceus speaks with a slight huff but respectful manner towards me, "The Portal is open; all you have to do is step forth and enter a whole new world for you to discover and experience for yourself."

"Go now and know that I will keep an eye on you from time to time but if you ever are in need of the most dire of help I will have Lunala assist you or one of my other Children if she cannot help at any time."

"Now go forth and complete thy duty I have set out for you to do."

I take a deep breath and walk forward with measured but assured steps into the portal until all I can see is light and colour and then suddenly my mind and sight go dark.

Same time - Arceus' POV

I watch from my position as my Chosen One enters the portal and once I feel him enter and begin to be sent away through it I close the portal.

I sigh in relief and future hope that this works, even if I am absolutely sure it will.

I look to my daughter, Lunala, and speak to her, "Make sure to help him to your utmost best if he does need help and let us both hope we made a right choice in this Human; Jason Grimm.

Organ Island, Orange Town - A short while later; Jason's POV

"Ugh...," I groan as I lift myself up slowly from what I can feel is solid ground and dirt, patting myself down to clean any debris and dust from my clothes once I am standing straight as I shake my head to clear it of any fogginess of my mind.

Once my head is clear and I can think properly I look about in suspicion and wariness of my surroundings.

It seems okay, just a side alley from the look of things and houses that were white walled and had brown wooden supports on the outside in a stylish way to make them look nice; the roofs were just tiled or slated ones of various colours like red, green, blue and pale brown.

Once I have examined my small surroundings enough I begin to let out my Pokémon companions and RD who whirls about as he turns on.

Dartanyon and Aquarius both stretch and relax a bit after getting out of their Poké Balls, of which I quickly snap up and catch once they have emptied my companions out and then place back in my pockets; shrunken down.

"Okay then, we are in a whole new world apparently so lets keep it cool and see what we can find out about this place and then plan out how we all are gonna help all those other Pokémon in need of rescue or checking up."

"Of course sir." Dartanyon says with a nod and salute of his wing.

"We'll do our best Papa." Aquarius exclaims in excitement.

"I hope we get to see some exciting stuff on this adventure; I can't wait to catalogue and record it all." Rotom-Dex says as he beeps and twirls about midair in a joyous manner.

"Hopefully this place is a good start or quiet enough for us to get some answers and info we need to where we may head next." I say to them all as I and my companions all make movement out of the alley we are in and to someplace different.

That is paused suddenly by the sudden loud and angry voices of what appears to be 3 men up ahead in a street not far from where we all were.

"Stop Thief, Give us back what you stole!"

This makes us all look at each other and soon we are rushing to the commotion we all heard.

"Looks like our beginning of this Grand Adventure may get interesting from here on out."

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