Step Up: Tennessee Style

Written by: LilNate03

A/N: This is the sixth installment of my version of 'Step Up!' I will have a whole new cast along with past characters from Step Up help out the new generation. The Brighton Cardinals crew aka " The Diversity" will take on The Covington Chargers crews aka " Black Illusion".

It's 6:10 in the morning as it slightly dark outside along with very foggy and slightly cold outside. a seventeen year old jock teen named, Cody Jefferson was still sleeping in his master bed which he supposed get up ten minutes ago for school. Cody is Caucasian have short blonde hair with blue eyes. He's a 6'3" and weight 162. He's charming, athletic looking, sort of a rich kid since his father owns all the bank company while his mother is a mayor. Cody is the hottest guy in school that girls are dying to date him.

Cody has a big brother named, James Jefferson who is officer cop of the Brighton Police department while he has a beautiful wife, with two kids a son and a daughter. And Cody has a little sister who is a freshmen this year named, Emily.

Cody plays Football and Baseball which he loves to do which his father, George put him in those kinds of sports but, Cody dreams was always dancing every since he was five. Cody watches Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, The Backstreet Boys, B2K and many more as he watches their dance moves. Cody keeps on practice and practice until he just gets the dance routine right.

Cody's little sister, Emily walks into his room as she turn on the lights as she yelled to wake him up.

" CODY! Wake Up! Time for school! And your friend, Charles is here." she yelled as she slam the door hard.

Cody wakes up while he is just shirtless in bed, Cody cover his head with a pillow as he is not a morning person.

Cody got dressed for school as he was wearing his black suit jacket with a white collar button up shirt with khaki pants and a pair of black dress shoes while he have his black backpack as he was walking downstairs.

As he got downstairs, he saw his best friend, Charles talking to his big brother, James as they were laughing and talking to each other. Charles is African-American and the same age as Cody. Charles have brown skin with a low black hair-cut with brown eyes. Charles is the co-captain of the Baseball Team while Cody be the captain of the Baseball Team.

James also have low short blonde hair with a little blonde beard and has blue eyes. James is a little shorter than Cody but very built looking since he works out as well.

Cody always curious why his big brother and his best friend are all buddy and chatting with each other.

" Yo!" yelled Cody as he was getting his best friend, Charles attention.

" Hey bro, you ready?" Charles questioned him.

" Yeah, we can hurried and get going." Cody tells his friend.

A minute later, Cody's mother, Linda Jefferson came in the living room as she was wearing her nice black business suit with black heels . Her blonde hair was in a hairstyle like Hilary Clinton which she could be her twin. Linda Jefferson is the mayor of Tiponville County and she represent 'The Republican". She's a big fan of Donald Trump and loves everything what he does for this country.

Linda doesn't approve of Cody want to dance which she thinks it's very silly and waste of time and she really don't like none of her sons hang around black people or any other race but, she only lets Cody befriends with Charles because her husband, George like Charles and approves of him and Cody hang out as best friends.

" Hey babies! I hope you guys have fun at school." Linda said.

" We will mom." Emily said

" Bye Mom!" Cody tells his mother, Linda as she grab his hand to stop as she want to talk to him.

" Wait, Cody I still need to speak to you." Linda tells her son as she gave Charles the look on her face.

Charles catch the hint as he told Cody that he will be waiting in the car as he turn and smiled at James as he told him see you around.

" See you later, Charles." James say it right back with a smile on his face.

Linda pull Cody to the corner as she warn her son to watch after his little sister and be a look out on Charles or any other races who is not white because she don't trust them.

" I need you to watch yourself and your sister's back from those other races." Linda tells her son.

Cody was being confused as he was wondering why his mother is acting like this and don't know what do she have against other races.

" Mother, why are you acting like this?" Cody questioned his mother.

" Because I don't trust them nor should you." Linda tells him in anger tone. " Hanging around with that Charles kid is bad enough, I don't want you to hang around those people understand me!"

Cody looks very pissed off at his mother. " Yes mother."

" Good! You have a good day at school." Linda tells her son, Cody as he was was walking toward Charles's car to head to school.