Step Up: Tennessee Style!

Written by: LilNate03

Authors Note: Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay...I been extremely busy lately and I didn't have time to write any more chapters. But, I'm so glad that you guys like my story! Shout out to the reviewers, Lindsay and Natalie!

Thank You guys! Yes! I will continue this story and this story is gonna be epic!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Heading into the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast to eat. A hot sexy African-American teen named, Kristina Payne was coming downstairs to grab a wheat Nutrient cereal bar with a purified 'Nestle Pure Life' Water Bottle as she was going to head out to school. Kristina is light skinned with long black hair with brown eyes. Kristina is 5'7" and weight 137lbs. Her waist size is small to 26 inches while her hips is 39 inches and her chest size 35 inches and she wears 32C Bra sizes.

Kristina has two little brothers named, Cameron who is a year younger than her and the other one named, Caleb who is now a freshman this year. Cameron plays on the Varsity Football team while Caleb plays on the Freshman Boys Basketball Team. Both Cameron and Caleb are biracial since their father who is Kristina's father is Caucasian named, Andy Zealanders who is actually a coach for the Varsity Football Team.

Kristina's real father, Joseph have passed away when she was one years old as he was burn up inside of his car and burn almost to ashes. So, her mother, Derecca already was pregnant with another man's baby when she was carrying Cameron. Derecca wasn't happy with her marriage with her husband, Joseph because he became a alcoholic along with smoking weed and sometimes was abusive.

Derecca move on in a relationship with her husband's best friend who was her co-worker at the time at a restaurant named, ' Country Kitchen'. Derecca and Andy had affairs many times and Andy wants to be with Derecca along with being a father that Kristina deserves.

Derecca and Andy hold off by getting married two years after Joseph's death and have two sons together as the five of them became a one happy family.

Caleb came running down the stairs as he ran into the kitchen as he bump into Kristina to get into the 'Frosted Flakes cereal. Caleb is Caramel light-skinned with curly dark brown hair in a sort of afro style and baby blue eyes color. He is a 6'1" and weight 175lbs. He's handsome, charming and very good looking. Caleb works out in the gym often as he have muscular arms with great biceps and abs. Caleb has a tattoo of a lion on his right shoulder as it says 'Kings Zealanders' and on the other side of his arms was roman numbers.

Most girls wants to date him which he love the ladies but, he's also bisexual as he now currently dating his long time best friend, Dallas who is also African-American. Dallas was already gay which he has a crush on Caleb every since he was in the sixth grade while Caleb was in the third grade but, during the summer before Caleb started high school. While Caleb and Dallas was alone in the Caleb's bedroom playing video games. Caleb and Dallas made out as Dallas gave him oral sex.

Kristina couldn't believe it in her eyes either but, she didn't want her step-father, Andy to know about Caleb's sexuality but, she's shock that Caleb get with a senior and he is a upcoming freshman.

'Caleb! WHAT THE HELL!' yelled Kristina as she accidentally spill her water on her top.

' Oh! My bad sis, I was trying to hurried and eat first before we leave for school.' said Caleb.

' Yeah right, you just can't wait to see your boyfriend, Dallas.' said Kristina.

' Hey, keep it down! I don't want Mom, Dad and Cameron to know about this.' said Caleb.

' Chill bro I got you. Just tell Dallas I say hi when you see him.' Kristina tells her little brother.

' I will.' Caleb replies back as he grab a bowl to pour his cereal in.

Kristina's mother, Derecca walk in the kitchen as she gave both Kristina and Caleb a kiss on the forehead as she tells them good morning.

' Morning kids!' said Derecca as she was making coffee for her and her husband, Andy. Derecca has short black hair with brown eyes and have a brown skinned tone. Derecca is kind of thick by the waist but, she loves her job to be a lawyer.

' Hey Mom!' said both Kristina and Caleb.

' I know you guys are defiantly excited about school! Especially you Caleb, I hope you have a wonderful first day of high school!' said Derecca.

' Yeah, he will alright with Dallas...' Kristina grinned as Caleb was trying shut his sister up.

Their mother, Derecca laughed as she kissed both Caleb and Kristina on the forehead as she let them know how proud she was. ' I'm so proud of you two including your brother, Cameron.'

' We know mom, and we are very lucky to have you as our mom.' Kristina replies to her mother as she gave her mom a big hugged.

Meanwhile, Cameron is also extremely hot just like Caleb but even hotter came into the kitchen with his 'Varsity Cardinals Football' hoodie with blue diem and black/white/grey Air Jordan.

' Hey guys! Yall ready? I'm driver.' Cameron said.

' No, I'm driving.' Kristina said.

' No, I'm driving! Mom say I can drive to school this time.' Cameron said.

' I did. And Cameron, you better not a whole lot of people driving my car especially that Tiffany girl. Got it?' said Derecca.

' Yes Mom, I promise.' Cameron promise his mother.

' Alright, you guys have fun in school! Love you!' said Derecca.

' Love You Too!' Kristina, Cameron and Caleb.