Chapter Fourteen: Enter Dagahra

Luna winced slightly as she moved her hand over her wounded knee. She hadn't gotten much sleep last night since the pain in her leg had grown considerably greater in the past several hours. She had checked her wound underneath her make-shift bandage to see if it was healing. Sadly, that wasn't the case, in fact, her injury looked even worse than before. From the cold sweat on her skin and the nausea building up inside her, she knew that her wound had become infected and if she couldn't find any medical help soon, she would be done for. Unfortunately for her, there was little to no chance of finding any trace of medical supplies on monster island.

The only good that came out of the young rocker's current predicament was being rescued by Varan from becoming a snack for Manda. Luna was still riding on the giant reptile's back as he lumbered through the jungle in their quest to find any of Luna's surviving siblings that might also be lost in this hellish place. it was difficult to say at this point if any of Luna's other family members could live out here without some form of protection. While Luna's defense came in the form of a giant monster, she couldn't say the same thing for her brother or other sisters.

It still confused the teen as to why Varan had gone out of his way to save from the other Kaiju. From what she knew of the monster, he wasn't exactly a friend of humanity. When Varan first appeared in Japan, he laid waste to several cities before his defeat at the hands of the military, so why was he helping her at all? It was all too confusing to answer at moment, and the oncoming fever that was slowly taking hold of her body wasn't helping her thoughts either. The other nagging question on her mind was of course the condition of her lost siblings. where they safe? Did they have injuries like she had? And most importantly: was there also a monster protecting them as well? it was all too difficult to say for sure.

While Luna's giant defender kept her safe from the other Kaiju that roamed the island, there was little Varan could do to help his charge with the infection that was slowly spreading through her body like a flood. The giant reptile was well aware that if the child was to survive, she needed help from those of her own kind. That, however, was far easier said than done, for while they were searching for Luna's missing family members, the Kaiju knew of the dangers that stalked the island, creatures that no doubt make a meal out of a helpless human like Manda had attempted to do so before he came to the girl's rescue. Admittedly, Varan had no idea as to why he was risking his life to protect this little human from the other monsters that roamed the island, but a strange sensation in his mind seemed to tell him that this was what he was meant to do. So, for now, he would stay by the girl's side at least until he could figure out how and why he was connected to her in the first place.

Suddenly, her monstrous protector came to an abrupt stop. Varan let out a low growl as his eyes began cautiously their surroundings, obviously sensing that they weren't alone. Luna held on tightly to one of Varan's spines as she felt her defender's body tense up for the coming fight. She was already caught in the middle of one Kaiju battle, and she wasn't too fond of being caught in another, but it wasn't like she had a choice in the matter. Varan moved his head from side to side in search of whatever was stalking them, but saw nothing. Luna kept her eyes peeled as well, studying every inch of her surroundings as much as her protector.

Just then, a loud, high-pitched roar from above caught them both off-guard. The rocker and her monster's heads shot upwards to see a massive winged figure dive-bombing them at break-neck speed. Before Varan could react, the unknown creature fired a barrage of energy beams down upon the other Kaiju. Before the beams struck him, Varan reached behind him and grabbed Luna and shielded her under himself as the beams struck him over and over again. While the young rocker was safely kept hidden under her defender, she could hear him crying out in agony as he was bombarded with a continuous stream of beams. Due to guarding Luna, Varan was unable to fight back against his attack.

Suddenly, the beams ceased as Luna heard the other monster land just across from her and Varan. The two monsters roared back at one another, a clear indication that a fight was about to happen. But just before Varan could make a move, another beam struck him directly in the face, knocking down and causing him to accidentally release Luna from his protective hold. Luna was sent flying out of her monster's hand and flying through the air before hitting the ground. The last thing she saw before losing her vision was a massive dragon-like figure lumbering toward her and her protector.

"I think we should split up" Lori suddenly spoke up

Lincoln and the twins look at their elder sister with shock written all over their faces. Ever since the four siblings had been reunited, they had remained in the same spot together where they had all met up during Godzilla's battle with the Gargantuas. After all the hell Lincoln and his sisters had suffered since they were washed up on this island, this was the first time they generally felt any happiness. Their Kaiju guardians also seemed to also be happy for their charges—well, Sanda and Rodan were anyway, Gaira was still sour about the beating he took from Godzilla and had stormed off away from the group to essentially go pout. As for the king of the monsters himself, could hardly care less about the little humans' reunion. Godzilla stood off to the side and away from everyone else. He never cared much for these 'family moments' humans had between them.

The words that Lori had just spoken to her three younger siblings didn't quite mentally register with them. How could she even suggest such an idea? They were finally back together—how could she even pose the idea of them now splitting up? While Lola and Lana were still confused as to why their eldest sister wanted them to separate, Lincoln on the other hand, let reason enter his mind. While four members of the Loud family had been brought back together, there were still eight others who were left unaccounted for and possibly lost somewhere on this very island just like they were.

"Are you crazy?!" Lola exclaimed "We can't just split up!"

"I think what Lori means is that we need to split up in order to find the others" her brother explained

"But we can do that together!" Lana interjected

"We can cover way more ground if we separate" the eldest of the Loud children reasoned "Look, I know it's difficult, but if there's a chance that our sisters are still alive than we have to at least go out there and try to find them"

"No! No! No!" the young beauty queen demanded, stomping her foot repeatedly to get her point across as she did "We're not leaving each other!"

As Lol continued to express her anger at the thought of separating from her surviving siblings. Sanda let out a low growl as he clenched his large, ape-like fists. The growl got the white-haired boy's attention, but he couldn't understand as to why the normally gentle giant was suddenly becoming angry. The only reason he could conclude was that he felt another fight was coming on and was reading himself to jump in and protect Lola in case one should break out among the monsters. Gaira also appeared to be getting restless as well, letting out a low, threating growl of his own as he bared his fangs to Rodan and Godzilla. Rodan only cocked his head to one side in puzzlement at the Gargantuas actions, clearly confused as Lincoln was at the two brothers sudden surge of aggression.

However, unlike his winged friend, Godzilla only looked at the two smaller Kaiju with interest at the prospect of finishing their fight from earlier, obviously waiting for them to make the first move. Now Lincoln had to settle down his twin sisters as quickly as humanly possible, for he knew if he couldn't calm Lola and Lana, another monster fight would break out and not only would Godzilla kill Gaira and Sanda for sure this time, but they be caught in the middle of the brawl. Lincoln was uncertain if Rodan would take sides with either Godzilla or the Gargantuas in this fight, and he honestly didn't want to find out. all that mattered now was stopping the fight before it had a chance to start.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just take it easy, Lola" her brother began in a calming voice "I know your scared of being alone again, but we need to find the others, and we can cover way more ground if we split up"

"But I don't wanna lose you guys again…" Lola said with tears forming in her eyes

"It'll be ok Lola. We've got monsters watching our backs, remember?" her elder brother reasoned softly as he gestured to their Kaiju guardians "and that's been working out so far for us, right?"

As he spoke, Lincoln could see Lola and her twin calming down. He glanced over to Gaira and Sanda to make sure they were doing the same. Thankfully, it appeared as though the two fur-covered titans were also beginning to settle down as well, allowing the white-haired boy to breath a small sigh of relief. His partner, however, was less than pleased by this sudden turn of events. Godzilla was hoping for another round with the two Kaiju, but now it seemed as though that wasn't going to happen. He merely shot the two smaller monsters a glare as he snorted at them. Gaira growled back as he was about to march up to the Kaiju king and knock his teeth out, but his brother placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him as Lincoln did with Lola. With an annoyed grunt, the green-furred beast backed off.

"Your right, Lincoln" Lola finally acknowledged with a hug before looking over to Lori

"We need to cover every inch of this island if we're going to have any chance of finding the others" the eldest Loud child began "Rodan and I will search the northern parts of the island. Lincoln, you and Godzilla go west. Lola, you and Sanda will search the east side of the island and Lana and Gaira will search the south side. We'll all meet up back here at sundown"

The other three Loud siblings nodded in agreement with the teen's plan. But before they each headed off in their separate directions, they all engaged in another group hug, hopefully one that wouldn't be their last.

"Stay safe out there, guys" Lori continued

"You to" Lincoln replied

With that, everyone approached their monsters. Sanda picked up Lola and placed her on his shoulder before lumbering off toward the east while Gaira carried Lana in his hand as he began to head south. Rodan lowered himself to allow Lori to climb onto his head and waited until she had a firm grip on his horns before flying upwards into the sky and toward the north. Once again, Lincoln was left alone with his forced partner, Godzilla, and neither of them were thrilled about it. even though they were still connected by whatever force was keeping them together, neither of the duo were enjoying their time as partners. Lincoln always thought of the king of the monsters as this force of nature that no one could stop, but after spending some time with him, he came to understand that he acted more like a bully than a king.

As for Godzilla, he hated the idea of being around any sort of human regardless of age for a long period of time. Ever since his first encounter with mankind years ago, the king of the Kaiju had a deep seeded rage toward them after they had spent over a half-century to try and kill him every waking moment of his life. from maser tanker to robotic versions of himself, the humans did nothing but annoy him. He didn't understand the connection he shared with the boy, but what he did know was that when this little ordeal was over with he was going to wipe this brat and his family off the face of the earth.

"Alright you giant jerk, let's get moving" Lincoln ordered up at the titan

Godzilla snarled back at the boy's command.

"Hey, I don't like it either, but this is happening weather you like it or not" his partner reminded him

Lincoln then turned and began to head off before realizing something important.

"Oh right, west is that way" he said before turning around

As he headed in the right direction, Lincoln could almost swear he heard Godzilla make a nose in his throat that could almost be mistaken as a chuckle at the boy's expense. The boy only groaned in response as he continued to trek onward with his partner in tow.

Just like when Luna first found herself on the island, the pain in her leg was what woke her up. She opened her eyes to find herself once again one the island shore, however, this time it was much different from where she was last time. This time Luna found herself laying atop a rock that was one of many stones that sat along the shoreline. Against the shore was a large, rocky, wall that acted as a cliff on the island. As Luna looked around at her surroundings, she instantly saw her guardian, Varan, lying unconscious half in/half out of the water only several feet away from where she was. the burn marks on his back showed that whatever had attacked them clearly left its mark. Thankfully, it only appeared as though his armored upper body had been scorched from the attack and his underside look relatively unharmed for the most part.

Luna tried to stand up and walk over to her protector's side, but the agony in her leg kept her from so much as lifting her upper body off the ground. The infection in her leg was becoming too much for her to handle and would no doubt be the end of her if she could somehow find a way to treat it soon. Though none of that honestly really mattered considering that whatever had attacked her and her protector no doubt had nothing but ill intentions for the both of them. Luna still had no idea as which Kaiju had attacked them, considering that there were too many to count. It was definitely an airborne one, that was for certain, but which one? Mothra was far too gentle to go around picking fighting with monsters, so she was counted out. However, her evil counterpart, Battra, fit the bill pretty well. There were also other aerial monsters that could also done this such as Rodan or Megaguirus, who loved attacking other Kaiju for the thrill of it.

A loud roar cut through the skies once more at a massive dark shadow glided over Luna and Varan. The teen looked up to see what was above her, but couldn't quite make out the creature's details right off the bat due to the mix of the glare of the sun in her eyes and the fever that was setting in from her infection that was starting to make her vision blurry. What she could make out was that the beast that had brought them here was reptilian in origin and had a pair of massive wings on its back. The Kaiju made a couple of circles above the girl and her monster like a vulture flying overhead of a dying animal before finally landing on the cliffside over them. Luna had never seen this monster before, but if she had to guess how best to describe it, she'd say it looked like a mix between a dragon and manta ray.

The winged creature upper body was covered in emerald green scales that shimmered in the sunlight, giving it an almost regal look to it while its underbelly was bright yellow in color. A row of spines ran down from the top of its crocodile-like head to the very tip of its tail while two horns sat on each side of its head. The beast's lizard-like eyes blazed red like hellfire while its maw made it appear as though the monster was smiling evilly down upon them. While the titan had two front legs, it however lacked back legs, only having what appeared to be flippers, thus indicating that this creature could also traverse the sea as well as it could the land and air. On each shoulder that was attached to the wing were a pair of massive spikes on each shoulder that seemed to jut out. But the oddest feature the Kaiju had was a pair of holes on each shoulder just below the spikes, almost as if they were cannons for the monster to use in batter.

Even though Luna did not know her new enemy's name, this was the Kaiju known as Dagahra, and while he was not the best-known Kaiju in the world, that didn't make him any less dangerous. Dagahra was an ancient monster, with his origin dating all the way back to a lost civilization known as the Eli-Kanai, who created Dagahra to consume the pollution they had created with the aid of the starfish-like monsters he could create called Barems. Unfortunately for the Eli-Kanai, Dagahra had no intention of being controlled. He soon rebelled and annihilated Eli-Kanai before going into a state of hibernation for several centuries until mankind had poisoned the world once more, thus giving Dagahra more food for him and Barems to consume as well as a new race to wipe out.

However, the sea dragon's intentions were foiled by his archenemy, Mothra, who did battle with him and managed to defeat Dagahra in combat. Once he was beaten, G-Force arrived and took the winged creature back to Monster Island. Since then, the sea dragon had only attacked Australia and the Philippines since his first defeat, only to be beaten again and again by the living goddess whenever he ventured from the island. Currently, Dagahra had captured a pair of trespassers in his territory, something that he would not let stand. The added bonus was that one of said trespassers was a human, something that Morthra cared for and protected. How delicious of a revenge it would be to kill one of these little pests just to spite his most hated for.

Suddenly, Luna's protector leapt out of the water and lunged at the other Kaiju, nearly taking both the sea dragon and his charge by surprise as he did. Luna instantly caught on to Varan was doing, he had been playing opossum and waited for the right moment to strike their captor. Dagahra took to the skies as he narrowly evaded the other reptile's claws from striking him across the face after he had quickly scaled up the cliffside. Varan roared at his new foe as a way of challenging the other monster to a battle, to which Dagahra roared back in acceptance of it. While still in mid-air, the pollution-eating Kaiju banked left to get a better angle on his opponent before unleashing a pair of energy beams at Varan, who narrowly dodged the attack and took to the skies himself once he outstretched his underarm wings and took flight, causing the stray energy blasts to blow a chuck out of the cliffside that nearly fell upon Luna in the ensuring fallout.

While Varan could fly like Dagahra could, he was unable to move his arms or legs in flight. This of course left him unable to properly fight back against an opponent who could fire multiple energy-based attacks—something Varan was also severely lacking. Dagahara easily flew circles around his opponent, who was trying his best to at least get close enough to try to tackle him out of the air, but the pollution-eating monster was far to adapt at flying to be caught. Dagahra soon got behind Varan and fired a barrage of energy beams from his shoulder spikes and mouth, striking him dead on in the back. Varan let out a pain-filled cry as he crashed to the ground below. Luna let out a gasp at her partner's current state, inwardly wishing there was some way she could aid him. Varan spread out his arms once more to outstretch his wings, only this time Dagahra flew in close enough so he could slash one of his under-arm wings and keep him from getting airborne anytime soon.

Varan cried out in pain once more, but his agony was far from over. Dagahra flew high into the air over his opponent before firing plums of what looked like dark pink clouds down on him. At first, both Luna and her protector where confused as to why he fired clouds at them, that is, until they discovered what was in the clouds. It was the Barems, small disgusting starfish-like creatures no bigger than a football, but for what they lacked in sized, they made up for in ferocity, for these tiny creatures not only had a taste for garbage and filth, but also for flesh as well. The Barems rained down upon Varan like rain as they began to attach themselves onto the reptilian titan. Varan roared in anger and in agony as the Barems started to eat away at his flesh, all the while he tried desperately to claw them off his person. The Barems who did not fall onto Varan instead fell to the ground before making their way toward Luna, who started to quickly crawl away from the tiny terrors as fast as she could possibly move.

As Luna tried her best to crawl away from the Barems, her mind was racing with fears and regrets. This was it. There was no one coming to save either her or her guardian, and she was left thinking about all the things she was not only never going to be able to do, but also think about all the things she was leaving behind along with it. she was never going to fulfill her dreams of being a Rockstar, she was never going to be able to really tell Sam how she felt about her outside of the letter she wrote to her, but most of all, she was never going to see her family again. as the Barems closed in on her, she could only watch in sadness as Varan roared out agony before falling to the ground as the Barems swarmed over him.

With his job done, Dagahra flew back to the remains of his perch and watched as his Barems ensnare his intruders. Most Kaiju had a well understanding of emotions, and right now, the sea beast was feeling something akin to pleasure at the sight that was unfolding around him. But as he looked down at his hapless prey, he had failed to notice what was sneaking up behind him until he heard a roar no Kaiju wished to hear in their lives. The pollution eating spun his head around to see a bright blue beam of atomic energy coming at him. Before he could so much as move, the blast struck him in the back and sent him tumbling face first down to the ground below.

The whole world seemed to stop for Luna as she watched as Dagahra's surprise attacker lumbered into view. She too had heard the roar and simply couldn't believe that it was who she thought it was as the other Kaiju came into view: Godzilla. The Kaiju king unleashed an ear-splitting roar as he announced himself to everyone in the area. Never in Luna's life did she ever think of seeing the most powerful and destructive monster in history, but then again, she never expected to be stranded on Monster Island either. Suddenly, she felt one of the Barems begin to climb up her leg, ready to begin eating away at her flesh when suddenly Lincoln jump out from behind her holding a stick and knocking the starfish away before smacking several others of its kind away from his elder sister.

"Lincoln?" the rocker asked, completely shocked by the sight of her brother

"It's me, Luna" he assured her before hugging her tightly "I'm so glad you're alive!"

"Glad to see your stayin' alive to, bro" his sister replied as she returned the hug as tears formed in her eyes "How did you survive?"

Lincoln was about to answer when he saw more Barems crawling up to devour them. he knocked several more away, but the flesh-eating starfish continued to advance upon them. Knowing that they stood no chance against this onslaught, Lincoln instead turned to someone who could deal with this threat instantly.

"Hey, how about some help here?!" he called out to his partner

Godzilla let out an annoyed snort at boy's command before leaping down to the ground and crushing the Barems underneath his feet. Luna could only stare in awe at the sight of her little brother barking commands at the most powerful being on the planet. It was then that a thought came to her: maybe he had a connection to Godzilla like she had with Varan?

"Oh my god—Varan!" Luna remembered out loud in horror

Lincoln was not blind to what was going on. Before he and Godzilla made their move, they saw how Varan was trying desperately to defend Luna from Dagahra. It was becoming all the more obvious to the white-haired boy that something was keeping the Louds and these monsters together, but what? Before he could think any further, Dagahra roared out in fury as he finally managed to pick himself off the ground. Godzilla had never battled this monster before, but he was always excited at the thought of beating a new challenger into the ground. He then glanced over to Varan, another monster he had hardly any ties to slowly losing his strength with each passing moment. Thinking that no monster should die in such a shameful way, the king fired a low-level beam of his atomic breath to incinerate the flesh-eating starfish off his body. Varan let out a meek roar as a way of thanking the king for his help before crawling over to were Lincoln and Luna were, knowing he lacked the strength to be of any use in this fight.

"Sic'em!" Lincoln shouted up to his partner

Now that was an order Godzill could take. The king let out a roar to which Dagahra roared back at before spreading him wings and launching himself at the radioactive reptile. The ancient beast rammed himself into the king's chest with all his weight in the attempts to knock him into the ground, but Godzilla stood tall and held onto the other Kaiju tight before slamming into the ground and kicking him in the face. Godzilla charged up for another beam attack and fired, but Dagahra managed to unfurl his wings and take flight before being struck. Airborn once more, the destroyer of the Eli-Kanai fired another barrage of beam attacks down upon the king as he circled over him, making him roar out in rage as he did. The king of the monsters swung his tail and smacked Dagahra out of the sky, thus sending him spiraling into the ocean.

Rather than allow his new opponent off that easily, Godzilla took to the sea to pursue the other Kaiju. Much like the atomic dinosaur, Dagahra was also an excellent swimmer. No sooner was Godzilla was deep enough in the water did the sea dragon launched another beam from his mouth that struck his enemy in the face, temporarily blinding him long enough for the pollution eating beast to swim in on him and bite and slash at Godzilla while he was still stunned. However, his attack was ceased when the radioactive reptile punched him off his person and send him flying backwards into a nearby reef. Not wasting anytime, Godzilla stomped on Dagahra's chest and began to charge up another atomic beam to finish this fight.

But just before he could discharge the beam, Godzilla was struck by a plum of Barems directly in the face. the Kaiju king shrieked in pain as he tumbled backwards as he began to claw wildly at his face in an attempt to remove the starfish that were eating at his face in a feeding frenzy. Dagahra once again managed to correct himself and fired another cloud of Barems on Godzilla, this time covering his more of his body. Godzilla feel the Barems digging away at his flesh as they tore away at his skin. He was like a buffet to them since his body was born from radioactive, one of the things they consumed. The king slashed wildly at his own skin to scrap off these pests, but there were too many to knock off of his person. Seeing his chance, Dagahra took this opportunity to strike.

The sea dragon began to zip by the wounded king, slashing and biting at him with each pass he made. Godzilla tried to fight back, but the swam of Barems kept him from fighting back. Godzilla fell to his knees; the pain was becoming too great for him to take. But that was where Dagahra made his mistake, for pain only fueled Godzilla's rage, and his rage fueled his power. Gathering all the strength he had, the king focused his energy inward until he had built up enough energy to unleash what he had planned. With a furious roar, Godzilla unleashed a powerful radioactive burst from his body, turning the Barems on his body into dust and sending Dagahra tumbling through the water just as he came in for another pass.

Now free from the parasites, the king of the monsters reached out and took hold of the pollution eating Kaiju's tail and began to smash him repeatedly into the reef, the rocks and anywhere else he'd know would hurt the creature. Finally, he flung Dagahra to the ground, a clear sign he had defeated him. But the destroyer of the Eli-Kanai wasn't going to back down. He charged up his shoulder spikes once more to fire, but this time he wouldn't be able to get a shot off. Godzilla fired a quick, but strong beam at his opponent's chest, knocking him back several yards. This time Dagahra accepted his defeat and went about making his escape.

He spread his wings and out of the ocean and back into the air as he made his way back to the island. just them, Godzilla's atomic breath rocketed out of the sea and sliced a large hole through one of Dagahra's wing, causing him spiral out of control and begin to plummet back toward the earth. Lincoln and Luna watched as the sea dragon crashed somewhere across the horizon. There was no doubt that he was still alive, but now he would lick his wounds and live in fear of who truly ruled this island. No sooner was his victory assured did Godzilla spring out of the ocean and let out a triumphant roar over his latest opponent.

Lincoln had to admit, even though his new partner was an absolute jerk, he still couldn't help but cheer for the Kaiju king and his latest win. He then looked over to Luna so he could speak with her again, but once he turned to face her, he saw that she had passed out. Fearing the worst, he reached down to feel her pulse. It was there, but it had become weak. The white-haired boy then saw the source of his sister's pain: the infected gash on her leg. Lincoln was so worried that his siblings would be killed by a monster that he didn't stop to think something as simple as a cut could also kill them as well. he began to shake her in order to keep her conscious.

"Luna, stay with me, ok?" he said to her in a panicked voice

She didn't respond.

"Come on Luna, you gotta stay awake!" he told as tears weld up in his eyes "Luna!"