Chapter Two: A Friendship of Gargantuan Proportions

Lola Loud had been walking through the jungle for what seemed like hours. She had awoken up alone on the beach earlier and had gone deeper into the island she had been stranded on in search of shelter as well as her sibling—assuming if they were still alive of course. Normally, she would complain and whine about the state of her now ruined pink dress or missing tiara, but right now, she more concerned with finding her sisters and brother then her appearance. The one person she was desperate to reunite with was her twin sibling, Lana. As twins, the two shared a special connection with one another that was deeper than the one they shared with their other family members. True, Lana got on Lola's nerves more times then she could count, but she would be more than willing to eat a hundred of her twin's mudpies if she could find her on this unknown island.

After the cruise ship went down, the twins and their siblings were separated by the currents and it was difficult to tell at this point if anyone else survived the shipwreck. While Lola was upset by the idea of being alone, she knew that crying wasn't solve this situation. If she wanted something done, then the young diva would have to do it herself. But each passing moment the beauty pageant queen spent wandering the jungle, the more her heart sank into despair at the notion that she may very well be the last of the Loud family.

"Please, Lana…just be alive" Lola said to herself as she trekked through the jungle "Everyone, just be alive…"

As Lola moved deeper into the island's dense jungle, the more she heard the sounds of its wildlife, all of which she wanted to avoid. While she had not yet encountered any of the creatures, the young diva wanted to keep that way by staying close to the underbrush so that she would not be seen by any of the creatures that roamed the island. She had noticed the traces of the animals that inhabited the jungle, and the evidence left behind by them by Lola all the reason to avoid them all cost. From uprooted trees to large footprints in the ground, it was clear that whatever lived on this island was gigantic.

There were hardly any creatures on this earth that could leave such tracks in their wake, all with the exception of one: Kaiju. Lola never cared much for the news and attention the monsters received on the news, she was more concerned with the world of fashion then with the world of monsters. However, that didn't mean that she was ignorant to their existence, or the power they wielded. In the few reports she had noticed her brother watching, she had seen whole cities like Tokyo, Osaka and others turned to rubble in the wake of the Kaiju's rampage. It was the type of power that one should fear above all else.

Lola never bothered to remember a majority of the Kaiju's names, but she did keep in mind the name of one in particular: Godzilla. The king of the monsters was force to be remembered to even those who did not follow the Kaiju's destructive career. If there was one monster the young beauty queen would like to keep away from, it would be him. That being said, she had no intention of meeting the other monsters that roamed the earth either.

Soon enough, Lola found herself stepping out of the jungle and into an open, grassy clearing. However, she wasn't interested in the clearing itself, but rather what she found sitting in the clearing. Sitting on the ground was one of the very Kaiju she was trying to hide from. The monster wasn't as large as something like Godzilla, but it still had an impressive height to it all the same. The creature's appearance was that of a large humanoid ape with long, shaggy brown fur covering its body with an almost human face to it. If Lola didn't know any better, she would say that the monster before her was some sort of super-sized sasquatch.

The ape-like Kaiju was busy eating the fruits from a tree he had uprooted from the ground before the human came into his line of sight. The creature stopped what he was doing and looked at the tiny newcomer that had wandered into his line of sight with a mixed expression of surprise and curiosity on his face, the creature even tilted its head slightly to the left as it continued to look at the little beauty queen. Lola, however, did not share the hairy giant's sense of wonder. The young diva let out a shriek of terror at the monster in front of her before breaking into a full-sprint, all the while screaming in horror at the creature she had just bared witness to.

Lola didn't bother turning back, she just wanted to get as much distant as she could from the Kaiju as she could. She didn't know whether or not if the monster was pursuing her, all the girl wanted to do was to run as fast as she could and hopefully managed to find someplace to hide before the Kaiju could reach down and snatch her up t make a meal out of her. The odd part was that she heard no booming footsteps behind her, no indication that the monster was giving chase. Perhaps it was more content with feeding on the fruits it was eating. In all honesty, she didn't want to find out if the Kaiju as strictly a vegetarian or not.

She didn't want it to end this way, she was too young to just end up as some giant beast's snack. There so much she wanted to do in her life. she wanted to be Miss USA—Miss Universe even! She couldn't die on some godforsaken island! the worst fear that was coursing through her mind was the thought of dying alone and away from her family. Where they even still alive? and better yet, would they care if she was gone? Lola knew that she had been so cruel to her brother and sisters in the past, and at times it was just to make herself feel above them. She just wanted to see them again, she didn't want to die without seeing their faces again at least one more time.

While the young diva was more concerned with what was behind her, she failed to notice what was in front of her. Lola had blindly run away from one monster and right into the pathway of another, and unlike the first one, this Kaiju was on the hunt. If Lola hadn't finally paid attention to where she was going, she would've run smack into the other monster that had just emerged front the jungle in its quest for food. The beauty queen hit the brakes before she collided with the Kaiju's leg. This new monster that Lola had encountered was a giant red and brown colored mantis with bright yellow eyes, and judging by its gyrating mandibles, it looked as though it had found something to sate its hunger.

Lola attempted to back away from the gigantic insect, but ended up tripping over her dress, thus causing to fall backwards as the mantis closed in for the kill. As the Kaiju raised one of its claws to skew its prey with, the little girl closed her now tear filled eyes and waited for the end. But just as the mantis was about to bring his claw down on her head, a loud roar interrupted the giant bug's attack. Both the giant mantis and Lola looked to where the source of the roar came from and saw the ape-like Kaiju charging toward them at full speed with a rage-filled visage upon his face. However, instead of attacking Lola, the Gargantuan beast stepped over her and delivered a punch across the mantis's jaw, making it stumble back in the process.

At first Lola assumed that the brown furred beast was merely fighting off the other monster so that it could consume her instead, but the ape-like monster kept himself between the girl and the mantis, as if he was trying to shield her from the insect's wrath. As the brown furred beast stood in front of the young diva, a strange feeling ran through her mind and body, as if some force was trying to tell her that the shaggy creature was here to defend her rather than harm her. The mantis recovered from the surprise punch it had taken and let out a screech of anger. The ape-like Kaiju stood his ground and let out a fierce snarl back the giant bug, showing that it wasn't running from its opponent. The mantis had a size advantage over the brown monster, but Lola's surprise protector refused to back down from the oncoming battle.

With another furious screech, the insect swung one of its huge claws at the other monster, but the ape-like creature duck and lunged toward his opponent before delivering a powerful uppercut that made the mantis stumble backward. The smaller Kaiju kept up the attack by punching the mantis in the chest, nearly knocking it off its balance in the process. But the gigantic insect retaliated by knocking his enemy back with strong swipe of his left claw. While the other Kaiju was trying to balance himself, the mantis struck its enemy with another blow with its right claw this time before taking both of its claws and striking them on brown-furred beast's back, knocking him down to his knees as he did.

The mantis raised his claws into the air so that his could bring them down for another blow, but just he swung them back down at his adversary, the other creature's hands short upwards and took hold of the other monster's appendages, halting its attack dead in its tracks. While the mantis had the size advantage over the smaller creature, its opponent, however, was more than a match for the bug when it can to brute strength. As the two monsters continued their deadlock, the girl's defender looked over to the little girl and motion his head back toward the jungle. The same sense that Lola felt that told her that the ape-like monster was a friend made her feel as though the creature was trying to tell her to find shelter back within the jungle before the battle became any worse. Heeding the titan's silent wishes, the beauty princess took cover behind the jungle's tree line, but kept close so that she could keep an eye on her protector.

The giant loud out a strong roar before pulling the mantis forward and sending him into a flip over his shoulder that sent the bug face first into the ground. As the mantis tried to pick himself up, his enemy out and took hold of a giant bolder before charging up to the still down insect and bashing the mantis over the head with the giant rock, forcing a screech of pain from the bug in doing so. The insect knocked his attack back with another swipe of its claws, giving it enough time to pick itself back up. Suddenly, the mantis unfurled its massive wings, confusing the other Kaiju who thought it was nothing more than a threat display.

However, rather than be just for show, the mantis began to beat its wings furiously to allow it lift off the ground. Once it was hovering in mid-air, the mantis suddenly rocketed forward toward the other Kaiju at break-neck speeds. In a flash, the insect zipped past the brown furred beast, slashing one of its claws deep into the other monster's side as it passed him back. Lola watched as her guardian let out a pain-filled cry, feeling helpless to aid her protector as she did. The mantis banked left and made a hard turn so that it could come for another strike. This time it cut deep into the other Kaiju's back, earning it another roar of agony from its opponent in doing so.

Again, and again, the giant insect swooped down on the now wounded Kaiju, cutting deep into his flesh with each pass he made. Lola's protector tried to stop his enemy's hit and run attacks, but the mantis's speed was far too great for the brown furred Kaiju to keep up with. He tried his best to stand tall and face his adversary, but the injuries he was quickly sustaining from the assault were slowly causing him to fall back to his knees once again. Lola could only watch in horror as the beast that was trying to defend her collapse to the ground in defeat. Tears weld up in the girl's eyes as could only continue to look on at what could very well be the beast's death, wishing—praying even—that there was some miracle that could save the monster who risked its life for her.

"Come on…you gotta get up" she tearfully begged the titan "please…get up"

Seeing that his enemy was down, the mantis stopped its attack and landed beside the fallen monster. It placed one of his legs upon the beast's chest to pin him down as it raised one of its claws into the air for the final blow. The mantis let out a screech of victory, declaring itself the victor of the battle. Lola began to weep for her protector as he laid in a wounded heap on the ground, unable to find the strength to continue to fight. The hairy giant looked over to the human he was trying to save with a look of defeat in his eyes, as if he knew that he had failed her.

Suddenly, a furious roar erupted from the distance. Lola turned around to see a pair of huge, green feet rushing toward her at full sprint. The beauty queen closed her eyes and braced for impact, but like her defender, the owner of the green feet stepped over her and continued to race toward the mantis. The newcomer let out an angry snarl as if punched the bug across the face, knocking it off the brown creature in the process. it was then that Lola got a good look at the monster who had saved her rescuer.

The new Kaiju looked like a more feral version of her guardian. It had long, matted green fur with bright red eyes that blazed with anger. Its teeth jutted out of its mouth like fangs and creature had long claw-like finger nails and had pointed ears as well. It didn't take long for Lola to figure out that this new beast was a relative to her protector and that he had come to his brother's aide against the other monster. While the mantis attempted to correct itself from the surprise hit it had taken, the green monster knelt down and checked on his wounded brother. He helped the fellow titan up from the ground before the two monsters faced the mantis together.

"Lola!" came a familiar voice

Lola turned her attention away from the Kaiju's and toward the source of the voice as her heart filled with hope. Sure enough, there was her twin sibling, Lana, running toward her with her arms open and the largest, most joyful smile on her face that Lola herself found herself making as well. Like Lola, Lana's clothing had been torn and covered in dirt in mud from traveling through the jungle, though for someone like Lana, that was normal. The twins raced into one another's arms and began to weep tears happiness at the sight of one another. Despite everything that had happened, the twins had been reunited by the powers that be.

"I'm so glad you're ok!" the tomboy said "I thought you were dead!"

"I thought you were dead!" Lola replied as she continued to cry

"I would've been if Gaira hadn't saved me" Lana replied "If it wasn't for him, I'd be that bug's dinner right now!"

"Gaira?" the diva repeated "You mean that green monster?"

"Yeah, he saved me from Kamacurus" her twin explained as she pointed the mantis "and it looks like you found his brother, Sanda"

"How do you know all these monster's names?" Lola asked

"I watched all those news stories about the Kaiju's with Lincoln" her sibling answered before bringing up another point "Lola, we're on Monster Island!"

"Like I hadn't figured that out already" Lola pointed out dryly

Lana was about to answer her twin's remark when the combined roars of the Gargantuas cut her off. The brothers were preparing for another battle with Kamacurus, who had finally steadied himself and was ready for another round. Only this time it was going to be different, now instead of facing one monster, he would face the fury of two. The mantis opened his wings once again to attempt the previous tactic that had nearly given him a victory, but Gaira changed at the bug at full speed before tackling the insect to the ground before it had a chance to take off. With the bug pinned under him, the green giant began to pummel the mantis with everything he had. Kamacurus smacked the giant off his body with a swing of his claws before getting back up. However, the insect's recovery was short lived as Sanda had come up behind his enemy and punched the bug in the back.

Kamacurus screeched in anger as he spun around to try to decapitate Sanda, but Gaira reached out and grabbed onto the oncoming claw and held it in place so that his brother could have a clear shot at insect's face. while his sibling was busy with punching the mantis, Gaira bit down on the claw he was holding and took a huge chuck out of the creature's flesh, earning another cry of pain from Kamacurus in doing so. The giant insect swatted Sanda away with his free claw while at the same time he shoved Gaira off of his now wounded claws. The green Gargantua refused to back down as it pounced once more and dug his claws and fangs into the wounded claw.

The giant insect cried out in agony as he started to pound away on Gaira's head with his free claw, but the green giant refused to release his grip on his enemy. Sanda rushed to his brother's aid and hrld onto the other claw before it could strike his sibling again. Seeing Sanda holding onto the mantis's other claws have his sibling an idea. Gaira took his mouth off of the claw, but kept a tight grip on the appendage. With a roar to his Sanda, the brothers formed a plan of attack. With everything they had, the Gargantuas hurled Kamacurus several yards away from them, sending him crashing back into the earth in a broken heap. Seeing that he wasn't going to this fight, Kamacurus unfurled his wings and forced them to carry his wounded body away from the brothers and find some place he could heal in peace. Gaira nearly gave chase, but a gentle hand from Sanda upon his shoulder stayed his rage.

The twins cheered for their protector's victory over the insect as the giants made their way back to the twins. It was still strange to Lola that one moment she was running from Sanda and the next thing she knew she being defended by him. The beauty queen then turned to her twin sister so she could as her a question had been her mind ever since Sanda had jumped into harm's way to save her.

"Hey, Lana" she began "when Gaira saved you, did you get this feeling in your head?"

"Come to think of it, yeah, I did" Lana answered "when I first ran into Gaira, I thought he was gonna eat me, but I got this weird feeling in my head. it was like something in my brain was trying to tell me that he was here to help me"

"I got that feeling to when Sanda saved me to" Lola admitted "what do you think it means?"

"I dunno, I'm not Lisa" the tomboy pointed out "Let's ask her when we find her"

Lana looked away before speaking again.

"Assuming she's still alive…" she said in more somber tone "or anyone else for that matter"

"Don't talk like that" Lola tried to reassure her sister as she placed a hand her shoulder "Maybe they survived like we did"

"Heh, now I know we're in trouble" Lana mentioned with a hollow laugh "Your being optimistic"

"Yeah, this day's just been full of surprises, hasn't it?" her twin said with a chuckle

Lana couldn't help but also chuckle alongside Lola, she needed a good laugh after everything that had happened to them. the Gargantuas then knelt down before the twins with their hands placed in front of girls as a sign for them to climb onto them, to which they did. As the two monsters carried the girls deeper into the island, they each said a prayer that they would find their family once again. It still bothered Lola that she still didn't fully understand the connection with the Kaiju, but for now she would have to live with it. The Gargantua's were the only protection her and Lana had on this island and she had a feeling that she'd need them in the near future.

By all accounts, it was nothing sort of a miracle that Lily survived the ship wreck. Unlike the other members of the Loud House, the infant had been placed into a boat with another group before the cruise ship sank. Sadly though, the other people the toddler had been placed with were unfortunately killed when Gezora was picking off those how been stranded. While the giant squid yanked the lifeboat's other passengers, the youngest of the Loud family was missed by the monstrous mollusk's tentacles and was left alone in the lifeboat as it helplessly drifted across the sea.

But as fate would have it, the lifeboat washed up onto the shores of Monster Island. but the infant was not out of danger yet, for now the baby was trapped on a boat that had placed her in direct contact with the blazing heat of the sun. The island may be a home for titans, but if Lily stayed out any longer, the heat alone would be enough to kill her. As the sun rose higher into the sky, so did the temperature, making the toddler wail ever louder than before. Lily was already in a state of hysterics with everything else that had happened. She had been separated from her parents and her siblings and was at the mercy of both a monster's hunger and now the elements.

However, Lily's cries did not go unnoticed, for they had attracted the attention of one of the island's colossal inhabitants. The Kaiju normally kept to herself, seeing as though as was the largest creature on the island she had made it certain that none of the other beasts that roamed the island would not trouble her. but hearing the infant's cries of distress made the monster feel sort of apathy toward the tiny human. It was though a part of her that she had left behind was beginning to arise within her—something human. So, without giving it another thought, the Kaiju reached out and took hold of the ship and began to pull it toward the jungle.

At first, Lily was confused by the feeling of the boat being dragged away from the beach. She pulled herself up to look out the edge of the boat to see large vines pulling the boat away from the beach. It wasn't before long that the youngest of the Loud family came in contact with what the vines were attached to. For a moment, the two strangers merely looked at one another, both unsure as to what to make of the other. Soon enough, Lily let out a cheerful giggle up at the Kaiju as she held her arms up toward the titan, smiling brightly as she did. For reasons that were unknown to the baby, there was a strange sensation in her mind that seemed to tell her that this massive beast before her was a friend and not a foe.

The monster move one of her vines downward so she could pick up the child. She tenderly held the baby in her grasp as a mother would hold her infant as she gently lifted Lily up toward her face so that she could get a better look at it. Lily cooed as she placed mere inches away from the monster's elongated snout, showing no fear whatsoever. She then reached out and placed a tiny kiss onto the tip of the beast's crocodile-like jaws as a sign of friendship. The monster let out a low, gargled mewling sound to indicate that she would watch over the child from now on.

And with that, the sentient plant began to move out into the jungle and back toward her own territory, all the while nestled herself into the vines and closed her eyes for a well-deserved nap, knowing now that she was finally safe.