Chapter Three: The Unbelievable

Luna let out a hiss in pain as she collapsed back into the sand. It wasn't the heat of the sun or the waves of saltwater that had awoken her up from her unconsciousness, but the pain that originated in the open wound in her leg. When the young rocker had been washed up onto the island she had now been stranded on, she had thrown against the rocks along the beach, thus cutting her leg open. The saltwater that washed over her sank deep into her cut and made it burn intensely, thus making her wake up in agony. However, Luna wasn't the type of person to just wait for someone to save her, she was more than capable of doing that herself.

Tearing off a piece of her skirt, Luna used the piece of her clothing as a makeshift bandage to tie around her wound help stop the bleeding and kept whatever may be on this island from getting into the cut and infecting it. If she ever saw Lana again, she would have to remember to thank her younger sibling for showing her this method of triage. Once her leg was somewhat patched up, Luna fought through the pain as she forced herself to stand back up, but just as she took two steps, she let out a pain-filled cry as she fell back down face first into the sand. It was then that the young rocker started to realize that perhaps she hadn't just cut her leg, but also fractured it upon impact with the rocks as well.

As if cutting her leg wasn't dangerous enough, but being unable to walk while being stranded and alone on an unknown island was nothing short of a death sentence. If Luna couldn't find help or shelter soon, there was good chance that her injury would become infected and lead to her catching a fatal fever. The rocker considered trying to head into the jungle in front of her, but she had no idea what sort of creatures lived upon the island, and considering her current state, she would make for easy prey. On the other hand, she couldn't just sit on the beach and simply wait for the tide to come in and drag her back out to sea either. No matter what she thought of, Luna wasn't being left with a lot of options.

There was also the sneaking fear that her siblings hadn't fared much better than she did—or worse. She could only pray that her brother and sisters were somewhere safe on this strange island and not in as bad of shape as she was. Luna feared that even if at least some of her of her sibling survived the ship wreck that she would be unable to see them again. She fought back the urge to cry, but with what could be her death and the fact that she was never going to see her family again made it too difficult for her to hold her tears back. It was all too much for her to bare at once, thus making begin to weep.

"Oh god…" she said as she wept "I'm going to die!"

As Luna cried, she failed to notice that the blood from her wound had been washed back into the sea with the receding tide. While it wasn't a large amount of blood that had been pulled back into the sea, it was more than enough for some predators of the deep to detect the faint scent of wounded prey. While most of the sea's hunters couldn't traverse the surface, there was one predator who smelt the blood trail who could. With a hungry growl, the giant beast began to swim up toward the island and catch this potential meal.

Back on the back, Luna had stopped her weeping, knowing that crying wasn't going to help her current situation. As the teen wiped the tears from her eyes, she suddenly noticed something partially buried in the sand. It was a small piece of red cloth that had been caked with sand, but Luna could still make out what the piece was a part of, as well as the owner. It was a shred of Lynn's shirt that had more than likely had ripped off when she had arrived on the island the same way her sister did. At first, Luna assumed that it was all that remained of her sibling before something dreadful happened to her, but then the rocker noticed the faint remnants of a trail of footprints that had lead into the island's jungle. Luna's heart swelled up with hope at the thought of at least one of her siblings still being alive. It began to make her pray that perhaps the other members of her family were somewhere lost on this island as well.

The question now was how was she ever going to find her sister when he leg was as damaged as it was. Walking was out of the question and she certainly wasn't to make it far by just crawling through the jungle. calling out to Lynn was equally a bad idea, seeing that she would be well out of earshot by now and she'd rather not drawn the attention of whatever lived here. As she wracked her brain over how to be reunited with her sister, Luna noticed the sea begin to stir in the distance. It wasn't the motion of the waves; this was something moving under the water that was moving. Suddenly, a huge creature emerged from the sea and let out a powerful roar.

The monster was giant serpent that almost had the appearance of the dragons of Asian mythology, though to be fair, to Luna, this could very well be one those very same dragons in flesh and blood form. The sun's rays seemed to dance across the massive creature's emerald scales, making them shimmer as they did. But the Kaiju's beauty did not hide its fierceness, for it looked upon Luna was hunger in its cold, reptilian eyes. From the newsreels she had watched with Lincoln, the teen ager knew that the serpent's name was Manda. The Kaiju a fearsome beast that was said to have first appeared when explores where searching for a lost continent called Mu and came across Manda who was a sort of guard dog for the supposed undersea kingdom before being captured by G-Force and sent to Monster Island. Whether the existent of Mu was real or not still remains a mystery to this day. What is certain however, was that Manda was a force to be reckoned with.

Upon seeing the gigantic snake in all its monstrous glory, it didn't take Luna long to figure out that she had landed on the Kaiju prison. It also didn't take a lot of brainpower to realize that Manda was looking for something to eat and that appeared that he had found something to feed on. If Luna could run she would've already be sprinting toward the Jungle, but due to her injury, she couldn't seven stand up for more than a second. As Manda slithered out of the sea and toward her, Luna closed her eyes tightly and grit her teeth, hoping that her death would at least be quick and painless at the monster's jaws. She prayed that Lincoln and her sisters would fare better on this island better than she did and would all return home to Royal Wood in one piece.

"I just hope they'll bury me with my guitar" she said to herself

Just then, the rocker felt the ground shake under her. She opened her eyes to see that the sky above her had darken and that Manda was backing away, roaring at something as he did. Luna slowly turned her head to see that the sky hadn't gone dark, but had been blocked out by the shadow of another monster that had suddenly made its appearance behind her. The new Kaiju was also reptilian like Manda, but more lizard-like as opposed to a snake. The monster was covered with dark brown scales and had a dark armored shell on its back with a long stretch of spines that stretched from the top of its head and ran all the way down to the tip of its tail. Its four limbs hand huge claws that looked like they could crush stone and rip apart steel with ease. Its jaws were short and filled with jagged fangs. Just from one look at the other creature, Luna figured out who this monster was.

"No way..." she gasped "Varan"

From what she knew about the monster from Lincoln, the monster known as Varan was the fourth Kaiju to appear on earth after Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan when he came out of a lake that was hidden deep within the mountains of Japan. It where in those very same mountains that the creature was worshipped as a god by the villagers living there who called him Baradagi. Varan was known to be a territorial beast by nature, so when two men wandered into his home, they inadvertently set off a chain of events that lead to the Kaiju attack Tokyo before his defeat and eventual capture. Luna had no idea what brought the likes of Varan oall the wat out to the beach, but for whatever reason, the teen feared that she was even greater danger then before.

Varan suddenly reached down to where Luna was laying and scooped her up out of the sand, but instead of devouring her, the Kaiju took the girl and carefully placed her on the edge of the beach. At first, Luna was confused as to why the monster was moving her aside from the oncoming battle, but as she looked up at her unexpected protector, she could almost feel a sense of comfort and safety in the back of her mind, as if it was telling her that she could trust the creature.

Suddenly, while Varan had his back turned, Manda sprang forward and bit down into the other Kaiju's arm, making him cry out in agony. The giant serpent then began to attempt to coil himself around the other monster, but as he did, Varan's spines stabbed into his side, forcing him quickly abandon his maneuver. Varan began to punch the snake repeatedly with his free hand to make him let go of his other arm, but with every hit, Manda only clamped his jaws tighter into Varan's flesh. While Manda couldn't constrict himself around Varan, he could, however, trip the larger monster with a swipe of his tail. Upon tripping his enemy, the giant snake let go of Varan's arm and lunged for his enemies now exposed throat.

Luckily, the other monster managed to grab Manda's jaws before they could bite into his unprotected neck. Varan used his back legs to pick himself back up as he struggled to hold back his opponent's rows of blade-like teeth. Once he was finally back on his feet, Varan shoved Manda back before going on the offensive. He pounced at the serpent and swiped his claws across Manda's face, knocking him ground in the process before trying to bring his claws down on the downed snake. But Manda quickly recollected himself and evaded the oncoming and struck again at Varan's throat. The larger Kaiju swatted the snake away his neck again and forced him to slither backwards a bit in order to put some space between them.

Rather than try for another failed attack, Manda slithered back into the sea. On land, he was sluggish, but in the sea, he could swim as fast as the likes of Godzilla. Varan was also no stranger to water either, for he once made his home at the bottom of a lake. Refusing to let his enemy get off that easy, the once worshipped monster gave chase after the other Kaiju into the ocean. However, while Manda was more mobile under the sea, Varan's larger, bulkier frame made it difficult for him to be as maneuverable underwater as Manda was. It wasn't too long before the larger monster was having trouble keeping pace with the colossal serpent.

Soon enough, the two monsters were far out at sea and Manda was gaining speed with each passing second. But just when Varan thought he had lost his opponent under the cover of the oceans darkness, Manda suddenly rocket out of depths and bit into Varan's chest. The larger beast let out a gargled roar of pain as air bubbles and his blood rose up to the ocean's surface. Varan quickly smacked his attacker off his body with a powerful swipe of his claws. Manda attempted to dive deeper into the sea and try for another aquatic ambush, but Varan grabbed onto his tail and began to pull him out of the depths and back toward the land.

Back on land, Luna stood in awe of the two monsters battle. It still confused the teen as to why a such a destructive creature like Varan was defending her. From what she understood about the Kaiju, he was a solitary creature and preferred to stay within the confines of his territory, why would he even try to rescue her in the first place? Varan attacked and nearly destroyed Tokyo in his rampage, killing millions in the wake of his fury. So why would risk his life to save a single person when before he killed anything that moved? These were questions were impossible for Luna to answer, all she knew that the feeling in her mind told her that she could trust Varan was on her side, and on a place like Monster Island, she would need his protection.

Suddenly, the ocean erupted in a plum of water as Varan rocked out of the water and into the air with use of the flaps of skin under his arms that he used as wings. As she glided into the sky, Luna saw that Varan was carrying a beaten down Manda in the grip of his feet like a hawk carrying away its prey. Once he was high enough, Varan dropped the serpent back into sea, where it slowly swam off, knowing that he was no match for the flying monster. Varan let out a roar of victory into the sky before flying back toward the island and land in front Luna.

"Whoa…" she said in amazement as she took in the fight she had just witnessed "That was unbelievable!"

The beast then let a low, rumbling noise from his throat as he lowered his hand down to the teen to pick her up once again. This time however, he placed Luna on his back where the rocker instinctively wrapped her arms around one of the Kaiju's spines. Once she was secured, Varan began to lumber back into the jungle. As the newly formed partners moved into the island, Luna could only hope that she could not only find Lynn, not the rest of her other lost siblings as well.

"Stupid jungle!" Lynn growled to herself as she kicked the dirt under foot

For nearly three hours now, the young athlete had been wandering through the dense interior of the island in search of the other members of her family. So far, sadly, she had been unable to locate even so much as a clue of her brother and sisters' location. After waking up on the beach, Lynn pulled herself up from the sand and seeing that her family was nowhere to be found nearby, her train of logic lead her to believe that her siblings would find refuge within the dense jungle. However, Lynn was unable to find her brother or her sisters, instead, she found heat, mud, stinging insects and more heat in her search for her missing family members.

Lynn had been cut by the sharp branches and bitten by several different insects during her travels deeper into the island, but she ignored the pain and kept going. She couldn't stop now, not while there was still the possibility that somewhere on this godforsaken island her family was alive and possible searching for her as well. But not only were there the troubles of the heat or the bugs, but also the light that was slowly starting to fade away. Without the sun's light guiding her way, Lynn would be walking blind across dangerous terrain. Normally, she'd take that as a worthy test of her skills, but considering that she lacked neither the proper equipment or supplies to press on in the dark, it would only lead to her getting herself killed.

As much as the athlete wanted to press on, she knew it would be suicide to continue on during the rising night. So, with a heavy heart, Lynn was forced to put her search for her family on hold until tomorrow. As the young girl switched to trying to find a suitable place to rest for the night, she found that task just as challenging as trying to locate her siblings. If she had the material to build a tent, she would've pitched it in a heartbeat, but considering that she lacked even a tentpole, that idea was quickly dashed.

The thought of just building a makeshift shelter did cross her mind, but she decided against it. Despite how easy it looked on TV, building a shelter was harder than it looked. Lynn's only hope was finding something such as a cave or a hollowed-out tree to spend the night in. The other problem she ran into was that she unable to find anything to eat, and with the rumbling in her stomach growing louder and more painful with each grumble, it was becoming harder to think straight. On top of the pain her empty belly, there was also the pain her legs, which ached from the hours of walking she had put them through.

With a haggard sign, Lynn sat down on a nearby rock so that she could collect her thoughts. She hated this. She hated that she couldn't think her way out of this situation. If she where someone like Lisa or Lincoln, she could've figured out some clever way to survive the night, but she lacked their imagination. The athlete sure could her little sister's brain right about—or any of her siblings help for that matter. Being around ten other siblings really could make one feel truly isolated when separated from them. She just wanted to see her family again, was that too much to ask of the universe?

"Apparently, it is" she mentally mused

"You must not lose hope, Lynn Loud" came a pair of voices from seemingly out of nowhere

Lynn let out a startled yelp as she leapt up from her seat upon hearing the sudden voices. The young girl darted her head around in all directions as she looked for the source of the two voices, but all she found surrounding her were a vast assortment of plant life.

"Hello?" she called out into the jungle "Is someone there?"

Only the buzzing insects and chirping birds were her only answer. After being unable to find who or what had spoken to her, Lynn stopped her search and let out another sign, one that was more out of defeat then exhaustion this time.

"It's official: I'm losing it" she said to herself

Then out of the corner of her eye, Lynn caught a glimpse of something, or rather, someone, standing next to the rock she had been just sitting on. To the teen's shock, she found what she could only described as a pair of doll-sized women looking back up at her. Lynn rubbed her eyes, thinking that they were nothing more than a hallucination her exhausted mind had conjured to deceive her. But just as she finished rubbing her eyes, the tiny women were still looking back at her. If Lynn didn't know any better, she would almost say that two of Lola's dolls had come to life. The two miniature women looked identical to one another, leaving only their brightly colored clothing to differentiate them. The one on the right was dressed in a bright blue dress while the other woman wore a bright orange dress.

Lynn and the tiny twins stared back at one another for what seemed like forever. Either the teen had lost her mind or these women were real. The young athlete had no idea who or what these beings were or where they came from, but she could almost sense that these women meant no harm to her. She faintly remembered something on the news about something that sounded similar to the beings before, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Uh…hi?" Lynn greeted cautiously

The twins merely looked back at her silently.

"My names Lynn? What's yours?" the teen furthered "can you understand me?"

Lynn tentatively took a step forward toward the girls, who in turn took a fearful step backwards in response.

"No, no! it's cool! I didn't mean to scare you!" the athlete apologized "I just need help finding my family"

But the damage was done, the twins took off in the jungles underbrush. Lynn gave chase, hoping she could still convince them that to help her navigate the island and locate her lost siblings. Due to the fading light of the sun, Lynn was finding it more difficult to traverse the terrain in her pursuit for the tiny women. Despite being unable to see them, the teen could still make out traces of the creatures' movement as she watched them move leaves and grass out of their way to try and escape Lynn.

"Wait, come back!" she called out to them "I just want to talk to you!"

While focused solely on the twins, she failed to notice the upcoming the hillside she was currently running toward. It wasn't until she took a step over the edge that realized where she heading, but by then she was already tumbling down the hillside. As Lynn rolled down the hill, her body hit several rocks and branches, not hard enough to break anything, but certainly hard enough to badly bruise her body. Soon enough, she reached the bottom of the hill where she was abruptly stopped when her body collided with a hard surface.

After she finally managed to pick herself up and let the dizziness subside, Lynn turned to look at what she had run into that had halted her continued rolling. What she had first thought was a large rock turned out to an object not made from stone, but from what looked like a mix of fur and scales. Lynn slowly back up to get a better look at what exactly she had run into. The object in question she had run into had turned out to be something she ever thought possible: a giant foot.

The foot was massive and had four toes at the end of it that had four very long claws on them. Despite not wanting to, Lynn found herself slowly moving her head upwards to look at what the giant foot was a part of. it was a massive creature—a Kaiju no doubt by the sheer size of it—one that was covered in bright, golden fur around its head, chest and torso and what looked like a mix fur and scales around the rest of its body. It had a short, harless tail—save for the small patch of fur on the end of the tail. The beast's face had the appearance of what could only be described as a mix of both a dog and a lion. It had long, pointed ears atop its head and curved, almost-dagger-like teeth sticking out of its mouth. Its eyes shined a blazing red, like giant rubies that had the sun reflecting off of them. The monster's body was large and incredibly muscular with huge sword-like claws to match its muscles. The most notable feature the giant monster had was the giant gem at the center of its forehead.

"H-holy crap…" Lynn gasped in shock "K-King Ceasar!"

From what Lynn knew about the monster before her from Lincoln's knowledge of the monsters, King Ceasar was an ancient Kaiju that lived on Okinawa centuries ago who watched over its people as their eternal guardian before disappearing under unknown circumstances. The dog-like monster first made his return when he was woken from hibernation in order to aide Godzilla in his battle against his bionic counterpart, Mechagodzilla, in a battle for the planet's survival. After the two Kaiju's defeated the machine, King Ceasar was brought to Monster Island where had since remained.

"Wait, so if he's here, then I must be on…" Lynn gathered before making the realization "I'm on Monster Island!"

The Kaiju, who had been looking back down at the human who had bumped into his foot, began to kneel down to get a better look at her. Lynn threw her arms over her eyes and braced herself to either crushed or eaten, but much to her surprise, the monster merely placed his massive hand in front of her. at first, Lynn was confused by the creature's actions, but then she remembered that unlike most Kaiju, King Ceasar was not a destroyer of mankind, but a protector of them. The beast made a low, barking sound, possible his way for her to climb on. Admittedly, Lynn was still a tad apprehensive of accepting the monster's help, but if this truly was Monster Island, and her family was also stranded here as well, then she would need the guardian's assistance.

"It's not like I've got a lot of options" the athlete commented dryly

With that, Lynn stepped onto the Kaiju's hand, allowing King Ceasar to left her up to his face. while Lynn was still feeling a deep fear in the pit of her stomach, she could also sense a sort relief that the monster had found her.

"Uh, hey, so…" she awkwardly began "My family may be trapped on this island to, any chance of helping me find them?"

At first, Lynn thought the Kaiju wouldn't be able to understand her, but then Ceasar let out a series of deep, barking sound in response, nodding his head as he did. He then placed his new charge on his shoulder before walking back toward the jungle. Lynn was still freaked out over what had just happened, but now at least she had the help she nodded to find her brother and sisters as well as protection from whatever monsters also roamed this place. However, unknown to both the girl and her monstrous her guardian, they were being observed by two fairies from afar as they rode on the back of a miniature version of the goddess they watched over.

"I still think that was a dirty trick we played on her, Moll" one of them said "What if she had gotten seriously hurt?"

"I didn't like it either, Lora, but we had to do something or they would've missed each other" her twin responded "and then the bound would've never been made between them"

"What about the others?" Moll asked "Should we step in and help them form their bonds to?"

"No, I think the others will find their partners soon enough" Lora answered "But we should keep a close eye on them just in case"

"Do you think they're ready for what's to come?" her sister questioned with concern in her voice "Their still only children, and some of the monsters may be too strong for them to keep a perfect bond with"

"They'll have to learn to work together, Moll. Not just as a team or partners, but as a family as well" Lora replied "Like or not, the war is coming and we'll need all the help we can get!"