Alright. A few things I'd like to touch on. This is my sort of as one would call a sort of take on what would've happened if the events of GATE were to have taken place in the DDR. I will keep things as realistic as possible, as with my Polish version of GATE, but I do intend to add in a little twist and yes. This story will have the original characters of GATE in it as I for the longest time while reading the manga and watching the anime had imagined what would have happened with the series if instead of the JSDF going to the "special region" it was the Nationale Volksarmee and possibly some help from the Warsaw Pact.

Now one thing one must understand while reading this, the NVA was arguably the best equipped military of the Warsaw Pact especially when compared to the Soviet Red Army, now there will be little to no Soviet influence in the war beyond equipment such as RPGs, Machine Guns, Artillery, Tanks, Helicopters, and Jets (both fighters and bombers) as the true intention of Soviet Forces in the DDR after the death of Josef Stalin were just to keep East Germany in line with the agenda of the Soviet Union if the event of a war between the USSR and the United States of America, this was done also in part with the Ministry of State Security or "STASI" as they were called keeping a tight leash as with all communist countries aligned with the USSR was done. Now my reasoning of believing the USSR would be too busy to attempt to take advantage of the Gate is due to their arms race and support of countries in Africa and the middle east becoming socialist allies to the USSR.

Anyway I hope you (the reader) enjoy this take on the events of GATE but with the National People's Army of the former German Democratic Republic while it will a majority of the time follow the story it will be to what I believe the NVA would have done if this event were to take place.

Thank you and again, I hope you enjoy it. I would also like to state that I am NOT and I repeat NOT abandoning my original fanfic with the Polish Army in the early to mid 1920s. Next chapter of this and of the Polish fanfic will be up as soon as is possible. Thanks again!

Also I may update this chapter in the future before posting a new one so if there is a new one posted please be sure to check the previous chapter for anything new so you don't get lost in the story of what's happening.

April 19th 1971

East Berlin, German Democratic Republic

It'd been almost two decades since the end of the second world war and the final defeat of the third reich, the former "Greater German Reich" lay in ruins and was separated by east and west with the Soviet Union and the new Polish People's Republic occupying the east while the United States, Britain and France occupied the west, this was the case in Berlin as well, a new border arose between the two sides.

The Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the Deutsche Demokratisch Republik, whole families were separated by the new border as were lovers, friends and neighbours, this was accepted by most in the late nineteen forties and early nineteen fifties because the Germans of the East feared Josef Stalin and what might happen if they were to rise up against the government placed in East Germany.

Millions still left East Germany during that time and after Stalin died there were small riots in the DDR but they were crushed by the Soviet Red Army and a new border was created between East and West, the Berlin Wall. And soon this also extended to the inner German border, but not with a wall of brick and mortar, but one of barbed wire, tank traps and anti-tank trenches for a while this worked but in 1971 it wouldn't be an outside threat the government of the DDR would have to face, but one on the inside, coming from a Gate in the very center of East Berlin.

Karl Laucke had the day off from his unit a regiment from the north, Mot.-Schutzenregiment 29 Ernst Moritz Arndt, but that wasn't the only reason he was in Berlin, he was also a member in the Ministry of State Security, his rank in the Nationale Volksarmee was a Captain but in the Ministry of State Security he was already a Lieutenant Colonel and like all soldiers they had a superior they had to report to, his just happened to be one rank above him though he didn't know it, his report would have to wait.

Monsters and men dressed in ancient roman armour, armed with bows, arrows, spears and swords had appeared from a Gate in the capital, making his way to the Ministry of State Security he had guns drawn and pointed at him up to the moment he showed both his IDs while it was unorthodox he was the only real high ranking officer in the building, so he allowed civilians to seek refuge inside of conference rooms and the underground garage of the building while Karl and other members of the Ministry of State Security tried desperately to get into contact with nearby Warsaw Pact units or even the Soviet Army itself.

While they had no success with the Soviets they did reach the NVA command is Strasberg they were well aware of the situation and already the KDA, Kampfgruppen Der Arbeiterklasse as well as Karl's own regiment including multiple air assets of the Luftsteitkrafte Der Nationalen Volksarmee were enroute to deal with the invaders and they had to hold out for as long as was possible.

Meanwhile in the West of Berlin, US, French, and British border guards all reported sightings of "dragons" and men wearing Roman armour were assaulting the East German border guards and their positions, not even knowing what to make of the situation the supreme command of the Allied Forces in berlin ordered British, American, and French units to remain out of the fighting fearing it might be some sort of trick by the Soviets or the East Germans while doubt was cast on this idea considering a few dragons did break through and were flying over the Allied Command right at that moment the only action that would be taken by the western forces would be to have AA emplacements take the dragons out of the air of which they did in unison with East German/WarPac AA units on the other side of the wall.

After repulsing an attack by the strange men armed with swords, bows and arrows Karl called a meeting with two other officers just below his own rank away from the civilians that were allowed refuge into the headquarters of the Ministry of State Security, explaining to them it was imperative to his mission that he not be at the building when his squad arrived as it would clearly cause them to believe he was a member of the Stasi which would put his mission in jeopardy, one officer of whom was a Lieutenant agreed while the other.

A Captain disagreed and was ultimately overridden by the fact that Karl and the Lieutenant were the only two actual high ranking officers on site, after which Karl was given a Makarov and a couple magazines for his pistol, going out the back of the building he snuck around three blocks holding up in a deserted factory he waited half an hour before moving back to the Ministry of State Security where he was met by his squad, one senior sergeant, two junior sergeants, four corporals, & five privates.

The Senior Sergeant was Dietrich Vogel, an old man from looks who fought in the last two years of the Second World War but was conscripted into the NVA to make up for lack of experienced soldiers as the NVA was just seven years old, the first Junior Sergeant was Erika Krämer the squad's medical officer of whom first had experience in the volksstrum during last month of the Second World War, second Junior Sergeant was Freidrich Keller, then there were the corporals, Corporal Adelheid Kühn, Corporal Hans Kamler, Corporal Henrik Heidler, and finally the privates, Private Lenk Stummel, Private Frank Kuhl, Private Franz Schröder, Private, Ralf Aurich, and Private Paul Krüger.

Afterwards mop up operations began in East Berlin with only three nations of the Warsaw Pact supporting the NVA, the Poles, Czechs and Romanians while NATO also offered assistance it was of course declined and afterwards the Soviets finally stepped in and assisted the NVA but not until an hour after NATO offered their assistance to the NVA.

Within the day East Berlin was fully taken back by the NVA and it's Warsaw Pact allies with T-62As and BMP-1 vehicles with support from BTR-152 half-tracks with DSHK machine guns mounted on them surrounded the Gate cutting off any escape for all Imperial forces still within the city, within the week people taken by the Ministry of State Security, considered political agitators and dissidents to Erich Honecker's government were released and instead Imperial soldiers were kept in their cells all while Karl's true identity and the fact he worked for the Ministry of State Security was kept secret still from his squadmates successfully all while the situation in East Germany reversed itself.

No longer were people fleeing, the border guards weren't shooting weren't shooting defectors, they were keeping people from illegally immigrating into the East, while there was a rise in people answering the call of conscription and even demanding to join the NVA within the year while the Warsaw Pact was gathering resources and allocating support for the NVA in the form of equipment, men, and vehicles the NVA became the largest force it ever would at that time.

With over a million troops ready at all times there was a nationalistic fervor over the DDR and the BRD felt it the same, there were calls in the West now and even demands to help the East Germans with their war against it's enemy of which it discovered was just called by though who lived under it "The Empire" and so NVA and State propaganda called those who lived under it "Imperials".

During the time it took for the NVA to properly get an idea of what the Gate was finally after a few months in November they sent the first scouts through the Gate, what was reported back was highly unbelievable, they reported the Gate was located on a hill surrounded by rolling grasslands, to the south were mountains, the air was clear and the scenery was beautiful, the Ministry of State Security kept a tight lid on everything that was reported about the Gate, deeming it highly sensitive material.

The NVA gathered what resources it could and it's high command in conjunction with other Warsaw Pact units began planning the first ever inter-world invasion. Of course it was called "The Liberation of Oppressed and Enslaved Peoples from Imperialism." officially all over the media.

A week later Karl was made aware of atleast the plans that were laid out for an invasion of which was to take place next year by his superior officer from the Stasi in a private phone call of which was taken away from his squadmates.

Hanging up the phone Karl left for the mess hall as it was getting to be lunch and his entire squad was sitting at one table, Senior Sergeant Vogel was reading a newspaper as he hadn't had the stomach to eat that day as was somewhat semi usual with him, while the rest of the squad was eating quietly, Karl walked over to Private Krüger and took a couple honey coated crackers out of a package on the Private's tray of which Private Krüger protested. "Hey Genosse Captian, why'd you take those? They were extra in the line?"

To which Karl turned to Krüger and said. "Socialism, is collectivism, private. Remember that."

Afterwards Karl sat down at the end of the table with Senior Sergeant Vogel.

"Are you alright Vogel? You're not eating again." Karl questioned sitting forward while he broke a cracker in half and slid it across the table to Vogel.

"Just the usual, stomach acting up again, combined with recent news." Vogel responded closing the newspaper and folding it up sliding it across the table to Karl of whom looked at the headline and read aloud.

"Forty five still missing since invasion by the "Empire" huh? Anyone you know?" Karl said while he picked up the paper and read through the list of people missing still.

"My niece, Hanna. She was a wonderful girl, member of the FDJ, loyal party member, she wanted to join us when she got older..." Vogel started on before Karl leaned over the table and patted Vogel's shoulder grasping it.

"You talk as if she's already dead. Don't give up on her. She's a strong girl, you know that and I know that. If she's alive we'll find her... If not we'll find out what happened to her. I promise you that genosse... I also shouldn't be telling you this so don't tell anyone and don't tell anyone how you heard it. At the end of November we'll be crossing the Gate and establishing an FOB on the other side. Don't speak a word of this to anyone unless I say otherwise." Karl let go of Dietrich's shoulder and got up from the table leaving it, Dietrich watched and a smile grew on his face, a tear rolled down the left side of his face from his left eye quickly wiping it he picked up the newspaper and continued reading from it.

Getting to the doors of the mess hall Karl turned around to face his squad yelling to them.

"Genosse! After finishing your lunch I want you to march fifteen kilometers and meet with genosse Oberst(Colonel) Kalt's squad for NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) drills! I must meet with our superiors!" To which everyone in the squad stood up and saluted Captain Laucke speaking in unison with "Yes, sir!"

Karl left the mess hall and afterwards left the base outside of East Berlin, established for quick reaction forces encase of enemy attack from the Gate. Going back to the Ministry of State Security now finally able to report to his superior officer Colonel Futterknecht.

Standing outside of the Colonel's office Karl had changed from his NVA Strichtarn camouflage BDU to the Stasi dress Grey uniform with his cap held under his arm. Karl knocked on the door and waited a couple minutes before entering and shutting the door behind himself, walking to the desk in the office of which sat an older bald man looking over reports in a manilla folder in his hand, closing it before turning his attention to Karl.

"Genosse Laucke, I cannot even begin to describe what hell I took for you when Herr Mielke found out you allowed civilians into our headquarters! You're lucky you and I haven't been shot! Never allow such a thing to happen again or I'll have your head, do you understand me Genosse Laucke!" Colonel Futterknecht yelled, his voice thundering through the hall, any normal person would have thought Karl was going to most likely end up being shot anyway but Karl new better, he hadn't outlived his usefulness. Not yet.

"Yes sir. I apologise genosse Colonel. I saw it as my duty, both as a member of the "Sword and Shield of the Party" and as a soldier of the Nationale Volksarmee to do everything possible to both continue my mission for the MfS(Ministerium für Staatssicherheit or Ministry of State Security) and continue my cover for us as Captain in the NVA." Karl responded bowing his head to the Colonel apologetically.

"I don't mind that. But find other ways to make yourself a hero. Which brings me to my next topic. You are going to be awarded by Herr Honecker Held der DDR(Hero of the Deutsche Demorkatische Republik) as well as the Karl Marx Orden(Karl Marx Order) and the Vaterländischer Verdienstorden(Patriotic Order of Merit) as well as a promotion in the NVA to Major. Use these well in the new world. They're all savages there with the minds of the ancient Romans. Such medals there will carry weight with them. Now type up your report in your office and report back to your NVA squad. Dismissed." Karl quickly stood to attention saluting Colonel Futterknecht of whom saluted back and turned on his heel leaving the Colonel's office for his own, sitting down at his desk he started typing his report on a type writer with every detail he could remember, as was expected of officers in the MfS, both as spies on the other side of the wall and those spying on citizens in the DDR.

Finishing his report at almost 5:00 PM and submitting it to Colonel Futterknecht then changing out of his Stasi grey uniform and back into his NVA Strichtarn camouflage BDU, proceeding afterwards to return to his squad of which could be found in their barracks chatting amongst themselves and a few others from other squads of which Karl didn't mind, going to his bunk he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his tunic letting out a sigh and falling asleep even though any normal person would have had difficulty doing so he did so with ease.