(A/N: Just letting you know, that if you haven't played Final Fantasy 15 yet, then sorry to say spoilers are included in this chapter.)

It was night time, and the winds were calm as the moon shone down with its beams of light that made everything seem peaceful with the world. And yet that was not true for everyone who was awake at this point of time, for even as we speak a young boy was running in fear for his very life. Who is this young man you ask? Why he is none other than Naruto, formerly Uzumaki as well as Namikaze. But he had found out something that had forced him to leave his home in fear, but to understand what it was, we have to travel back a ways to the very beginning...

(Konoha bedroom)

Minato Namikaze was busy fucking his wife Kushina Uzumaki in a posit...

That's going back WAY too far. Okay not 'to the beginning' in the literal sense. For Christ Sake man! Get your act together here. This story is about Naruto, not his parents. So seeing that I have to be more specific in where to begin the story, we shall begin the night Naruto was born...

(7 years ago)

The village of Konoha had just been attacked by an enemy that nearly destroyed most of the village. And yet the enemy was not a rival village or even a person in general, for the enemy was a demon known as a Biju or a creature made up of Chakra, the natural energy that flows through all living things. And it wasn't just any Biju either, for this one was Kyuubi the nine tailed fox, the strongest out of all the Biju. It had taken many sacrifices on their part, but with the help of their Hokage, a ninja by the name of Minato Namikaze they were able to defeat the creature. While they weren't able to kill it as they had hoped that they could, Minato was able to seal it away into two of his three newborn children, but his predecessor Hiruzen sacrificed his soul to help seal it by using the Shinigami. Four tails of power were sealed into his daughter Naruko, while four tails of power were sealed in his son Zuko. This left him with one tail of power left, which he planned to give his son Naruto, and yet he gave it to his wife Kushina since she was in critical condition after the birth of their three children, and the chakra from the one tail's worth of power would save her life.

After the sealings were done with, the family went home to rest. And while they rested Minato made plans to announce what had happened to the public in the morning. When the morning came, he stood before the populace of the village and announced what he had done and that his children were heroes to the village, and they would become their protectors in the future. At first the village was against it, thinking that the seal could weaken on the children and the demons would possess them and attack the village once more. But Minato put those fears to rest and the village cheered for their new heroes whose futures as strong shinobi seemed assured...

(6 years later)

Life has a strange way of screwing with peoples' views or assumptions of things over time. Growing up in the village, the newly born triplets were like peas in a pod. They loved each other with a love that seemed like it couldn't ever be broken, but when they turned five, that love seemed like it just disappeared overnight. Naruto couldn't seem to understand how it had happened, or even why it did, but all of a sudden his family started to resent him entirely. While his siblings were trained to control their sealed Biju's power, Naruto was left to fend for himself. Whenever he asked if he could train with them, their parents would have one of them hold his arms while the other used him as a punching bag. And if that wasn't enough, they would laugh at his suffering and would their parents would encourage them to hit Naruto harder and make him bleed. While Naruto wasn't able to heal as fast as his siblings since he didn't have a Biju within him, he was still an Uzumaki and they healed far faster than normal people. He learned never to complain, or else he would be sent to his room without food and forced to starve, and even when he was given something to eat, it was about a fourth of the portion the rest of them got. He was fed scraps and his lack of food was really taking a toll on his body.

He still remembered one time when he asked for more food, but after he did, his siblings proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life and threw him down the flight of stairs that led to the basement. His parents called him a spoiled brat that had overstepped his boundaries and could stay in the basement for all they cared, and from that day, his room was the basement without a light to light it up at night. The only thing he had was a blanket that was torn up and a crappy pillow that was extremely uncomfortable. After being stuck there for a week only being allowed out during the day but forced back inside at night with the door locked behind him, he was able to map out the whole basement, and was able to find a small secret passage that had been put there so that in the case of an enemy attack on the house, at least the children could escape. It was well hidden, and Naruto was fairly sure that his family didn't know about it, so during the nights when he was truly hungry he would sneak out the secret passage, which led to a hollowed out tree just outside of the Forest of Death. Naruto would then sneak around town and find anything he could use to help him. He ate anything that was edible, and he found old clothes that he could wear or use to patch up his own clothes.

During one of his nightly scavenging missions, he broke down crying in an alley and began to question what he had done to deserve all the hatred and pain he was suffering. He began to wonder if he had the Kyuubi sealed within himself instead of his siblings, he would be loved by the villagers and hailed as a hero just like they were...

Yet something deep within his heart told him that somehow he would still be hated by the villagers, demon or not...

After he got himself together, he set out to find more materials, hopefully something soft since he was trying to make himself a better pillow then what he has at the moment. It was shortly after he began to scavenge once more that he heard a muffled scream in an alley, so he went to investigate what it was that made the noise. What he saw made him feel angry. He saw two men, who were most likely shinobi based on their clothing. One of them was behind a women with a knife to her throat and used his free hand to hold both her hands behind her back. Naruto couldn't get a clear look at the women from his point of view, but he could hear what was being said between them.

"Ah man," said the man standing in front of the restrained woman, "I have been wanting to have my way with your slutty ass for quite some time."

"Like I would let you do anything to me," said the woman back to the man in front of her.

"You don't have a choice," said the man holding the knife behind her, "you see, your sensei has a large debt he has to pay for, and since we have you here, you are going to help you sensei repay his large debt with this whorish body of yours."

"I have no love for that traitorous snake," the woman shouted at them, before the man holding her quickly slammed her against a wall and held her there.

"To be completely honest here," said the man holding her, "that's really more of an excuse than anything. We just wanted to put you in your place for what you did to my brother last week. He wanted you and you denied him your body when you used your snakes to bite him and put him in the hospital. Now me and my friend are going to break you in and tie you down so my brother can have his way with you."

The woman was still trying to struggle out of the man's grip, but couldn't do anything since the man still had a knife to her neck. She silently prayed that someone would happen upon them and help her, and as she wished for it, it became to be. Before the man knew what hit him, Naruto had grabbed a thick chunk of wood from the trash he was hiding behind and quickly ran up behind the man and knocked him out cold by slamming it on his head with all his strength.

"You little bastard," said the other man in the alley, "you are going to pay for that with your life," he said as he moved forward with a kunai in his hand. But before he could do anything, the woman got behind him and kicked him in the back of the legs forcing him to his knees. She quickly disabled him and took his arm wielding the kunai and forced him to stab himself in the neck. The man died slowly while choking on his own blood. The woman then quickly adjusted herself and looked at her small savior in gratitude.

"You have my thanks kid," said the woman before him," what's your name?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

"The Hokage's son," said the woman in shock, "what are you doing outside at this time of night? Your parents must be worried sick about you!"

"They don't care about me at all," said Naruto as he fell to his knees in tears, "they don't care about my life at all."

"And why would you say that," asked the woman in confusion, since she had seen the Hokage with his children and everything seemed okay with the family, but now that she thought about it she had never seen this boy Naruto with them. It had always just been Naruko and Zuko, but never Naruto.

So Naruto told her his life story through tears, and as he told her his living conditions, she instantly lost all form of respect for the Hokage. What kind of father uses their own child as a punching bag and then punish that child for asking questions or for trying to get stronger alongside the rest of the family. After his story had been told, she walked over to his kneeling form and hugged him with all the elderly sister love she could muster. At first his body was tense since he had no idea what to do since he only really knew about abuse, but he soon returned the hug in full as he cried into her shoulder.

"I understand what it means to be hated by everyone," said the woman.

"You do," said Naruto, "but how?"

"I don't know if you have heard any of the rumors that have been spreading across the village like a wildfire, but a lot of them are about me calling me the 'snake bitch' since I am able to summon snakes like my old sensei."

"Who was your old sensei," said Naruto, "and who are you? I'm sorry to ask, but I don't know your name."

"That's ok," laughed the woman at the boys awkward manners, "my name is Anko and my old sensei was Orichimaru, one of the three legendary Sannin."

"Three legendary Sannin," asked Naruto with a look of confusion on his face.

"Something you will learn about whenever you attend the academy when you turn eight."

Naruto would have asked her more on the subject, but at that moment his stomach began to growl loudly. Naruto doubled over in hunger as he held his stomach in pain.

"Wow," said Anko, "you really need some food. Follow me and I'll help you out with that."

Naruto followed her towards her place, which was on the very outskirts of town near the Forest of Death. It was when they were inside her apartment that she got her first real look at the kid, and what she saw horrified her. Naruto was a severally malnourished kid who was all skin and bones, while wearing what was essentially patched together rags. His face had what appeared to be six different whisker marks, but upon closer inspection, Anko saw that they were scars that had healed to look like whiskers. When asked what had happened to cause these to be put on his face, Naruto explained that it was what happened when he was hungry and he asked for more food. When he was thrown down the stairs, the splintery wood of the stairs cut his face in this manner. Anko then began to make a feast for Naruto, which made him happier than he had ever been.

"So why does the village hate you," asked Naruto while he sat at the table and patiently waited for the food to arrive, and judging by its smell, it was going to taste divine.

"They hate me because I was the apprentice to the traitor Sannin," said Anko as she cooked the food, "yet for reasons I don't remember myself, he abandoned me and left me at the outskirts of town for the villagers to find."

"Why can't you remember why you were left," asked Naruto

"It's because he placed a Curse Seal on me when I was younger."

"What's a Curse Seal?"

"It's a seal that Orichimaru uses to cheat death," said Anko as she walked over and placed the food on the table for him, "he puts it on people who he then proceeds to steal their bodies so that he can cheat death."

"So he tried to steal your body," asked Naruto in horror.

"No," said Anko, "my seal was a prototype to those he uses today. Mine is nothing more than a constant reminder that I once was the apprentice to the man."

"That doesn't really explain the hatred that you are receiving."

"People hate me because they assume that I am a traitor like my sensei."

"But you're not."

"Ah Naruto," chuckled Anko, "you are too naïve for your own good."

"So if you remove the seal on your body, then the people will stop hating you?"

"It's not that simple Naruto. The seal is permanent once applied and can't be removed unless the one who put it on me is killed."

"So all we need to do is to kill Orichimaru and then you will be free!"

"You are so cute when you speak utter nonsense," said Anko as she pinched his cheeks and picked up his empty plate to place in the sink.

"It's not nonsense," shouted Naruto with conviction in his heart as well as in his voice, "I will kill him so that you will be free from the hate."

"Don't make promises that you can't keep," said Anko as she sat back down, "many people have died trying to kill him."

"Then I will train hard and defeat him so that you will be free. I promise you on my honor as an Uzumaki that I will repay the kindness you have shown me this night and help you."

Anko was speechless as he said that. On the one hand, she was skeptical that this young boy would ever be able to kill her old sensei, especially with the way his body was so malnourished. But on the other hand, her was a young boy who saw past her seal and was acting like she was a human being without any type of hidden motives behind it. She hugged him with tears in her eyes, which she wiped away before he could see them, for she did still have an appearance of being a badass kunoichi to uphold.

"Well then I wish you the best of luck," She told him, "but I think it's time you head home. If your family is the way you say it is, then you will need to head back before you get in any sort of trouble. But how about this, I will help train you in secret when I'm not working and leave you some provisions in the hollowed out tree so you won't starve."

"That will be great," said Naruto who was happy that someone was willing to actually help him in life.

After they said their goodbyes, Naruto went back through the secret passage and went to sleep in his basement room...

(6 months later)

The last few months had been far better for Naruto. The training that he received from Anko helped him immensely. While the combat form of his training was minimal so he could defend himself, the survival aspect of it was great. He was able to find food in the wild, track people and creatures, and lay traps to capture them. And just like she promised, Anko left enough prepared food so that Naruto didn't starve at night anymore and with this new source of energy, he started to exercise at night to become stronger, and the muscles began to slowly show. He hid this from his family since he had a gut feeling that they would take away his small amount of happiness.

Everything was going better for him until one faithful day. He was walking around the village during the middle of the day when he heard a girl scream in terror. He ran towards the scream and saw a girl with black hair and grey pupil less eyes being attacked by several bullies. Naruto came to her rescue and easily took the bullies down and knocked them out.

"You are safe now," said Naruto, "are you ok?"

"It's about time that a commoner comes to my aid," said the girl as she dusted herself off, "have you any idea who I am?"

"Not really. I don't know that many people."

"I am Hinata Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga Clan. Bow before me you commoner."

"What," said Naruto in shock, "I don't bow to anyone. Especially to people who I don't know."

"Then you shall hear from my father," said Hinata as she began to storm off in a huff.

"Man what a bitch," said Naruto under his breath.

"What did you just say," said Hinata as she walked back towards him.

"I didn't say anything," said Naruto who wasn't trying to make more trouble for himself.

"Liar. I heard you call me a bitch under your breath."

"Then why ask me what I said if you already knew what the hell I said already?"

But before she could answer, they were interrupted by the last people who he wanted to be here.

"Dear Kami Naruto," said his brother Zuko, "what kinds of problems are you causing now?"

"It's ok," said his sister Naruko, "he can't help that he is pathetic. This is why he lives in the basement like the freak he is."

Zuko was a carbon copy of Naruto, except instead of blonde hair, his was red like their mothers. And Naruko was a female version of Zuko, but with a prettier face and long flowing red hair instead of spikey hair. They grabbed ahold of Naruto and forced him to stand in place.

"So what did our freak of a sibling due to upset you Hinata-chan," said Zuko.

"I asked politely for him to bow as is customary for a commoner to do towards royalty," said Hinata, "and he refused to do so, and called me a bitch in anger."

"That isn't what happened you liar," said Naruto before his brother punched him in the gut knocking the wind out him.

"You will show respect to your betters," said Zuko.

Naruto glared at his brother after he said that, but this time his sister punched the back of his head, making his vison blurry and making him fall to the ground.

"How dare you make that face at us," said Naruko, "mom and dad are right, you are nothing more than a spoiled brat. And I for one look forward to tonight when we tell them what you did. We let you sleep in the basement before, but afterwards you won't even have a roof over your head and live on the street."

Naruto only got angrier as he heard that. It was in that moment that something inside of him finally snapped. He had taken their abuse long enough and he was finally going to take a stand. So he quickly got to his feet and sucker punched Zuko upside the face. The blow didn't do as much damage as he had wished, but he was able to at least know out one of his teeth. Zuko looked at Naruto with murderous rage in his eyes, and without even looking away he spit out his dislodged tooth to the side of him as a new one grew in thanks to the Kyuubi's energy.

"You just made a fatal mistake," growled Zuko as Naruko got behind Naruto and held his arms behind his back. For the next twenty minutes, Zuko mercilessly beat Naruto into a bloody pulp to the point where you couldn't even recognize him by his face anymore. After he was done wailing on his brother, Zuko then proceeded to slam his body into the ground and put his foot on his arm hard, shattering at least one of his bones. "You think you are so funny by sucker punching me, don't you freak? Well hopefully you enjoyed it thoroughly since I'm going to make sure that it never happens again!"

Zuko then took out a kunai he had been given during the training with his family and stabbed Naruto's arm deep, cutting the nerve that controlled it and making it useless to him. And to ensure that no one would ever be able to heal it, he used a fire jutsu to burn his arm. Naruto screamed out in pain as the flesh on his arm melted and as soon as his brother got off him, he rolled around on the ground to put it out.

"Let that be a lesson to you," said Zuko as him and the others walked away as Naruto cried in pain. He didn't know what to do, but shortly after they had left, another boy who also had grey pupil less eyes showed up with a first aid kit in hand.

"Don't worry," said the boy as he opened up the kit and take out a container of salve, "I saw what happened and I am going to help patch you up."

The boy used the salve on his burn wounds, which stung at first but then the pain went away like it was never there to begin with. The boy then took out bandages and wrapped his arm with them so that his arm wouldn't suffer from any form of infection at all. He then put his arm in a makeshift sling.

"Thank you," said Naruto as he got to his feet.

"I understand how it feels to be hated by family members, and when I saw yours hurt you like this I just had to help."

"Who are you, if you don't mind me asking."

"My name is Neji Hyuga."

"Hyuga? Please tell me that you are not related to that bitch Hinata."

"Sadly yes I am," said Neji with a look of gloom on his face, "she is my cousin I'm sorry to say."

"That must suck big time."

"You have no idea. She is a control freak like most of the Main family members of our clan."

"I heard about your clan from a friend. So they keep you enslaved with seals on your head?"

"Sadly that is also true. Now I'm sorry to say, but I must be on my way before I get into any sort of trouble. Keep the first aid, you will need to redress those bandages every couple of days."

"Thank you Neji," said Naruto as he picked up the kit with his only good hand, "I'm not sure how I will do it, but in the future I will repay you for this kindness."

"That's a nice gesture," said Neji as he began to walk away, "but fate decrees that we must suffer until our dying day, so all we can do is help each other any little way we can."

"Fate is never certain," said Naruto as Neji was almost out of hearing range.

"If only that was true," said Neji before he was gone.

Naruto then limped home to face whatever punishment his parents had for him. But to his utter shock and surprise, the gate to the estate was locked and even him placing his hand on the unlocking seal didn't help, but instead shocked him with enough voltage to make his arm go numb. It was then at that moment that he saw his rag of a blanket and his crappy pillow on the ground with a note on it. Naruto picked up the note and read what it said.

You ungrateful brat, for attacking your brother and insulting the daughter of a dear friend of ours, we have disowned you and you can live on the streets from now on. We gave you a home as well as food and this is how you treat your family. Good luck living on your own.


Minato & Kushina, your former parents.

Naruto took his meager belongings and set out towards Anko's apartment. But to his dismay, when he got there, she wasn't due to being on a mission for the village. Naruto then broke down and began to cry since he had nowhere to go and no one to help him out in this situation. It was then at this point of his life that he considered suicide, and he planned to do it in a way that would make him seem brave at least. He set out towards the Forest of Death and found a small hole in the fence that surrounded it and went inside.

He walked through the dark forest until he came upon a hollowed out tree with a large opening in the bottom of it. He then set up his makeshift bed and prepared to die at some point, either from a creature finding him and eating him, or from starving to death. Naruto cried and prayed to the gods that his family would suffer for what they had done to him his entire life, and that their suffering would be great...

(An endless void)

The Void was devoid of all life, for nothing lived here, and yet floating around in it was a man. This man was known as Ardyn Izunia. He is a middle-aged man with red-violet hair, amber eyes, and strong facial features. He was dressed in a long, black jacket that has a white and gray trim, and matching trousers. He wore a red scarf and a hooded, gray and white mantle. He is the only notable person representing the empire that he was once a part of to dress in black rather than the typical white that the others in the empire had worn.

Two thousand years ago, Ardyn (who at the time was known as Ardyn Lucis Caelum) was a Lucian king chosen by the Crystal, the main source of magic for their world, to save his home world Eos from the Starscourge, a malady that transforms people into demons. He did so by absorbing the Starscourge into his own body. While his actions saved thousands across the world, he was rejected by the Crystal as tainted, and was denounced by the astrals themselves for his actions. He was denied entry to the Astral Realm since the daemons he had absorbed rendered him immortal, and became demonized by a jealous future king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal. As the fallen King of Light and shunned by those he had sacrificed so much to help, Ardyn took the surname of "Izunia" and plotted to one day end the astral-appointed bloodlines of the Lucian kings and Oracles, alongside their divine artifacts. Doing so would cause the world to dissolve into chaos and those who shunned him would suffer for their actions.

Ardyn bided his time for a whole millennia before establishing himself as chancellor to Iedolas Aldercapt, the emperor of Niflheim. Ardyn entered Niflheim and proposed the establishment of a magitek army, an army of inhuman machines. He provided his knowledge to begin his plan for revenge, and the information on demons Ardyn imparted upon the empire allowed Niflheim to build a mighty army that helped them expand their empire. However, it also heralded the spread of Starscourge and the imperial lands were ravaged by a "vanishing disease". According to Aranea, a mercenary who not only specialized in combat but in intelligence gathering as well, Ardyn was the one who put the idea of stealing Lucis's Crystal to Emperor Aldercapt, and the latter becomes obsessed with his desire for it.

30 years later Ardyn travels to Lucis to offer Aldercapt's terms of peace to its reigning monarch of the their rival nation, Regis Lucis Caelum CXlll. Besides relaying demands for Lucis to surrender all territories save for the Crown City of Insomnia, Ardyn also insisted for the king to have his son Noctis wed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, the Oracle of the time.

But before the wedding happened, Ardyn met Noctis and his friends at the beach resort Galdin Quay where he told them the ferry was not running. Declaring himself an "impatient traveler," Ardyn states the ceasefire between Lucis and Niflheim was "getting them nowhere." He tossed a coin to Noctis and company, telling them to consider it their "allowance." Noctis's companion Gladiolus Amicitia caught the coin and demanded Ardyn's identity, who merely states he is "a man of no consequence."

When Niflheim invaded the Crown City during the treaty-signing, Ardyn and the emperor stole the Crystal itself in all the fighting. The pair watches the Old Wall, the guards to the city fight a Diamond Weapon, a daemon the empire unleashed upon the city, before fleeing. Ardyn lamented that it was a waste to see a city as glorious as Insomnia destroyed like it was.

In Lestallum, shortly after the fall of Insomnia, Ardyn meets the prince and offered to take Noctis and his friends to the Disc of Cauthess where the astral god known as Titan rests. He bids them goodbye, but returns after Noctis forged a covenant with the astral. He arrived in a Niflheim military airship to save Noctis and his friends from the volcanic terrain ready to engulf the party. In doing so, Ardyn reveals his identity as Niflheim's chancellor, yet continues helping Noctis and company at random times throughout their journey.

When Noctis infiltrated an imperial base to recover his car that was left behind when they escaped the volcanic terrain after Noctis gained the power of Titan, he was accosted by his fiancé Lunafreya's brother Ravus Nox Fleuret. Ravus begrudged Noctis as the apparent True King of legend who is yet oblivious to the danger his mission put Luna in. Ardyn stops Ravus from attacking Noctis and let them leave the base intact. When Noctis was looking for the material mythril to repair King Regis's ship so he can get to Lunafreya in the ocean city of Altissia, Ardyn had the roadblocks to Vesperpool opened and has Commodore Aranea Highwind assist him. Ardyn told Noctis that while he was the chancellor, he was not in charge of the army itself.

Ardyn and Ravus headed for Altissia where Lunafreya wanted to rouse the Hydraean, Leviathan, to help Noctis. Ravus, as the high commander of the Niflheim army, was on a task to kill the Leviathan before Noctis can forge his covenant, as he disagreed with Luna sacrificing herself for Noctis benefit. Ardyn talked with Ravus in front of the cathedral where Luna was to wed Noctis.

After Luna summoned Leviathan, Ardyn stabbed her with a dagger knowing that Noctis would witness it. Without the Oracle holding back the Starscourge as what was her job to do, Eos was plunged into further crisis. Ravus was blamed for the incident with the Leviathan going on a rampage in Altissia and was sentenced to death.

Ardyn appeared before Noctis on a train ride to Gralea, Niflheim's capital not that long after they left Altissia. He tormented him and tricked Noctis into pushing his friend Prompto Argentum off the train. Noctis met Aranea in Tenebrae where he learns Ardyn was left in charge of a chaotic empire as all the other higher ups were gone and the emperor was but a husk of his former self. As he passed through Ghorovas Rift the Glacian, Shiva, granted Noctis her power. Shiva froze Ardyn solid, while Noctis, in a fit of anger, broke Ardyn's body. Though frozen and shattered, he returns, revealing to Noctis that he was immortal.

In Gralea, Ardyn's disembodied voice taunted Noctis after he is separated from his allies, but at the same time guided Ignis and Gladiolus to him. Ardyn deliberately let Ignis and Gladiolus open the vault to the Crystal room, and let them view a recording of Ravus first confronting the emperor over what he has become, and then being killed by Ardyn himself masquerading as Noctis himself. As he kills Ravus, Ardyn mocked the former's desire to be the True King and save the world, yet being rejected by the crystal as he was so long ago.

After Noctis was reunited with his friends, Ardyn had the trio face Emperor Aldercapt and Ravus who had been turned into demons by Ardyn. When Noctis was forced to abandon his friends to seek power from the Crystal, Ardyn confronted him and revealed his true identity. As he watched the Crystal absorb Noctis, Ardyn stated he would be waiting for him to return as the True King. As Noctis's friends arrived they attempted to take Ardyn down, but he shrugged off the blows and unveiled the deformities he sustained from his work as a healer.

"Unharmed by the Light. The Chosen King indeed. Allow me to regale you with a tale. In an age long past, an incurable scourge ravaged mankind. A tiny menace that twisted men into monsters, the likes which you've seen. In Lucis lived a savior that could cure the afflicted. His body would come to host a myriad of demons. That countless lives be spared. But a jealous king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal, ostracized and demonized this healer of the people. Making a true monster of him. I gave you my name earlier, but you should know that it was not the name given to me at birth. Ardyn Lucis Caelum is my proper name. You'll never guess whose name Izunia was. Noctis, killing you as a mortal will bring me scant satisfaction. Claim the Crystals power. Arise as its champion. Only once the Crystal and King are no more... can I know redemption. Come back soon. I shall keep your friends company until you are ready."

With the Oracle Lunafreya dead and Noctis out of the way, Ardyn allowed the Starscourge to spread, thus causing demons to run amok in Eos for the next decade. Ten years later he was confronted in his new abode, the Citadel in Insomnia, by a reawakened Noctis and his allies. He pits them against the Infernian, Ifrit, but following the hostile astral's defeat, Noctis challenged Ardyn in the Citadel's throne room. He confronted Noctis with the bodies of Lunafreya, Regis, Iedolas, and Nyx Ulric, which Ardyn had grotesquely displayed for his own amusement.

Noctis ordered Ardyn to step down from the throne. Ardyn incapacitated Noctis's allies so he could face the rival king alone. During the fight, he taunted Noctis regarding his status as the True King, and ranted about how Noctis being sealed away for ten years was nothing compared to what he himself having been in darkness for millennia. Overpowered by Noctis, Ardyn's body faded away. Noctis gave his life to face Ardyn's spirit in the afterlife and uses the Ring of the Lucii, a powerful conduit for the Crystal to summon the spirits of his ancestors to deal the final blow. Dying fulfills Ardyn's goals: finding peace in death and destroying the Lucian bloodline in one fell swoop. His spirit was finally at rest...

Or so he thought. He didn't die that day, for he was sent to the void instead. And there he has remained for countless eons. Time and space meant nothing in the Void.

"Ardyn Lucis Caelum," said a voice that made Ardyn look around in confusion since there was no one else here, "you have brought about the destruction of two separate but great kingdoms in your selfish quest to find peace in death. But you are not worthy to die as you are now."

"What do you mean I am not worthy," asked Ardyn as he was still looking for the source of the voice that was speaking to him, "and who is it that speaks to me?"

"I am a being that has no name or body. I encompass all worlds and only observe as events take place. I may not interfere unless all of creation is threatened, and your actions have constituted actions being taken."

"I just wanted to die. What was wrong with that?"

"You must atone for your actions before you may pass on to the next life."

"And how am I to atone for my actions," asked Ardyn in confusion, "am I to be sent back and help those who I wronged, because they will never accept my help."

"The world as you know it has past and the world has been renewed numerous times since your imprisonment in the Void."

"My world is gone," asked Ardyn in shock at the news, "but what do you mean by the world has been renewed?"

"The world has a point where an event happens that decimates it, and I use my powers to bring it back, but that is all I do. The world then evolves as it always does, but each time it does history is different than the time before. While some items still linger from one rebirth of the world to the next, nothing more remains."

"So how do I atone for what I have done in my era?"

"You spent your everlasting life trying to end the Lucis family line, and now it is time for you to restart it once again."

"But how am I to achieve that since the family line has been dead for countless years?"

And right before his eyes, there was a small flash of light and out of it was the Ring of the Lucii. Ardyn took it in his hands and saw images of all the eras that had come and gone. There was an era of pirates that ate cursed fruit that gave them powers but at the cost of their ability to swim. There was an era where supernatural creatures ran rampant and yet there were various organizations that fought against them, with the best of them being known as Hellsing. There was an era of time fractures and demons known as Oni that threatened all of mankind, and yet mankind won in the end. So many eras had passed, and each one amazed him to see the world overcome so much countless times.

"With this ring, you are to find the boy who is worthy of wielding its power for himself and train him in its use. Only after the training is complete, will your curse be lifted and the death you have wished for so long will be granted to you." Said the voice as a portal of bright light appeared before Ardyn.

"And how am I going to find the one worthy to wear this ring?"

"Let the ring guide you towards the one it chooses to wield it."

And with that being said, the light engulfed Ardyn and sent him on his journey to find the rightful successor to the power of the Lucian empire...

(Forest of Death)

Naruto was still crying as he silently prayed for some form of happiness in his life, and yet his prayers weren't being responded to. He had all but given up hope when he heard something in the bushes that was outside the tree. His body stiffened up, but he would face whatever came his way and submit to whatever fate was in store for him.

Out of the bushes came a cute little fox with white fur, with red rings and what appeared to be a halo on its head and what appeared to be a small red bag on its back. It also had two red tipped tails swishing behind it. The creature walked up towards Naruto and sat down right in front of him.

"Hello there little guy," said Naruto who didn't move since he didn't want to scare the creature.

"Cyuuee" said the creature in return while looking at his bandaged arm in a sling.

"My arm," said Naruto, who somehow could understand what the creature was saying in its tongue like there was a mental link of some sort, "I was hurt by someone who I at one time considered family. But recently I was told differently just recently."


"Heal me," asked Naruto in confusion, "how can you do that?"

It was at that point that the creature began to glow and a ring of light appeared around them. Naruto felt a strange power enter his body and felt it head towards every one of his cuts and bruises, even the ones on his face. While the cuts healed, they still remained on his face to appear more like whiskers than they were before. He also felt his arm heal as the burnt skin became renewed. The torn nerve in his arm reattaching itself so that he could move his arm once more. Soon the glowing stopped and he was fully healed of everything that was wrong with him.

"What are you," asked Naruto since he had never seen or even heard of a creature like this one with the power to heal people. "and how is it that I can understand you?"


"Because you want me to? That seems kind of farfetched but I am someone who keeps an open mind. But what kind of creature are you? You appear to be a fox, but foxes don't really have the power to heal people like you just did."


"A Tenko? I have never heard of them, but I believe you since I am seeing you right now. And thank you once more for healing me from what has happened. I prayed for help and you came to me like some sort of guardian angel. That's it! I will name you Angel! Would you like that?"

"Cyu-ee," said Angel as she did a backflip in glee.

"That settles it then. You are now named Angel."


"My plans? Well it has become apparent that I am no longer welcome here, nor was I ever welcome for that matter. MY plans are to leave here and find a sensei who will train me to become stronger. And now that my arm is healed thanks to you I can fight at full strength."


"Leave right now? I would, but I have to get something before I go. It's known as the Forbidden Scroll and it is full of many powerful jutsu made by some of the strongest shinobi ever."


"Yeah I know it will make people hunt me down, but they ruined my life up to this point, so I will take it as a means of payment for all they put me through. I would try to take it now, but I plan to do it in a few days as the people are celebrating the Kyuubi Festival and my, or the Hokage's family is partying the night away."


"Then we will set out on our journey, so be prepared to leave soon."

"Cyu-ee!" Said Angel before she did a backflip and disappeared in a puff of smoke. In her place was an elaborate pin that looked like a two dimensional version of her sleeping. Naruto picked up the pin and nearly dropped it in shock, since as soon as he picked it up, his arm became invisible. He quickly checked himself out and saw that his entire body has become invisible as well. This was perfect, he would be able to steal the Forbidden Scroll far easier this way. And now all he had to do was wait until the festival was in full swing to make his escape...

(Days later – Kyuubi Festival, Nighttime)

Naruto made his way through the crowds of people on his way towards the Hokage Tower. He was using Angel's power in her pin form to easily remain undetected by anyone as he made his way. So far everything was going as planned, and no one had seen him go by. It wasn't until he was a few blocks away from the tower that he stopped. He saw his father talking to an elderly man with a cane and his head was bandaged over one of his eyes. He wouldn't have cared what those two were saying if it wasn't for the fact that he heard them say his name in their conversation, so he decided to investigate what they were talking about.

"So are things going as planned," asked Minato to the elderly man.

"They are," said the man, "as we speak, my Root Shinobi are tracking Naruto down so that he can be trained into a useful shinobi. Last we saw of him, he was heading into the Forest of Death, so it should be easy to capture him. Especially with the injury to his arm that your other son inflicted onto him."

"Never refer to that weak little boy as my blood," said Minato in anger, "Someone who has no use to my plans needs to be put down, and by turning him into a mindless drone for your Root program, at least he will be of some use at least once before he dies. So find him Danzo. Find him and convert him now. The sooner the better."

"As you wish," said Danzo with a slight grin on his face.

Naruto couldn't stand to hear any more of this conversation. So he quickly left and continued to towards his destination. When he arrived, he saw that there was nobody around and headed inside towards the Hokage's office. Once inside, he went immediately for the safe that contained the Forbidden Scroll that was hidden behind the picture of the Third Hokage.

He easily broke through the seals that protected the safe since they were meant to keep out fully grown shinobi. No one would expect a child to even attempt to steal the Forbidden Scroll, so there wasn't really a defense for it. But before he grabbed the scroll, he saw a folder that had a picture of him clipped to the front of it. He grabbed it and opened it up. What he read inside of it only made him far more infuriated then he had ever been in his entire lifetime.

According to the file in his hand, the reason he was hated by his family was due to some prophesy that was to come to pass sometime in the future. The prophesy went as this:

Triplets born of woman red,

Two versus one until one side is dead,

One side strong with demonic power,

The other while weak will never cower.

One side will fight, the shinobi way they will keep,

The other side will see to it that their ways are put forever asleep.

But heed this warning for while one side will be powerful from the demon inside,

The other side will be trained by one long forgotten who will be his guide.

For the return of the Mad King who was at one point loved,

Turned away by the people whose love for him to the back of their hearts they shoved.

His return is imminent, and the fate of the Elemental Countries,

Will depend on who in the future will lead his armies.

It then went on to highlight that they believed that his siblings were the side of two mentioned in the prophesy, and they were mistreating him to make him weak, since that way they could manipulate the outcome. If he was kept weak and locked up in the village like they were planning to do, then there would be no 'Mad King' to train him. It was then in that moment that he decided to find this 'Mad King' from the prophecy and have him train him. Once he was strong enough, he will do as it says and make sure that the shinobi ways were destroyed permanently.

So he took the scroll from the safe and closed it behind him. He made his way out of the village as quickly as possible. He made it just in time too, since Angel could only use her powers for so long before she couldn't hold the invisibility anymore. And now we are caught up to the present, but during their journey away from the village, they encountered a group of Root shinobi that had managed to track him down by his sent they got from the tree he had been living in for a few days. Naruto was able to avoid capture due to the survival training Anko gave him kicking in. He was glad that she had taken the time to teach him these things and was sad that he had to leave her behind with nothing more than a note stating that he while he was leaving the village that he would still keep his promise to her and set her free from her curse mark.

Naruto was able to evade everything they threw at him, but he knew that if they had been trying to kill him they would have succeeded by now. There were a few close calls, but the thickness of the Forbidden Scroll helped block a few attacks from hitting him. Since they were ordered to capture him alive for conversion into a Root shinobi. They were just bidding their time until he was worn out and would be easy to capture.

Naruto kept running from his attackers, but he wasn't paying any attention to where he was going and ran into someone along the road. He was standing in front of a middle-aged man with red-violet hair, amber eyes, and strong facial features. He was dressed in a long, black jacket that had a white and gray trim, and matching trousers. He wore a red scarf and a hooded, gray and white mantle. The man wore a black fedora and a wing like accessory on his left arm.

"Careful there young man," said the strange man in front of him, "you really need to watch where you are going."

"Step away from the boy," said one of the Root shinobi, "he is to come with us and become a shinobi for our master Danzo."

"Please help me," said Naruto in terror to the man.

"What seems to be going on here," said the man.

"Step away from the boy, or we will use force, This has nothing to do with you."

"That is where I must disagree with you," said the man, "when there is a small frightened child being chased by a dozen grown adults. It seems fairly suspicious."

"Last chance to walk away."

"Well then if you insist on going that route," said the man before he quickly tripped Naruto before he summoned forth the Royal arm Star of the Rouge, a large wind shuriken, and threw it at a curve. The weapon sliced through all the shinobi except for one that had been quick enough to dodge the attack. The man caught the Star and dispelled it away. The last Root shinobi began to run away in retreat but before he got very far, the man summoned up the Royal Arm the Bow of the Clever, a big crossbow and fired a cross bolt that soared through the air and pierced through the Root shinobi's neck, causing him to bleed to death as the arrow vanished from the wound making the hole unblocked.

"Thank you stranger," said Naruto as he got up and dusted himself off.

"It was no trouble at all young man," said the man, "now could you explain to me why those men were chasing you?"

So Naruto told him the story of his life up to this point. He told him everything, including the crippling attack on him that had been healed by Angel, who had caught back up with him as he was being chased. He made sure that she escaped just so on the off chance he was captures, she could help him escape somehow in the future. He even told the stranger about the prophecy that he read and how he was searching for the so called 'Mad King' to help train him.

'This was far easier than I thought to find the chosen one apparently,' thought the stranger.

"Can I ask a strange favor from you," asked the stranger.

"Depends on the favor," said Naruto with a look of confusion on his face.

"I have been looking for a person that can wield the power of a ring in my possession. The ring chooses the wielder and I have been searching for a while for the one who is destined to wear it. Since you are apparently a part of some prophesy, I think you may be the one person capable to use it."

"Ok," said Naruto as he was handed the Ring of the Lucii. As he held it in his hand, he could feel as if the power within it was calling to him to use its power. That he was born to wear it. So he put it on and was immediately bombarded with the memories of kings past and the knowledge of magical powers lost to time. It was in that moment that Naruto's true destiny began. It was the birth of an Emperor...

"Seems like you are the chosen one," said the stranger, "and to continue with the good news, I am the so called 'Mad King; your prophecy spoke of."


"Without any doubt. My name is Ardyn Lucis Caelum, known as the Mad King where I was from. Now I am here to train you in the power you now possess so that you can fulfill your destiny. For now you have the power of a King within you, in a way you are now reborn. While at one time you were Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, they cast you aside without a name. Now you have a new name to call your own. Rise Naruto Lucian, the new founder of the Lucian family as well as the new emperor of this world."

"New emperor," said Naruto in a thinking pose, "I like the sound of that."

"Then come with me," said Ardyn as he held out his hand towards Naruto, "and I will show you the way to ultimate power."

Naruto accepted his offer without a moment's hesitation...

(A/N: Just so you know, there will be a few changes to this world of Naruto. One is that the Hyuga incident never happened so Neji's father is still alive, and the Uchiha Massacre never happens since Minato helped calm down the people. Also there will be a harem as well as multiple crossover's from other series, both anime as well as books and cartoons. The only person from the Naruto Universe who will be in the harem will be Ryuzetsu since I promised a fan of my other story that I would do it, and I keep my promises.)

Tenko – Toukiden series

Ardyn – Final Fantasy 15