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Twenty five years….

Twenty five years of glorious peace had been established for the Lucian Empire. The lands of the west as well as the east were no longer separated, but united as one continent with a single ruler since the wall that separated the two masses of land was destroyed once the east was conquered. Naruto was a wise and well-loved ruler within his kingdom. His children grew up to become major influential people, with both his sons becoming soldiers to become strong so as to defend their home from anything the world might throw at them, while his daughters both sought another path to life.

One of his daughters became a renowned professor at the university, and even though her mother was a warrior at heart, she was still very proud that her daughter was doing well in the world. The other daughter became a roaming medic, since she wanted to travel around and yet still help others as she did so. Naruto still remembered when his daughter brought her boyfriend, who later became her fiancé, to meet him. The boy was an utter wreck since he was so very nervous about it. But in the end Naruto talked with the young man and told him everything was fine, just as long as he didn't hurt his daughter in either a physical or an emotional manner. And if he were to do that, well… Naruto made his point by clicking his fingers and having the man surrounded by Shadow Khan. This only made the boy nervous once more, but he was alright all the same…

It had taken five years to fully colonize the eastern lands after all those who had resided there were dead and gone. And after they had finished colonizing that section of the country, they began to wonder about the rest of the world. So with that in mind they began the construction of many naval ships equipped with things to help survive long voyages. They would have used airships but they thought about it and decided that introducing themselves to other people in flying machines was probably not the best idea.

Once the ships were finished and read to sail, many people volunteered and signed up for their expeditions. Little by little the world became known to them and a full map was able to be made. Over the years they had established friendly ties and trade with various people, from tribes of those who were less civilized, to those who were and just didn't have the technology that Naruto's empire had. And with his people's help they were able to advance these people beyond what they themselves were able to. And so far things were going fairly well with the world with alliances made, one of which was made via political marriage with his son and the princess of another kingdom. They loved one another, so there wasn't any issue there.

Yet eventually they had found trouble as they explored the last bit of the world. Here they met a king who was massive in size. While he was open to discussion of an alliance, he was only willing to do so with Naruto himself, who he invited to his kingdom along with his wives. He was only able to bring Shion with him since the others were pregnant again. Once they arrived, things went downhill very fast. The king had his guards tear off Shion's clothes in preparation for using her for his personal use. Naruto grew pissed that the man had the balls to do that to his woman, who even though she wasn't his official wife, they still loved each other and had a daughter together. Naruto quickly dispatched the guards who attempted to subdue him and stabbed the king in the chest for his insolence.

Yet it was then that Naruto was trapped in a glyph of dark magic, and he was forced to watch as the king pulled the sword out of his chest and the wound healed near instantly. He laughed as he saw Naruto on the ground and explained how things worked in his kingdom. He had made allies with the kingdoms of the surrounding islands via political marriages, and yet when their guards were down he conquered them all by enticing the men's lust. He claimed that under his rule the act of rape was legal since he wanted soldiers and by doing so their numbers would go up. So whenever a leader showed up to offer him an alliance of any sort, he would invite the leader and their wives so that he would have another woman for his personal harem while he disposed of the husband after forcing them to watch their wives be defiled to the point that their mind was broken.

He also went on to explain that he had used dark magic to combine his body with various now extinct animals that were able to survive so many things along with long life spans. With their combined genetics his body was capable of near instant regeneration as well as halting his aging. He had been alive for the past three hundred years, and all form of resistance fighters had been killed over his long reign. As he heard this, Naruto's anger only grew as he heard how tyrannical this man really was. It was then that Naruto slammed his hand down and used a seal to shatter the glyph keeping him down. He got to his feet to the shock of the king since this was the way he had been restraining the husbands of the women he had defiled over the years and not a single one of them had ever broken free of it. Naruto looked at this king with all the rage in his heart, pointed at the man and Doomed him. He waited the several seconds it took for the man's soul to be ripped from his body, since even though he had altered his body to achieve some grotesque means of immortality, even never thought that someone would rip his soul out.

Naruto had taken Shion back to the ship and consoled her the entire trip back, and when they returned home they received another message from the kingdom that they had just came back from. It would seem that the man had a son who was the oldest out of all the bastard children he had sired over the years. While Naruto had hoped that the son would be better than his father and learn from the man's mistakes, but that was not the case. The boy was just as tyrannical as his father, if not twice as such. He sent a warning along with demands of Naruto and his Empire. He warned that his mages would attack and kill people in his empire until he not only surrendered his throne, but his wives, concubines, and daughters as well. Naruto sent the messenger's head back as a response.

A week later, a large beam of light was seen off in the distance. When Naruto went to go look to see the damage done, there he saw a small town had been blasted and those who lived within it burned alive. Naruto and his men all took the time to bury these people, and it was when they were nearly done that he saw something that enraged him to the very core of his being. It was the bracelet that his son had won for his younger medic sister during a festival years ago, one that she kept through the years as a good luck charm. It was because of this that he knew that it was his daughter that had perished in the attack upon their lands.

A memorial service was held for those who fell, with a wall made with the names of all who lived in the now destroyed village. Once it was done, the armies of their lands set forth for the king's land. The newly anointed king had expected a surrender once the attack was made, but was shocked that Naruto had replied with a declaration of war instead. The fighting lasted only a week and a half since the king's forces had only medieval weapons with few magical users. The reason that they had been the dominant force for so many years was due to sheer numbers over power itself.

The king had been forced to his knees as Naruto himself had been forced to not too long ago. And he was killed via bullet to the head by the sister of the daughter that had been killed due to the king's order. Naruto then took it upon himself to set the women who had been enslaved and raped for the vast majority of their lives. While the amount of mental trauma was too great to break them free from since magic and drugs had been used to break their minds, he had his brightest find a way to fix them enough to function. Yet even when they were fixed, prostitution was still all they knew, so Naruto helped them make it a business. He made their now destroyed kingdom into a land of sin and debauchery with brothels all over and casinos and the like all throughout. Word spread around the world and many people made their ways there to sin their heads off, since it became a place where one can escape to to fulfil their fantasies without questions since if you looked hard enough there were people who would do what you wanted if you paid enough.

Now Naruto stands and looks at the memorial that commemorates the lost souls in the magical strike. He stood there with his wives as an elderly man in his sixties, as they said a silent prayer to them, and then left for the airship that would take them home, since he still had a few things left to teach his son so that he could pass on the title of Emperor to him in the coming weeks…

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