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She traced her fingers over the scar on her left arm. The jaggered line of tainted skin was still red even though the stitches had come out months ago. 102 was the magic number, she shouldn't have been surprised that it took so many stitches to close the gaping wound, the pink scar stretched from her shoulder to her elbow. The young woman let out a shudder at the numb sensation.

Breeze cuddled her legs closer to her body. She didn't want to go to work today, then again she didn't want to go to work any day. The young woman let her hair fall around her, acting as a comforting blanket against her bare skin. She wished she was a millionaire that could buy an endless amount of luscious things and never have to work a day in her life. She sighed at the city around her, she wasn't a millionaire, she left most of her money in Magnolia and living in Crocus isn't cheap. The capital of Fiore had magnificent buildings and studio apartments, like the quaint one she now called home. But life was so much harder, facing the responsibilities of being a normal, being an everyday citizen had appealed to her before. But now she had it, she longed for her old life back.

Things however, were not that easy so she had no choice but to get a job and act like a normal functioning member of society. Even though she wouldn't admit it to a beautiful day like this one, she was glad to have something to waste her days something to keep her mind from wandering too far.

She stood from her bed and unwrapped herself from the soft towel. The exposure left her body to feel the cool morning air, coming in from her fifth story window. She collected her garments of clothing and walked swiftly to her bathroom, the small space was still slightly muggy from her hot shower.

Slipping on her lace panties and bra, the same feeling hit her, as it did each morning. The pit opened up in her stomach, when she saw her bare chest. The Fairy Tail insignia was gone, and it had been for a little over a year now. Her hand traced over the bare skin above her breast and she watched her hazy reflection do the same. Breeze would repeat this every morning, watching the blank tanned flesh starring harshly back at her. Mistakes were made. She had regrets. But she couldn't go back to fix them, it was too late for that.

With a new life, comes a new style. Breeze's blonde hair was now a light brown, a look that was easily reversible with a few packets of DIY hair-dye, it just changed her enough so she wouldn't be noticed by a stranger. The packet had said "Chocolate brown" which prompted her to swiftly find the confectionery isle after placing the dye in her basket. She also wore a knee-length summer dress most days, the colour of a cherry blossom. Pairing with the dress, even on the warm days, she would wear a wool cardigan to hide the gruesome scar that took up most of her left arm. She hated the stares and the invasive questions from acquaintances.

"Oh I am sorry my dear!" An old lady caused Breeze to stumble forwards, hitting the girl with her trolley. The young woman had to blink a few times to register what had just happened. It wasn't uncommon however in the busy streets, you could quite easily be knocked off your feet by a man late for work, or an impatient old lady with a trolley... Breeze turned around and assured the old lady that she was fine, even though the lady seemed not to mind either way. Her grey eyes followed the hermit-like woman as she scuttled off down the street, soon blending into the crowd. She was almost grateful that the lady had knocked her out of her trance, like most days she barely remembered eating breakfast and leaving the apartment. Like most days she couldn't remember if she turned off the stove after making french toast, or locking her door on the way out. But like every day she didn't return home early to check.

The now-brunette sighed as she reached her workplace among the busy main street of Crocus. A soft chime of the door bell rung in her ears as she entered and the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods welcomed her. Personally she didn't like coffee. It was bitter to her, even with spoons of sugar and cream, but the smell had grown to become one of the small things that made her feel at home in this new city. Somehow it was reassuring and comforting.

"Good morning Emily!" a voice greeted. Breeze looked up from her feet to see a familiar face, Cindy the barista. Cindy was sweet, and Breeze liked her, not enough however to mention her real name. Cindy had gotten confused the first day Breeze came to work, since then everyone had started calling her Emily. Breeze figured it wasn't a bad thing, New life, new style, new name?

"Good morning Cindy" Breeze smiled, and picked up a red apron. Her long brown hair had already been put up in a braid, one Cindy had shown her during a lunch break a few months back.

"I like your hair" Cindy grinned, as she frothed some milk for a customer's coffee. The petite red-head was full of energy and loved to keep up with the latest trends, often chatting about them while the two worked.

Breeze felt no need to reply to the girl, instead she moved straight over to the counter and started putting together a scone dough.

The day flew by, like it usually did. People came and went, said 'hello' and 'thank you'. Nothing was different. So as Breeze finished up her shift at the cafe, she decided to take the long way home.

Breeze's fifth story apartment happened to be on the same street as her work, so when the days are short and boring, sometimes she would mix it up with a scenic tour. Pulling her cardigan closer to her, she strolled down the road, towards the forest.

As the brunette walked down the gravel road she could hear the noise of the city become quite, and the noise of her footsteps became clearer. She smiled to herself as she took in a breath of fresh air, the air put a spring in her step as she powered on to her favourite place.

Breeze took in another deep breath, she had made it. Not that walking 2 miles was a task, but she had started to learn that she needed to appreciate the smaller things in life. About ten minutes away from the city was a clearing in the forest. It was surrounded by pine trees and in the centre was one large oak. Breeze stumbled upon it on one of her rare morning jogs. Morning jogging was something she tried once or twice, but quickly decided it wasn't for her. But if it wasn't for her attempt she wouldn't have found this place. She found it fascinating that an oak so large was surrounded by none of it's kind. She knew that there was a metaphor somewhere in that, but she didn't wish to think too much about it.

She rolled her head side to side gently, whilst leaning against the bark of the oak. Her eyes were closed and she just let the smell of pine lull her into a content state. This was one of the only times Breeze really felt at peace, there were no people, no boring conversation or disappointing distractions. It reminded her of the earlier days in her life, when she lived in solitude by choice.

Hours went by before she realised the sun was starting to set.

Breeze pushed herself from her seat and was ready to head back to her home, when she heard a noise. More precisely, voices. Alarmed by the sudden presences approaching, her first instinct was to flee. She grabbed her knee-length dress in handfuls, helping her to rush quickly into the forest that surrounded the clearing.

With a relieved sigh, she straightened out her dress and continued her flee in the form of a leisurely stroll. Her eyes wandered around the ground that passed under her feet. She asked herself why she got out of there in such a hurry. It's not like I have anything to hide, it was most likely a bunch of hikers returning home for dinner. Or maybe a traveler from another town.

Maybe she didn't want her secret place to be ruined by another, in her mind that peaceful place was her own. Breeze felt a soft smile creep onto her face, it was a place where she felt safe. As she walked she played with the soft fabric of her dress. Breeze started humming a soft tune to herself, she wasn't sure what it was from, most likely a radio advert of some sort, but it paired nicely with her mood.

"I like that song too" A deep voice mused, sending Breeze's heart into a frenzy. The man's voice had alarmed her.

The poor girl happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as an arm shot out and wrapped itself around her neck.

The sudden jolt made Breeze's eyes shoot open wide in fear. She was swept off of her feet, her body was swung around until it came to a sudden halt. A loud thud echoed through Breeze's body as her back collided with a man's chest and a cool blade was dragged against the soft skin above her collar bone. The brunette could feel her heart beating in her ears.

Breeze let out a cry, instantly being silenced by a tighten of the choke-hold she was in.

She couldn't see her attacker, but as her back hit his chest she could tell he was fit and tall. However what she could see was in front of her. Three people. The voices from before. From the way they stood, they seemed to be looking for the guy that happened to have her stuck.

"Wh-hat's happening?!" Her strained voice came out as merely a whisper. One second she was walking, minding my own damn business, the next she was being held by a rather strong man, and on display in front of-

"It's okay, we'll save you, it's okay" One of the three made eye contact with Breeze. The blonde's chocolate eyes failed to light up with that look of recognition. Though after a moment, Breeze's did. She let out another cry as she struggled in the man's grip, the group in front of her collectively cringed in empathy for the innocent girl.

"I didn't think he'd stoop so low as to use prisoners" A raven haired man hissed, as he took a battle stance.

Breeze couldn't say she was surprised, she knew she couldn't hide from them forever. She knew the three people that stood before her. An Ice Make mage, a Celestial mage and a Dragon Slayer.

"Stop squirmin' kid or I will slit your throat" her captor whispered in her ear, causing a shiver of disgust to shoot down her spine.

"Just let the girl go!" Gajeel called.

"Yeah, get off her you creep!" Gray yelled, Ice began to form in his hand.

All three of her past friends looked at her as they would a stranger. They didn't realise, they didn't know who she was. Breeze's eyes dropped to the ground, maybe this was fate telling her they had moved on. Deep down she was glad, but deeper down it hurt. She knew her appearance had changed slightly, and normally Breeze wouldn't be caught in a situation like this, but her friends still didn't notice the resemblance.

She briefly remembered the aftermath of the attack on Lucifer, she mainly remembered all of the crying. The despair that everyone felt, the despair that she had caused...

Her current thoughts were interrupted by the blade that was held to her. Breeze involuntarily flinched when the serrated steel nicked at the flesh of her neck. She could feel a warm trickle of blood make its way down her chest, staining the deep collar of her dress.

"I call thee, Gate of the Lion! Leo!" Lucy called, lifting a golden key into the air. A familiar chime filled the forest and from the light stood a well-mannered man. "I am here, my princess"

Loke's cool charm was always refreshing to Breeze. She would never forget the day that he had saved her life. And apparently neither had he.

"That crook needs to be taught a lesson. We are going to teach him" Lucy hissed, her hand grabbed for her whip, giving it a crack to show she was ready when he was.

The lion spirit made eye contact with the young woman in peril and his eyes widened slightly. He didn't have the thought to say it aloud, but he was sure that knew the girl stuck in the crook's arms. He could tell by her grey eyes.

"Let's go Lucy" Lucy looked over at Loke, a confused look in her eyes. Loke's mannerisms had changed in moments, he was hunched and ready for battle. She had only seen him like this when they were on their last legs, when the situation demanded their all.

Lucy nodded, remembering that an innocent life was at stake and they owed it to her to save her. Gray and Gajeel prepared themselves, but they waited for Lucy to make the first move, something that had become more common in the jobs they did together.

With a new and improved speed, Lucy took off, leaving nothing but a trail of dust in her wake. Before he had the chance, Lucy knocked the blade from the crook's hand, causing him to jump back. Breeze was pushed forward in a ditch attempt to stop Lucy from reaching the man. Lucy jumped to the side narrowly avoiding being hit by the human shield.

Breeze was caught before her face has the chance to kiss the ground.

"Loke stay and look after her, this guy had his chance to come peacefully. We will be back" Lucy yelled over her shoulder. Gray and Gajeel followed her lead, both giving Loke a look of support as they ran past him.

The two could hear footsteps become quite and the silence quickly became unbearably loud.

Breeze was placed gently on the plush grass, she scrambled to her feet quite ungracefully to face the man. Loke didn't give her a chance to brush her dress out as she would have liked. The Celestial spirit engulfed her in a hug, one that caused Breeze's eyes to fill with tears. Sometimes the motion of a hug, such a simple gesture, can mean so much.

"I am so glad you're okay" Loke mumbled into the brunette's hair. The two weren't as close as they could have been, but Loke would be forever grateful for what she had done for Lucy that day at the GMG. As Breeze will be forever grateful for what Loke had done for her.

The Spirit pulled Breeze out of the hug, keeping a light hold on her arms. "They don't know..." he stated with soft, apologetic eyes. She simply shook her head, too afraid to speak. She was scared if she tried, nothing would come out at all.

Loke watched over the girl as she thought to herself. He knew how much she was missed back in the Fairy Tail guild, he could see the look on Lucy's face when she went to talk about Breeze, but stopped herself short. And standing here, with Breeze in front of him, he could feel how much she missed them.

"Do you want them to?" Loke let his hands slide down her arms until they returned to his side. Breeze shrugged, still trying to stop her tears from falling. As she shrugged, her cardigan fell from her left shoulder, revealing the scar she tried every day to hide.

Loke gave her a look of pity, he understood why she left. He really did. But like a broken record, every time Breeze was put through a hardship, one that most couldn't live through, she fled. Leaving behind an emptiness that could only be filled by her return. He saw both sides.

"Breeze you need to come home..." As Loke said her name aloud, she realised that was the first time she had heard it in a long time. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"I-I can't." She choked, trying to avert her eyes anywhere but the man in front of her.

"Why?..." Breeze's eyes widened as she heard a voice from behind her and Loke, her stomach dropped.

Lucy stood with Gray, only meters away from them. Gajeel had left the two, taking the crook to the authorities. He would later to return home to Levy.

Breeze turned, but she didn't see much for long. A force hit her on her left cheek. It took a moment for it to sink in, but Lucy had just slapped her. The blonde had no control over the tears that were flowing out of her eyes, but she had full control over her hands.

Breeze fell to her knees and looked up through cloudy eyes as Lucy laid another slap. Loke and Gray could do nothing but watch, the whole situation stunning them to the core.

"I-I'm sorry" Breeze spat out blood from biting her cheek. Lucy stood over her best friend, panting. "You should be!" Another slap. "You left me again!" Another. " After everything we went through YOU LEFT ME!" Lucy's hand came down at full speed, Breeze even flinched, preparing herself for the impact, but she was surprised when her bloody palm barely scraped the skin of her cheek.

Lucy fell down in a heap, matching Breeze's slumped position. "Why?" she cried.

Breeze couldn't answer, partially due to the blood pooling in her mouth, but mostly because she couldn't find the words. Never in a million years did she expect Lucy to hit her, never did she expect her to be distraught enough to need to. All Breeze could do was pull the blonde into a hug and tell her how sorry she was...

Gray pulled away from Breeze and kissed her gently on her bruised cheek. She gave him a soft smile as he watched her like she was going to disappear again. Breeze sat down on her couch and everyone followed. Loke decided it was best that he stay until he felt Lucy was in a good place, so he sat in the stand-alone armchair next to the couch. Gray had taken a seat on the coffee table, feeling the need to be close to Breeze. Lucy sat next to Breeze on the couch. The seats hadn't been used by anyone besides Breeze, her apartment hadn't seen any visitors in the year she had lived in it.

"Lucy did you a good one eh?" Loke piped, being the only one to keep a level head in this situation.

Breeze smiled, lifting a hand up to her swollen cheeks. "Yeah, she's pretty strong"

Lucy laughed half-hardheartedly, in hindsight she wasn't proud of what she had done, but in the moment it was what she needed to do.

"So B? why don't you start from the beginning?" Gray prompted, giving her a look of encouragement.

Breeze nodded, and looked over her two friends sadly. She hadn't told anyone the reason behind her quick departure, she rehearsed what she would say to Makarov when she returned to Fairy Tail. Her reflection however didn't seem to respond well to what she had to say and as weeks turned into months she decided they were better off without her. But now here they are, wanting to know every detail of the last year.

Breeze took a deep breath, "After... what happened I-I... lost my magic. I don't know how, or why. All I know is at the time I felt so pathetic and useless that I just... left" Lucy's hands flew to her mouth, trying to stifle her shocked gasp. Gray held onto Breeze's hands tightly, giving her silent support.

The day she woke up in the infirmary was when she realised there was nothing. No Dragon Slayer abilities, no Dragon Soul, not even and Ice make magic that she had learnt.

"I lost my Dragon Slayer power, senses, everything. I-I don't hear her anymore, Arashi, s-she's gone. I know that leaving was selfish, but I thought staying in a Wizard guild with no magic was worse. I would have been holding everyone back and relying on all of you. I was lost and scared. It honestly just felt like the right thing to do. Especially since it was my fault that he..."

Gray squeezed her hand once more, as she couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence. Lucy put her hand on top of Gray's. "It wasn't your fault, he knows that"

"It was, of course it was! I should have never been so selfish to think we could kill someone who is immortal. I was stupid. We went into that battle completely blind, if I had planned it better-, if he hadn't had shown up..." Breeze looked down at her lap and said what she couldn't for the last year.

"It's my fault Natsu is dead..."

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