"She doesn't know?" Makarov whispered.

"No. At this point I don't think anyone wants to tell her, she seems... happy" Gray sighed, looking out Master's office window down at Lucy and Breeze who are sparring on the back lawn. The two blondes smiled and laughed as they traded hits. Lucy dodged a swing from Breeze and followed it up by a jab to the stomach, causing the former Dragon Slayer to fall to the ground in winded laughter. They had been going at it for a while, they started quite seriously but as it went on it turned more into a game.

"He will come back any day now, today even. We should prepare her" Master joined Gray at the window.

"We need to focus on returning her magic, Porlyusica said it wasn't permanent" The Ice make mage had urgency in his voice, the reason as to why confused the old man.

"She also said it may take years for the blockage to move, it's a waiting game.-"

"When Wendy returns we will get her to take a look, hopefully she can heal it, or whatever" Gray turned away from the window and took a few steps until he was in the middle of the room, "We can't let her leave again..." he said over his shoulder.

Makarov sighed and looked down at the girl he calls his granddaughter "I know".

"Okay, maybe what we need is for you to meditate!" Lucy twirled around, the blonde was heading for her drink bottle, but her ingenious idea was more important.

Breeze raised an eyebrow, she can't say she has ever meditated in her whole life, she wouldn't even know where to start.

"Capricorn is great with this stuff, he might even know a way to get rid of your blockage!" Lucy cheered, as she continued her way to her things.

"And you have only just thought of this now?" Breeze laughed, sitting down on the plush green grass. Lucy slumped her shoulders "Well so much was going on before, I didn't have time to think"

As she picked up her chain, with her keys attached she spotted the Goat Spirit's key immediately. "I call thee, Gate of the Goat, Capricorn!"

Breeze watched as a golden light filled the area behind the guild, bathing every surface with the beautiful colour. Once the light faded, a tall goat dressed and a suit appeared. "I can't say I am ever going the get used to that" Breeze sighed in awe.

"Capricorn, Breeze has an issue, we were hoping you could help?" Lucy asked, taking a seat to Breeze's left.

"Yes, Leo had informed me that you had lost your powers. In most mages that is impossible, let alone a Dragon Slayer. So I assume we are dealing with a blockage?" Capricorn's voice was proper yet kind, he seemed to be rather intelligent as well.

Lucy nodded. "Hmm, I may have a way to fix that, but it will not be instant" The Goat Spirit sighed.

Breeze didn't need to think about her answer, "I'll do it, please help me" Her gray eyes shone as she pleaded, Capricorn met her with laughter. "My dear you do not have to plea, of course I will help you"

"What are you guys up to?" Gray asked as he walked up to the three. He had left Master Makarov's office and come straight down to the girls, he was a little shocked to see Capricorn was here.

"I~thought of a brilliant idea!" Lucy cheered, pumping her hands up in the air and dancing as well as one could while sitting down.

"Why didn't you think of it earlier?" Gray sighed as he sat down to Breeze's right.

"That's what I said!" Breeze exclaimed.

Lucy fell back in the grass with an exasperated sigh, looking up to the blue sky. "You guys are so mean to me" she whispered to a grin that shone bright

Breeze was laying down on a bed in the guild's infirmary. The bed had been moved into the middle of the room, with a clear path cleared around it. Breeze was taking deep breaths but she couldn't help the butterflies that flew around her stomach like it was a flower-filled playground.

"Breeze I need you to close your eyes and clear your mind" Capricorn said softly, his hands were placed either side Breeze's head.

The room had been filled with candles and calming essences, Lucy and Gray were the only other two people in the room, but there were many more just outside the door wondering about Capricorn's 'voodoo magic' as Cana called it. Capricorn was just planning on locating the blockage, to try and find out the best course of removing it. The Goat Spirit had also mentioned that this can happen when mages try and use too much magic at once, for Breeze that would have been using the conversion spell on Natsu, once he had already passed.

Breeze of course did as Capricorn said, she let her eyes flutter closed, but clearing her mind was harder than she thought. After a few moments passed Breeze could feel the sides of her head tingle from the magic that Capricorn was using, she started to wonder what he was seeing.

Lucy and Gray watched on, giving each other looks every now and then. Gray was sceptical, he wasn't convinced that something like this would help. However his train of thought was interrupted when the air in the room began to move.

"What's happening?" Lucy asks, as she looked around the room. Paper began to flutter around and the flames from the candles danced, as wind started to pick up in a room that didn't have an open window. Lucy's eyes shot back to Breeze, "Her magic is coming back, Capricorn you are doing it!"

Lucy's moment of excitement was short-lived as Breeze opened her mouth and let out a horrendous scream. Capricorn sat there as still as a statue, but there was a certain look of concentration on his face. Lucy's hands hovered over Breeze as her body started to jolt around in pain.

"Hold her" Capricorn said sternly, his eyes remaining closed, as Breeze let out another ear-piercing scream. Gray grabbed her hand and her shoulder regretfully pushing her down on the bed. Lucy did the same to her right side.

"What is happening?! Why is she in pain?" Gray called out, but he received no response from Capricorn which enraged him.

Lucy let out a small shriek as all the candles in the room went out, leaving the room pitch black.

"Capricorn..." The Celestial mage's voice had a hint of warning in it, Lucy couldn't help but feel unsafe about this situation.

"Princess I have found a block in her magic stream, it has been building up for so long that it is obviously becoming painful to remove" Capricorn said.

"You said you were just going to have a look?!" Gray cursed, watching the outline of Breeze's body tremble.

Lucy's brows furrowed as she could feel Breeze's skin start to change. Her sun-kissed flesh changed to ocean blue scales and then back to skin. Gray noticed as he held Breeze's hand, that her nails grew longer and shorter, in the same timing as her skin.

"Capricorn we need to finish this now, if she transitions to Dragon Force, we can't stop her" Lucy growled, regretting her, in hindsight, 'not so ingenious' idea.

Capricorn stayed still, but only a moment later his eyes snapped open.

Breeze sat up, letting out an inhuman roar. A golden light emanated from where the goat spirit was sitting, the light let Lucy and Gray watch Breeze collapse back onto the bed in a sweaty heap.

The room stayed dark and quite for a moment. The two conscious people in the room unintentionally holding their breath. The silence was short lived, as Mirajane, Cana and Levy busted through the door, stumbling over each other only moments after entering, not expecting darkness.

Mirajane managed to find the light switch and flicked it on.

All eyes fell onto the girl passed out on the infirmary bed, they all silently wondered if Capricorn had fixed her.

Breeze watched the water run down her body as the hot liquid hit the back of her neck. Her body was aching and it had been since Capricorn's 'ritual'. The Goat Spirit had said that there was nothing he could see, but the tension in the air didn't feel right. He was hiding something, something serious.

As the blonde watched the water swirl around the drain she remembered waking up in Lucy's bed after the ritual. Gray had told her that they had to sedate her, because she was thrashing too much for the ritual to be successful. Breeze couldn't help but think he was lying to her, just like Capricorn was when he said he didn't find anything.

There was something wrong, her body felt off.

A knock on the door snapped the young woman out of her trance, "Lucy just went to the store to get some things for dinner, are you okay in there?" Gray asked through the door. He didn't want to come across as a perv, but she's been in the bathroom for almost an hour now.

Gray's question made Breeze aware of the deep wrinkles on her fingertips and toes, she also couldn't feel the hot water on the back of her neck anymore, and she could only imagine how red it would be.

"I'm fine" Breeze said clearing her throat, "I'll be out in a moment"

She turned around and shut off the taps and let down her hair after stepping from the shower, letting her hair fall around her, bits of it sticking to her wet body. Breeze relished the feeling of a clean towel as she grabbed one from the rack and wrapped it around herself. She took in a deep breath, as she exhaled, her eyes fell closed and her lungs felt fresh and new.

A strange sensation came to her when her eyes opened. The room was clear of steam from her hot shower, there was even a bit of frost on the mirror. She looked at the frown in her reflection, then she looked down to her right palm. Was this her magic returning to her? To test the thought, she whispered the words "Ice Make: Snowflake"

Nothing happened, if anything she felt her palm become warmer. Breeze let out a disappointed sigh, she shouldn't have got her hopes up.

Pushing that to the back of her mind Breeze left the bathroom.

She walked out into Lucy's bed/living room, Breeze had suggested that Lucy should get a bigger apartment, considering how many people crashed there. She promptly replied with a groan and a mumble about how she should start charging rent. In fear of the actually happening, Breeze dropped the subject.

Gray was lounged out on Lucy's couch, the poor little thing wasn't able to hold all of the young man's long limbs. The ice mage looked up from a book, which looked strangely similar to Lucy's diary, it was, and smirked. "Lucy really needs to sort he shit out" referring specifically to a page that may or may not have details of a sexual encounter.

"Anything interesting?" Breeze went to yank the diary out of Gray's hands, but he was too quick. The blonde secured her towel in place and let out a pout.

"Ah, no touching" Gray laughed, holding the book over the back of the couch. Gray wouldn't tell, but a certain pink-haired Dragon Slayer's name was mentioned in here, at least once a page. He was going to have to talk to Lucy about leaving this sort of stuff around. However Lucy stores her diary under all of her underwear in the top draw of her cupboard. So by laying around, he really would mean she just needed a new hiding spot for it.

"Does she know you're reading it?" Lucy smirked over her shoulder as she went to collect some of Lucy's pajamas to sleep in.

Gray couldn't help but let his eyes wander over Breeze, he loved how the towel was straining to hold on around her hips. "hmm, she doesn't know, but she should expect it" he mumbled completely distracted by what was happening in front of him.

"Aw poor Luce" Breeze smiled, but it dropped as soon as she heard her own words. Luce... She cleared her throat "Lucy... I meant poor Lucy."

The Ice mage looked at the young woman's back with sad eyes, a year has passed since she last saw him and she still can't say the nickname he has for Lucy. Gray stood from the couch, placing the diary thoughtlessly open on the cushion next to him. He walked over to the blonde and put a hand on her shoulder, no longer aware of what she was wearing, or more like what she wasn't wearing.

She turned around surprised, but she understood the look in his eyes. It's the look of support, the one that lets you know that it is okay to cry. A sad frown creased her forehead, "I don't cry anymore, I just feel... empty"

Gray smiled, not because the woman in front of him was opening up to him, but because he had thought of a great idea. "How about we take your mind off of it for a little while, maybe help ease the feelings a little" Shamelessly Gray's first though was sex, I mean what man in their right mind wouldn't? But unlike half of those men, he could never do that to a friend.

Breeze couldn't fight Gray's contagious smile "What did you have in mind?"

"Really?" Breeze laughed. She stood next to Gray out the front of a familiar store with a sign that read 'Spa'. It was the same place that Lucy had brought Gray, Breeze and Natsu after the 'Erza boot-camp'.

"Hey where is Erza by the way? I haven't seen her since I got back" Breeze asked as the two entered the store, Gray looked between Breeze and the lady at the front desk. "Uhh, she's on a mission." With Natsu and Happy...

"Spa for two please?" Gray asked the lady at the front desk.

"Of course dears, right this way" Just as she did last time, the kind lady directed the two towards their spa.

"Gray, I know you were trying to cheer me up, but why bring me here?" Breeze asked over the wall dividing the two pools. Her body was immersed in the calming water as she watched the steam slowly rise from its surface.

"Even though you miss him and it hurts, you need to remember the good times you had. Be happy you got to live through those, it makes the bad times not so bad" Gray couldn't help but imagine his mentor Ur when he said that, sometimes he would find himself eating a snow-cone or playing a game of chess. He held onto the good memories so he wouldn't have to focus on the fact she was gone.

Breeze let Gray's words sink in. He was right.

"W-What are you doing?" Gray stammered, his face was already red from the steam, but now it couldn't be helped. Breeze smiled sheepishly "I'm making the bad times not so bad" She said as she sat opposite the pool from him, she couldn't help but notice this pool was slightly cooler than hers. "You're special to me Gray and I feel comfortable with you, this way you can tell me all the things I've missed over the last year without that wall in between us"

The two just talked all afternoon. Gray was telling Breeze about his missions with Lucy and Gajeel, how Lucy was becoming more and more like Erza each day 'a pain in my ass' as he described. You could tell he was proud of her for becoming a stronger mage, both mentally and physically. Gray asked about Breeze's time in Crocus and laughed at her description of Cindy the barista.

Gray and Breeze walked back to Lucy's apartment from the spa, all pruney and relaxed. Breeze stumbled through Lucy's front door in bouts of laughter, as Gray was trying to impersonate a man he had met on a mission in the last year. He couldn't quite get his English accent, but seeing how much it made Breeze smile, he kept trying.

"He was so up himself, but Lucy was in love" Gray wiped a tear from his eye. Breeze was trying to hold her insides together it was starting to hurt with how much she was laughing.

"Gray don't you dare!" Lucy snapped, sticking her head around the corner. The blonde didn't need to know the beginning of the story to know who Gray was talking about. It was an embarrassing time that she'd wish to forget.

Breeze and Gray took their shoes and coats off, sharing the stray giggle here and there, as they walked into the main room of the apartment. They both walked, side by side towards where Lucy had scurried off to and saw something that made their jaws drop.

Lucy had cooked dinner for them. The Celestial mage ran around the dining table, putting down plates and straightening cutlery. The small round table had three chairs placed around it and the food on top of it threatened to spill over.

"I-I thought you were just going to buy some sushi?" Gray spoke, his voice sounding taken back.

"I was! But then I saw all the delicious things..."

"You bought that cookbook didn't you?" Breeze sighed. Lucy had been extremely excited to hear that her favourite author had brought out a new book after 10 years on hiatus. The only catch was that on his 10 year 'spiritual journey' he had become an amateur chef, so his latest book was called 'Recipes of the Wild'. Lucy hadn't bought the book until now, because of the sad fact that Lucy was a hopeless cook. The world knew it and the two people that were about to eat what she had just cooked definitely knew it.

Because Breeze had lost her apartment while being away, she was staying at Lucy's for the meantime, that meant midnight girl chats and deep meaningful conversations about boys (not so much that last one). But one thing Lucy had mentioned a few times was the cookbook.

Breeze let her body shiver as her butt hit the seat at the table. There were numerous plates of food and interesting looking assortments in front of her but she couldn't quite pick what anything was. The food ranged from burnt to sludge and everything in between, but Lucy sat across the table, taking her apron off with a giant grin.

"Dig in!" She cheered, taking a scoop of something for herself. Lucy didn't hesitate to pile her plate with all the things she liked the look of (when she thought back to the pictures in the cookbook). Gray shot Breeze a concerned look, she returned it with brows furrowed.

Hurt Lucy's feelings by not eating it or stomach it until she goes to sleep and most likely end up violently ill... Breeze shoved a fork full of sludge into her mouth. As soon as the flavours hit her tongue, she had to refrain from gagging. "I-It's great Lucy..." Breeze smiled, but Gray couldn't help but notice her face had paled slightly.

Shit. He thought to himself, his eyes moving from Breeze to the burnt-chicken-wing-shaped object on his plate. He picked up his knife and fork, feeling the cool stainless steel on his fingertips. It was a strange sensation for him to be able to feel the cold metal surface, but the sweat that was beading at the back of his neck showed he was nervous. Gray watched the food on his plate, as if it was about to jump up and attack him. He's fought and slain many enemies before, but no one gets past Lucy's cooking and survives, no one but Natsu...

Something clicked in Gray's head as he plunged the knife into the dry tough skin of the chicken wing. He tore the meat off, leaving nothing but the bone. Without a second longer, he shoved the fork along with the meat into his mouth and chewed as hard and as fast as humanly possible.

His jaw started to slow its movement when he realised the chicken didn't taste too bad. Yeah, it was a little burnt on the outside but compared to other things Lucy had made, the flavours were all there and it was borderline impressive.

"Hey, this is pretty good Lucy" The Ice mage mused, taking another bite of his chicken, this time putting down his cutlery and eating it like they were made to be eaten.

Lucy giggled, "You sound surprised"

I am. Gray thought to himself, even the second bite was alright. He could help but feel a little swell of pride in his stomach, or maybe that was relief.

That feeling grew...

The next thing Gray knew, he was bent over the side of his chair, and vomiting up food he didn't even remember ingesting. Breeze had to cover her mouth and look away from the scene, she isn't typically a queezy sort of person, but the taste in her mouth from the food closely resembles that of vomit already.

Lucy jumped to the rescue, dumping out a salad bowl and swiftly passing it to Gray. The poor guy must have a stomach bug. She thought to herself, as she helped the woozy man walk to the bathroom.

As soon and Lucy and Gray left the room, Breeze spat out the little food she had left in her mouth, praying that whatever Lucy did to that chicken, didn't happen to the stew she ate.

The blonde let out a little sigh as she felt physically fine. However, she could help but laugh at the audible encouragement Lucy was giving Gray.

She was glad she was home.

Cuties 3

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