Chapter One Hundred Sixty Four

Jamie took off for the next few days to help Eddie heal her arm and to heal their relationship. On their second day, was Carlos' graduation from the big brother program. It was important to Eddie that they stay in touch with the little boy. "Maxy," Eddie called to their son. "Come here with your tie so Mommom can put it on for you."

"No tie," Max whined. "Tie hurts!"

"Your tie doesn't hurt," Eddie scolded lightly. "Your tie looks nice on you, little man."

Max stomped his foot in frustration, but brought the tie to Eddie so she could put it on him. "There, my boy looks so handsome. Show me your big boy smile!"

Max flashed a grin that was remarkably like Jamie's even though he was not biologically a Reagan. April came out with her dress up over her head, "Mommy, I stuck." April had to do everything all by herself. Eddie laughed and helped her fix the little gingham dress she had chosen for her to wear. "There you go…"

April pouted, "Not funny. Mess my hair…"

Eddie fixed April's pigtails, "Yes, it was funny." She put a kiss on April's little head. "Laugh at yourself, honey. It's good for you."

April didn't like that and ran off to Jamie with her bottom lip sticking out.

The family arrived at the graduation about an hour early. Carols was with Mrs. Turner and Peter in the back. "Detective Eddie!"

She opened her arms to Carlos and caught him in her arms. "Hey, buddy. Congratulations, I'm so proud of you for graduating from Big Brothers!"

"I like it, little kids are fun if you play with them, but if not…" He beckoned Eddie so he could whisper in her ear, "They can get whiny and it's annoying."

Eddie laughed at Carlos' logic, "Yes they can, and it's so special you want to help little kids. You remember Max?"

Carlos smiled at the little boy, "Your tie is just like mine."

"My Mommom tie it," Max told Carlos and held to Eddie. He didn't remember playing with Carlos, he remembered Eddie not paying attention to him.

"Yeah, that's nice," Carlos smiled. "My Mom did too." He was beginning to look at Mrs. Turner as his mother. Eddie smiled, that was a great bond for a young boy to make so quickly. "This is Jamie, my fiancé and our daughter April."

April did a little curtsey and said as she was told, "Congratulations." Or something like that.

Carlos shook Jamie's hand and hugged Eddie once more before going to take his seat. At today's graduation, the Commissioner himself was making the speech, a true honor indeed.

Jamie and Eddie treated to dinner after the ceremony, including Mrs. Turner, Carlos, and Peter. Frank and his detail came as well enjoying the middle of the day opportunity with the family.

"So, Eddie," Frank spoke up. "I got it cleared with the CO for your part time and you are clear from duty after the wedding. You're only needed about 20 hours a week to transfer, so you can do that anyway you want to. Two ten hours days, five four hour days…"

Eddie looked at her babies and Jamie, "I think more days for less time is best. That way I'm not away too long from them." April was working on smashing a cracker to bits and Max was blowing bubbles in his milk, typical little kids and she loved them with all her heart. This was the right choice…this was her job now, a wife and a mother…and she couldn't want anything more.

Eddie curled up to Jamie after putting the children to bed. She smiled, "So... what do you think of taking a weekend off to go to Montana to plan for the wedding? We can take the kids, and maybe see if Kara and Luke want to bring the boys out. What do you say?"

Smiling, snaking his arms around Eddie, Jamie nodded. "Think that's a great idea and I bet Kara and Luke will too. I'll put in for a vacation the kids will love it."

"Good, we need to get things rolling, it's nearly ten weeks away."

"We can stay at the chalet, it has so many memories." Jamie said softly.

"Yes, so many wonderful memories. The kids can play, it'll be so much fun," Eddie replied. "Can you get my arm on the pillow and pass me my phone? I should ask Kara now, we need to go in the next week or so."

Jamie settled Eddie's arm on the pillow, then passed the her the phone. He laid back watching as she spoke to Kara about their plans, smiling.

It was settled, Kara and Luke and their kids, Jamie, Eddie and theirs would head off the following Thursday for Montana. Eddie was so excited, they missed their special place.

Jamie agreed to let the department know when he went back and called up the chalet for room reservations.

"Kara and Luke had a clever idea," Eddie told Jamie later that week as she was packing her bags to go. "They suggested they keep Max and April two of the nights and we keep Jake and Alex two of the nights that way the kids and the adults get time to play."

"Yeah that could work, we all get some playtime that way," Jamie agreed sifting carefully through his clothes picking both casual nightwear clothing for later.

Eddie snuggled up to Jamie and gave him a hug and kiss, "This is going to be fun. It's been too long. Montana is our healing place. We need to talk to Max and April about the plane."

"I know we should do that now to prepare them. I can't wait Eddie, it's where everything started with us, where we 'reconnected."

"And where we'll join our lives forever..." She closed her eyes and kissed Jamie deeply. His arms came around her and cuddled to him tight. She missed this so much, she couldn't get enough of their closeness.

"Hmmm yes we will..." Jamie slowly slipped his arms around eddie's small frame leaving them over her back side moving his lips against hers gently and slowly.

A childish giggle stopped their kissing, April was standing in the doorway with her bear smiling at them, "Mommy, go pee pee."

"Okay honey good job telling me come on," Eddie sighed and laughed taking their daughter to the bathroom.

"When you two are done, family meeting!" Jamie called out. "Living room!"

Eddie took April while Jamie searched for max finding him playing with some toys in his room. "Hey buddy Mommom and I have to tell you and April something okay?"

Max got up and went to the living room and sat down, "Mommy going to work?" April asked.

"No," Jamie smiled. "Mommy only works a few hours a day right now, you remember that. No, tomorrow, we are all going to go on a trip, you and Daddy and Maxy and Mommom…We're going to Montana with Aunt Kara and Uncle Luke and the boys on a big airplane!"

April had traveled on planes before and she smiled, but Max's eyes went wide. "It's okay, Max," Eddie assured him. "You'll be with Mommom and Daddy, you'll be fine, I promise. Don't be scared."

Max nodded but Eddie could see apprehension in his face. She agreed to take a commercial flight this time, though it cost quite a bit to book with such late notice. They booked two chalets next door to each other, they were going to have the time of their lives preparing for the rest of their lives, joined together, finally as one.

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