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"Muldy!" The Gunmen exclaim once they enter their friend's apartment a few weeks after the man's return home. Not having gone to the hospital, all three gunmen are shocked to find Mulder in such good condition and say so.

"We thought for sure that you'd still be in bed or something," Frohike comments, "being taken care of by your lovely lady by the description Chloe gave us."

"Chloe stayed with you guys?" Mulder questions wondering what all the teen was doing in his absence. Byers nods adding, "A few days after Scully left we met with her mother and Chloe stayed with us for the day."

"She seemed pretty bummed," Langley adds just as Scully comes in the room.

"Oh, didn't know the Misses was here," Frohike jokes before greeting her. She greets him back and smiles happy to see the men before catching Mulder's eyes. Their recent talk about telling friends and family that they are dating is still an ongoing battle of when. They make a silent agreement before Scully asks the boys to sit down.

"Uh, oh," Langley teases, "What did we do?"

"Scully and I have something to tell you," Mulder begins which immediately piques his friends' interest. He looks up at Scully who perches on the arm rest of the couch. She nods as Mulder proceeds to tell them men that he and his partner are dating. Smirking, Byers looks to his cohorts.

"I told you it was weird that Scully would just pick up for Mulder the way she did!" He comments remembering their bamboozling the woman into meeting them in Vegas.

"Wait, you've suspected for that long?" Scully questions while her boyfriend asks for more details from the trip. After answering positively to Scully's statement, the Gunmen happily explain their Vegas trip and all of the red head's shenanigans. Scully merely rolls her eyes and heads into the kitchen to make herself either tea or vodka. She has no idea what she will need depending on how the conversation ends up going. She opts for alcohol when she hears Chloe's voice come from the other room peppering the men with questions of her own.

By the end of the summer, Mulder is put on desk duty which causes him more of a headache. Slamming his pen on his desk, the agent sighs in frustration. He looks up when the office door opens and his partner walks. Leaning back in his chair, Mulder smiles at her. His girlfriend smirks at him before sitting down in front of his desk.

"Chloe says she wants to have her birthday with us this year," Mulder remarks causing Scully to raise an eyebrow. If she is honest, she almost forgot which causes her expression to lose a bit of its power. Still under the gaze's power, Mulder answers, "I'm serious! She wants us to go out to eat together, the three of us."

Knowing there is a catch, Scully asks where they will eat.

"That new place near the Smithsonian," Mulder answers a little upset by his daughter's new, sophisticated tastes that may rival a hospital bill.

Shocked by the teen's choice, Scully exclaims, "Do you know how expensive that is?"

"Yep," He groans still trying to figure out if his credit card will be able to handle the damage.

A few weeks later, Scully meets Mulder at his apartment and his jaw instantly drops at seeing her in a tight, white dress with a green wrap. She smiles at him as she enters his apartment.

"Eyes are here, Mulder," She teases.

"Can't help it if my girlfriend is hot," He mumbles just as his daughter comes into the room. Shocked, Mulder stares at his now fifteen year old daughter wondering how she can look so grown up.

"What?" Chloe asks as she rethinks the butterfly clips in her hair. Somehow Mulder manages to cobble together a sentence.

"You look so grown up," He finally comments. Not used to the compliment, Chloe asks if they can leave. In the car, the teen goes on about what they should get before composing herself once they enter the restaurant.

"Fancy," Mulder comments as Scully gives him a warning glance. He decides to keep quiet as the waiter shows them to their table. The small family chats idly as their drink requests are filled before lapsing into silence.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Chloe announces softly before she leaves the table. Mulder and Scully smirk at her annoyed display.

"Teenagers," Mulder jokes as Scully takes a sip of her wine. Placing her glass back down, the red head remarks, "I'm surprised you ordered this."

"Only the best for my girls," Her boyfriend replies with a grin that soon falls when he notices Scully's slightly startled reaction. Curious, he asks, "What is it?"

"I think I just saw an agent from work in here."

"Well, Scully, it is D.C. and contrary to popular belief we aren't the only ones who work at the FBI."

Scully rolls her eyes as she watches the man in question laugh with some of his friends who all sit in a circular booth in the agents' direct line of sight. Picking up on his girlfriend's paranoia, Mulder tries to calm her by explaining that the men may be talking about anything.

"Or us," Scully supplies knowing more rumors will abound on Monday. Coming back to the table, Chloe asks, "Did you two look at the menu?"

"Um... no," Mulder remarks adding, "What do you suggest?"

Chloe happily goes over options that Kyle and his father suggest before helping Scully. The teen has no idea she is being used as a diversionary tactic.

Once their meal is about finished, Chloe asks if she can call Kyle and thank him for the recommendation. Her father nods and gives her some money. Happily, the teen goes toward the direction of the nearest pay phone.

Mulder and Scully watch her leave and glance toward the table thier gossipy fellow agent sits at just as they get up to leave. The man causing their earlier worry trips on the chair leg and almost takes the ornate table cloth with him. Mulder stares incredulously at Scully before they share matching grins. Despite the rumors that will now circulate the office, the agents have to laugh. At least something good will come of this.

"Wait until they hear about us having a kid," Mulder teases. Scully rolls her eyes as she whispers, "Mulder, that's months from now. Besides, we should probably talk about this a little more than just after your head injury."

Her boyfriend almost speaks again when his daughter comes back to the table.

Heading out of the restaurant an hour later, Chloe asks what they are still grinning about.

Scully shakes her head still unable to tell her daughter about the office gossip.