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Scully sits in the office a week after Mulder leaves simply because she is sick of being home. Restricted duty is quickly turning into maternity leave, and technically should be, but Scully wants to feel like an agent at least once more before the baby is born.

"Mon," Scully asks finally getting up the courage, "Would you mind coming to my last Lamaze class with me? With Mulder gone, I felt bad asking Chloe."

Shrugging, Monica answers, "Sure."

"Really?" Scully asks surprised not expecting a woman she has barely worked with to accept the offer.

"Yeah, we could go get lunch after or something."

"Thank you," Scully replies wanting to cry. Granted, the last few weeks all she wants is to cry, which is not something she is too happy about.

The last Lamaze class goes better then Scully expects, and she finds out she has a lot in common with Monica who proves to be a big help when helping Scully plan out how she wants to decorate the new house. Since Mulder is gone, Monica is either doing paperwork or going on simple cases. She also drives over with Scully to see the house Mulder buys and to help Scully pick paint colors.

"What do you think of this one?" Scully asks holding up the paint swatch to the kitchen wall. The downstairs bathroom is already finished, and the renovation crew is starting on the upstairs. All Scully has to do is pick out paint, tiles, and cabinetry. Monica looks at the light yellow that her friend picks out and tries to envision it in the room.

"What are the counter tops again?"

"We're going to try and match the ones that are already in here. So, this cream plain color."

Shaking her head, Monica replies, "Then I say no to the yellow. What about a light gray?"

Flipping through the paint swatches, Scully walks over to where Monica stands replying, "This one?"

It's more of an iceberg gray, not too far from white, but just gray enough. Holding out her hand for the swatch, Monica is given it graciously while Scully sits down. Putting the color against the cabinet, the agent states, "This may work."

Sitting down next to Scully, Monica absently goes through the paint swatches while listening to Scully tell her where she wants to put things in the house. After a moment, Scully asks Monica to hand her the paint swatches, a color catching her eye. Taking the color, Scully walks toward the wall and holds it up against the cabinetry.

"I like this one."

"What's the color?" Monica asks so she can write it down for later.

"Whole wheat. Or Kilim beige. I like that one, too."

Nodding, the dark haired woman notes the choices before asking, "Just for the kitchen?"

Shaking her head, Scully answers, "I'm thinking the entire house. I don't feel like picking colors for multiple rooms."

Laughing, Monica answers, "I don't blame you."

The next two weeks last mostly the same with Monica and Chloe helping where she needs. She also spends more of her time packing up her apartment and hauling things to what she and Chloe dub as "The Unremarkable House". By the time Mulder comes back, Scully is five days to her due date and only has the bare necessities left in her apartment.

Mulder comes back a few days before the baby's due date in the middle of the night. Not wanting to wake his family, Mulder tiptoes into the apartment to find Scully asleep on the couch. Knowing how little sleep she is getting as of late, Mulder decides to head to bed. Surprising her by entering the kitchen the next morning for breakfast, Mulder almost falls over with the hug she gives him. Standing on her tiptoes, the red head kisses her boyfriend telling him how much they miss him as she adds, "Do you have to work today?"

"I have to turn in my report to Kersh. But the appointment isn't until three. Did you have any plans today?"

Nodding, Scully answers, "I was going to go to our house and get some things ready for when we move in. Besides, I can't clean your place or mine any more than I already have."

Fully aware that the baby can come any day, Mulder asks if she really wants to be at the house.

"I need something to keep me busy," She tells him leaving him no choice but to let his girlfriend do as she pleases.

Sitting at the kitchen table of the unremarkable house at ten in the morning, Scully folds the last of the tea towels that will go into the drawer next to the silverware. Happy with the kitchen color, Scully glances around the room trying to figure out what color accents she wants. Then, her eyes land on the box of silverware sitting on the counter. Knowing the box does not weigh much, the red head walks over to it, picks it up, and takes it back to the table. Just as she sets it down, the red head rubs a spot on her lower back wishing the Braxton Hicks contractions would end. They have been happening on and off for most of yesterday and today, but she dismisses them as anything serious.

Unfortunately for Scully, her wish comes true ten minutes until three. By the time she realizes she is having real contractions she is timing them close to fifteen minutes apart. Rolling her eyes, Scully stands up and grabs her cell phone. A landline is not on the top of their priority list yet. Calling the office, she waits impatiently for an answer. She finally gets an answer after calling almost five times.

Entering the office, Monica instantly grabs the ringing telephone. Confused to hear Scully instantly ask for Mulder, she asks, "Are you in labor?"

Hearing a yes from the other end, Monica explains, "Mulder's at his meeting right now. I can come get you. How far apart are the contractions?"

"15 minutes apart," Scully answers painfully before immediately agreeing to Monica's proposal to pick her up forgetting that her daughter is doing that today. Hanging up the phone, the red head hears the door open.

"Mom? Are you ready to go?" Chloe calls out. Hearing her mom swear, the teenager quickly rushes into the kitchen.

"Mom? Are you in labor?" Chloe asks as Scully rides through another contraction.

"Yeah," She practically gasps.

"Do you need me to take you to the hospital?"

"Monica's on her way. I don't want to stress you out driving me there. Call your dad?" Scully asks as she heads to the downstairs bathroom to get a first aid kit just in case they need it later. Leaning against the bathroom sink, Scully braces herself against the counter. Thankfully her contractions are consistent so far. Ten minutes pass until Chloe comes back with the news that Mulder will be on his way. Nodding, Scully asks her daughter to get some of the bathroom towels and take them to the kitchen. She figures it will be the easiest place to clean later. By the time Monica arrives, her contractions are officially timing at ten minutes.

"Has your water broken?" Monica asks. Shaking her head, Scully answers, "I wish it would."

"Mom said we can't make it to the hospital," Chloe explains on her way to the kitchen. Nodding, Monica asks how far apart the contractions are now.

"Still ten minutes," Scully grits out in the wave of another contraction. "Does Mulder know?"

"He's on his way," Chloe calls out before Monica asks for her help. "Chloe, I need you to walk around the house with your mom, okay?"

Nodding, the teen does as she is told while Monica prepares everything they may need. Aware that the floor will be less than comfortable, the agent moves everything from the kitchen to the beat up couch that sits in the living room, then goes in search of towels and other things to lay out on it. In the middle of setting up the sofa, Monica hears her name called as Chloe calls out, "I think her water just broke!"

Sure enough, Scully and Chloe come back into the room and Scully confirms the progress of the contractions while Monica helps her lay down on the couch.

"Can we do this in the bath?" Scully asks having read up on alternative birth methods one night while Mulder was gone and she had trouble sleeping. Monica nods as she helps her friend up and tasks Chloe with getting the towels from the living room and from the kitchen.

Scully reaches eight centimetres just as Mulder comes in cursing D.C. traffic.

"Scully?" He calls out frantically as he enters the house. He hears a scream come from the bathroom and quickly enters to find his girlfriend in the bathtub being tended to by his daughter and his work partner. Seeing her boyfriend, Scully practically yells at him for taking so long, but also reaches her hand out to him for support. He takes Chloe's spot on the toilet, and takes Scully's hand. Brushing hair from her face, Mulder tells her how great a job she is doing right when Monica tells her to breath. Mulder stays by her side for an hour and a half when Monica announces she can see the head. Only ten minutes later and everyone in the room is met with the cries of a newborn.

"It's a girl! Born at seven p.m.," Monica announces as she takes a towel from Chloe to clean off the baby.

"You hear that, Scully? We have a little girl?" Mulder states as he smooths out her hair and kisses her forehead.

"Audrey," Scully coos to her newborn placed in her arms adding, "we need to get to the hospital and get checked out, don't we?"

"Can you walk?" Mulder asks wondering how hard it will be for Scully to get out of the tub.