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"You know..."

Kagome figured this is his attempt to start a conversation between them, despite that she didn't really want to talk to him, or any of his friends. How could she? She saved them from being killed by a powerful creature.

What did these people do to show their thanks?

They've captured her.

Treated her like she's the enemy.

Interrogated her.

Until they've decided to wait for their leader to arrived to decide what to do with her. They didn't even give her a chance to explain herself. Not even a single "thank you" from either of them. She saved their lives. If it wasn't for her, they would have easily lost that battle.

Kagome knows she shouldn't blame them. To them, she is just some random person that saved them. For all they know, it could just be an act from their enemy. They don't know a thing about her. She should understand that at least. Which she does, but that doesn't mean she couldn't be in a sour mood about this whole ordeal.

Besides, she was more mad at the fact that she has to continue sit here with this man until his leader arrived. It's been at least nearly an hour or two from what Kagome can tell. Her butt is already starting to hurt on the crate she is sitting on. She don't even have her backpack. They took it, and went through it for documentations or weapons to find. Her bow and arrows were taken away. She has lost access to everything she own, until they figure out what to do with her.

So excuse her if she isn't too nice about all of this.

"There's no way a girl like her was able to do that."

Kagome look over to see a male gossiping to the person next to him about her.

"I swear to you by the astrals. I saw her do it."

"What is she?"

Kagome lets out a sigh, and look away while folded her arms across her chest. She didn't like sitting here, and hearing these murmurs being spoken among these people all around her. While some tossing a glance towards her way every few minutes that passed. If anything, these people are treating her more like she is some weird creature they've found, than a person. She didn't like it in the feudal era, and she still don't like it even now.

At least, she is thankful one of them is willingly wants to talk to her.

It beats being stared like an exotic animal.

"It's not everyday you see a schoolgirl win a battle against the Nilfs." The man said.

He surprised her a bit- not as much when he captured her on that cliff - when he points out she is student, but then again she realize that she is wearing her old school's uniform. It wasn't like it was her choice. Midoriko made her wear these, before she even came to Eos. She don't understood why.

Was it suppose to be some reference to the journey she went out back in the past?

Most likely.

Midoriko must have thought it would be fitting for her to wear, since she is going on a whole new journey facing a different evil. Another adventure. Well... if she wanted her to wear a uniform. She should have let her wear the one she graduated in.

"Maybe they should be teaching everyone how to fight in school."

It took her a minute to realize that he was being sarcastic, before letting out a small scoff. "I'm not a schoolgirl anymore..." The man paused from wiping his dagger with a black cloth, giving her that 'don't take me as a fool' sort of look. She is wearing a uniform that plainly says that she is one. "I'm not, alright? I just graduated..."

'Like maybe five hours ago...'

"You just graduated?" He said the words slowly, before giving her his full attention now. "How old are you? 18? 19?"

"Your boss just told you to watch me. Not interrogate me." Kagome reminded him of the other male that ordered him to stand here with her.

The man gave her an amused smirk, "It's not an interrogation. It's called, small talk." He points the end of the dagger in his hands towards her, before flipping in the air then catching it. "By the way, the one you called my boss isn't my boss. He may act like it, but he is merely second-in-command. Luche is just waiting for the Captain to come." He dubbed the other man as Luche. She had a feeling they'll make her wait to speak to their captain. "He'll be the one to decide what to do with you, but after seeing that firework show you just did. You might have put the kingdom of Lucis in your debt." Were they really losing? She just lend a hand, because she felt like it. She didn't think she would turn the tide to their favor, and it seems that is the case. "The past few battles with those guys hasn't been going so well. It's a nice change of pace to see us get the upper hand. About damn time I say."

Kagome glance over at the other glaives, despite some of them giving her weird, or annoyed looks. There were admiration, and even thanks in their eyes that they held towards her. It made the raven-haired female turn to look back at the man with a small frown. "I didn't do it to get some big reward. I just wanted to help." She simply stated, hoping it would show that she isn't in it for big money, or to get closer to the royal family. "I couldn't sit by to let you guys get hurt by that daemon."

Pleased by her answer, the man put his dagger away, and decided to give her his name. "Nyx."


"Name's Nyx. Nyx Ulfric. You?" He gesture to her, waiting for her to introduce herself.

"Oh... I'm Kagome." She said hesitantly, unsure if she should give him her name. He didn't seem bad, but that doesn't mean she trust him completely. Then again, he is the only one that is willingly wants to speak to her, then the others do. "Kagome Higurashi. It's nice to meet you."

"Kagome, huh? Funny, I've never heard a name like that before... but I suppose you're not around here" Nyx sets his dagger aside. "What did you do? To that daemon, I mean... That wasn't some ordinary magic you did there, and you don't seem the type to be a messenger to one of the gods." He points to her outfit, before letting out a few chuckles at her frown that display on her face shortly afterwards. "No offense. It would be damn embarrassing if my messenger dressed like that."

"I didn't chose to dress like this, and I'm not a "messenger" for your information. It's something I can do... with a bow..." She mentally slapped herself in the face. Nice explaining there, Kagome. "It's hard to explain, but you don't need to worry. That daemon is no more."

Nyx already knows what she said is true. "I saw that when you turn it into a pile of ashes."

After all, he did witness with his very eyes, before he captured her. Just what the hell did she do? There no possibly way she simply can do that. No human can do such a thing to daemon so easily. Unless she is related to those two bloodlines that had been blessed by the astrals. She couldn't be. She don't look like she is related to either of them, especially the royal family of Lucis.

So... what is she?

From what Nyx can tell, she won't spill it if she asks. If anything, he is more than thankful that she even lend a hand in the first place. He almost lost Libertus, and nearly more men than the last battle they went to. Still... that won't mean a thing to Drautos. He would want more than her merely helping them in dire need.

It would be best if he let her be aware of that.

"Whatever you did, the Captain would want to know, and if I were you. I would talk. You may have helped us, but a word of advice from me." Nyx looked up to see the very man himself making his way towards them. Luche is accompanying him. No doubt telling him about Kagome. "It's going to take more than just one aid to win him over."

Kagome didn't have a chance to ask Nyx about it, when he suddenly stands up to his feet, and gets into position where his hands moved behind his back. Reminding her of a soldier in a way. She turn around to see why he did that, and saw that man called Luche is coming back. He is with an man that look to be in his late thirties. The captain she was told about.

Her thoughts were cut short when she noticed something a little... off about him. She kept her posture firm, and tried her best to remain impassive as the two men approach her.

"This is the girl?"

"Yes, she was the one that killed that daemon from what some of us have witnessed." Luche handed a board to the man. "The imperial forces had already withdraw from the battle. After she killed that daemon, they left immediately." His eyes glance at Nyx. "Nyx Ulfric was the one who caught her, sir."

"Is that so?" The man look down at Kagome. His eyes boring into her own for a few seconds, then giving an order to the men around him. "Leave us."

Kagome look at Nyx, watching him walk away from her, not before giving her a glance back. She remembered what he said. She had to give answers his captain talk, and by the looks of it. It seem like he was right. However, there was more pressing matters than what he, nor any of his glaives know.

'There is something off about this guy. I sense dark aura coming from him...'

It's been a long time, since she had sense something sinister like this. It was a presence of a demon. It's not like he is possess by one, since demons from her world don't exist here. There wasn't an impure shikon jewel that was manipulating him. This must be the starscourage she was told about. It's hard to explain, but she could see a dark cloud covering his body like a veil.

This guy just reads bad all over him.

"My name is Titus Drautos. I am the leader of these men." He spoke in an firm voice, gaining her attention. "What is your name?"

She really doesn't trust him, but what choice does she has? It's obvious she is outnumbered. She cannot say that he is the bad one here, when she has no proof. They don't have her eyes, and can see what she can. So with little choice, she has to play along. For now.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi." She replied back in the same tone he used. She won't reveal such weakness, nor show that she is intimidated by him. Most likely he is going to ask for her to state her business. She better just give it to him. Well... rather some of it, that is. "I've come here on a mission to meet with King Regis of Lucis."

Simple, and short.

"The king? What business do you have with his majesty?" Drautos demanded, wondering girl like would want to do with the king.

"Heed with caution, there are those that wish this world to be plunge into darkness"

Midoriko's words replayed in Kagome's mind. If that is the case. Could this man be one of them? This demonic aura over him. It's not been there just recently. It seems old. Like he had it for years. For that long of period of time. It seems these people have more trouble than a simple war with the empire.

She don't trust him. She will admit that, but that doesn't mean she can't trust the others, especially Nyx. God, she wonders if he knows about his captain. Does the king know?

She really needs to see him. Right away, but first she has to deal with him.

"The Oracle." That seem to surprise Drautos. If not gain his attention. She remembered Midoriko talking about the Oracle to her. It's a good thing she is a good listener. Unlike Inuyasha. "She sent me with information. One that could benefit Lucis against the Nilfheim."

"Princess Lunafreya sent you?" He didn't seem to buy it. How could he? The princess has been captured by the empire. She is within their captivity. How could she be able to send this girl without them noticing? Let alone her defeating their forces at ease. "Do you have any proof? What information did she sent you with?"

"I wish I can tell you, but... she made me swore to keep it hidden. It is for the King alone to hear." Kagome firmly stated, trying to not break while lying. She needed to say something. If he is the captain of the glaives that are close to the king. Then he must know what she does. It doesn't have to be the truth. A simple lie for him to buy. "For it concerns his son, and the crystal."

That seem to have bought him. It would appear that he does know more than simply about the crystal. She wondered if he knows about the prince's fate. If not what is to come. If she hadn't arrived. Maybe. Regardless, it seems that lie was good enough.

Drautos stared at her. The princess has sent someone to aid Lucis? That girl hasn't given up hope like her elder brother. He allowed that brat to send her dog to give notes to the prince back and forth. Merely out of pity. He didn't expect she would do this. Princess Lunafreya has limited access to anyone, besides those associated with the empire, and the sick needing her oracle's abilities to help them.

This girl, Kagome, has to be an messenger. It would explain how the princess was able to sent someone like the other messenger, Gentiana, but... Kagome isn't. So it begs the question... how did Lunafreya do this? Is she lying? It don't seem like it. She knows about the crystal, and Noctis.

Does the emperor know about this?

Does... he know?

Perhaps not, this battle was supposed to go to the empire's favor like he claimed. This was their chance to take down Lucis, and this girl... ruin it. How can they continue with their plan after this? He needs to contact them as soon as possible.

"...I find it odd that a girl like you was able to slip pass Nilfheilm's defenses just to deliver information to his majesty. Has the empire become so confident that they didn't notice this?"

There's little evidence she has to prove her case to him on Lunafreya sending her to Kucis. However, he mustn't forget that she did saved his men, despite him not wanting her to do such a thing. His majesty wouldn't be pleased if he learned that turned away someone that obviously helped them. With most of his men won over by her. He has little options to pick.

"Regardless, from what some of my glaives have told me. We owe you our lives. That daemon you've easily killed couldn't be done by us, but yet you made it possible."

"Does that mean you...?"

It is what she thinks. "Lazarus."

Luche walks towards them, and addresses his captain from calling him. "Sir."

Drautos glances towards Kagome for a few seconds, before looking back at Luche. "Tell the men we're pulling out. We're heading back to Insomnia." He ordered. Luche nodded his head, and headed towards the rest of the glaives. Kagome would have smiled, but of course, he had to ruin it by saying this. "Do not get the wrong idea, girl. You are going to Insomnia, but I'm not done with you. Once his majesty has heard of what happened, you would be dealt with after. Understood?"

Kagome bit her tongue to stop herself from saying a remark back. She wanted to say the king is obviously going to expect her, but she mustn't stoop to a level of a child. 'I'm not like Inuyasha.' So she swallowed her pride, and agreed. "Yes..."

Like that, Drautos left her alone. Thankfully, but Kagome knows she would be seeing him soon. She hasn't forgotten about that demonic presence written all over him plain as day. Once they make it to where the king is. She would let his majesty know that his so-called captain of the glaives is affected by the starscourage. It would be best for the king to know that there is a high possibility that Drautos is a traitor, and they must take extremely measures against it.

However, right now, she must be obedient, and do what he says.

"Get comfortable." Kagome's head shifted towards Nyx, instantly noticing the glaive she come to know when she first entered into this world. He shot a half-smile to her direction when she step into the large vehicle, and took a seat far in the back. They waited until a few more glaives entered inside, before they started to head out. "It's going to be a few hours for us to reach Crown city."

Kagome look at the glaives around her, before glancing away to look out towards the window. She stare out at the night sky. Hoping she has made the right choice with what she is doing.

Only one way to find out is... when she meets the king.

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