Hey Guys. So here's Chapter 2 of the Outtakes and Tie-Ins. This one is more of a Tie-in then an Outtake. Its how Luce and Daniel's first interaction could have gone if she had her memories. Let's just say that she doesn't let him push her away. To clear up any future confusion each chapter is going start with Daniel not knowing that Luce has her memories ok? Hope you enjoy the chapter.


Luce gazed around the courtyard taking it all in and unknown to Arrianne looking for Daniel. A flash of red caught her eye standing out against all the black. And then she saw him. He was leaning up against the building with his arms folded across his chest.

Arrianne noticed where she was looking.

"That's Daniel Grigori," she told her with a smirk "I can see he's captured someone's attention".

"Understatement" Luce muttered. Arrianne had no idea how much yet.

"Well if you like that sort of thing" Arrianne said

"What's not to like?" Luce asked Daniel had always been gorgeous even without his wings out. But Luce knew he was so much more than looks though.

"That's Roland next to him" Arrianne told her

Luce nodded "so what's Daniels story?" she asked acting like she didn't already know.

"Oh she doesn't give up" Arrianne laughed.

Luce shrugged "so sue me"

"No one really knows Arrianne started he keeps to himself mostly, he could turn out be a jerk"

"I'm no stranger to those" Luce muttered as she watched Daniel laugh with Roland. She hadn't seen him laugh like that in years. As she continued to watch him, Daniel took off his glasses and his violet-grey eyes locked on her hazel ones. At that moment the world fell away for Luce. Only she and Daniel mattered. Daniel gave a small smile and warmth shot through Luce's body. Then Daniel shook his head and glared at her. Luce's body suddenly went cold as Arrianne grabbed her arm.

"Come on" Arrianne muttered to her dragging her away. Luce glanced back, Daniel was watching her go.

After a whole class of feeling Daniel sneaking glances at her and trying (and failing mostly) to ignore him. Luce watched him walk him out the door. "That's it" she muttered she'd had enough of Daniel trying to ignore her; she was going to talk to him.

Luce quietly followed Daniel back to his dorm ducking out of sight when she saw adults. She hid round the corner as Daniel went into his room. Luce slowly walked up to the door then taking a deep breath knocked. Daniel opened the door slowly.

"Hi" Luce whispered

"What do you want?" Daniel asked his voice hard Luce had to fight not to flinch.

"Can we talk?" she asked

"Why would we do that?" Daniel scoffed. Because I love you and haven't seen you in seventeen years. Luce thought. Out loud she said.

"Well I am new here and since we will probably have a few classes together we should probably learn to get along"

Daniel looked down "no" he muttered firmly trying to get past her. Luce had had enough. As Daniel tried to barge passed her she reached out and grabbed his arm.

"I know exactly what you are trying to do Daniel and it's not going to work" "it hasn't worked for the last six thousand years" She whispered in his ear. Daniel froze staring at her in shock. Then he yanked her inside his dorm locking the door. Luce lent against the wall watching him as he slowly turned to her.

Daniel slowly walked over to her, his eyes locked on hers "Lucinda?" he whispered in disbelief. Tears welled in Luce's eyes as she threw her arms around him.

"It's me I remember everything I'm here" Daniel's arms crushed her to him.

"I missed you so much" he whispered. Luce nodded frantically in agreement a whimper coming from her throat. She pulled away slightly and started to lean in. Daniel hesitated.

"It's ok I'm not going anywhere" Luce whispered before kissing him. Daniel kissed her back pinning her against the wall so she couldn't go anywhere, not that Luce would have wanted to.

Daniel slowly pulled away staring at her in shock "how….." he whispered trailing off. Luce smiled at him.

"I'm not baptized it's how I have all my memories this time" she told him softly. Daniel slipped an arm under her knees picking her up and carrying her over to his bed. He sat down with Luce in his lap.

"Have you had them long?" he asked kissing her hair.

"Since the night of my seventeenth birthday, I started having dreams and they came back to me" Luce answered Daniel sighed and gazed down at her.

"I still can't believe your still here" he muttered. Luce smiled at him.

"Remember that line in the curse? If there is ever a time when she is not ushered into religious belief she will be free to make her own choice. "No baptism no religious belief it's my choice" "you can kiss me anytime you like Daniel I'm not going anywhere. As if to prove it Luce lent in and kissed him again.

"I love you" Daniel whispered when they pulled away. Luce smiled

"I love you to" she whispered "oh before I forget…" Luce slapped Daniels chest hard.

"Ow!" he yelped "what was that for?" he cried

"That was for glaring at me when we first saw each other" Luce said firmly. Daniel sighed.

"I wanted you to think I was jerk so you'd stay away from me" "I thought if you stayed away from me you'd live" he whispered. Luce pushed herself up so they were eye to eye.

"Daniel that would never work you've already tried it" Luce whispered "and I wouldn't want it to work anyway"

"I'd rather spend five seconds in your arms loving you, then have all the lifetimes in the world without you" she whispered their eyes locked.

Daniel kissed away the tears that had spilled out of her eyes then kissed her lips.

"me to, I'd go through our curse a thousand more times just to have one moment with you" He whispered when he pulled away. Luce smiled and snuggled back down into his chest. They still had a lot to talk about and work out, But for now she just wanted to enjoy having Daniel back. They stayed like that for a while. Until Daniel reluctantly sighed.

"As much as I am loath to let you out of my arms right now, you'd better go before Roland turns up and starts asking questions." He said

Luce sighed to "your right" she said sitting up.

She lent in and gave him one last kiss. "No more trying to stay away from me ok?" she told him standing up. Daniel smiled.

"Absolutely not I'm not going to go a day without seeing you know" he told her firmly. Luce smiled "good" she whispered, and slowly backed away. They kept each in sight for as long they could before Luce closed the door.

And there we go! What did you think? Was it ok? For anyone wondering yes Luce's line was inspired by The Lord of the Rings which I also do not own. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Review please?